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How The Deception Works

How The Deception Works

It seems that people are having a hard time understanding how the deception works when it comes to jews and their agents.  Especially when people have been getting their information from these jews and jewish agents for such a long time, they come to a website like mine with a warped mentality, not unlike that of a child who is unable to discern fact from fiction.  They have many wild fantasies and misconceptions based on distorted information, and it is really a sad state of affairs.

Time to wake up.

Many people have the experience of dreaming they are awake. In fact, many who think they are awake are snoring and drooling down their chin. It can be disheartening to the few that are awake and watching it all.

Many people will argue (and boy do they ever try to), that Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and other shills are “waking people up” to the problems we face. They will stamp their feet and scream that these shills have opened so many eyes to “government corruption” or to the “911 deception” or to “zionists” and a whole host of other topics, so surely, they must be some good!  The problem is, many of you don’t know how the deception works, and fail to realize that people are NOT “waking up” to anything, and instead, they are being put BACK TO SLEEP by these dream weavers.

As someone who had the opportunity to learn about close up and stage magic extensively, it’s actually quite easy to spot a ruse, a sleight, or misdirection.  As is the case with a magician performing his feats, these charlatans are fooling the masses into looking the wrong direction at the right time, but only the trained eye is able to pick up on it.  In magic, there are many things used to ensure the proper outcome of astounding the onlookers, and the reason these things work is this.  Often times the methods used to perform some of the most amazing feats, are just so down right simple that your mind will never catch it.

That’s right.  The methods used to deceive and manipulate are often so simple that your “logical” mind just simply can not pick conceive them. Sometimes the methods are not just simple, but balance on being so ridiculously absurd, that your “educated” mind is just not capable of decoding it. The methods of deception often rely on such blatant and obvious distortions that you would simply overlook them! That is IF and only IF, you should even come close to discovering them.

Most of the deceivers use tactics so simple a logical, educated mind has a hard time believing they are even being fooled!

I have made mention of these things and how they work on SN before, but there are still billions of people who need to hear my message, so I will continue to preach it as I deem necessary.  I have mentioned how things like persistence of vision and misdirection work, but there are numerous principles behind even the workings of these two things, which the laymen usually knows nothing about.  For instance, the biggest obstacles facing those who wish to “wake up”, as it is often called, is their very own perception. The way you view things, just as a natural course of your growth and indoctrination, act as barriers which keep you from ever being able to fully lift the veil of secrecy.

The magician, like many of the shills who purport to teach you the “truth”, already know that your perception, and your preconceived notions about reality, will work in their favor to help them produce the desired outcome.  In the case of the magician, he is only looking to “fool” you to entertain you; whereas in the case of the shill, he is looking to purposely make a fool out of you. The magician wants you to enjoy his chicanery, to see him as fun and entertaining.  The magician has a vested interest in making sure he doesn’t make you FEEL LIKE A FOOL because he tricked you, and in this, the shill and the magician share the same interest.

With websites like SN, you will often find that there is no room for debate. There are no forums for you to spew as you wish.  There is nobody that cares about your “opinion” or your “feelings” or your “ideas” or your “thoughts” or your “beliefs” relating to the facts, because SN is simply interested in sharing the FACTS, which do not even exist in the same realm as these types of fallacies.  Not every poster’s comment is accepted, but unlike WRH, you don’t have to pay to comment.  All you have to do to get one published is tow the right line, stay focused solely on the jew, and support the message of the site.

Imagine that! Wolves in sheeps clothing leading the herds of sheep. We often count sheep to go to sleep, and at the same time, those sleeping are called sheep. What a coincidence!

SN is not run by someone who dresses like a salesman or a yuppie, and comes at you with a fake smile and hand shake, because SN isn’t trying to sell you on something.  The facts don’t need a salesman, for they will remain facts, no matter how you, I, nor anyone else decide to face them. SN isn’t run by someone who gives a shit how you feel about the truths presented.  They are simply presented, and you can take it or leave it. SN doesn’t care if you can’t handle a little cursing and genuine anger, and you’ll never see anything “politically correct” to get you to buy into SN and it’s content.

The “politically correct” behaviors, fancy dress, and fake smile are often signs of deceivers, which many of you fail to notice.  The reason you fail to notice them is two fold. Your programming since a very early age, and your preconceived notions about what is “good” and “bad”.  Many think “cursing is bad, can’t listen to that guy” and thus you will never escape from the illusion you live in. Or maybe you think “he won’t allow my opinion, what happened to democracy” and thus you are for SN to prop up the things that are destroying you. Opinions have no weight in light of the facts presented, and as such are not needed or warranted in any way, shape, or form.

Fortunately for animals in nature, there are signs which help warn them of the danger of other creatures.  There are many insects which are brightly colored, and the color red is almost a sure sign of something poisonous if eaten. Some may carry giant spikes, or have huge claws and sharp teeth with a vicious scowl on their face. In nature, many brightly colored patterns on animals are meant to warn predators not to eat them, but also to warn all animals that they might be dangerous.

Also fortunate for humans, the jew comes with markers that should be like warning signs for us.  Certain traits and features that let us know these creatures are the poisonous ones, and should not be allowed amongst us, lest we would like to find ourselves poisoned and dying. The jews have many features like this, which will indeed be covered in upcoming articles. Things like the hook nose, the crooked eye balls, the joker smile, the weak pointy chin, the sloped forehead etc. Again, your perception and preconceived notions of your own reality, largely controlled and taught to you by the jew, have caused you to overlook these things as well.

