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Jew Lists

Here you will find lists of jews in prominent positions in every place imaginable from the media, to hollywood, to the government, finance, business, and beyond.  These lists are provided to give visitors a glance at just how pervasive the jewish infestation of America (and the world for that matter) really is.

Nah, there’s no jew infestation in America, never mind the giant menorah on the white house lawn, you can’t prove anything! With SN’s new jew lists, you certainly can prove how bad the infestation is.

With jews (officially) only making up 2% of the world’s population, it’s easy to see by these lists that jews are, in fact, way over represented in these positions. Everything from the universities to the halls of congress have such high populations of jews in control, it’s no wonder that our world is falling apart at the seams, while jewish billionaires continue to rake in the dough, and average non-jewish humans are forced to struggle just to make ends meet, and despite all of this, most people are unable to see the difference between humans and jews!

The lists provided here are by NO MEANS complete or all inclusive, but will more than certainly provide enough information to prove that jews are the ones in control of all of our major faculties.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of other jews in places like our government, media, entertainment, corporations, etc. who’s identities are hidden from the public.

Almost 100% of the media around the globe is owned and operated by jewish interests. Don’t take my word for it, refer to the jew lists below.

Where possible, those often mistaken as non-jews, or who’s true identity is a farce have been listed as crypto jews.  It’s near impossible to list every last one of them, or to root out all of the cryptos in hiding amongst our people’s as “catholics” or as “white Europeans” or whatever other flavor they have used to disguise their true heritage with. Some other lists incorrectly label many jews as not jewish, and a few of those have been corrected here.

These lists have been compiled from numerous different sources, formatted, and brought together in one place.  Due to this, there may be some minor inaccuracies in the lists, but every effort has been made to make sure they are indeed accurate and correct.

Some names may be listed multiple times  in several different categories, although I have tried to keep the categories separated, and only list people one time, some may fall into a number of categories for obvious reasons, and may appear as duplicates due to the nature of the list.  The information compiled here, as everything on Subverted Nation is used in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 and is archived here under fair use for educational purposes only.

Hollywood is nothing but a den of jewish vipers that thrives on spreading filth, and your hard earned dollars pay for every last bit of it.

Should you find someone not listed that should be, feel free to contact me at  Should you stumble across anything that is inaccurate, please be sure to contact me right away, so that it may be corrected.  I have made every effort to ensure that these lists are correct, and that only truthful information is being presented, but I am only human.  If you would like someone added to the list, provide their name and some information about their jewish heritage. If you stumble across any of the duplicates in the list, point them out so they may also be corrected.

Use the links below to navigate to particular sections of the list. If you’re looking for a specific name, press CTRL+F and use your browser’s search function to search each page and find out if someone is on the list or not.

  1. Brad Kayganich says:

    Bobby Fischer belongs on this list.

    • Agreed. I’ll make sure he goes there when I update them.

      • GuitarMan says:

        “First of all, we have to understand what Communism is… real Communism, the Soviet Communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for JUDAISM.” ~ Bobby Fischer [a Jew] Press Conference, Sept. 1, 1992

        “If you have never read the Protocols, you know nothing about the Jewish question.” ~ Henry Hamilton Beamish, Oct. 30, 1937

        “Zionism is JUDAISM, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” ~ Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists” !!!

        “Some call it Communism, I call it JUDAISM.” ~ Rabbi Stephen Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. [Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism] !!!!!

    • GuitarMan says:

      “First of all, we have to understand what Communism is… real Communism, the Soviet Communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for JUDAISM.” ~ Bobby Fischer [a Jew] Press Conference, Sept. 1, 1992

      “If you have never read the Protocols, you know nothing about the Jewish question.” ~ Henry Hamilton Beamish, Oct. 30, 1937

      “Zionism is JUDAISM, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” ~ Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists” !!!

      “Some call it Communism, I call it JUDAISM.” ~ Rabbi Stephen Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. [Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism] !!!!!

  2. is this site actually still alive?? i thought it kicked the bucket back in 2010…

    • It’s still here isn’t it? It’s been up all this time.

      • Hi SubvertedNation- I just discovered your site because I was looking for an answer on (humans or not humans)and bingo through diligent search your article was a breath of fresh air. Made a lot of sense; perhaps, SN should open up an account on and post some of these articles on there. Eventually leading to the SN site. I daily read the headlines on and only read a couple of their articles in depth. All of which have lead me to discover other true site that were not self serving as the fake AJ site. Please check it out and God blessings for you and us all.

        • Thanks, I’ve seen the site before. I am just focused on other things outside of trying to inform people. This site does a great job of that on it’s own.

          • i cant see one bit of difference between your philosophy and CHRISTIAN-IDENTITY….other than it appears that you may be atheists…..which will never work for most patriots.
            please save your efforts for the REAL enemy and stop attacking C.I……i hope you know bill fink
            is NOT the only author on C.I…..all credibility
            is lost when CI is called into question of intent.
            adl and splc anc fbi just loves this bullshit!!
            enough said for now….mjm
            ps….feel free to publish this

          • Christian Identity is a cult run by jews in every instance I’ve seen of it. Sure, there may be some offshoots that are legit, but the only interaction I’ve had with it is some jew run groups.

