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Jew Body Snatchers in Haiti

Jew Body Snatchers in Haiti

These soldiers use Palestinians as human shields, kidnap their children, and steal their organs. I hear they have real nice medical facilities set up in Haiti for the same thing.

This tragedy caused in Haiti by the tsunami (correction: earthquake) has reportedly already killed well over 200,000 people, and the citizens of the world are trying to rally to help save more of them from perishing. That’s just the nature of humanity.  We feel for the pain and suffering of those around us, and are almost always willing to give up something to help those in need. It’s a part of our nature to give a damn when something bad happens to other people.  It’s what makes us human, and even despite the coordinated assaults on our morality by the media and Hollywood, our usurpers have been unable to completely suppress this trait, but it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been able to exploit it.

This recent disaster was bad enough to begin with, and would have been an opportunity for jews to show themselves as something a little more than the demonic swine I have continually proven them to be, but they are simply incapable of doing so. Even though they took the opportunity to set themselves up as saviors of the people once again, things are just not exactly what they seem.  First, take a look at this video of the super duper Israeli jews who are the first on the scene with advanced medical facilities, pretending to save all the lives, and talking trash on Americans who have donated millions already to the relief aid funds.

I don’t know about you, but I can hear the sound of blood lust on their forked little tongues. It starts with the jewess reporter Elizabeth Cohen talking about how desperately and urgently they need to evacuate their first “victim” to somewhere they can do “much more” to him. Then it’s “this is amazing” as she walks into the jew camp, where the Israeli military has already marked the ground as theirs with a star of David on the ground. Listen to the trash this jew bitch talks “has the American government set up a field hospital” followed by “the Israelis came from the other side of the world” showing her disdain for America.

The jews try to set themselves up as the super saviors, while trampling all over “the Americans”, but they fail to mention that our government is run by a bunch of jews, and surely a lot of the disaster relief agencies and non-profits playing savior are also jews. They fail to mention that the media (including the jewess reporter above) are all jews, and funny as it may seem, they are begging for dollars rather than food, clothing, medical supplies and other essentials.  Take a look at this article which says:

Don’t send shoes, send money. Don’t send baby formula, send money. Don’t send old coats, send money.

Nonprofit groups rarely look a gift horse in the mouth, and the relief effort in Haiti is desperate for resources. But the experience of wasteful giving in the past, coupled with the ease of speaking out via blogs, Facebook and Twitter, have led to an unprecedented effort to teach Americans what not to give.

One particularly influential blog is being written by Saundra Schimmelpfennig, an international aid expert who once worked for the Red Cross. Ms. Schimmelpfennig’s blog, Good Intentions Are Not Enough, is attracting more hits in a day than it used to get in a month, as everyone from the State Department to the White House seeks information about giving.

The advice appears to be reaching a tipping point — former President George W. Bush echoed the message when he joined President Obama and former President Bill Clinton last week to announce a new venture for the Haitian relief effort.

“I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water,” Mr. Bush said. “Just send your cash.”

Crooked eye jew Offenheiser (left) says give him your sheckles to pay for organ harvesting. It saves the trouble of bothering with food, medicine, water, and other aid.

You heard the message. Don’t send any real help, just send your money. Of course, the jews want your money, because urgently rushing these patients away to Israel for organ removal, I mean medical treatment, is expensive stuff. You should pay for them to handle these “operations”, excuse the pun. As is always typical of jews, they are after your loot, some organs, maybe a few kids to sacrifice, etc.

My readers will surely remember how a number of jews were recently caught in New Jersey with their organ harvesting ring, and then how we were told the heart wrenching story of some old jews who were happy to have new organs here so we would have a feel good story in mind when thinking of organ harvesting.

In the same article quoted above, right after Bush’s ridiculous comments is another jew who apparently heads another “relief group” complaining about people sending food. Head of Oxfam America, this jew Raymond Offenheiser makes the case that tv dinners are useless, knowing most people send canned goods and bulk foods like rice and other essentials.

This fat jewess says don't send shoes to victims of Haiti, send your dollars and let the jews decide how best to pay for the organ harvesting.