A sloped head, like the one on Larry King in this image, is one of nature’s warning signs to humans that this creature is dangerous, and humans should steer well clear of anything like him.

SN doesn’t just try to beat you down with thoughts and news about how you are being screwed on a daily basis. No sirree! SN attempts to help show you how the deception works, how to identify the enemy, how to stay focused on the right target, who to blame, who these enemy’s are, and what to do about it all. Rather than beat around the bush, play nice, play politically correct, why not just come out and say what the problem is, then start looking for and offering solutions?  Haven’t you ever wondered why others never seem to do this?  THAT is a marker of the deception in it’s self right there. Does it really matter how many ways they screw you until Sunday, or does fixing it matter more?

Anyway, let’s get back to the deception, and some important points about it. In magic, there is a principle that goes sort of like this. The larger movement conceals the motion of the smaller one.  For example, bringing both hands rapidly together, can conceal smaller movements of the fingers on one hand. You can see something similar to this when it comes to the shills in the fake “anti-zionist” movement. The larger movement caused by shoving mounds of information and truth at you, conceals the smaller one which is the bullshit they slide in with the rest of it.

When it comes to this principle, the ruse is that these jewish shills pretend jews are not the problem. How could jews be the problem, if everyone telling us about the jew problem is jewish? Should we not then consider these jews as heroes, and make super hero toys based on them? Oh, it’s quite a slick ruse, but a ruse none the less. Not all jews are a problem if some of the jews are willing to stand up and speak out is what you are expected to believe. Thus, the larger movement of speaking out, covers the smaller movement of lacing it with bullshit to convince you it’s not really a jewish problem, but one of “zionists” or some other scape goat.

The larger movement of jews “leading” the truth “movement” (which purposely never moves), conceals the smaller movement, which is their intention to protect the tribe. The jews set themselves up to lead, and misdirect your attention on to meaningless off-shoots of the problem they have created like “zionism” or “jewdaism” or “neocons” or “communism” or anything they can come up with at the time. Anything that doesn’t put the heat on to the JEWISH RACE, or anything that gives you a problem to deal with which can not be solidly defined, fulfills the purpose of protecting the tribe, rather than helping you defeat it.

Zionism is the quest for a jewish homeland. Zionism can't explain the jewish infestation or why they refuse to leave our lands. Zionism can't explain the problem with jewish bankers, jewish ritual murder, jewish genocide and ethnic cleansing of humans, or any other ills that come along with the jew.

It’s funny (and sad) because adults are actually extremely easy to “trick” or to “fool” in the eyes of the magician. Adults have so many preconceived notions that make it hard for them to understand when a sleight has taken place, or how it could have possibly happened. Children on the other hand, have very few preconceived notions and ideas.  A young child does not know that an adult can’t just wave his hands and make something disappear. A young child doesn’t fully conceive that a coin shouldn’t pass through the solid top of an oak table.

Due to the fact that a child often assumes all things as possible (until they are taught otherwise), they tend to catch on to more of what’s happening in the moment.  The larger motion does not so easily conceal the smaller one for their wandering eyes.  The child is not bothered with the waving of the hand, and is not always intently watching where he was directed to watch, so things don’t always go over so well for the magician with a child.

I can honestly say I’ve been there in that position.  I’ve performed in front of children and in front of adults, and children are a formidable force to the practicing magician.  Sure, many working professionals spend their time doing children’s shows, but I guarantee all of them would rather perform for adults. Not only do children not have the preconceived notions, they don’t have the programmed chivalry to stay quiet when they do catch on to something. Having a child blurt out the secret to a trick can quickly ruin the effect.  Luckily, SN intends to continue blurting out how the deception works, and ruin the entire show like a crazed heckler!

The only reason for mentioning how a child sees things is this.  Once the child has grown to an adult, lived their daily life in this seemingly solid material reality, passed off his formidable years in indoctrination centers being convinced of the solidity of this reality, and sucked up years upon years of programming from teachers, his peers, and the automated brain washing machine we call televisions, all of this changes.

Now the child has “beliefs” and “feelings” and “ideas” and “opinions” about the way this reality works. These beliefs, feelings, and opinions eventually become so real to him, and so familiar, that it is hard for him to even conceive the fact that these ideas were GIVEN TO HIM by someone else. He is an adult now, and surely he has spent plenty of time pondering the things he learned.  He doesn’t feel stupid, or ignorant, he knows he paid attention and got the education he was supposed to. Certainly he did, but he never knew that education was designed with the very strict purpose of keeping them away from the truth, rather than helping them learn it.

The more you grow and learn, the further indoctrinated you become, and leaders like this chump make sure of it. It is during this period you pick up the preconceived notions and spoon fed opinions that inhibit your ability to see outside of the box.

The child was taught to trust his “elders” and his “teachers”, and he saw much of what he learned in writings he read himself. There it was, right there in his school books.  In all those volumes in the great libraries, and then later reinforced by hollywood, and the media. A lot of these things were reaffirmed yet again even by the statues of “heroes” in the parks, and in their names commemorated on street signs, and their likeness fashioned into monuments all around him.  Certainly truth can not be far off from what he knows, but it’s this “belief” that only serves to take him farther out to sea, like an un-piloted dingy drifting helplessly away from the safety of the shore.