            I really don’t care what religion someone is. The only thing I care about is solving this big problem where demonic baby raping blood drinking shit stains ruin the fucking world for everyone else.

            You can have your christian identity and cling to whatever banner you think you need to. That does not negate me pointing out how much of it is controlled by jews. I’m not going to take that from you. I’m not going to take anything away from a muslim or a hindu either. That doesn’t mean I won’t point out that a lot of the “islamic” terrorist groups are just jews masquerading. Many movements that claim to represent them are just kikes too, i.e. hamas al qaeda, etc.

            I don’t know Bill Fink, but I think he’s a jew isn’t he? He was involved in the murder of an inmate in a jail.

          • and beforeitsnews is utter garbage

          • Gee I wonder why that could be?!?!?! Who runs it? Ahhhh…..I see.

          • Leon Foonman says:

            Jared Kushner controlling the Trump presidency. He’s a known sorcerer and practices kabbala while brainwashing the president to allow Jews to take over the United States.
            I left and live on Pitcairn due to persecution for my beliefs. I am afraid the CIA may take over everything now, with Kushner at the helm.

          • Trump doesn’t need brainwashed to help his fellow jews. You can bank on that.

  3. You know What’s funny in the Batman Animated Series the joker resembles a Jew.

  4. Is ted cruz a kike must be as to how the establishment whores are riding his dick like a champ

  5. There’s two Character’s that Resemble the Jew in the animated Movie the Thief and the Cobbler One is ZigZag That has the Some of the Facial Features as the Jew has Such as the Hooked nose and the Crooked eyes and like the Behaviors the Jews have is that he Manipulates the King named Nod and his Goal is to marry the king’s Daughter which she is like in her teens so he can Become king.

    And Another One is the Thief that has the Goblin like Ears and the yalmulke and he Steals Shit like Jews Steal as Well but Accept it’s Gold.–lWI/AAAAAAAAITQ/otHTASPy-5Y/s1600/Thief%2Band%2Bthe%2BCobbler%2BThief.jpg

  6. I’m sick of my family saying I Worry too much and I need to stop worrying, or I can’t stop it, or Just be happy and talk about nice things and I say Fuck that.

    • Being awake doesn’t mean being worried. It means being aware. Would they say the same thing if you were on the Sahara and you were the only one to notice lions circling you?

  7. And I’m also sick of people saying you’re freedom ends when you harm mine like Really how does it end?

    • You are free to do what you want as long as you don’t harm anyone else or cause them loss. This includes the environment we all rely on. Your freedom is boundless where you and your own actions are concerned. The real truth is you don’t have any freedom to negatively affect other people. That isn’t freedom, that’s you imposing tyranny. People get these two separate things confused quite readily.

      • If this is all true, it certainly is the epitome of evil and more importantly would explain so much that has happened and is happening now. Making people aware of these hidden evils and bringing all this to light is more important now simply because people are completely oblivious to all this.
        Is it possible for them to take on human bodies, is this in anyway connected to body snatching and shape-shifting entities?

        • It is all true. You can’t make this stuff up! I truly wish I knew their deepest secrets. I do know that they drink human blood to help with aging and other issues. I know they don’t like to allow autopsies or exhumations, unless there is some money or valuables in the grave, lol. They are so sick….we WILL FIND OUT exactly what they are and how to deal with them soon.

          • Brad Kayganich says:

            As a kid I always use to wonder why are there so many blood drives? There’s no way that many “people” need blood.

          • Ask yourself where 2,000 children go missing to every single day in America as well. Nobody seems to know!

          • bored muslim says:

            Adam, as a Muslim , we know what it is that Jews work with. They are heavily in the dark, satanic arts. They conjure demonic Jinns. Jinns, love amber, so Jews , through kabbala conjure them and offer them amber in exchange for deeds and secrets. Jinns, are made up of smokeless fire. Remember that it was Jews who first split the atom and thus discovered and used the atomic bomb. This secret was given to them by demonic Jinns. Jinns also give them first hand knowledge on controlling wealth of the world. Jews are actually descendants of Canaan, son of Ham, who frolicked with a demoness and thus we have the Jewish race and breed. They are half human, half demon. The myth that they are so smart is wrong, they are diabolically cunning, not smart per se. Go to any Jew, and mention the word Jinn, and see first hand the excitement in their narrow eyes. We Muslims know the exact nature of these nefarious folk, their ritual killing, sorcery, magic and cunning. That’s why they are fucking with us so much.

            Keep up the good work Adam, plan on me sending you a donation very soon. By far the best site out here on Jews. Not biased, misleading or hijacked by jews and their sympathizers and apologists.

          • You are absolutely right about their esoteric manipulation, and I will be covering this along with many other topics in the future. This is paramount to understanding how they have gained control.

