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Immigration/Racism Distract From Jew Infestation

Immigration/Racism Distract From Jew Infestation

It seems that racial issues are getting some major press lately, and today is no different. There is a definite agenda to keep whites, blacks, and “latinos” (another misnomer) at each other’s throats in America. In places like Europe, it’s whites vs. arabic peoples or other immigrants. Whatever the case may be, the push to dillute countries with immigrants and use that as leverage to fracture their societies, has only one source; the jews who have infiltrated every square inch of this planet. It is a simple fact that the jews have used illegal immigration as a wedge, for just such a purpose, here and in countries all around the globe.


Abandoning their own people to leech off of these united states.

I do believe that illegal immigrants are a major problem, but that doesn’t mean I have a problem with a specific race, except the jew. ANYONE who enters my country, refuses to assimilate, burdens my people’s by refusing to pay taxes, while screaming for rights they are not entitled to by the law of the land, is a problem and should be dealt with. Unlike crypto-jew Napolitano who, instead says “What we have to do is target the real evil-doers in this business, the employers who consistently hire illegal labor, the human traffickers who are exploiting human misery. And yes, when we find illegal workers, yes, appropriate action, some of which is criminal, most of that is civil, because crossing the border is not a crime per se. It is civil. But anyway, going after those as well.”

Wrong Napolitano.  It is indeed illegal to cross the border, and it’s a crime that does carry criminal penalties. If they can’t protect our borders, and can’t even comprehend the laws, what is the purpose of her department and why does she still have a job? American patriots every 500yds with high powered rifles can solve this problem instantly, we don’t need their help. Begging them to solve all the problems only gives them more credibility as “authorities” over your lives. Napolitano puts the blame on American businesses a.k.a. the American people. She calls them evil doers, human traffickers, and exploiters of human misery.


Coordinated American patriots could lock down all borders within hours.

What about the blame for her and DHS’s open border policies? What about all the jews and jewish businesses like Agriprocessors that not only hire a lot of the illegals, but are running things like meth labs along with their disgusting slaughter facilities? Is it only “civil” when it involves jews, and “criminal” when it’s non-jews? The truth is they have purposely ignored the borders, and even made it easier for immigrants to sneak into this country. Jews employ illegals by the millions rather than hire local help at a decent wage. A jew talking about “human trafficking” like this is laughable considering jews were the masterminds of the African slave trade. HERE we see Obama, Napolitano’s boss, denying a request to put troops on the border and stop the flood of immigrants, because they have no interest or intentions to do so. Also, look HERE for a man who sums up quite well some of the issues with our borders. One KEY statement from his “letter to the editor” is this: “FED up that this is being portrayed as a “racial” issue, when it is an American vs. non-American issue at it’s core”. Very true, but I’ll go a step further and say, the reason it’s a “racial” issue is the jew, and can be boiled down even further to jew vs. non-jew.

That said, I honestly do not care if I alienate illegals. Go home to your country and deal with the jew infestation that has made it so undesirable to you. We’ve got a major problem with them ouselves, and speaking frankly, you’re not helping us, or your own people. Give your children a better future. Don’t come here, work for pennies, and send it all home to your people while taking advantage of free medical care, welfare, and education. Find what’s wrong in your society and fix it. Stop being nothing more than a drain and a burden that we have no use for. Take care of your people and your country, and by god, leave us alone long enough to take care of ours.

Parasitic infestations must be dealt with swiftly, harshly, and thoroughly.

Destroying parasites must be swift, harsh, and thorough.

Parasitic behavior like this is what jews are famous for, and I’m positive if Mexicans will look closely, they’ll see the jew behind most of their ills as well.  We need to ensure this has absolutely nothing to do with race, because that works in favor of the jews. We are going to have to lock down this country and deal with this infestation head on, and we are going to have to do it ourselves.   Same goes for Mexicans.  Handle your problems instead becoming one of ours.  Floods of illegal immigrants, looking to tap America for their own gain, are no better than jews, in all honesty. In fact, that’s how we got so many jews when Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and other eastern country’s sewers were dumped onto America’s shores. Of course, concessions were made, deceptions were used, and laws were usurped to bring in as many jews as possible. Today, they are doing it with Mexican immigrants, who make a great distraction for the jews to continue their deceptions. We could argue that we should have focused on immigration more then than we are now.

We can not allow the illegal immigrants in our country, and at the same time, they should not be abandoning their own people and problems. That’s as weak as someone who tells me they want to leave America because of the jew problem, or because it’s going to shit, or because they may illegaly try to legislate gun ownership, or for fear of martial law, or for whatever reason. Those who would act this way are traitors to America, her people, and her patriots. Mexicans and other immigrants around the globe might want to view their own problems in this light. It’s high time people start taking some responsibility, even though the blame is easy to lay on the jew. It is we the people who must stand and fix it, or we are guilty of allowing the jew to destroy us. I am not shifting the blame, which rightfully lies squarely in the hands of the jews, off onto any other group. I am trying to shift the RESPONSIBILITY for FIXING it onto US, the non-jews.

All non-jews are played like puppets on a string by jews.

All non-jews are played like puppets on a string by jews.

It just needs to be clear that, as long as we non-jews fight amongst ourselves, the jew will continue his machinations behind the scene. The jew will continue to set us up to battle back and forth, while the tribe reaps the rewards of our spoils. This can’t be a white thing, a latino thing, a black thing, or even a chinese thing. In math they teach you to break things down into their simplest forms, or to combine mixed numbers to make a solution easier to calculate. The simplest form of the problem is jew vs. non-jew, PERIOD. However, if we combine our “mixed numbers” to fight off this infestation, we have solved a major portion of the equation rather quickly. Then, and only then, can we begin to think about crafting a healthy, happy, and prosperous solution for ALL non-jews.

Does this mean I support multi-culturalism and integration? No, not at all. I believe that most people prefer to be around those they can most readily identify with. This is simply a fact of nature. Orangutans don’t hang out with gorillas or monkeys, they hang out with orangutans. I am not a separatist, or white nationalist, or even a nazi. I don’t want to force integration just as much as I wouldn’t want to force separatism on anyone. America is supposed to be about freedom and self-determination. Those who choose to live either way may do so of their own accord. Personally, I do prefer to be around my own people, but I also enjoy visiting and exploring other cultures.

Don't be fooled.  The real root of racial tension and immigration problems is the jew.

Don't be fooled. The real root of racial tension and immigration problems is the jew.

I’ve made some great friends from all walks of life that weren’t jews. Of course, non jews can not make friends with jews. That is a myth and misconception of non-jews the world over, because the very definition of a jew is a racist, supremacist that believes himself/herself to be god’s chosen; and all others to be merely cattle. I seriously believe that most racial tension will not exist like it does today without the jew meddling in everyone’s lives. Whites won’t be taught to hate blacks and mexicans. Blacks and mexicans won’t be taught to hate each other and whites. Many ills and so-called “behaviors”, taught to all races by jews, will cease to be an issue. Our differences will never change, but removing the very catalyst for our troubles, will certainly iron out a lot of wrinkles in the fabric of our societies.

I didn’t originally intend this article to be solely about immigration/racism, so to keep this from running on for miles, I’m going to cover what this rant was originally intended to be about in another article. At least for now, a few of my thoughts on immigration and racism are out there, and it will give the readers here more to contemplate. Yes, we must be strong about immigration, no two ways about it. However, if you take nothing else away from this article, remember this: the equation is jew vs. non-jew, and the solution encompasses combining our “mixed numbers” of legal citizens and residents to fight off this parasite.

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