Then there is another jewess “relief expert” named Anna Shaikh quoted for her article “No One Needs Your Old Shoes: How Not to Help in Haiti.” Apparently the jewess says people will send things like high heeled shoes instead of food, but what she’s really saying is all the jew organ relievers want cashola.

Do you see a pattern of jews forming up all around this episode yet? The jews are all over this one like stink on shit. In fact, in many ways the jews are just like the stink on shit, so it’s a fitting analogy. They were so disgusting when Hitler dealt with him, they had to delouse the shit out of them at camps like Treblinka, but despite his best efforts, thousands of people died from typhus spread by these rats.

Next we have this article to follow suit. After “Teaching Americans What Haiti Needs: Money” they give us another one, just for the kids called, “How Kids Can Help Haiti”. Just like the previous article, we find even more jew run charities pushing the same message. They don’t want food to feed the people, or medical supplies, they just want cold hard cash.

The advice is similar to what’s being given to adults — don’t send stuff, send money. “The best thing you can do is to raise money for large organizations that are already doing work there,” a representative from the humanitarian organization CARE told the student reporter N’Naserri Carew-Johnson. ”It’s much easier and faster, and more cost effective or cheaper to donate to one of us and we can donate or send our supplies because we have that already in place.”

Again, this CARE organization is run by a bunch of jews, as can be seen by taking a quick peak at their “executive team” bio page here, where you will see jews with all the typical shady connections and affiliations. As is typical, jews seem to be the ones controlling all these organizations and their only concern is you send them the dough.

These innocent jew nurses were caught trying to nab children from Chad and Darfur. Do the fake tears make you feel sorry for body snatching jews?

Don’t you think they’ll be sure to take care of all these people’s needs with your money? Why weren’t these jews so eager to help like this when it was hurricane Katrina, and the people of New Orleans were suffering? The truth is jews are racists that don’t like blacks, but they sure love their organs.

Take for instance the jew nurses from Zoe’s Ark caught nabbing children in Chad and Darfur for their organs, but at the same time, we can thank Hollywood jews for making America care about Darfur. Even Angelina Jolie and George Clooney (both jews) are trying to help end the horrendous genocide there, but no mention of organ harvesting? I thought surely these would be the good jews we keep hearing about, because they are sincerely trying to help, right?

If you look here you’ll see another article screaming literally, “Send money. Send money. Send money.” and “They need your money, as much as you feel you can give. It’s always hard to believe, but there are scam artists out there ready to take advantage of any situation when warm-hearted people feel moved to help others. Be smart and be careful.”

Haha, we're going to make millions telling people we'll help the blacks in Haiti while Obama uses the military to take over, and our buddies get free organs!

Sure thing, you be careful, and just in case, they were sure to include a list of charities who will gladly take your money. Everything from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which you know has to be full of shit with their names on it, to the ones mentioned above, and others that weren’t. Everywhere jews are screaming for your dollars to exploit the tragedy in Haiti, but they’re jew charities, so these must be the good jews they keep trying to convince us of, right?

According to this article there are legitimate fears of organ harvesters snatching organs and bodies from Haiti. UNICEF is reporting that at least fifteen children have gone missing already since the fiasco began, and with Israeli medical camps set up, more are sure to go as time carries on. The problem of jews harvesting organs and snatching babies is so prominent they have warned nations not to step up “adoptions” in the wake of the crisis.

“We have documented let’s say around 15 cases of children disappearing from hospitals and not with their own family at the time,” said UNICEF adviser Jean Luc Legrand.

“UNICEF has been working in Haiti for many years and we knew the problem with the trade of children in Haiti which existed already beforehand, and unfortunately many of these trade networks have links with the international adoption ‘market’,” Legrand explained.

The agency underlined that it had warned countries during the past week not to step up adoptions from Haiti in the immediate wake of the quake.

Several are fast-tracking adoption procedures already under way, including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.

Legrand said the situation was similar to the aftermath of the tsunami in Asia five years ago.