            I have said for years how the jew isn’t really very smart. Their (minute) advantage lies in the fact that they have no capacity for morality and they feel no guilt or remorse. They are capable of imagining and carrying out behaviors that humans simply will not do, because we would never come up with it.

          • bored muslim says:

            Brad, the victim of blood sacrifice has to be alive when the blood is collected. Preferable a male or female virgin. The victim is pierced with sharp daggers or nails, then the blood is collected and dried. Then it is sent all over the world to Jews everywhere. It is also so that the victim must give up their life in such rituals. Children disappearing and found with hundreds of deep, small puncture wounds have been found wherever a number of Jews live throughout human history,. There have been hundreds of confessions and many caught red handed doing the rituals or attempting to kidnap a child. Even Jack the Ripper has now been confirmed as a Polish Jew.

  8. Step one, identify the problem. Analyze it. Study it.
    Effectively communicate it. A list is a starting point. Communicating necessary information to enough people to create a tipping point is another necessary step.
    That should lead to discussions about what to do about it, planning strategically and tactically, organizing and action.
    Light is a cockroach’s worst fear.

  9. Magnar Hagan says:

    Hello, thanks for your hard work.

    Have you considered a list of Jewish/Christian alliance organizations?

    These would be precisely the alliances that need to be weakened. If one was to strike every single one of them, merely by hard-hitting information, the effect would be measurable.

    Jews without Christian support are dead in the water.

    • I’ve considered many lists, but it’s very time consuming because I have to personally vet all information myself so new jew shit slips through. Almost ALL christian organizations, big churches, etc are run by jews at the top. ALL of them. I’ve never met someone who seemed as evil as christian pastors….ok, maybe catholic priests, but they’re all jews anyway, so no difference.

      I would compile more lists, but the point of these lists is just to show pervasive jews are in everything important to us. A section on religion would be good, but if the dozen other sections don’t open their eyes, one more won’t either. They serve this purpose very well for now. Maybe in the future I’ll add more, but not right now. I do appreciate the input, and have duly noted the idea. I am just focusing on other things right now outside of just exposing jews. My site handles that, I can do better focusing my energy on the bigger picture, i.e. getting rid of the jews.

      • Magnar Hagan ? That’s kind of a suspicious last
        Name so is the comment the focus is on Jews not Christians I don’t doubt there’s rotten Christians or rotten pagans this just seemed odd to me maybe not my apologies if I’ve falsely accused but…

        • Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not perfect, and on the back end I don’t see all the comments, and often miss the context of the conversation.

          After re-reading his comment, it does sound wishy washy to me. Listing christians won’t do anything. Most of the christian churches are run by jews, and so are their massive organizations. We’re still talking about jews, not christians either way. That would be like listing mechanics that fix cars jews drive. Kind of pointless.

      • petunia23 says:

        SN, how about a jew list of tv weathermen and meteorologists?
        The obvious elephant in the room is the massive chemtrails being left all over our skies, the HAARP program, and weather control.
        Not one word is ever mentioned by the weathermen who give us all the local weather news. The ridiculous new clouds we are told are “normal”, the bizarre weather patterns never before seen and the horrific results of floods, tornadoes and drought of unreal proportions happening in the last 10+ years.

        • I agree. If I had time to compile such lists, I might have them. The problem with having others do it is having to source it all anyway to make sure it’s accurate. I would love to expand the lists, but they’re more to show how jews control everything, than to list every single jew on earth.

          I’m with you on the problems with the weather. I live in Florida, and the sun SCORCHES your skin now….bad. I grew up here, it was never like this. I think the chemtrails have a lensing affect.

          I suspect weathermen are covering up for more than just chemtrails. The weather has been extremely bizarre and erratic. There are often clear radar images of chemtrails stacked ahead of or behind storms to influence them.

          • Brandon William Hennig says:

            I’ve been meaning to ask you about this Adam. When you were arguing with that lizard lookin’ kike hufshit about chemtrails you told it that we had people with weather balloons collecting data from the altitudes they were spraying the chemtrails from to find out what they’re spraying.

            That was what, five or six years ago? Have you found any more information about this? I fucking hate seeing those planes spraying that shit. I always watch them do that shit and point it out to random people in town.

            Crazy how most people NEVER look up. Must be the reason it’s not a big issue like you said in your article about this topic.

          • There used to be a good channel on youtube dealing with chemtrails called “Tanker Enemy”. They have documented so much about chemtrails it isn’t funny, including current weather conditions, altitudes, flight data, etc. with all kinds of video evidence, etc. You can look up their videos if you need more info.

    • What 1 ALSO meant to say and left out, is that although 1 like to point out the “White/Jewish Alliance” alliance to people who rant about the “Black/Jewish Alliance” , it might be more accurately described as the “White Christian/Jewish Alliance” .

      Although, plenty of Atheists love jews as well, I was kicked out of an Atheist group for merely mentioning jews – when all they wanted to do was bash Christians and Muslims!

