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Israel – Terrorist State, Harboring Terrorists

Israel – Terrorist State, Harboring Terrorists

What exactly was the “war on terror” all about? In president George Bush’s own words, “we have made it clear to all nations, if you harbor terrorists, you are just as guilty as the terrorists; you’re an enemy of the United States, and you will be held to account”.

Based on this logic, isn’t it odd that Bush would support the terrorist state of Israel? A state the not only harbors terrorists, but PRAISES them and holds them (as long as they’re jewish terrorists) to be MARTYRS and HEROES.

Terrorist jew murderer Baruch Goldstein took an assault rifle and grenades into a mosque to murder innocent people, and is now considered a jew hero!

What’s this you say? Israel harbors terrorists? Exactly. Who do you think the Irgun terrorists were that bombed the King David Hotel 22 July 1946 murdering 91 people? They even pulled off the attack wearing ARAB CLOTHING. Does the term “false flag terrorist attack” come to mind? Remind you of anything else like 911 for instance?

For this one you can even look at wikipedia and see that they are labeled “a militant zionist group”. Menachin Begin, former Israeli prime minister was the HEAD of the Irgun at the time. So here we have a known terrorist group, who’s leader ends up prime minister of Israel. Israel is a terrorist state and always was.

These vile creatures let off a small blast as they were leaving the hotel before detonating the larger 360kg’s of explosives for their main event. This is a common tactic we see today in Iraq. First, a primary blast draws in masses of people to help the injured, including rescue workers, then a second blast is able to cause massive carnage and maximum injuries and loss of life. This is absolutely disgusting because most of the time the targets are innocent civilians, just like in Iraq today.

After the attack Menachim Begin and his group of Irgun terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack, but then countered by saying they had issued a warning to the British and to the hotel, so it was the failure of the British to listen to their warnings that caused people to die. In their minds it had nothing to do with their multiple bomb scenario, which any competent investigator knows is meant to cause maximum collateral damage. Later evidence showed that the Jewish Agency and the Haganah were involved.

Israel not only harbored these terrorists, but elected one of them Prime Minister – Begin. To top that off, on the 60th anniversary of their horrid attack, another former Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu attended a CELEBRATION of their murderous fun at the Menachim Begin Centre. How’s that for a terrorist state, run by terrorist leaders, and harboring terrorists?

Here is a video of the Irgun terrorists talking about their terrorist activities as if terrorist bombings were the fault of those being bombed.

That is not all though. Another jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein marched into the Cave of Patriarchs which was being used as a mosque, wearing his IDF uniform and opened fire with an automatic weapon and grenades killing 29 muslims and wounding 150 more. Thankfully this wretched critter was defeated by a fire extinguisher and subsequently beaten to death.

Israeli jew demons built a shrine to this murderous terrorist bastard. Racist jews are the world's only real terrorists.

What’s sick about this is how he is now revered in Israel as a hero, and a shrine has been built in the Meir Kahane park dedicated to the leader of the jewish Kach political party labeled by the US and Israeli government as a terrorist organization. This grave site is actually a pilgrimage site for disgusting jews who find his terrorist deeds to be holy in a satanic sense.

This is no ordinary grave. This is a large shrine for a known terrorist that is worshipped as if it were holy. A plaque dedicated to this filthy cretin says “To the holy Baruch Goldstein, who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah and the nation of Israel.” What does that say for those true torah jews? Good guys? What about Israel? It says exactly what I told you. Israel is a terrorist state that harbors terrorists.

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