Trafficking networks were springing into action immediately after the disaster and taking advantage of the weakness of local authorities and relief coordination “to kidnap children and get them out of the country,” Legrand told journalists.

Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that child enslavement and trafficking in Haiti was “an existing problem and could easily emerge as a serious issue over the coming weeks and months.”

The jews often nab Palestinians from the street to steal their organs. When it keeps happening on such a large scale, one has to wonder if they're really using them for transplants or if they're eating the damn things!

Notice there is no mention of Israel as one of the countries involved in the fast-tracking of getting children out of the country. However, the video above shows jews screaming to get some of these bodies moving quickly, before anyone has a chance to think about what’s happening. These “trafficking networks” are an age old hallmark of jews, and we can see evidence that they always jump into action after disasters to swipe more children.

Just last August, there was this article where jews kick and scream about being called organ harvesters. It seems a Swedish newspaper made the accusation that jews were nabbing victims in Palestine and stealing their organs. Listen to one jew’s cries of blood libel:

“This is an anti-Semitic blood libel against the Jewish people and the Jewish state. The Swedish government cannot remain apathetic,” said Israel’s Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz.

“We know the origins of these claims. In medieval times, there were claims that the Jews use the blood of Christians to bake their Matzas for Passover. The modern version now is that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers use organs of Palestinians to make money.”

It’s funny they mention Passover, because I remember when the jews attacked Palestine on Passover with depleted uranium and white phosphorous. They can cry about blood libel, but since it’s a well known fact, and every country that kicked them out listed it as at least one of the reasons for doing so, they have no legs to their argument.

Speaking of legs, their argument of blood libel is more than just a fallacy. Take for instance this article where the Palestinian Authority is doing more than just making claims. They are planning to bring charges against Israel for nabbing bodies and organs.

The Israeli military confirmed the report but claimed that “This activity ended a decade ago and does not happen any longer.”

Meanwhile, at the same conference, Palestinian Health Minister Fathi Abu Maghli said, “We are now worried about the lives of our prisoners inside Israeli jails.”

He explained the way the Israelis handed the bodies of some Palestinians to their families.

“They had even set conditions for these deliveries; don’t examine the bodies and bury them at night,” Maghli said.

The jews confirm the report that they were nabbing organs, but the article assures us that it doesn’t happen anymore. They throw in a nice little bit at the end about how “groundless,” “outrageous” and “anti-Semitic” the claims are, but I bet you’re starting to realize this isn’t a joke by now. You can read about the jew Dr. Jehuda Hiss, former head of Israel’s Abu Kabir forensic institute, admitting to snatching organs without consent.

“We started to harvest corneas … . Whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family.”

In the interview, Dr. Hiss described how his doctors would mask the removal of corneas from bodies. “We’d glue the eyelid shut,” he said. “We wouldn’t take corneas from families we knew would open the eyelids.”

Many of the details in the interview first came to light in 2004, when Dr. Hiss was dismissed as head of the forensic institute because of irregularities over use of organs there. Israel’s attorney general dropped criminal charges against him, and Dr. Hiss still works as chief pathologist at the institute. He had no comment on the TV report.

This body didn't need an autopsy, cause of death rather evident. What do you reckon the zipper from the groin to the throat is for then? Stomach is rather flat, because all the useful stuff was removed.

You can bet these jews took everything from corneas, to kidneys to bone marrow and stem cells. As you can see this jew Dr Jehuda Hiss was fired for “irregularities” with the organs. I wonder if he was snacking on them when he shouldn’t be? This jew admits to the horrible things they did, so maybe he’s one of the good jews for going public with it? I bet he’s on our side now, because he brought us the truth!

That’s the dangerous kind of thinking Subverted Nation exists to make sure you don’t get tricked into. The real story is more likely someone raised suspicions of their operation, so this jew was fired for the operations, admits to it publicly, and the other jews drop the charges against him. The whole deal is wrapped up all nice and clean. The evil doctor was canned from his job, and all the organs are safe now!