      • There is also clearly a “Muslim(Arab?)/Jewish Alliance” Not sure about the Persian Muslims in Iran either, but likely 1 suppose.

        Just hoping there is one type of Human who see’s through these kikes and doesn’t align with their interests in some way.

        • There are plenty of humans who don’t. More will come. Fear not. They are not omnipotent.

        • bored muslim says:

          Well, this is one Muslim that is 100 % aware and against this infestation of humanity called the ‘Jews’. I have been a ‘jew watch’ since I was a little boy.

          The overwhelming majority of Muslims are against the jews. Jews control western Christianity, i.e. Christian Zionism, but they do not control the Muslim world except for the leaderships of said world. Thats why they are in all-out war mode against all things Muslim, or Islamic. Because we know the truth about these fucks. In fact, large parts of the holy Quran are an indictment against jews. In fact one verse say implicitly to ‘not take Christians and Jews for friends, when they have made themselves friends of one another, i.e.e Christian Zionism and Jewish Zionism. But then again , Zionism is just a smokescreen for diluting the global Jewish agenda for total control and subjugation of humanity. Zionism is a 1898 re-shift of tactics to incorporate the Christian world on their side.

          We, the Islamic world, will fight the Jew at every conspiracy, and at every turn, but we are taking a beating; as the Jews have and will continue to use the West as a bludgeoning tool, weapon against us. We need the sleeping, naïve citizens of the West to help us. But if not, we are prepared to go all the way through to take down our mortal enemies, the Jews. If we go over the cliff, we are prepared to take them down with us, only we will fall on top of them, and thus survive.

          The only Christians fully aware of the Jewish danger are the Russian Eastern Orthodox, and Nestorian and Chaldrian Christians of the east. They saw the horrors of Jews first hand with the Jewish Bolshevik terror.

          Jews are not invincible, even though they want us to believe such. They are actually in a tenuous position as the global power shifts to the East, i.e. China and Russia, leaving them in their camp of Christian Zionism and Israel.

          We will prevail. The Quran says that Jews will reach the top in power, only to be punished and lose it all.

          If human history has taught us anything, it is that Jews never learn their lessons, and with a satanic motivation and greed, continue to plot and scheme. They will go down again, only this time coming up, it will be for the ‘count’.

          Cheers. Adam, please keep this site going and updated. I love it. Nothing like it out there.

          • Good and well said. I think the “jewish/muslim” alliance is really more just jews POSING AS MUSLIMS, creating or running muslim organizations, and then speaking for muslims. Of course, their entire media apparatus and every jew on earth speaks against muslims at the same time. They also trash christianity, but not the christians they need to support Israel. They’re such disingenuous fucks it can be quite annoying.

            I agree. The jew is NOT invincible, and their demise is just a matter of timing. It is not “if” but “when” and that’s why jews are so voracious in spewing bullshit.

      • It doesn’t matter who allies with the jews. They will be considered a jew too. There is no escape for traitors…watch.

  10. Speaking of lists a book available in PDF: “My Irrelevant Defense” by Leese has several extensive lists of documented incidences of cases every parent should be aware of. I suspect where the bulk of our disappearing children go.
    This author was put in prison to shut him up. It did not. He came out & published a compilation to inform us of this, apparently current, practice.
    Now THIS is an explanation that makes sense as to why any people would be persecuted everywhere they go. (Too bad not enough lions)
    Thanks for that counterpunch link, xint!
    The Ukrainian crash the US blamed Russia for? It was full of dead bodies whose stench was detected long before anyone got to the crash site. Photos on liveleak(if real) indicated no blood from wounds.

    • The US blaming Russia is just a joke for the really stupid or the really gullible. Obama and Putin are cousins. I wouldn’t doubt it was full of dead bodies. There is a plot shown like this almost 20 years ago on X-Files. 😉

  11. please don’t post my name. its why I posted a username, sassylyn. thx

    • You need to make sure you fill out the form right, it’s not me posting your name, that’s what you put in the field. I will change it for you, but make sure you fill it out right next time.

  12. jeane Marie says:

    Please post your articles on Beforeitsnews dot com so more of us will know about this site. Your articles are great and to the point. I have never heard of this site until today.
    Please post on there beforeitsnews(dot)com, just have to open up an account and free to post. It’s very hard to download your articles. In fact, it is impossible to download your works, virus blocks.

    • You can feel free to share any content you find here. I don’t know why you’re getting virus scan blocking my site, unless it’s delisted by them because of what it is. Nothing here is infected (last I checked). Someone correct me if you do find something wrong.

  13. This is agreat site. How come never read about it before?

    • You haven’t heard of it because it’s the end of the internet. It is the unbridled truth they don’t want you to see.

      The real question is, why is it SO EASY to find all the other sites?

      It’s like this. If you’re one of them, and doing your job to mislead people, you’ll be heavily promoted. You might even have some fake raids from the feds, and get publicity in that fashion. If you are for real, they pretend you don’t even exist. I’ve said all the things nobody else would, and I’ve never been messed with once. WHY IS THAT? Simple….messing with me would give me publicity, and they damn sure can’t have that.

