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Jew Bankers Piss on Morals

Jew Bankers Piss on Morals

I bet the title is no surprise for people who understand the jewish question, but many of our folk do not understand this issue at all. Many are innocently going about their daily lives trying to survive within the matrix of jewish control, and as of late, many are struggling just to keep a roof over their head in this purposely engineered great depression.

This video below is a great example of how jews piss on the morals of humans. The woman in the video below worked in collections for Bank of America, collecting debt from Americans who are suffering in this new depression. Unfortunately, this woman had a conscience and good morals, which are qualities jews absolutely abhor.

Is it any wonder this entrance to Bank of America looks like a jewish masonic temple? These banks aren't vaults to safely store money. They are blood banks for the vampiric jews who want nothing more than to suck you dry. These temples will steal your soul if you let them.

In fact, when you hear how her boss fired her for helping struggling Americans onto a debt relief program, while at the same time feigning praise for her morals, it should make your stomach wrench itself into knots. You might just finally realize the malicious intent of everything behind jew behavior, jewish usury, and this jewish system of capitalism. Then again, I might just be dreaming with that last statement.

The cold-hearted, venomous malice of the jew comes to light in this story, through the eyes of the average clueless American. I don’t blame this woman for being clueless, and I applaud her humanity in the face of these snarling beasts with blood soaked fangs we call jews. People are starting to see what’s going on, we just need to guide them to the ultimate truth.

This video was nabbed off of youtube and is archived here, because I want it to stay available, and embedding youtube videos often ends up in a blank video player. On youtube it was titled “Why Bank of America Fired Me”, so feel free to check it out there and leave a comment for this woman and the people watching it.  Click here to go to the video at youtube, or you can simply watch it below.

Bank of America has recieved billions of dollars in federal aid since the bailouts began, but do you think they care to bail out the people they’ve enslaved through usury? Not a chance.  For instance, here we can see Bank of America getting billions of dollars for enslaving you through usury, and you get the bill for that on top of your existing debt!

Did you foolishly believe that the bailout money was going to help you or anyone else who is suffering?  No way in hell.  Do you think that while Bank of America gets billions in handouts, that it would show any compassion and mercy to suffering Americans?

Can you see how they screw you without a care in the world?  Can you see how something has to be done about this? Watch the video and you will.

Don't look at me goyim. You know it's your fault that we jews raped you to death. Hurry the fuck up and fork over the taxes to our other debt collectors....the IRS.

The jews are getting exactly what they want out of you, slaves so down trodden and indebted, that you are unable to fight them off by the time you realize how bad it is. All of your effort and energy goes to paying jews for your own enslavement, and you can never win because the system is rigged.  You can’t pay your debt off, just like you can’t ever beat a casino,  the deck is stacked in favor of the house.

In reality, the issue is very simple.  The (jew) bank is the only source of the dollars you use to fuel everything you do. So they give each of you some dollars, but attach interest to each and every dollar you get.  Since there is a debt attached to every cent in circulation, even giving up every last penny in America would never pay back the debt.  The debt itself is over and above every last cent ever created by the privately jew owned non-federal reserve.

Thus there is no escape once the system is in place.  This is why as long as any amount of interest is applied to money, it is to be considered usury. The only way to fix it is to abolish the system completely and start anew, because this model is designed to wreck you.

This is the game of the money changers, and it hasn’t changed for thousands of years.  This didn’t just start yesterday, it’s happened to almost every nation on earth, so don’t get bent out of shape when people like me come across harshly.

Isn't it funny how crypto jews like Ken Lewis, now former CEO of Bank of America, seem to slip away unscathed with a quick resignation once the investors have been bilked? This is the kind of scum that helped create the whole mess and presided over the kind of policies outlined in the video below.

This is serious as a heart attack, and there is no time for pandering and formalities. Don’t let the jews tell you that anger, outrage, and physical force against them are anything less than righteous self defense and preservation.

Usury, contrary to popular belief, is not “exorbitant interest rates” at all, although these are not off limits either as can be seen here, where people are being bled dry with 79% interest rates. Usury is having any amount of interest, no matter how small, attached to monetary transactions.

While Americans bail out these jewish money changers to the tun of trillions of dollars, the money changers (credit issuing jews) prey like blood soaked vampires, on those struggling the most by pouncing on them with insane interest rates. Rather than help people who are suffering, while you pay them trillions in free money, these creatures are out to sap you for everything you’re worth.

Charging 79% interest to those who are hurting the most, is just like Bank of America firing the woman in this video for putting needy people onto debt payment programs.  Can you see how vicious and malevolent this system really is?  Is it starting to make sense why 84 countries exiled the jews, with almost all of them citing usury among the reasons for their expulsion?

All one need do is look at the non-federal reserve and see that it’s a privately owned jewish debt slavery machine, run by smirking jews like Ben Bernanke, or it’s former head Alan Greenspan who disappeared $2 TRILLION right before 9/11.  Just a cursory look at the media, hollywood, the white house, the congress, senate, judicial system, most major corporations and everything else around us, and it quickly becomes evident the players are all jewish.

This isn’t rocket science, so give people Basic Training for Revolutionaries, and show them things like this video so they can get on the same page.  It’s up to us to make the change we want to see in this world.

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