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Israel – Terrorist State, Harboring Terrorists

Israel – Terrorist State, Harboring Terrorists

What exactly was the “war on terror” all about? In president George Bush’s own words, “we have made it clear to all nations, if you harbor terrorists, you are just as guilty as the terrorists; you’re an enemy of the United States, and you will be held to account”.

Based on this logic, isn’t it odd that Bush would support the terrorist state of Israel? A state the not only harbors terrorists, but PRAISES them and holds them (as long as they’re jewish terrorists) to be MARTYRS and HEROES.

Terrorist jew murderer Baruch Goldstein took an assault rifle and grenades into a mosque to murder innocent people, and is now considered a jew hero!

What’s this you say? Israel harbors terrorists? Exactly. Who do you think the Irgun terrorists were that bombed the King David Hotel 22 July 1946 murdering 91 people? They even pulled off the attack wearing ARAB CLOTHING. Does the term “false flag terrorist attack” come to mind? Remind you of anything else like 911 for instance?

For this one you can even look at wikipedia and see that they are labeled “a militant zionist group”. Menachin Begin, former Israeli prime minister was the HEAD of the Irgun at the time. So here we have a known terrorist group, who’s leader ends up prime minister of Israel. Israel is a terrorist state and always was.

These vile creatures let off a small blast as they were leaving the hotel before detonating the larger 360kg’s of explosives for their main event. This is a common tactic we see today in Iraq. First, a primary blast draws in masses of people to help the injured, including rescue workers, then a second blast is able to cause massive carnage and maximum injuries and loss of life. This is absolutely disgusting because most of the time the targets are innocent civilians, just like in Iraq today.

After the attack Menachim Begin and his group of Irgun terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack, but then countered by saying they had issued a warning to the British and to the hotel, so it was the failure of the British to listen to their warnings that caused people to die. In their minds it had nothing to do with their multiple bomb scenario, which any competent investigator knows is meant to cause maximum collateral damage. Later evidence showed that the Jewish Agency and the Haganah were involved.

Israel not only harbored these terrorists, but elected one of them Prime Minister – Begin. To top that off, on the 60th anniversary of their horrid attack, another former Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu attended a CELEBRATION of their murderous fun at the Menachim Begin Centre. How’s that for a terrorist state, run by terrorist leaders, and harboring terrorists?

Here is a video of the Irgun terrorists talking about their terrorist activities as if terrorist bombings were the fault of those being bombed.

That is not all though. Another jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein marched into the Cave of Patriarchs which was being used as a mosque, wearing his IDF uniform and opened fire with an automatic weapon and grenades killing 29 muslims and wounding 150 more. Thankfully this wretched critter was defeated by a fire extinguisher and subsequently beaten to death.

Israeli jew demons built a shrine to this murderous terrorist bastard. Racist jews are the world's only real terrorists.

What’s sick about this is how he is now revered in Israel as a hero, and a shrine has been built in the Meir Kahane park dedicated to the leader of the jewish Kach political party labeled by the US and Israeli government as a terrorist organization. This grave site is actually a pilgrimage site for disgusting jews who find his terrorist deeds to be holy in a satanic sense.

This is no ordinary grave. This is a large shrine for a known terrorist that is worshipped as if it were holy. A plaque dedicated to this filthy cretin says “To the holy Baruch Goldstein, who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah and the nation of Israel.” What does that say for those true torah jews? Good guys? What about Israel? It says exactly what I told you. Israel is a terrorist state that harbors terrorists.

  1. This is a bril’ blog lost bro!
    Keep up the magnificent work 🙂
    We need more like you!

  2. Fate's Messenger says:

    Thank you roqayah. The blog is relatively new, so I’m hoping more people start to notice it.

  3. The Vid has been removed by YouTube , although there is no racist or violent content?? things that make you go hmmm ???

  4. <<>>
    Isn’t that exactly what the USA did during WWII. Firebombed Dresden and Tokyo then when the Fire Departments and Ambulences came out they were bombed with even bigger bombs to maximize civilian casualties. Isn’t that exactly how the French treated the German’s after WWI. Stave them and then kill them when they protest. Don’t forget that not even 1 year after WWII ended. Arabs had been carrying out these same type of attacks against Jews for a over a thousand years. In fact Arab terrorisat regularly use ambulences to make their suicide bombings and drive by shooting against children, (ambulence turns on siren, to get through the police roadblocks, then pass a school, the sirens attrack the children who then get gunned down)

    Look my point is war is war. People get killed all the time. It is hardly rational to blame one group or another. There is no differece between dropping a thousand bombs from a plane and blowing up the same people with car bombs.