  14. What now?

    These bloodsucking vampires rule over us and have our own people in the military and police force under their hypnotic, possibly reptile DNA rule.

    Short of a miracle, there really is only one way to deal with this, otherwise we are fucked.

    • We are far from fucked, and we are far more powerful than anything anyone has ever imagined. You think a planet wide unified effort to enslave us for a couple thousand years makes them all powerful? WE are still the people who makes the wheels of this world turn. All it takes is a CHOICE….because the MOMENT that humanity decides it is done playing with the jew, these weak bastards will cut and run. They’ll be turning in each other to save their own hide. Truly, they are the ones that are fucked, because when push comes to shove, they’re getting owned.

      • bored muslim says:

        Exactly, I too believe its close to ‘game over’ for the Jews.

        Unless, they take down the internet, or censor it; too many people are waking up to the truth.

        The whole story of ‘Russian hacking’ and ‘fake news ‘ danger is just them setting the stage for internet control and filter. The Jewish Facebook and Google(YouTube) are already censoring anti-Jewish information.

        Yup, they are running out of options and their lies are getting uncovered. Oh vey!!

        • That’s so very telling, because they have to fight tooth and nail just to prop things up. All we have to do is plant seeds and watch them grow. Our numbers continually rise, and it takes very little effort. It might take time, but every moment of that is just more agony for the jew as they await the inevitable.

  15. I see a lot of hard work put into this, thank you for making this accessible. Being aware is one thing, what could I proactively do to contribute.

    • Spreading the word is still the most important thing. Although there are only going to be certain people who make it this far, the answers have to be there for them to find. They need to know the source, so it is still super paramount. The jew has the entire media apparatus, but it also has every single jew spewing bullshit in every corner of every place on earth to support their lie. They have to keep that up to have any effect at all. All we have to do is shine light on their sorry asses, and they scatter like cock roaches. We must show the way….we should be as diligent as the jew in interrupting every last discussion on earth and interjecting the truth about the jew! Imagine a MILLION PEOPLE all pushing this same message IN UNISON. The power of such a thing is beyond comprehension right now, but if you just look at what your enemy does, you can see how important this is. You can also donate to help my efforts. Very few people step up to help those of us who risk it all.

      • bored muslim says:

        If I was a wealthy guy, I would support you by bankrolling you and your family so you could do nothing but keep up the good work you do, by this site and I’m sure much more , Adam. But unfortunately in on ‘disability’.

        I would easily give you a million dollars to go ballistic on these sons of bitches, even though you are in many ways already doing that.

        Yours is about the only trustworthy site on the subject of jews. Many I find very suspect.

        • bored muslim says:

          Adam , take a look at this site and tell me what you think. I think its a great site and non-contaminated.

          Smoloko. c o m

          they pack a heavy punch too. I just want your personal opinion. As I respect it immensely.

          The great Eustace Mullins wrote some great works on the Jews. One was ‘The Curse of Canaan’. A scathing indictment. He goes into their genesis and origin. You can youtube him If you want.

          To all you friends out there, this is a great site to download millions of free books , a Russian site, but English books from around the world. Please check out ‘The Curse of Canaan’, and also ‘The Controversy of Zion’, you can also put in the ‘search’ bar things like ‘Jewish ritual killing’ etc….here it is :

          • That site seems to prop up Donald The Rump a lot. Trumps kids are married to jews, he is not opposition no matter how much he may initially appear to be. I advise anyone reading that or ANY other site to be VERY careful who you trust.

        • Thanks for the kind words. Having that kind of support I could accomplish a lot. Then again, just having people pushing the message in coordinated fashion, we can do a lot.

  16. Solstace says:

    born in Germany after the war I never knew about one talked about it. Living in US now I have learned more. This information is incredible. How can just a few take over the world? And in Germany they keep pounding on the people how bad they are for what happened in the past. Is there a peaceful way to get our world out of this grip of the few.?

  17. The reason why they cause much destruction is because they are not the true Israelites of the bible. Satan is their father. The true Children of Yah are in the land of their enemies and will stay their until Yah delivers them himself.

  18. New to Subverted Nation. Admiring the intense, rich content: downloaded the manual. Concerned about Jewish Women in our Universities posing as Scholars. And in the Arts — they really live to ruin it for everyone. Earning a degree now is less about knowledge, than slaloming around the beastly gatekeepers. We will get our colleges, galleries and museums back, won’t we?

    • Eventually, yes. We will. They won’t be anything like what you know today though. Proper reeducation of our societies would see people more interested in taking care of their own children, and ensuring their curriculum is truthful and useful. Sending children off to indoctrination centers for a third of their life is just stupid. We can do way better.

  19. I am all focused on your instructions

    Did you ever watch “Hitler, the Greatest Story NEVER told”

    What do you think of Alexander Dugin, who released the interesting book “Fourth Political Theory” and who also is Putins advisor.
    Do you think Alexander Dugin is a jew?
    And what do you think about Putin?