So, for many, the larger motion of jews bringing them what they perceive as “truth”, covers the smaller questionable movement that one should ask like, “why is it always jews bringing us the truth”? Why is that? Why is it that, not only are jews found to be in every position directly causing us problems, but then they also appear in every position as activists, community leaders, heads of human rights organizations, anti-establishment writers, and big mainstream “truthers”?

For the adult with preconceived notions, this poses a serious problem. Certainly not all of these jews can be bad if so many are found in positions like this!  Certainly there must be something good to them, because 98% of what they say is true, correct, and accurate!  To top it off, most people won’t notice the part that isn’t accurate until some wise guy like SN goes and points it out! Some of these information outlets contain so much information, and went to so much trouble, they couldn’t possibly be the enemy, could they? Yeah right.

Here’s the question though. If I were going to feed you a delicious meal, so delicious it was beyond your wildest dreams, would you eat of that meal knowing I had concealed just a smidgen of dung in it?  Would you?  Certainly the meals has a purpose as both nutrition, and a wonderful sensation for your taste buds, right?  Considering this, you can simply ignore the dung mixed in with it, can’t you?

What if you had been eating the meal already, and it was the best meal you had ever experienced in your life and THEN I came along and told you it was laced with dung? Even if I was factually correct, due to your perception of the meal and your chef, you might simply think it’s better to trust the chef than me, right? Hell, you might not even want to question the chef going on what I said, right? After all, the chef has been real good to you so far, as far you can tell!

Imagine only ONE slice of this pizza had dog fesces spread into it. Would you even dare take a chance that you might get the tainted slice? Of course not, you would consider the whole thing tainted and leave it be, like you should when it comes to shills and their messages.

I bet it’s starting to become clearer now isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how much perceived “good” or value these liars seem to represent, for they are still liars, and their words are still tainted.  Even if you can’t taste the dung, knowing it’s there should be enough to keep you from eating it, right?  I mean, even if everything else about the meal is so heavenly you can’t help yourself, wouldn’t you resist eating of it, knowing the dung is in there somewhere? What if it’s only in a small portion of the meal somewhere, would you risk eating certain parts of the meal not knowing where the dung is?

Here is where the deception lies. These jewish “truthers”, related directly to the other jews causing all the problems, always magically show up on the scene as the purveyors of truth related to everything to do with the jew. Yet, somehow, these jews want us to believe the problem is only those dirty old “zionists”, and not the nature of the jew it’s self.  They are all too happy to join our side and lash out at those evil old “zionists”, yet they turn neurotic and psychotic when one of us points out that JEWS AS A WHOLE have been causing the SAME problems LONG BEFORE “zionism” ever showed up. (in 1898 for the record)

Magically, these jews are unable to account for over 175o+ years of jews being exiled and expelled, at the very least 109 times by 84 different countries. Where were all the jews warning us about their brethren then? Where were the jews to cry out against jewish ritual murder of people’s children, or jews drinking the blood then? In fact, where are those jews now? Right, they’re telling us to worry about those “zionists” while child services turns into a blood bank for vampire jews, and foster care magically makes children disappear faster than so-called dangerous, unfit parents!

The deception lies in the fact that anyone could be a “zionist”, and in fact, many non-jews are indeed unwitting “zionists”, but they are not the root of our problem.  Behind zionism is the same old jews.  The same old jewish bankers.  The same old jewish molesters.  The same old ritually murdering jews. The same old genocidal war mongering jews. The same old subversive communist jews in the media, hollywood, and government, and now, the same old jews pretending to be our friends whilst stabbing our backs at the same time.

Even jews against zionism are still jews. Many say they are true torah jews, but the torah is part of the talmud which supercedes it. That means they still consider you cattle, still support ritually murdering your children, raping your nations, etc.

In magic, the magician will often do a specific motion a couple of times, before introducing a sleight. This convinces your mind that the motion is as legitimate as it seemed the first few times. So it is, that by presenting legitimate truths in a specific format the first few times, your mind will never catch on, nor even want to believe that is was slighted in a latter cycle of the same progression.

The same is done with propaganda.  You are presented with anti-zionist material that gets your head nodding “yes”, and then slowly you are slighted with the idea that “not all jews are bad” or “we should love jews” or “we shouldn’t be like jews and start killing them”. Yet, at the same time, these jews are actively poisoning you and your children. They poison your air, water, food, and everything else around you. They are actively plotting to kill most of planet earth, and quite boldly so. They are actively attacking and destroying the environment which sustains you. They are actively getting you engaged in wars, and sending your children off to die. In Palestine, they are actively engaged in openly murdering humans for sport, (not to mention all of the assassinations and other killings like the Gaza aid flotilla incident) and all of this leads to yet another point.

The jew knows how your humanity works. He knows how your conscience works, because he helped train it to react specific ways with his propaganda, just like the magician trains his audience to think a sleight is just a legitimate motion of the hands. The jew knows, just like the magician, that you have deeply ingrained preconceived notions about not only humanity, and yourself, but about how you should react and treat others.