    Take a look at WWII. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, oh the world was outraged, this was never done before ranted FDR. It was a surprise we did nothing to deserve it. Blah, Blah, Blah. Except the Japanese navy and army were trained by the US, Japanese war tactic against the Chinese were an exact copy of those used by the US against the Indians. And the bombing of PH, was exactly the same as the US sneak attack on the Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay. And FDR forgot to tell the American People thta US Navy and Marine Piolets flying US war planes, were strafing Japanese troops, shooting down their planes (150 by the time PH happened), and droping bombs on them and the US sunk a Japenese submarine, staring 18 months before PH. The Japanese sub was sunk 3 hrs before the first bomb was dropped by rthe Japenese. And the Japenese exhausted all attempts to solve the problem diplomatically. And the US was engaged in an illegal blockade (an act of war according to the Geneava accords the US had signed). On top of that Japan was willing to call of the attack all the way up to the first bomb being dropped. If FDR would agree to return to the bargaining table.

    • Is this making an apology for jews? Jews were behind the bombing of Dresden and Tokyo and Hiroshima. The entire driving force behind WWII was jews, on almost every side of the conflict. It is rational to blame one group when it’s always that same group manipulating, producing, and benefiting from the wars. Stalin was a jew, Eisenhower was a jew, Roosenfelt was a jew, Churchill was a jew.

      This is your first and last warning. No posts making apologies for jews are allowed here, period. This site and it’s topics are not up for debate. Take a closer look at WWI, WWII and the jew. It’s not what the US did, it’s what the jews who run it did…always has been.

    • Pearl Harbour was an attack already anticipated by US. For the same reason, they had kept most dilapidated, old and worn-out ships and equipment there.. they deliberately forewent all warnings of the attack (same as they did in 9/11)… Question is, Who coerced USA to turn a deaf ear to those warnings in both Pearl harbour and 911? .. Answer is Jewish Lobby that permeated entire CIA and Department of Defense of USA. In 1941, they did it to push USA into WW-II. On 911, they did it to push USA into Afghanistan for a never ending war of attrition till the moment, the US Economy will collapse.. And then Israel will rise as the next Super Power of the World.

  5. my input is this: i think all americans already know the problem. many have thrown in with them. many, in spite of all that is said and proved retain a respect for the government, they can’t make the leap to realizing that the government has been commandeered. most would like to see things turn around, but don’t want to be on the losing end. this group will do nothing at all until the ball is rolling and the win seems sure. in truth now any effort is too little too late. i agree with you that at some not too distant point in time the actual american genecide will open up fullblown, complete with internment and execution, and when it does the kikes will make sure that there is no escape and little resistence. i personally am on information overload. i know it i agree and i disseminate it and others agree. but information exchange is useless to effect change unless acted upon. my own personal perspective is that america is over. we are entering a new world ruling age , the age of ziondom. the only hope for the world now is maybe russia as a power to check them, but since they have commandeered the u.s. they have the nuclear card to play. they will systematically genecide all the moslem nations and command the middle east in preperation for the russian confrontation. ziondom has conquered the western world. the countries of western civilisation have become a beast, and america is the greatest tool of all. zionism, their whore is on their back, reigns in hand and spers dug deep into it’s belly. the whole dog and pony show we call our government is useless in the effort. they have it sown up. we all know that unless there is a millitery coup from within the u.s. armed forces to the end that our nation is restored, then america is over.

    • Don’t count on Russia, it has long since been a jew controlled entity. Same with China. It’s up to US and nobody else to save us from what we’ve ignored and allowed to fester.

      However, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…never say die.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t think Russia is a “Jewish controlled entity” considering that the countries anti-tank weapons were used against Israel in a certain war
        used by a certain group of people. Also, Iran is a certain country that has nuclear weapons and is not afraid to use them if attacked.