    • Putin and everyone around him are jews. What confuses me is everyone knows all the world leaders, bankers, media, etc. are jews, but when some “alternative” media of theirs boosts up Putin every day, people buy right into it.

      • Leo Lundgren says:

        Because jew-putin have the power WE need to have, so our people want to believe, they really want to believe he will destroy our enemy.
        But he will not, and I support you til I die if I have to.

        I cant take this anymore
        Lies after lies after lies, 300 millions of of us non-jews have died because of the jews already.

        This revolution cant stagnate!
        I dont want to see it stagnate.
        This is more important than anything!

  20. could you make a crypto jew list? I am aware of many instances of past proven crypto jews (lenin) and present (bill gates, rupert murdoch) and it would help to have evidence of many examples to back me up to my not-so-persuaded friends.

    • Please see my other posts about the lists, or see the main index explaining their purpose. I simply don’t have time to compile more stuff. I’d rather work on solutions instead of lists.

  21. Lets not forget jewish communists in the government.

  22. Hi Adam, was wondering what your take is on Daily Stormer. It seems they have taken quite a “strong” stance on issues. Any chance Anglin could be legit? I’m thinking he answer is of course no, so just “double checking”.

  23. Hi Adam the Admin,

    I did a web search for the phrase “Jew money is everywhere” and found your blog. Great info that I worry will be suppressed with the clandestine regulations of the new global trade agreements that have just been signed.

    This page has lists of Jews in various influential sectors of society. I wonder if you have seen this other list, of “quotes by and about Jews” from the informational site, Jew Watch?

    My favorite, the most chilling, comes from none other than Rabbi Rabinovich of Hungary who outlined the steps that would be taken preceding WW3 — all the way back in 1952. It’s quoted here with a user’s summary at the end:

    Everything from the Russia vs. U.S. buildup in Syria to the Islamic re-invasion of Europe to the Black Panther riots of this past summer to even the Kardashian empire (yuck!) was outlined here more than 60 years ago!

    Keep up the good fight, Adam. Much needed and very much appreciated. LOL Mazel Tov 😉

    • I had to go look up what this “mazel tov” shit is. I’ve heard jews say it before. Apparently it means “good luck” or something. You can just tell me things like that in English from now on. 😉

  24. We need statistical comparisons to really underscore the point.

    % of jews in usa vs % of jews in positions of power etc

    • It wouldn’t drive home the point any more than the jew lists do. We don’t need to meet certain criteria or levels of information disseminated. All we need to do is lay on the truth, and let it simmer.

    • Hello,I’m glad to have read your articles and begin to start taking action. I believe my typing this message constitutes an action, so let me begin. The importance of crypto jewry in infiltrating practically everything CANNOT BE UNDERESTIMATED.This message is to provide some useful books to those who this comment.The BEST COLLECTION OF BOOKS are from Itsvan Balkony, a library of political secrets the Jewish fifth column. They are easily downloadable and can be printed without violation of anything.In fact, the authors recommend doing so. I hope this tidbit may help those to fully understand the current reality
      Much regards.

  25. Why don’t you add the surname Grothendieck


    (May not be too off-topic)

  26. HI..You knowledgeable fellas are not posing as Non Jews are You?? I hope You are cool and this is not a TRAP website to find out who the anti-semites is very helpful information..Adam are You there?? I know some Jews named Adam..I know IM being silly..sorry..Thanks 4 the help..

    • There may be some who come here posing as one of us. It is what jews do. I carefully monitor the comments and try not to let any slip through though.

      This isn’t a trap. It’s a website. You’re already living in the trap. This place will help free you.

  27. Mr Putin is a Jewish fella?? 4 Real? IM confused and all his helpers, ?? Oh NO I liked him..IM so naive and dumb..I thought he was orthodox eastern..Christian?? Help…IM so gullible..

  28. Last comment..IM sorry for the stupid comment above as 2 You being maybe jews etc.I AM really sorry and I was not thinking..IM new to all this information somewhat..Please forgive my stupidity in these matters..This is a very helpful, insightful website..Thank You..I did not mean to be rude..IM sure this is extremely important work for all involved..

  29. Respectfully I agree with Axiom’s point and it is an important one (i.e. reliable verified statistics). I believe Nazi did produce such stats before WWII and the Jewish power in Germany at that time. YouTube video of these programs were also available online until recently. All the best,

    PS: I hate nobody

  30. ..I also agree with the moderator i.e “lay on the truth and let it simmer”.

    PS: I am *loyal* US & world citizen

  31. You know the anime industry, its a front for the Jews, its a front to hide their pedophilia, the anime industry is run by Jews

  32. bored muslim says:

    Great and very rare site. Thanks for all. I agree with you and your site content almost 100%, however, i’m finding it a little hard to believe that these creatures actually control Russia and China too. Given these two nations history; they have had run-ins with them on several occasions and I believe Russia and China are exempt and know fully well what these monsters are up to. I do know that they control 90% of Arab/Muslim governments ( the monarchies of Saudi and Jordan are direct descendants of Arab jews). If China, Russia are in fact under their control, then it might be that resistance is indeed futile; however I;, a muslim and the Quran tells us otherwise)(I know your not religious ).

