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Jew Disinfo Team Mobilized

Jew Disinfo Team Mobilized
Dehumanize jews at EVERY opportunity, because these are disgusting rats, not humans like you and I.

It's no secret at Subverted Nation that jews are nothing more than a bunch of filthy disgusting rats.

If you’ve been online for a while speaking out against world jewry and these rat faced kikes, it’s probably become obvious to you that all is not as it seems to the average lemming. It doesn’t take long for thinking minds to notice, that almost anywhere one goes on the internet, there are disinformation agents crawling all over any topic that doesn’t fit in with the status quo. If one posts information that exposes jew crimes, Israel’s depravity, the moon hoax, holocaust hoax, or a myriad of other topics; you will often find yourself quickly overwhelmed with jew agents trying to discredit and silence you. If we’re going to win this initial phase of the war against jews, and YES this IS WAR, then we need to know what the enemy is up to.

In most cases, the people who try to wrap you up in arguments will not attempt to argue any valid points you put forth. Instead, they rely on things like personal attacks, ad-hominems (virtually the same thing), or other diversionary tactics. Anything they can do to avoid legitimate discussion and attack the messenger. Sometimes, you may be lulled into an argument by agents who pose as an inquisitive poster wanting to know more, and before you know it, you’re buried in another ridiculous, childish argument. This defines the goal of the disinfo agents to a tee. Keep the discussion on the character of the poster, rather than on the ideas or arguments they put forth. As long as you’re busy defending your character, you can’t put forth any more valid information. They will attempt to make you look like a “lone nut”, “conspiracy theorist”, mentally defective reject, etc., because this is the ONLY way they can fight this battle. The facts, and the law, are on our side.

These tactics do not always work in their favor, because those who end up reading these discussions, and still have any critical thinking ability of their own, will quickly see through this charade. In fact, this tactic often falls flat on it’s face, leaving them no option but to bury the discussion with as many useless posts as possible, which is where the rest of the team comes in, i.e. tactic number two. Flood whatever forum it is with anything that distracts from your message. I could go on for hours with an essay on how to defeat these shills at their own game, but let me get to the point.

Follow me, my little goyim, I mean FRIEND, and WE will fight the bad jews for you!

Follow me, my little goyim, I mean FRIEND, and WE will fight the bad jews for you!

It turns out that a jew run website is exposing jewry for us. I know, that’s not really news is it? Most of the sites which pretend to be your voice, are doing so to keep you from actually using your own voice. Many of my readers are already aware that most of these sites are just trying to step in and lead the revolution, as jews have always done. The Bolshevik revolution is a good example, because it was lead solely by jews, and it ended up being Russia’s demise. The site I am talking about though, is called “Muzzle Watch”, and it purports to be watching those dirty jews for us, and exposing them when they attempt to silence our message.

The site has a recent article here which exposes PAID Israeli disinformation teams.  Have a look at what they say in their own words:

Straight out of Avigdor Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry: a new Internet Fighting Team! Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. The effort is meant to fight the “well-oiled machine” of “pro-Palestinian websites, with huge budgets… with content from the Hamas news agency.” The approach was test-marketed during Israel’s assault on Gaza, and by groups like Give Israel Your United Support, a controversial effort to use instant-access technology to crowd-source Israel advocates to fill in flash polls or vote up key articles on social networking sites.

We can see that there are professional teams of rat faced jews attempting to “crowd-source” polls, articles, forums, and other places that allow any kind of commentary. It’s clear they are using demobilized (not discharged) Israeli soldiers to pretend they are “regular folks” to stifle any criticism of jews. I love it when this stuff comes to the surface, but this is not ground breaking news, and the website exposing it deserves no praise. Groups like the JIDF (jew internet defense force) are already crawling all over places like jewtube, facebook, myspace, twitter, forums, etc. In fact, JIDF has been here making threats, which fall on deaf ears.

These jews are despicable critters, so don't give them even one inch. Dehumanize them at every opportunity.

These jews are despicable critters, so don't give them even one inch. Dehumanize them at every opportunity.

I’m not going to turn this into a massive essay. You can head over and read the article at that site for yourself and draw your own conclusions. However, I suggest if you do, that you do NOT miss this page, because it clearly defines that this “Muzzle Watch” is nothing more than a bunch of jews attempting to step in and play good cop. Remember, these suckers are ALWAYS on BOTH sides of the argument. In fact, you should also see this page which makes it blatantly obvious the website is run by a bunch of worthless kikes.