        • I’m sorry, but you obviously don’t know the score, and don’t understand history very well. Russia has been under jewish control since the early 1900’s. That is not debatable in the slightest. The fact that these kikes murdered off 60+ million people in their gulags is proof enough. The jews ALWAYS fund and supply BOTH SIDES of EVERY conflict. Don’t think because Russia gave somebody some weapons that it’s not jew controlled. The jews gave Hitler funding, they gave the south funding during the civil war, and on and on and on. War is good business, and the people who die from become a sacrifice to their demon deities. Don’t be so gullible as to think Russia is somehow magically free of jew control, while the rest of the planet is slowly succumbing to it. Same goes for Iran…there is no proof that they have nuclear weapons at all besides mainstream media grandstanding.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not debating but the truth is Jews are terrorists, and murderers. I’m just saying that there are other countries independent of these animals called Jews.

          • dude anonymous russia has been under the thumb of jew ever since the wealth of the Russian Czars was entrusted to the Rothschilds. even after the fall of communism that fact has not changed and to day the jew controls the russian central bank despite the fact that the rothschilds funded communism which causes the fall of the czars. so you see anonymous the name and form of the government changes, but like the old saying money is power the jew still has the russian nation by the balls.

          • We can thank the jew pretending to be a Christian Brother Kapner for this line of thinking…..

          • what was its that the kike herzl said “the power of the purse” and money is and has been the jews main way of getting submission by nations government leader, of course that is to say if they are not jews themselves which is a majority in america. nation grabing fucks, if they cant take it by force they do it by money, then wait till the time is right to use the force on the weakend peoples of said nation. fuck these assholes when the our time comes i think its fair giving the history of the 20th century that the german and russian and palestinian peoples get to push the launch buttons to send the kikes to the sun

  6. As Tom Ferguson said above, I also feel “Information ovrloa” I certainly appreiate the monumental work done by Suberted Nation,and others who cleary see our adversary in all his depth.
    This said, I have also wondered “What the hell can I/we do?” These demons have brought the combined firepower of nations upon their chosen targets. The bombing of Dresden, and hundreds of other civilian, non-military targets were virtually incinerated. And, this destruction was wraught upon Germany by non-Jews, some probably my own relatives or yours! How do they do this “mind control” on entire nations? This is no trivial deed, not explained away by “they are evil bastards” or some other such proclamations, although they most certainly “evil.”

    If we had even a tiny bit of this ability, we could have organized, and banished them, long ago. Adolph Hitler got a run at it for about six years, and then all hell broke loose. However, even though Germany was crushed beyond comprehension, and today is totally ruled by Jews, and lackeys who kneel down to those bastards,and sends Billions$$ in tribute, the Demonization, slander, and hatred of National Socialist Germany continues, and has become the main focus and target for a huge amount of their financial, media efforts. Holo-hoax museums dot the landscape, and still they persist in Newspaper editorials, films, and TV slander mini-series.
    Could their frenzy, and hatred of something about Germany of 1933, still worry them, or more likely “put the stark, raving mad, fear of God” into their minds? Could their real “Achilles Heel” lie somewhere in PLAIN SIGHT?
    I have read detail upon detail, and there is no end to the total evil these sick, demented aliens can be muster.
    Their war against us who know what they are; and the long ago crushed Germany still is their greatest fear. A.Hitler did not have his nation take guns, and begin shooting jews on sight. He just said, you are not to hold political office, and publish, and influence our nation any longer. They did not even get thrown into camps, until after war was begun by Great Britain. Those who had not already left, had to be separated from society because they had as a “people” declared war on Germany through the leaders in 1933.