A parasite often mimics it's host very closely. The migratory shining cuckoo lay eggs in the nest of grey warblers and the cuckoo chick that hatches will then push from the nest any unhatched eggs or young chicks of the grey warbler. Having disposed of the competition, the cuckoo hatchling then mimics the sound of grey warbler chicks in order to be fed by its surrogate parents.

The jew knows that you instinctively (and dangerously) believe most other “humans” to have a certain level of consciousness like your own.  The jew knows that you project your own beliefs and feelings onto other people when meeting and dealing with them.  The jew know that you perceive anything that closely resembles you to be human, and to have human dignity and a conscious, and it is this that has allowed the jew to thrive as a parasite, and destroy you from within.

Like many other parasites, the jew mimics it’s host. It looks similar (but not exactly the same) and it can behave the same. Look at hollywood actors for instance, who can portray human emotion well enough to bring you to tears, many of which are jewish, and really don’t share the same painful emotion.  I could go on and on writing an entire novel on how the deception works, but I’ll leave you with this quote from wikipedia on parasites who mimic their hosts. Hopefully in the future, you will learn to pick up sleights, misdirections, and other ruses as I’ve explained above, but that’s up to how much of your preconceived notions and conditioning you are able to break free of.

Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry where predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host. (emphasis added src. here)

  1. Adam;
    Just fluttering by again; no need for insults; I just want to have an intelligent conversation. People throw terms like “jew” around and have different meanings for it. You obviously mean the genetic Russian Kahazars that adopted the jewish religion in the 7th century and physically look like larry king. You put Alex Jones and Mike Rivero in the same category just because they have “jewish” (whatever you mean by that) ancestry? Some very intelligent people think Alex Jones is a pure bullshit artist but have respect for Mike Rivero. Your solution would be to kill everyone that has Kahazar DNA?

    • There is really no discussion, conversation, or debate here. I put out the facts, and people either get it, or they don’t. If you want a conversation, you can email me, but if it’s a debate you want, you can forget it. Facts aren’t debatable.

      When I say JEW, I do NOT mean just the “khazars” which is a THEORY put forth by a JEW, that ashkenazi’s are simply CONVERTS to judaism. This was just a JEW attempting to divide JEWS into smaller groups, so that some MIGHT be saved from the eventual pogroms against them. It is NOTHING close to fact, and is completely unsubstantiated. When I say JEW, I mean the JEWISH RACE, which includes both these eastern AND western European mongrels known as ashkenazi and sephardim. They’re just different flavors of the same thing.

      My solution is for all races of HUMANS to work together to wipe out the one INHUMAN race of rat faced jews, who actively murder all races of HUMANS, in order to save themselves. In fact, it’s not my solution, it’s the only solution as dictated by circumstance. It’s not something you or I get a choice in. It’s not something jews get a choice in. If humanity wishes to save it’s self from these parasites, this is how it will go. All other methods have been exhausted, PERIOD.

      • People like Tim are a lost cause. Tim, if your doctor tells you that you have a tumor, do you care what kind of tumor it is? NO! THE FUCKING THING IS GOING TO SPREAD THROUGHOUT YOUR BODY AND KILL YOU EVENTUALLY REGARDLESS!!! Unless you act quick and remove it. It is the only solution.

        Rivero is such a pathetic joke it’s almost sad. There are plenty of pictures online of ashkenazi jews from russia and eastern europe who look just like him. His “we’re different” strategy is so thinly veiled and so transparent that anyone of thought should be able to see right through it. Independend study after independent study shows that ashkenazi and sephardic jews are nearly identical genetically with little if any interference from the communities in which they resided. If Tim would use his eyes to look at this very simple research instead of staring at his prostate with his head up his ass he’d understand this simple fact. Wake the fuck up.

        • I want to join and work with you. I’m European white. I have never heard it put so well. I want to fight this war.

          • JamesTheJust says:

            It really is genetic. People don’t want to believe this, but it is true. Jews and those carrying their DNA are genetically evil.

            The Jews are Khazars, but one cannot stop there. Their genes go back to Edom and Canaan who interbred with the various tribes of Kenites, who in turn go all the way back to Cain whose literal father was the devil.

            People do not believe the bible SPECIFICALLY because the jew has told them that it is a a lie. Or they dismiss it as a “jew thing” when nothing could be further from the truth.

            Modern archeology, along with the historical writing of witnesses, prove that the bible is an extremely accurate historical book. We dismiss it at our peril. Once a clear understanding of what this historical book was trying to convey is understood, then people understand that the bible is an excellent reference into the working of the children of Cain (and his true father, the opposer of good [GOD]).

            It is a battle between the children of light and darkness. The dream weavers and liars have tried to turn the bible into a religion instead of what it really is: A historical document meant as a warning!

            Yahshua (Jesus) understood this all too well and for this reason, he was murdered by the very lineage of Cain. Jesus was NOT a jew BTW. Anyone who saw HIM today would swear HE is a typical European male (which HE was, only the term would only have relevance today).

            It is genetic! Its in the genes. A leopard cannot change its spots. A broken cistern cannot hold the water (of life) and truly the jew cannot. They are broken cisterns. In order to be a child of the light, one must be born of the water (OF THE WOMB!) Its genetic!

            Most things in scripture are spoken in metaphor and poetic license. This was done on purpose so that “those with eyes” could see it while protecting this very important document from deliberate destruction by the children of darkness.