    Another thing, Homosapieans and Neandrethals co-existed together on Earth for some 70k years. Is it possible that they are mixed breed(given their features and ways-hoarders, killers, cannibals etc)If they are the descendants of Cain ; then Cain went out on his own and must have breed with ‘something’ demon, animal , jinn or something. What do you think Adam? Ive been a ‘jew-watcher’ since I was 10 yrs old like you. thanks again, keep it coming .

    • They’ve controlled Russia and China for a LONG LONG time. Look at the Kaifeng jews in China. Putin has a jewish mother….the commies who took over Russia and butchered 60 million people were jews. They didn’t just give up their control.

      Many things are possible as far as the origins of jews and humans alike. There is so much muddy water, it won’t be easily deciphered.

      Resistance is never futile. A single thorn can stop a prowling lion.

  33. Andreea says:

    Bobby Fischer was Jewish but never liked what he was. He died poor, US_Jews denied him his own money he had at his property in California. He died poor and sick in Iceland, the country that knew him in full glory. Why did he hate Jews so intensely while himself was a Jew? Maybe because he had a sense of provision and of justice for what his own people was doing wrong and did not agree with them. Who knows?

    • At this point, I honestly don’t care. A lot of criminals sing like a song bird when their time is near. They always play their own opposition. He talked a good talk, but he also laced it with a bunch of bullshit.

  34. Good info in this site.

  35. anon US citizen says:

    informative website.

  36. Good to see the site still up!

    • Not only still up, but about to become very active again.

      • bored muslim says:

        So glad to hear Adam, we need you man. Please keep it coming. Even though I’m broke and on disability, I want to find some way to help you…and us. I do spread the ‘message’ on the internet zealously. I have woken up numerous friends, but they still see things different.It takes utmost cunning and rare genius to figure these nefarious, diabolical Jews and go after them.

        As Voltaire said’ The pen is mightier than the sword’. Get busy people.

        • Please don’t help me financially if you are in need of help yourself. I will always find a way to make the struggle work, and to keep fighting. I do this to help humanity, not to tap people who need help themselves.

          You just help us get the word out, let those with the financial ability help keep the boat afloat. If we are diligently pushing our message in every little corner of the earth, we will do significant damage. The NSA doesn’t have those massive computers, and they’re not employing thousands of trolls for nothing.

  37. Jacobo Arbenz: militar guatemalteco medio judío, trato de implantar un
    régimen comunista en plena guerra fria fue derrocado en 1954.

    Jaime Rosemberg: jefe de la Guardia Civil de Guatemala con Jacobo
    Arbenz , judío y masón.

    Drake Dayan Zamora: general del ejercito sandinista de Nicaragua, nació
    en Tel Aviv sobrino de Moshe Dayan.

    Rogelio Cruz Wer: jefe de la Inteligencia guatemalteca en tiempos de
    Jacobo Arbenz, judío y masón.

    Moisés Hassan : miembro de la guerrilla sandinista en Nicaragua.

    Ruben Zamora: portavoz y representante del Frente de Liberación
    Farabundo Marti en El Salvador.

    Ventura Cobija: agente de la KGB en América Central en los años 60s,
    judío de origen polaco llamado realmente Wadim Kochergim.

    Fabio Grobart: Agente de la KGB en Cuba, asesor del Partido Comunista de
    Cuba, judío polaco de verdadero nombre Abraham Zincowitz.

    Charles Batleheim: profesor marxista judío francés, asesor del Gobierno
    cubano en economía planificada.

    Onelio Jorge Cardoso: escritor marxista cubano de ascendencia hebrea.

    Antón Arrufat: ídem al anterior.

    David Cherician: poeta revolucionario castrista es judío sefardí.

    Fayad Jamis: poeta revolucionario castrista hebreo, pintor abstracto de
    pésima calidad. Favorecido por el régimen.

    Leo Broiwer: compositor de la nueva generación cubana.

    Camilo Torres: sacerdote católico de ascendencia judía,Teólogo de la
    Liberación, guerrillero del ELN.

    Carlos Toledo Plata: profesor marxista colombiano de origen judío,
    miembro de la guerrilla M-19.

    Jaime Bateman Cayon: líder de la guerrilla M-19 judío askenazi.

    Alvaro Fayad Delgado: lugarteniente de Jaime Bateman en el M-19 medio

    Antonio Navarro Wolf: portavoz del M-19, también judío.

    Abimael Guzmán: jefe de Sendero Luminoso autor de muchas matanzas, judío

    Pablo Neruda: poeta judeo-chileno llamado en realidad Neftali Reyes
    Basualto, fanático comunista recibió varios premios soviéticos, compuso
    una oda a la bomba atómica de Stalin.