  7. To John C. McKusick: Hello John; I would like to address two points in your comment. 1. Germany 1933- The information is detailed with many incidents, that if not tested as to their difference, will lead to confusion. All these ‘details’ can be considered as Trees in a Forest, and as the old saying goes, to focus on one tree is to lose sight of the forest. To understand all this I think that The background of the Rothschild Crime Family and an overview in the Jew banking monopoly is imperative.( and again, there are many ‘trees ‘ in this forest) It is also imperative to consider the claim of the British Monarchy to ‘Divine Right”, A claim which they and the Jews hold in common, in understanding the co-operative bond between them. In explaining the playing out of WWI and WWII the ECONOMIC factors that lend to “RULE” must be taken into account. German nationalism had produced a work ethic in Germany that allowed for the production of QUALITY commodities to be produced in that country. ( and the reputation still is with us today. German products are recognized for their QUALITY.) At a time when the British Empire was the ‘World Order’. The ‘upstart’ of the Germanic Tribes, known collectively as the Reich, could only be seen as a threat to them. The Germanic people held great favor within the Holy Roman Empire, via the Magna Carta ( the ‘marriage liscence’, so to speak, Between the Papacy and the Reich,{see-Magna Carta/ Charllemagne/First Reich}). The “Reformation” Saw a shift, or sea change, that saw the Germanic tribes and their favor challenged by way of the new reformation doctrines, which freed Christendom from Papal oversight, and allowed it to be expanded to include other communions especially the Anglican or Church of England as a rival. Enter the Jews, most notably, with an Historic opposition to the Papacy, and by extension the Reich. The expedient bond between them and Britain becomes a result. They play prominently in British conquest and colonization. For all intent and purposes, all lands that were part of the British empire, are still to a great degree under their influence or control. When the people of the Reich ventured to make their QUALITY merchandise, available to other countries, this posed a grave ECONOMIC threat to Britain. Through Germany’s alliance with the Ottoman Empire, they were able to ship their goods by rail line overland to Iraq, and then on by sea through Persian Gulf ports, to the world. The fact that the German nation was seeking to establish a free trade with other countries, shipping merchandise of incomparable QUALITY world-wide, and to establish their own national economic infastructure, was the motive behind the Brit/Jew assault that we have come to know as WWI. To go into all the “trees” of the forest of WWII is well beyond the scope of this comment. The most important thing that one can do in recognizing the anamosity between British /Israel and the Reich peoples can be found in examining Hitler’s planed ECONOMIC stability and freedom for the Germanic Peoples. Which brings us back to Germany 1933 and your insightful comment. Der Fuerer’s end, was a strong and sound Reich both spiritually and fiscally. His downfall came in that the means to this end, would be greatly defined and manipulated by those who wished that it should never come to fruition. Because of their work ethic, Christian values, QUALITY as a point of honor, in commodities and services, a free economic Reich, would be a power that would excel far above all lawful competition. And that is the true gist of the story. 2- Your insightful observation that their ‘mind control’ on other nations is uncanny, has a very real explanation. There are many good men at work in this effort to combat the Jew, who are not of the same persuasion as myself. And this must be of necessity if we are ever to win. Yet the uncanny means of their artful deception must be admitted in the end to be supported by some spiritual dynamism. I believe that the devil as a spirit, opposed to God and humanity does in fact exist, and that the Jews are his ‘agents’. I believe he sets their agenda, dictates their game plan and aids in their accomplishments and protection. In the end, we are engaged, in a spiritual battle over and above all other perspectives. As I said before, their are many good men in this effort who do not hold that position, and I feel personally that it may be a detriment to their resourcefulness, but I view them as good men and compatriates. Perhaps their lack of insight at this level is due largely in part, by the adversarry’s effort to keep them blind in this area. The greatest deception of Satan is to assure others of his non-existence. In closing, I feel there are two ‘Achilles heels’, to the JEW. The first, is to recognize the spiritual impetus that is behind the Jew is Satan. The second is a free and nationalistic fiscal policy. All the very best, and stay in the fight. HANG IN THERE!

    • German made(Leben=Kultur) is more than quality products. The people themselves are today replacing material quality for traditional, German qualities. I feel more and more what is produced for world market is and its quality is inflated by advertisement , subtle propaganda.

      The churches , the people (Volk) , the traditional value of life has been disavowed for the geistlos, seelenlos materialism of the conquered and oppressed today. The doctrine and e ducation is philosophy of Casuistry and a cowards paradise, that worships at the alter of Israel. The women are impossible and the men live in adeluded Schlaraffenland , victims to any novelty the parasite invents. Much like America USA. Deutschland ist tot. AMerika also.

      Martin Luther knew the Jew perhaps not as well as you. Adolf Hitler like Luther wanted to give them a shovel and let them dig a good Grube or garden. They have never forgotten neither the insult nor the fatal deficiency in a German to know the diabolical identity of this eternal adversary.