            There are clues throughout. Jesus told us that the jews are evil. “Ye are OF YOUR FATHER the devil and it is his will you do. You have murdered every righteous prophet from ABEL to Zacharias” (John the Baptist’s father)

            So from A to Z, every righteous prophet has been murdered by these creatures. They are literally of their father the devil. CAIN murdered Abel. The jews (Edomites, Canaanites, Hittites, Kenites…) were and are the decedents of Cain!

            The jews are not now, nor have they ever been, Israelites, including Judah!

            In Genesis, the good family TREE line of the FRUIT of Adam’s loins does not mention Cain and the bad family TREE line of the FRUITS of Cain’s loins does not mention Adam.

            Those who dismiss the bible as a jewish ploy have bought into the biggest jew lie of them all, for in it are the historical accounts and the repeated warnings of the children of light to our current generation.

          • Cool story, but the book is still easily dismissed as a fable, because NOTHING in it is literal. NONE of it…..the entire book is an astrological reference. It is a theological text, NOT a historical text. If anything it is a CODED text, and only those with the eyes to see will understand. How do you read verses like Psalm 84:11 which clearly state “The Lord God is a SUN and shield”….The bible talks of nothing close to what you think it does. Yes, it has verses stating jews are evil, but beyond that if you can’t read the astrological code, you’re wasting your time. The bible is the same as the kabalah in this sense. Neither are literal.

            You are free to BELIEVE whatever you like, but you are NOT free to come here and espouse those “beliefs” as FACTS, and this website will rather spend it’s time dealing in the most important two facts. The jews are evil vociferous scum, and they must be eradicated if we want peaceful prosperous societies. Period.

          • Mosquito1961 says:

            We must have been separated at birth.For just a normal guy you sure can articulate a point.I strongly believe the bible is a story based on solar mythology or was written to control man.The ladder is more like it.Well put.Please people don’t come on here and spew biblical mumbo jumbo .Stick to the FACTS.The bible is not fact.You are free to believe what you want and I support Christianity like our founding fathers as our main religion.It is a good point though that the Jews are trying to destroy Christainity.That is fact.I’ve seen that first hand and I’m an Agnostic.We need some Brothers in here.And some Mexicans and some Asians.Are there any good movies out there not made by Jews.I’m sick of the cheese.BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

          • No belief necessary when it comes to the bible. The fact that it is a coded astrological text is actually well known and readily available information in many places. You just have to be honest enough with yourself, forego any “belief” or “feelings” about it (or any topic) and start looking!

      • Phillip Andrew Jones says:

        Hello Mr. Adam Austin, you are absolutely correct in your discernment and anaylsis and you shouldn’t have to discuss any of the facts that speak for themselves. The problem with 99% of people is that they are deceitful and fraudulent and have clothed themselves with self-righteous legalism to attempt to prevent the facts and evidences from being correctly exposed to the public. I went onto facebook a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good electronic medium to endorse news articles but I quickly discovered that most people who endorse facebook are only interested in their own voice and agenda and couldn’t care less to read diligently the numerous articles of importance. I can tell whether people read because I very seldom receive any comments. Alan, I’m a born again Christian saved by the grace of our LORD God, who adheres to the holy bible, regardless of what you think concerning the true faith of Jesus Christ, and I want to inform you that I’m totally digusted in the so called Christian Church for not wanting to know what the truth is concerning the criminal activity of the world governments and their support toward criminal Israel. I’m also disgusted that these abominable Pentecostal/Charismaniacs believe in a chosen people called a ‘jew’ when all it is, is a satanic religion called, Judaism which you are aware of. Most professing Christians that I have met do not study the holy scriptures, nor are they interested in the truth concerning the biblical/secular history, but are more than happy to sit on their arse each Sunday and day dream in from of a preacher at the pulpit. I’m praying for you and John that our heavenly Father will bring these criminal Jews to his righteous judgements and that our LORD God will protect you both and your beloved families. May our God richly bless you both in your lives and bring you to a proper understanding of the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ our true and living LORD God.

        • I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t have any “beliefs” what so ever. Things that can help me fight this battle are:

          1. Donations to help me pay for the websites, and help keep my own head above water. Fighting this enemy means having a normal income is impossible.

          2. Promoting my work and message, so that others can see where we really need to be to win this.

          3. Reaching out to everyone around you, regardless of race, color, or creed (obviously minus any jews) so that we can work together to solve our problems.

          4. Preparing yourself and those around you for war. I can guarantee no god is going to stop them from throwing us into a war with each other, or with them if we don’t get our act together. When the war is over, I can guarantee there won’t be any god here to help pick up the pieces either.

          I am disgusted with all religions and beliefs, but I won’t go further into that. Let’s just do what’s necessary to win this, and worry about “beliefs” later. Thanks.

          • fuckisrael says:

            Awesome! Someone who finally got it right!

            I love what you say here bro. I hate religion too and yeah, beliefs are stupid too unless it has facts that can be proven and makes sense with reason.

            I support you, but is there any way to make an anonymous donation?

          • Send me an email.

          • How long must we put up with these creatures of evil. I don’t believe that these rats, who walk erect, are even truly human. They are a spin-off species, or evil personified with a cloak of human flesh.

