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I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight

I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight

This isn’t even the beginning. This is just a precursor to the beginning. Subverted Nation has done a lot of damage to the bullshit liars over the years. Wait till you see what it does now.

Here it comes…

  1. Brandon William Hennig says:

    Can hardly wait til we are finally physically AND spiritually ridding ourselves and the world of these pathetic fucking kikes. Torture loving slugs.

  2. Guillermo says:

    Today marks the beginning of a year that is “hopefully” the termination of these kikeroaches. Now let’s make that desire into reality. 2017 is the year!!! It’s THE NOW!!!

  3. Thanks SN, you woke me up to the Jew parasite years ago and I have been warning people ever since, I copped a lot of shit from the brain dead earlier on, but have seen so many people have woken up to the disgusting satanic parasite called the Jew,

    Thanks for all you did in the past SN, can’t wait til you start up again,

    God bless you!

    • If I reach even just one person and infect them with a love for truth, honor, morality and principle above everything else my work is done.

      • Mate if your goal was to just wake up one person you have way exceeded that a hundred fold just by waking me up…..

        You wouldn’t believe what you have done

        • That’s great news. Now let me see if I can awaken some more! Help me do it. Spread the word like wild fire. It is obvious the amount of damage it can cause, leaving them no way to fight because people convert to the truth and never look back!

  4. bored muslim says:

    You can count me in. I’m already raising all hell on the blog-o-sphere. Been banned too many times to mention. People are just plain frightened by what I write and say. Poor sheeple.

    The Jew is the direct descendant of Lucifer, or Iblees in Islam. A satanically inspired creature, the Jew is. Its as simple as that. But we will prevail. ‘The writing is on the wall’ for the Jews, to use a biblical term.

    check this list out, awesome, and just tells you we all here are in them same company as the most brightest men in history :

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