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Interesting Video Helps Expose 9/11

Interesting Video Helps Expose 9/11

They didn't just fall down. We caught Mossad jews dressed like Arabs with explosives celebrating the collapse. Same modus operandi as the King David Hotel, same old jews.

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  If proper demolition techniques were not employed on 9/11/2001, this is what it would look like when the top of the twin towers started to collapse.  Check out this video.  Buildings are far stronger than what we are lead to believe.  Look what happens to this building with floors below chipped out from under it, presumably by an incompetent demolition crew.  After watching this video, ask yourself why the top portion of the twin towers didn’t just roll off the top of the building and crash to the ground.  Many people have questioned how the top of the tower tipped so far over, and then just fell through the rest of the building.  This video substantiates just how tough a modern engineered structure really is.  Not only does the building not just implode on itself, it completely rolls over onto it’s top. This footage alone should make any independent thinking mind seriously question the events of 9/11/2001 as they played out for us all to see, live on television. If this doesn’t make you question the validity of what you were told you saw on that fateful day, you’re not worth wasting the energy on explaining it to you.

Especially if we take this footage and compare it to the footage of building 7 at the world trade center, which was reported as collapse twenty minutes early, like I pointed out here. Here’s a quick video of building seven’s collapse for comparison. Remind yourself of this fact, if all of the core supports in this building, or even the twin towers were not cut at exactly the same time, the above video is the result you would have seen, in place of the symmetrical collapse of all of these buildings nearly into their own footprint that we are constantly told to ignore and investigate no further. These fucking rat faced jews SLAUGHTERED over 3,000 of my country men that day, and made millions more sick when they turned those structures, and hundreds of brave first responders to microscopic dust. I will not settle until these mother fuckers hang or fry for their crimes. Listen to kike Larry Silverstein tell us how they made the decision to “pull” before the building collapsed. This man benefited to the tune of over $5 BILLION, before suing his insurance company for another $5 BILLION, on the world’s first historical case of someone purchasing “terrorist” insurance a couple weeks before this “tragedy”. Do you see remorse in the face of this jew? No, and you never will.

  1. Note the female reporter’s reaction “COME ON! BLOW MORE STUFF UP!!”

    Then note the male reporter when he tells you about the other buildings “Falling STRAIGHT DOWN, that’s how we do here in America”……Just thought I’d add that for people to mull over.

  2. Here’s an old clip with lying, rat-faced kike and his well trained underling lapdogs pretending to be “horrified” that anyone could believe that jews were involved with 9/11:

    Yeah, and Paula Zahn is a kike too just ask her x-hubby Richard Cohen.

    The rat faced liar Michael Gross and his rant at 4:38 is classic jew denial, then Larry King kicks in with his lies. The jews actually believe we buy their bullshit…those that know we don’t are scurrying around screaming “holycaust” and “antisemite” but fewer and fewer care what they say.

  3. Karan Bhatia says:

    Hi Adam,
    Please update the video above. Yahoo seems to have removed the video, i think vimeo might be a better choice. Please reupload that video and update the link. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

  4. Serajaddin says:


  5. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    Just like their ancestors. Traitors by blood.

  6. Mike LVNV says:

    I have to go along with the CGI theory, it’s the only thing that makes sense. More info on this at September Clues.

  7. All your videos have been taken down?

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