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How to Spot a Shill


Here we go. I’m going to step on a lot of toes and piss off all the Ron Paul supporters, but I have said for a long time that Ron Paul is not your knight in shining armor. He effectively fleeced the truth movement and all the so-called patriots out of over $30 MILLION, and at the same time DEFUSED all of their energies against the machine just like he was supposed to. Where did that $30 million go to? Bumper stickers, banners, signs, t-shirts, hats, and flags? Maybe a commercial or two?

It is really a simple task to spot a shill. All one must do is listen closely to the message they push and look for holes. Today Ron Paul gave me just the example I was looking for. Live on national television Ron Paul had (yet another) great opportunity to expose the power structure to the average American Joe, but he failed to do so. You can make 10,000 excuses for why he didn’t, but to come so close and then just slide right past the most important points he could make, which he does repeatedly, is more than mere coincidence or a matter of Paul trying to not hurt his presidential campaign. He gave up on all of that, remember?

When I ran across the video below on the website Black Listed News (a website I will give no formal endorsement) it was titled “Ron Paul Schools Bernanke on the Bailout Plan” which sounds great. This is the kind of thing that American patriots and truthers like to hear. Somebody stuck it to the man, right?!?! That’s always a good thing, right? Not really.

Let me explain. Ron Paul does start off in the video laying into Ben Bernanke (jewish head of federal reserve corporation). He lays it on the line about the things that have caused the financial mess. He lets Bernanke have it with the question, where is the $700 BILLION bailout money going to come from? He puts it to him with the line “I don’t know where you get the authority to create credit out of thin air”. I can almost hear the world cheering Paul on as he trumps Bernanke with his tirade. He even state the constitution gives no authority to create endless credit. Man is Paul ever giving it to this guy! Go Ron Paul! Right?

Paul pushes his price fixing idea, and rightly so. They are trying to keep the prices of houses up, when they are definitely just over priced. The value in many of the homes is a ghost. It doesn’t exist. These inflated values are what is deflating now. Good job Paul!

When Ron Paul finishes and begins to let Bernanke speak, he even interjects “coin” when Bernanke mentions that congress has the right to coin money. Coin is important because our money USED to be backed by gold. Another point for Ron Paul.

What you must consider is this. When you are dealing with a shill, an agent of the enemy, or a highly publicized figure who is taking the fight to the top for you, the number one way to root them out is to watch for the 2% bullshit they throw out with their message. It’s ALWAYS in there. 98% of what they say will be SPOT ON, accurate as can be. You will think they took the words from your very mouth, or concede that you couldn’t have said it better yourself, but if you are not careful you will not notice the subterfuge.

In this case, Ron Paul’s subterfuge is so small it’s hard to notice, but it’s SIGNIFICANCE is GREAT. At 1:25 into the video Mr. Paul makes this statement “we’re talking about price fixing…and we’re talking about somebody in the government, in the federal reserve the treasury who does prices, now….”

Did you catch it? Ron Paul could have blown the lid on this WHOLE dog and pony show, but instead he slips in “somebody in the government, in the federal reserve”. What he’s doing is reinforcing the lie that the government and the federal reserve are one and the same. This is NOT the case.

As one website says

The bill was literally snuck through the congress on Dec. 22, 1913. Many senators had already left for the holidays after being reassured by the leadership that nothing would be done on the bill until after they returned from their Christmas recess the following January. All evidently believed that the congressional session had been legally retired for their customary holid ay break, but this certainly could be construed as a ruse. And so it transpired that on December 22, 1913, under the shepherding of President Wilson and certain congressmen of both sides of the political spectrum, and with at least 27 Senators absent on holiday recess, the Federal Reserve Act passed. The bill provided for a privately owned central bank, disguised as the Federal Reserve System, to not only issue this nation’s currency but to charge interest against that currency. Today we owe our currant national debt to the bank corporations that privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, with the exception, that is, of the debt paper the Fed regularly sells to other nations like China. The Fed accepts dollar reserves from foreign customers and sells them US government bonds in return. This is how the Federal Government borrows from foreign lenders. Some even suggest this is why we are loosing control of our country.

The federal reserve is no more federal than federal express and Ron Paul KNOWS THIS. You can say he meant that they were separate, but this is not what he said. Read the quote again. “..somebody in the government, in the federal reserve..” This my friends is the type of thing to look for when trying to spot a shill. His statement IMPLIES that the federal reserve is PART of the government. It doesn’t matter if that is what he MEANT or not. What matters is what he implies, and what he projects to the average lemming who is watching this crap. I hear from people all day long, “oh, I watch TV, but they’re not programming me”….all I can do is shake my head in disgust.

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