We can never let our guard down, as Haiti shows us. The jew will pounce on any opportunity to profit from our misery, and has no problem chopping you to bits, because you’re worth more parted out, and then they can keep the money everyone paid for “relief aid”, not knowing it meant relieving people of their organs. No wonder they don’t want you to send clothes, shoes, food, and water. They really don’t have a use for it!

  1. Rabi ben GrabN Livers says:

    What do you do when you see a jew with half a brain?
    Stop laughing and reload.

  2. Trying not to laugh too hard here.

    When I was doing some work on Disaster Capitalism they were using Sri Lanka and the countries harmed by the tsunami as examples of it in action. Of course that is what is being done to Haiti as well.

    Once again, it was don’t send stuff. Send money. The native peoples, the local fishermen who had lived there since forever were shoved to the interior and forced to build and live in squallor. There were friendly guns to keep them from returning to the shores and their traditional way of life because fishing “dirtied up the beaches”. Now their children serve the white tourists guarding surfboards and whatever.

    The money that was sent never reached the native people. Yep it was used to help SRI LANKA but not the SRI LANKANS. It went towards preparing the land for the developers. Not food or blankets or housing or rebuilding. Well yes it did go to rebuilding the nation, but towards making the place a paradise for wealthy travelers.

  3. It’s a big problem in Haiti, jews are stealing kids and their organs.

  4. seadragonconquerer says:

    Just because the Zionists were harvesting the organs of murdered Palestinians for many years and, when called out for it, claimed it was a “blood libel”…and finally admitted it was all true…well, does that mean Jews are at it again in Haiti? I would suppose so: an inherantly criminal race always repeats its crimes.

  5. The jew has been involved in all manner of barbaric criminal activity since before Moses and this is the very reason ALL decent societies have expelled, jailed or executed them for thousands of years. Even the first jew, Isaac was bloodthirsty for his Arab half-brother Ishmael’s life.

    The jew are systematically bankrupting the USA in order to buy up it’s real estate and assets at a fraction of their worth and most Americans are too naive or stupid to notice, care or do ANYTHING about it. And EVERY President appoints more and more of the jew race into their Administrations and in fact, Obama has appointed more jews than ALL other races COMBINED.

    If Americans take care of their jew problem, they’ll end up like Germany after they got rid of them and has since become the world’s largest exporter for years, if they do nothing, they’ll end up like Palestine or the USSR.

    BOYCOTT all jew businesses/products/movies…, Israeli products (UPC code beginning with 729) and STOP electing jew politicians!!!

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      To stop voting for jew politicians people would probably have to stop voting altogether. There are few, if any, politicians anywhere that aren’t blackmailed, backed by, bribed or afraid of jews.

      Voting isn’t part of the solution as the problem isn’t political in nature, but that’s another matter.

  6. so let me get this straight..its like 03:35 am tired…and this shit is just mind blowing..why are they harvesting organs..for themselves ?

    what the fuck this is deep..i am fully convinced ! but holy speachless really.

  7. therighter says:

    Looks like the same bastards who made the “humanitarian” decisions after Katrina are making them here after Haiti. And I’m sure its the jew who controls these agencies in America. They will point to Israel to say the jews wouldn’t do that… look the Israelis showed up and helped. But those who are aware now the Israelis were there to pick the bodies of the dead clean. The good jew bad jew thing is a distraction

  8. Why did Hitler kill himself?

    He got the gas bill

  9. I myself could not have designed a better web page than this. The depth of material clearly indicates that you are sincere in your efforts. However, one cardinal fact is missing from your wealth of information about The Jews. That Western criminals created Aids Virus in military labs and intentionally propagated it throughout world through elaborately build foreign Israeli embassies with the help of forever criminal Jews. Never before in human history, crimes against humanity is committed in such colossal and heinous scale.

  10. SN..
    This is the best ever truth website informing about who are the real jews…Keep us informed!

  11. JewsAreCunts says:

    This website is a heaven for us goyims. fuck jews. Please fellow muslims bomb the shit out of these jews. HAMAS AND HEZBOLLAH.. DONT SLEEP AND SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING. KILL THOSE JEWTARDS

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