            How can we rid ourselves? Pharaoh had the opportunity to rid the world of the Jew; the failure led to the downfall of the Egyptian Empire. Mesopotamia and Persia have failed, leading to the downfall of their civilizations. The Germanic tribes failed to rid the world of these vultures of finance, and due to their failure, we now must endure the ramifications of the beasts’ greed. Good Christians are dying due to their evil. When is it enough! When will the world end the cancer besieged upon the world? The Americans hate them. I know no nation in the world that truly welcomes the Jew. Why must we suffer them?

  2. Salman Hossain says:

    yea u are right about the Sephardim Jewish diseases…these fuckers are a DISEASE….now some kike is gonna come out with a theory saying all these kike diseases are shared with real humans as well…when it is NOT so…because the genetic diseases that the Sephardim have, which are similar to what many Khazars have, but not exactly or quite the same, PROVES that the Sephardim are now basically DISTINGUISHABLE from the other middle eastern Christian/Muslim populations – Arabs/Armenians/Berbers/Persians/Kurds/Turks/ and others. This PROVES that God has CURSED these kikes with DISEASES – something God didn’t give the NEIGHBORING MUSLIMS in the Middle East and North Africa/South Eastern Europe – BUT GAVE TO THE KIKES INSTEAD!!!

  3. JEWs are Jews.

    Sometimes I wonder if people Like Tim are as stupid as they act or
    have a more malevolent reason for spewing their bullshit.

    • They’re stupid for trying me on something like that dumb shit khazar story, but they’re trying to be smart and pretend that what I say isn’t so. Hasn’t worked yet. Doubt it ever will. It’s not a case of “just looking for intelligent conversation”…there’s nothing to discuss. I gave the facts, nothing will change them from being facts, and there is no need to discuss it.

      • It’s like that “email” group out there Adam which sits and debates who jews are and religion etc, yet one just has to look at the email list and most are jews themselves! They try to suck people into debates because IT WASTES TIME. Same goes for chat room boards.

        I agree, there is no debating facts, they have ALL been debated and worked through before.

        Even just watching the news last night (a very rare thing these days) a story headlined about a top German banker who stated very clearly in his book that ALL JEWS share the same DNA.

        My first thought was “IS HE A JEW HIMSELF”, thats ALWAYS my first thought. Second, I watched the story unfold with the predictable jewish response being “oh the horrors! He’s Anti-semetic! Then pictures of the holocaust and nazis again predictably followed. The story went on for 3-4 minutes, and NOT ONCE did any jew say “He was incorrect”, and show the proof.
        story here-

        The jews do this ALL THE TIME. They run around waving their arms crying and wanting you to feel sorry for them in some way.

        The fact still remains, what the guy said WAS TRUE, and they did not counter it or even discuss it, because they know they can’t.

        They play on your emotions to think the argument/facts were won by the jew. Don’t fall for these tricks. They will have newscasters shaking their heads and tightening their lips as if to say “oh no, poor jews”, and people think that the majority of people should feel that way.

        They have spent years perfecting their bullshit through the tv to manipulate what people feel and think.

        Always look at what they DON’T SAY. Read between the lines.

  4. COULD IT BE THAT A JEW BECOMES A JEW, because of learning and conditioning since a baby?

    So it is really a belief and conditioning issue?

    Now suppose a baby of the Jewish race is raised as a Hindu, with no knowledge of what race he belongs to, won’t he simply be another human being?

    Do you get I am trying to say?

    • Yeah, I get what you are trying to say. You are trying to say jews are not a race, but that’s not factual.

      If a venomous viper is raised with a rabbit, is he now just another rabbit, or is he still a venomous viper? Right…genetics don’t change because of where you are raised. The jews are a race, period. It is NOT a “belief” or “conditioning” issue, and the facts about jews being a race are also nothing to do with “beliefs”.


    It’s never ending with the fucking kikes and turks,as far as l am concerned both of these fucking subhuman parakikes are and have been a danger to all civilizations,religions,races,peoples and animals.The jews always blaming others for their treachery against the planet.The turks always trying to change history,never admitting to the deaths of 5 million ppl,never admitting to the rape of Aryan females in Northern Europe,always blaming the Armenian minority for their fucking problems.Israel blames the turks and turks blame israel jews.What’s so fucking interesting is that the turks and jews are blood brothers by DNA.Living together for over 1000 years. Both occuping illegal land. Both hate the Christians more than anything.The jew is the number emeny to the Christian Armenians.Armenian have always known about the fucking jew and turk.The jews called the Armenians,Germans and Russians AMALEKITES. Sometimes l do wish for a WWIII,as long as there is a guarantee that Shitrael and turkey would get wiped out off the planet. FUCKJEWSNTURKS

    • Just remember this. SN is only after the jew, so please stay focused. I get that you don’t like Turks, but you have to keep that to yourself around here. The jew is EVERYONE’S enemy, and until the jew is dealt with, any other petty disagreements will not be resolved. Keep the focus only on the jew. I do not allow anyone to piss on anybody else around here except the jew. That way we’re not being distracted or divided against our common enemy.

      • Adam, if what Dr Judy Wood ( is putting forth on her website has credence, which I believe has, then we may have an even a bigger problem than the jew unless of course the jew has control of the military. Direct Energy Weapons (DEW).