According to their rant about comments, they still support the LIE of anti-semitism as well as labeling some speech as hate, and are themselves attempting to stifle free open discussion about the jew. Well, no shit Sherlock, they’re fucking jews protecting the tribe. They have no interest in people properly identifying ALL jews as a scourge. They will not allow people to talk about exiling jews, or hanging them with barbed wire nooses like I do, because THESE are the things that could really put a stop to them. Heaven forbid you break out the wood chipper idea, or speak in a way that DEHUMANIZES JEWS, which they make SPECIFIC mention of. They KNOW that dehumanization is KEY to destroying their network, hence the reason they won’t allow it. Dehumanization is the number one tactic jews have used for over thirty years to ready our people for murdering Muslims, and we must do the same to jews to ready our people to stomp them to death. Redouble your efforts to totally dehumanize these critters, because they are doing it to you, and they will continue unabated unless you do something. All is fair in love and war, so pull no punches, and give no quarter. I even give my permission to use my favorite proprietary term “kikenvermin”, because these are indeed some nasty critters.

  1. I wish to offer another example of their scumbaggery:

    The attacks now consist of minutae and silly insults, and misrepresentations of my blog. But I give better than I get.

  2. The dissent control mechanism begs to be engaged. Don’t give them the satisfaction of opening a debate. They are the ‘time bandits’ consuming your time and energy. It is part of their plan. Ignore them and carry on. To engage their diversion, is to become diverted. It’s part of their plan. It also gives them ‘intelligence’ on you. Silence gives them the unknown. The unknown is their fear. When they can’t ‘read’ you, your already on top.

  3. This statement from Muzzle Watch gave their true identity, and intent.
    ” Lately, the site has become a forum for posting anti-Semitic in particular, and also other bigoted and racist comments, as well as ugly personal attacks.”

    Seems it’s “okay” to label others as “bigoted”, and “racist”, all the while coming from the biggest racists and bigots on the planet: Modern Jewry. Their hypocrisy never ends.

  4. I totally agree that the Jewish disinfo team sometimes does the best job of exposing themselves. Once upon a time, I tried to edit a Wikipedia article about Sovereign Citizens. I had followed all of their rules, and the new material I added was relevant and informative. At the time though I was “Jew Unaware” and my additions to the article included text about the ADL and the SPLC labeling all militia groups as racist (and they aren’t?), and how they fabricated the so-called “sovereign citizen” movement in order to include regular freedom loving people like myself, in order to categorize us as “domestic terrorists.”

    “Jew Disinfo Team Mobilized” describes the tactics the other Wikipedia editors used against me perfectly. They would not rebut my legal arguments about personal sovereignty. They knew they couldn’t, and doing so would open even more eyes. They wasted my time reiterating the same argument I used against them! Or they would bring up some totally unrelated nonsense to confuse anyone reading the discussion page.
    These Jewish editors all worked as a team, while appearing to be distinct, uninterested individuals. Some of them sockpuppeted in order to break the rules of Wikipedia.

    What ended up happening though is that they exposed themselves as a bunch of disinfo agents working to suppress free speech. I am appalled at the way most people rely on Wikipedia for information. Is it any wonder why Wikipedia articles always show up first for Google queries about touchy subjects?

    You can’t edit Wikipedia unless you’re using one of their “trusted 3rd party publishers” as the source of your text. It’s too bad all of those trusted 3rd parties are Jew owned mainstream media companies that aggressively work to suppress truth and open discussion, as Adam Austin has said numerous times on this site.

    Bring down the mainstream media, and every other Jew owned enterprise would fall quickly behind it. Am I wrong?

  5. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    Rats are the foulest creatures… Ans this animal metaphor is true.

  6. Adam,

    Speaking of hidden Jewish agents and their nefarious online activities…

    It looks like something really weird is going on.

    9U goes from having hundreds of important 9-11 radio shows that were listed there smack on the homepage everyday like this:

    Note: There were more recent shows on that crawl date- I know for a fact, but they’re nowhere to be found in the versions. There appears to have been a “doctored” black-out from 10/28/13 — into early 2014.

    Even before October of 2013 there was already weirdness going on over at 9U… like shows were still there- but their file names had been barely modified so as to make any historical links throughout the net that may have been pointing to the original file name- then become broken- so as to no longer play/work.

    All of the previous mother load of MP3s on the site’s server are now long gone. Likewise, the site’s homepage (which dealt almost exclusively with Jewish involvement in 9/11) is now mysteriously filled with radio shows all relating to psychiatry. Check it out:

    It makes 9U look COINTEL.

    Is it?

    Anybody got a line on its operator- ML?

    See if you can find out what’s up. Hope ML is OK.

    If so, tell ML to get all those MP3s back up there with their original file names so that everybody’s old links to them will work again.


  7. Adam Please Read This says:


    Since you’re Jew-wise and also seem to know your way around cyberspace I’ve chosen to ask you this…

    Do you know of any net-based search engine for the World Wide Web (similar in function to Bing, Yahoo!, Google, etc.) that is not owned/controlled by the Jews?

    Unfortunately I cannot find a single one.

    Sadly, it looks as if the Jews and their Jewish-controlled monopolistic corporations have bought up ALL of those cool little independent search engine companies of the late 1990s.

    Please Help.


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