      • I really wished Adolph was legit, but he let 300,000 enemy troops walk away at Dunkirk. He also had a lot of jewish sodiers, and kept jews safe in work camps with swimming pools and brothels, while German civilians were being bombed to absolute puddles of mush by the allies.

        Nobody who is serious about this fight for freedom can excuse such a purposeful folly. He knew how the jew was, and he thought letting them go would do what?

        I do not mean to criticize, I appreciate your comments. I just don’t buy that Hitler was legitimate opposition. This one thing is so serious I can’t overlook it. I would have marched into Britain and laid waste to the entire Island.

  8. John Martinson II says:

    On Brother Nathaniel Kapner, I posted a comment to his YouTube channel requesting that he joins the many other Jews who have stated that Jews are a race. I was quite pleasant but Kapner deleted my comment. Make no mistake, Kapner is just another lying Jew who is trying to confuse the issue by claiming that he is a convert to Christianity. A Jew can convert to any religion he wants, he still remains a Jew as Jewishness is genetic.

    • A jew is a jew is a jew. Nothing more nothing less. I see jews like Kapner like a kettle pretending to be a toaster…. just ridiculous.

      All they are doing is fucking with peoples heads and laughing about it. Lets see how much they laugh when a bullet is screaming towards their heads. Those days are coming, you can feel it in the air. People are realizing very quickly that “protesting” will achieve nothing, and if you want things to change and get better, it will be at the barrel of a gun, and by FORCE.

      John, your “Way of the Gun” is right on!

      Also I recommend watching THEY LIVE by John Carpenter. I find the scene where he is trying to get his work buddy to “try on the glasses” a classic. I’m sure most people here have gone through that battle many times trying to get people to see the truth.

      ps Fuck you jews!! Clock is ticking…..

      • I’m checking out those movies. Need some “feel good” entertainment. Working on ridding the hopelessness feeling.I’m thinking I’m not going to see much action in my lifetime as far as real pay back goes.

      • damn mike your reference to THEY LIVE is spot on. that’s great way of explaining this shit to people that are in to movies or have seen the movie. fuck yeah i like that alot “try on the glasses”

  9. Where would you expect to find a fucking rat? Besides stealing you blind, running around underground like the rats they are. Check out this story

    Here’s hoping a majority of them get buried for good in those tunnels.

  10. Most disgusting is that modern Jews have no right to call their little country “Israel”. This is the greatest case of identity theft in world history. Modern Jews are descended from the Sadducees, and Pharisees, who themselves were descended from Cain, the murderer. And all the while false prophets like John Hagee, and Pat Robertson are given nation-wide broadcasting abilities to exalt Satan over God’s truly chosen, the Anglo-Saxon peoples of Europe, North America, and other lands where they have flourished.
    Modern Jews should either call their country Canaan, or Pharisee Land, but NOT Israel.

    • Modern jews are a parasite to the human race. Doesn’t matter where they come from, they are all the same. They do NOT deserve a country or homeland all their own. At best, I would consider Antarctica with 24/7/365 Naval and military watch and anything that dares leave the south pole gets shot. Either way, they can not stay here with everyone else, and absolutely ZERO concessions should be made when dealing with them.

  11. Ugh…not more of this “we are the real jews” bullshit.

    Adam you’re not believing that christian identity stupidity are you? Kike Delaney is all up and down on Pastor James Wickstroms dick with that horseshit. And then you got those so called “black Hebrew Israelites” using the same scriptures to say that THEY are the “real jews.” It’s all a bullshit masturbatory fantasy fairytales. Stay on message people!

    • No way in hell. I am aware of the stupidity of both groups, thank you. Funny Delaney would convert to mormonism, and now this…..he seems to like jew fabricated religions, but he’s not legit anyway, so no reason worrying about him.

  12. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I know that Jews aren’t Semites, but they practically stole the Egyptian astrology by naming their nation after deities. Not to mention, a jew call a non-Jew an anti-semite but he call another Jew an anti-Semite. Now I know for sure that they’re full of shit.

  13. I had a feeling that jews were behind the soviet afghan war.

  14. And also I found out that nicolae and elena ceausescu were jews all along I mean look at their fucking features.

  15. fuck jews

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