        • That Judy Wood bitch is a jew, and of course they have control of the military. Who the hell did they use to murder 1 million Iraqis? You can live paralyzed in fear, or you can face up to the fact that stopping them won’t be easy, and just deal with it. We have a big problem, and that is people being too afraid to ACT. You can be scared all you like, but not doing anything ensures they will bring whatever wrath they want against you. Even if you do nothing, they are going to bring hell down on you, so would you like to sit around and worry about how bad it will be, or just get on with the dance already?

  6. I like this article. I’m going to send it to friends and family. I can’t help asking myself how this subverted take over by the jew happened?? I read some quotes by Henry Ford. He seemed like a smart man and no one listened to him or what? The people need to pay attention. According to my jewhoo post today about israhell, I actually got some thumbs up. Encouraging.

    • The same way parasites exist. It’s not our fault. Most people just want to live their lives and can’t even imagine this kind of evil so it leaves them there to fester. It’s an evil little niche they’ve exploited. They’re not immortal, they can be stopped. They’re sloppy and arrogant so those of us really paying attention catch on. Compared to 10 years ago this is all so much more obvious and even kids in school can see it. Really, most people should get this by now, but they’ve made it illegal to talk about them in many countries and many other countries are heavily censored. Hopefully they freak out and truly mess up bad so it makes it obvious to everyone and ruins them forever, but don’t count on it.

      • They will eventually hang themselves. They can’t keep the lid on certain things for much longer. One thing about jews, just give them the rope and they’ll eventually hang themselves.


    This is a no-brainer – hang him high and use his fat ass as a pinata. Then let his carcass get fucked by baboons.

    The next potential spy will know better.

  8. Thats hilarious its a jewish bird (shining cuckoo)and were the grey warblers im supprised they kick they eggs out instead of molesting the bird first and then eating them .Great article Adam I thought I read this already ,guess not .

  9. Hi SN.

    Lets not forget that the marrano jew, Rivero, owns a company that does special effects for major Hollywierdo movies. Rivero and Jones parted ways recently over the issue of “Zionism”, this is one of their modus-operandi, they are always fighting each other and always diving people into groups, they never do any serious efford to come up with a unified front.

  10. PS – OK, i just read another article here and you are on top of things regarding Rivero. Im sorry ignore last comment.

  11. Excellent article SN, good detailed deconstruction of the Foe’s deceptive propaganda methods.

  12. “That day, Joshua made the Gibeonites woodcutters and water carriers for the community and for the alter of the Lord at the Place Lord would choose. And that is what they are today,” Bible, Joshua 9:27.

    The former Chief Rabbi of Israel and the spiritual leader of Israel’s religious party Shas, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in his Sabbath sermon last week called non-Jews as donkeys and beasts of burden.

    Yosef also reportedly said that the lives of non-Jews in Israel are preserved by God in order to prevent losses to Jews.

    In April 2001 – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef called for the annihilation of Arabs.

    “It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable,” he was quoted as saying in a sermon delivered during the Jewish festival of Passover.

    On February 27, 1994, Rabbi Yaccov, told his followers during Purim celeberation: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail”.

    According to Jewish scriptures, only Jews are considered ‘human’ and the rest of humanity (Gentile) and animals are created to serve Jews. However, Gentiles are considered better than animals.

    Late Israeli historian, professor Israel Shahak, wrote that insulting Christian symbols is customary among the practicing Jews. In May 2008, Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in the latest act of violence against Christian missionaries in the Holy Land. Or Yehuda Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon said missionaries recently entered a neighborhood in the predominantly religious town of 34,000 in central Israel, distributing hundreds of New Testaments and missionary materials.” Aharon said he “got into a loudspeaker car last Thursday and drove through the neighborhood, urging people to turn over the material to Jewish religious students the books were dumped into a pile and set fire in a lot near a synagogue.” Aharon claimed it is “a commandment [in Talmudic Judaism] to burn materials that urge Jews to convert.’” (Haaretz, “Orthodox Jewish youths burn New Testaments in Or Yehuda).

