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Jew Lists

Here you will find lists of jews in prominent positions in every place imaginable from the media, to hollywood, to the government, finance, business, and beyond.  These lists are provided to give visitors a glance at just how pervasive the jewish infestation of America (and the world for that matter) really is.

Nah, there’s no jew infestation in America, never mind the giant menorah on the white house lawn, you can’t prove anything! With SN’s new jew lists, you certainly can prove how bad the infestation is.

With jews (officially) only making up 2% of the world’s population, it’s easy to see by these lists that jews are, in fact, way over represented in these positions. Everything from the universities to the halls of congress have such high populations of jews in control, it’s no wonder that our world is falling apart at the seams, while jewish billionaires continue to rake in the dough, and average non-jewish humans are forced to struggle just to make ends meet, and despite all of this, most people are unable to see the difference between humans and jews!

The lists provided here are by NO MEANS complete or all inclusive, but will more than certainly provide enough information to prove that jews are the ones in control of all of our major faculties.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of other jews in places like our government, media, entertainment, corporations, etc. who’s identities are hidden from the public.

Almost 100% of the media around the globe is owned and operated by jewish interests. Don’t take my word for it, refer to the jew lists below.

Where possible, those often mistaken as non-jews, or who’s true identity is a farce have been listed as crypto jews.  It’s near impossible to list every last one of them, or to root out all of the cryptos in hiding amongst our people’s as “catholics” or as “white Europeans” or whatever other flavor they have used to disguise their true heritage with. Some other lists incorrectly label many jews as not jewish, and a few of those have been corrected here.

These lists have been compiled from numerous different sources, formatted, and brought together in one place.  Due to this, there may be some minor inaccuracies in the lists, but every effort has been made to make sure they are indeed accurate and correct.

Some names may be listed multiple times  in several different categories, although I have tried to keep the categories separated, and only list people one time, some may fall into a number of categories for obvious reasons, and may appear as duplicates due to the nature of the list.  The information compiled here, as everything on Subverted Nation is used in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 and is archived here under fair use for educational purposes only.

Hollywood is nothing but a den of jewish vipers that thrives on spreading filth, and your hard earned dollars pay for every last bit of it.

Should you find someone not listed that should be, feel free to contact me at  Should you stumble across anything that is inaccurate, please be sure to contact me right away, so that it may be corrected.  I have made every effort to ensure that these lists are correct, and that only truthful information is being presented, but I am only human.  If you would like someone added to the list, provide their name and some information about their jewish heritage. If you stumble across any of the duplicates in the list, point them out so they may also be corrected.

Use the links below to navigate to particular sections of the list. If you’re looking for a specific name, press CTRL+F and use your browser’s search function to search each page and find out if someone is on the list or not.

  1. Brad Kayganich says:

    Bobby Fischer belongs on this list.

    • Agreed. I’ll make sure he goes there when I update them.

      • GuitarMan says:

        “First of all, we have to understand what Communism is… real Communism, the Soviet Communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for JUDAISM.” ~ Bobby Fischer [a Jew] Press Conference, Sept. 1, 1992

        “If you have never read the Protocols, you know nothing about the Jewish question.” ~ Henry Hamilton Beamish, Oct. 30, 1937

        “Zionism is JUDAISM, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” ~ Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists” !!!

        “Some call it Communism, I call it JUDAISM.” ~ Rabbi Stephen Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. [Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism] !!!!!

    • GuitarMan says:

      “First of all, we have to understand what Communism is… real Communism, the Soviet Communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for JUDAISM.” ~ Bobby Fischer [a Jew] Press Conference, Sept. 1, 1992

      “If you have never read the Protocols, you know nothing about the Jewish question.” ~ Henry Hamilton Beamish, Oct. 30, 1937

      “Zionism is JUDAISM, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” ~ Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists” !!!

      “Some call it Communism, I call it JUDAISM.” ~ Rabbi Stephen Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. [Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism] !!!!!

  2. is this site actually still alive?? i thought it kicked the bucket back in 2010…

    • It’s still here isn’t it? It’s been up all this time.

      • Hi SubvertedNation- I just discovered your site because I was looking for an answer on (humans or not humans)and bingo through diligent search your article was a breath of fresh air. Made a lot of sense; perhaps, SN should open up an account on and post some of these articles on there. Eventually leading to the SN site. I daily read the headlines on and only read a couple of their articles in depth. All of which have lead me to discover other true site that were not self serving as the fake AJ site. Please check it out and God blessings for you and us all.

  3. You know What’s funny in the Batman Animated Series the joker resembles a Jew.

  4. Is ted cruz a kike must be as to how the establishment whores are riding his dick like a champ

  5. There’s two Character’s that Resemble the Jew in the animated Movie the Thief and the Cobbler One is ZigZag That has the Some of the Facial Features as the Jew has Such as the Hooked nose and the Crooked eyes and like the Behaviors the Jews have is that he Manipulates the King named Nod and his Goal is to marry the king’s Daughter which she is like in her teens so he can Become king.

    And Another One is the Thief that has the Goblin like Ears and the yalmulke and he Steals Shit like Jews Steal as Well but Accept it’s Gold.–lWI/AAAAAAAAITQ/otHTASPy-5Y/s1600/Thief%2Band%2Bthe%2BCobbler%2BThief.jpg

  6. I’m sick of my family saying I Worry too much and I need to stop worrying, or I can’t stop it, or Just be happy and talk about nice things and I say Fuck that.

    • Being awake doesn’t mean being worried. It means being aware. Would they say the same thing if you were on the Sahara and you were the only one to notice lions circling you?