    Marta Harnecker: ideóloga marxista-leninista judeo-chilena vive en Cuba.

    Mauricio Rosenkof y Raul Seindoz: terroristas judíos uruguayos miembros
    de los Tupamaros.

    Fidel Castro Ruz: jefe supremo de Cuba y la subversión americana,
    pertenece a una familia de médicos judíos perseguidos antaño por la
    Inquisición por practicar el Judaísmo en secreto.

  38. I have posted a link to your website on the forum I participated in. I urge others to do the same and wake people UP before it gets too late. God bless all HONEST atheists & honest people of ANY religions.

  39. Hey this is great information! I’m happy to have found another who isn’t only half in the know. By that i mean, there are a lot of “truthers” out there, that i can see right through because most of the time they end up having some bullshit agenda, and actually most of them are pushing trump propaganda now, or it appears that most of them are Christian.
    Hey SN, I’ll browse more of your site and i may very well find what I’m about to ask, but have you ever heard of the term hegelian dialect, aka “thesis+antithesis+reaction=synthesis? Its used in everything from politics to religious ideology to starting wars all as a form of mind control, in a very deeply rooted form. Here’s the thing, I’m very confident that all religion is part of this mind control program.
    I believe it started with the gnostics (let’s be honest, its just the true form of judaism) when they introduced the concept of dualism, good and evil, light and dark, in religion. This created a fear to follow whatever they said was good, and created a divide between humans. If you look into the holy wars, this was all started by the freemasons (gnostics/jews) and they created really every religion out there. Look at the sufism as it is, its a dead, esoteric religion now, but back in the holy wars it played a bigger part in secretly keeping this war going (aka Hassan Ibn Sabah, old man of the mountain, hashishin) and they probably were working directly with none other than the templars (gnostic as well, brutal, evil, twisted). This concept has been true about every war, every single one, and i consider it a huge red flag, when nearly every big religion out there has their own form of jesus,and Satan (which if you look deeper, they tend to be the same). I know I’m rambling and i could’ve organized my thoughts better, I’ve really just never brought it up with anyone else before because everyone seems to be at some level of indoctrination no matter how much they think they have exposed. Its kind of funny(but saddening) to see how so many people believe that they are exposing truth, only to be playing into the system on a very deep level.
    OK so i rambled a lot, but my point that I’m trying to convey, is that they do all of this to keep us down, very down, thinking we are meager humans not capable of anything great, they want us to believe we aren’t powerful, literally as well as spiritually. These religions, it would be one thing of it was just fake and leading people down a rabbit whole of nothingness, but these religions are sadly worse than that. I believe there are real entities behind them, that gain power from all of that energy that people give them. They can’t do half of the things they do without it, its what they feed on, and it all happens when we consent to them taking our energy…. when one says “holy spirit possess me” what do you think they are consenting to? That was just an example of the hundreds of things we may consent to with these entities… they can have absolute control to the point of making someone think their purpose is totally opposite from what it truly is… yes i think they can implant thoughts, and it is a vigilant mind that will be able to discern what thoughts are real/their own. When i started questioning all of the dogma that i had built up over the years, and desiring freedom from these chains, i started getting major anxiety and fear of going to hell, of being a bad, sick person who will not be ‘saved’ by Christ… but i wondered to my self, why would a real Creator make me feel this way? Why would be not want me to have true knowledge about all of the things I’m capable of, and question things. Any true creator would honestly say “you know what, i want you to know the truth so you have to question everything because this world is fucked, don’t believe books, don’t believe anything but you”
    See that’s the thing, i think we have all of the answers in us. I don’t know if there’s a creator or not but i don’t think they would want to be worshiped or even need it.
    OK i will leave you with one last question. What are your thoughts on CERN, and does it have a connection to the United Nations project of erecting over 1000 arches of triumph (Ba’al)?

    Again thank you, and hopefully this was not too much and all over the place

    • Yes, I’m very familiar with all kinds of disinformation tactics and other methods of persuasion.

      You touched on some very interesting things. I think there is a lot of truth hidden in religions. I know the spiritual world is more important than the physical. This is evidenced by their continuous references to it, and rituals regarding it. The esoteric side of things is a bigger part of this reality than many think.

      I do think any real creator would have more intelligence than me, and would possibly say, “go live and learn” rather than, “I’ll fry your ass if you don’t bow to me”. That kind of fear mongering stuff is misleading. There is no real explanation for it except that jews have rewritten all of the texts. For instance, I love Jesus. He whipped some serious jew ass in the temple.

      I don’t think we’ll have all the answers until we can get our hands on some of the top level players, and some of the information they’ve hidden in places like the Vatican.

      I don’t know what CERN’s real purpose is to be honest. I have my speculations, but I can’t say for sure. I was not aware of the UN erecting these arches. I will take a look at that sometime.

  40. German Patriot says:

    You’ve done a real good work with this side.
    I’ve found a nother interesting side here:

    I have posted also a link to your website on my FB Page.
    If somebody want to connect me, feel free to do so…

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