  7. And I’m also sick of people saying you’re freedom ends when you harm mine like Really how does it end?

    • You are free to do what you want as long as you don’t harm anyone else or cause them loss. This includes the environment we all rely on. Your freedom is boundless where you and your own actions are concerned. The real truth is you don’t have any freedom to negatively affect other people. That isn’t freedom, that’s you imposing tyranny. People get these two separate things confused quite readily.

  8. Step one, identify the problem. Analyze it. Study it.
    Effectively communicate it. A list is a starting point. Communicating necessary information to enough people to create a tipping point is another necessary step.
    That should lead to discussions about what to do about it, planning strategically and tactically, organizing and action.
    Light is a cockroach’s worst fear.

  9. Magnar Hagan says:

    Hello, thanks for your hard work.

    Have you considered a list of Jewish/Christian alliance organizations?

    These would be precisely the alliances that need to be weakened. If one was to strike every single one of them, merely by hard-hitting information, the effect would be measurable.

    Jews without Christian support are dead in the water.

    • I’ve considered many lists, but it’s very time consuming because I have to personally vet all information myself so new jew shit slips through. Almost ALL christian organizations, big churches, etc are run by jews at the top. ALL of them. I’ve never met someone who seemed as evil as christian pastors….ok, maybe catholic priests, but they’re all jews anyway, so no difference.

      I would compile more lists, but the point of these lists is just to show pervasive jews are in everything important to us. A section on religion would be good, but if the dozen other sections don’t open their eyes, one more won’t either. They serve this purpose very well for now. Maybe in the future I’ll add more, but not right now. I do appreciate the input, and have duly noted the idea. I am just focusing on other things right now outside of just exposing jews. My site handles that, I can do better focusing my energy on the bigger picture, i.e. getting rid of the jews.

  10. Speaking of lists a book available in PDF: “My Irrelevant Defense” by Leese has several extensive lists of documented incidences of cases every parent should be aware of. I suspect where the bulk of our disappearing children go.
    This author was put in prison to shut him up. It did not. He came out & published a compilation to inform us of this, apparently current, practice.
    Now THIS is an explanation that makes sense as to why any people would be persecuted everywhere they go. (Too bad not enough lions)
    Thanks for that counterpunch link, xint!
    The Ukrainian crash the US blamed Russia for? It was full of dead bodies whose stench was detected long before anyone got to the crash site. Photos on liveleak(if real) indicated no blood from wounds.

    • The US blaming Russia is just a joke for the really stupid or the really gullible. Obama and Putin are cousins. I wouldn’t doubt it was full of dead bodies. There is a plot shown like this almost 20 years ago on X-Files. 😉

  11. please don’t post my name. its why I posted a username, sassylyn. thx

    • You need to make sure you fill out the form right, it’s not me posting your name, that’s what you put in the field. I will change it for you, but make sure you fill it out right next time.

  12. jeane Marie says:

    Please post your articles on Beforeitsnews dot com so more of us will know about this site. Your articles are great and to the point. I have never heard of this site until today.
    Please post on there beforeitsnews(dot)com, just have to open up an account and free to post. It’s very hard to download your articles. In fact, it is impossible to download your works, virus blocks.

    • You can feel free to share any content you find here. I don’t know why you’re getting virus scan blocking my site, unless it’s delisted by them because of what it is. Nothing here is infected (last I checked). Someone correct me if you do find something wrong.

  13. This is agreat site. How come never read about it before?

    • You haven’t heard of it because it’s the end of the internet. It is the unbridled truth they don’t want you to see.

      The real question is, why is it SO EASY to find all the other sites?

      It’s like this. If you’re one of them, and doing your job to mislead people, you’ll be heavily promoted. You might even have some fake raids from the feds, and get publicity in that fashion. If you are for real, they pretend you don’t even exist. I’ve said all the things nobody else would, and I’ve never been messed with once. WHY IS THAT? Simple….messing with me would give me publicity, and they damn sure can’t have that.

  14. Solstace says:

    born in Germany after the war I never knew about one talked about it. Living in US now I have learned more. This information is incredible. How can just a few take over the world? And in Germany they keep pounding on the people how bad they are for what happened in the past. Is there a peaceful way to get our world out of this grip of the few.?

  15. The reason why they cause much destruction is because they are not the true Israelites of the bible. Satan is their father. The true Children of Yah are in the land of their enemies and will stay their until Yah delivers them himself.

  16. New to Subverted Nation. Admiring the intense, rich content: downloaded the manual. Concerned about Jewish Women in our Universities posing as Scholars. And in the Arts — they really live to ruin it for everyone. Earning a degree now is less about knowledge, than slaloming around the beastly gatekeepers. We will get our colleges, galleries and museums back, won’t we?

    • Eventually, yes. We will. They won’t be anything like what you know today though. Proper reeducation of our societies would see people more interested in taking care of their own children, and ensuring their curriculum is truthful and useful. Sending children off to indoctrination centers for a third of their life is just stupid. We can do way better.

  17. I am all focused on your instructions

    Did you ever watch “Hitler, the Greatest Story NEVER told”

    What do you think of Alexander Dugin, who released the interesting book “Fourth Political Theory” and who also is Putins advisor.
    Do you think Alexander Dugin is a jew?
    And what do you think about Putin?

    • Putin and everyone around him are jews. What confuses me is everyone knows all the world leaders, bankers, media, etc. are jews, but when some “alternative” media of theirs boosts up Putin every day, people buy right into it.

  18. We need statistical comparisons to really underscore the point.

    % of jews in usa vs % of jews in positions of power etc

    • It wouldn’t drive home the point any more than the jew lists do. We don’t need to meet certain criteria or levels of information disseminated. All we need to do is lay on the truth, and let it simmer.

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