  13. Who knows Alexander the Great? After the hollywood movie many people, but how many know that his death was prophesied by jewish pseudoprophets. He was planning to make babylon the center of his empire now if that happened all the prophecies from the ancestors of jews would be a mockery cause they said that babylon will never be the same again. To make long story short alexander was worried about his death prophesy but he never suspected that the prophets were the ones who would kill him if he returned to babylon. They poisoned him few days after his returned to babylon. That shows that jews were always the real power behind all kings and nations. An easy solution for alexander to avoid his death would be to make a prophesy himself to these jewish prophets that if he dies before 100 or more years old the god told him that all jews would die by a divine sword. That would crap the pants of the jews and would think twice before they killed him.
    I read on the comments an armenian hating the turks, my friend all turkish leaders that hurt your race were jews.Kemal Ataturk was a jew just like hitler was a jew, many people love hitler for his hate to jews if they only knew that cause of hitler israel exists today. Hitler had to scare the european jews to leave europe for israel otherwise no jew would abandon his lucrative life to go live in a desert next to muslims. Jews that hate hitler were crying that he was shipping them to palestine, if hitler was out to kill all jews why he was shipping them to palestine? He might kill couple hundread jews to scare the millions to leave europe for palestine.Jews would sell their own mother to get what they want, abraham in the bible was giving his wife to agyptians pharaohs telling them that she’s his sister for exchange of lots of money.
    For the christians google jesus is satan, i grew up as a christian too but no more i’m not an atheist as its a jewish agenda to make people worship materialism, i believe in the unknown god. Through numerology we get lucifer=666,jesus=666,gospel=666,cross=666 in the old testament lucifer is the morning star in the new testament jesus says i’m the morning star also in mathew he says “i didn’t come for peace but for destruction, i came to divide the father from the son the mother from the daughter and everyones enemies will be from his own house”.
    there’s hope for christians to wake up but for muslims no way.
    apostle paul/saul was a jew, mohamed was a jew etc this shows that the jews have deceived us all in ways we can’t even imagine, science religion history everything, we’re facing today the same enemies humanity always faced. jews are the biggest criminals that have walked on this planet they love sacrifising babies and drink their blood vatican has paintings where jews sacrifice babies and suck its blood with big straws. they burned the library of alexandria that had all the world’s knowledge but they stole the most important books before they burnt it and now these books are located in israel. Through tv and hollywood they’ve turned us into zombies, i thought my best friend was smart but after i tried to wake him up it was like talking to a zombie, i showed him videos with army generals fbi chies, patents that cure aids and all other nasty things he called all of these things fake or made up, i was like damn i felt like i fell from a cliff his ignorance and stupidity had stunned me.
    Also we need to be aware of jewish agents like alex jones david icke eric hufsmind and excuse me adam if i still have suspicions on you,i dont know you but i love your work it seems you’re fully aware of the jewish problem and if we dont succeed solving this problem in this life at least we would be happy that we did the best we could.

    • You can have all the suspicions you want on me, but you’ll never find a flaw in my work, or anything hidden with me. Take a look around you. Out of HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of sites exposing jews and “zionists” there is not ONE that comes anywhere CLOSE to what I have said. Remember, you will know them by their deeds. I have my suspicions about ALL OF YOU, and I will continue to have those suspicions until you are standing next to me on the battlefield. Talk is cheap.

      • You are a jew says:

        How do I know you are not a jew? SN, you are another jew disguised to trick all of us!!!!!!!!!!

        • I don’t have to prove anything. I know who and what I am, and my actions speak louder than your words. $100 says you are the jew. Care to meet so we can show people who my critics really are?

  14. my comment got deleted, is it because i said hitler was a jew and that teaches us that even the people that expose jews even kill jews they benefit ’em in the long run for example the creation of israel.
    which teaches me to be suspicious about everybody.anyways adam even if you’re an agent thanks for the good info. i expect this to get deleted oh well.

    • If your comment claims Hitler was jewish, without verifiable information, it is likely it was deleted. That entire argument is a waste of time. My thought is that regardless what Hitler was, his efforts benefited the jew. For this, I am not fan of Hitler. However, I try to keep the bullshit bickering about what Hitler was to a minimum. There are parts of history you will eventually have to accept that you don’t have the answers to. There are many things in life like this. To assume we know it was one way when the water is so muddy is pretentious at best. Hitler’s efforts helped the enemy, and because of this, there is a good case to say he worked for them. I haven’t seen a world leader from the past few hundred years who didn’t, so what does that tell you?

      That said, this website prefers to dwell in the land of FACTS only……and not get caught up in useless debate, which is where the jew wants you wasting your energy. The FACT is, I can’t prove who or what Hitler was, but I can prove where his efforts got us. Period.

      Keep in mind, there is no “free speech” on this website. It is indeed heavily censored because I have a specific agenda. That agenda includes dehumanizing and destroying the jew at all costs. ANYTHING that interrupts my ability to do so, or doesn’t tow the party line is deleted. This is not a platform for debate. It’s a platform to expose humanity to FACTS ONLY.

      • Reasons88 says:

        The whole argument about Hitler being responsible for the creation of Israel is shit.
        It makes no sense to expect a Gentile like Hitler to think like a jew. How can any Gentile fully see into the mind of a jew. I’m sick of hearing that Hitler was part of some larger jewish plan.
        The hole that Hitlers plan fell into was no doubt pre dug, but how can we expect a Gentile to think like a jew. To expect Any Gentile to fully know how jews think is retarded.
        That being said, the only word you can attach to the results of ww2 is IRONY.

        • I’m sick of hearing how Hitler was a fucking hero. Why did he let the British escape at Dunkirk? That’s a major failure nobody has been able to explain, but he PURPOSELY let them go!!!!! He had the chance to CRUSH THE FUCKING ENEMY and let them walk away. He didn’t do SHIT to the jews in his work camps. They were kept safe while millions of people died fighting each other. What about his jewish soldiers? Why so many jews in Hitler’s army? Why was he funded by jews???? Care to fucking explain? I can’t even keep a paypal account open! What about the symbolism? The exact same esoteric symbolism used by the jewish leaders of all countries, but I guess there is ZERO connection, right? I’m sick and tired of the bullshit hero worship. FUCK HITLER. Fuck anybody who wants to lick his balls too. He had a REAL CHANCE to stop these fuckers and totally BLEW HIS FUCKING WAD. What good did he really do? WHO the fuck in their right mind let’s the ENEMY ESCAPE like he did at Dunkirk?

          This isn’t an argument, these are the facts. Why on earth is it that EVERY “Nazi” or “Neo Nazi” group that EVER COMES ALONG happens to be run by jews? WHY THE FUCK didn’t he execute as many jews as possible? Why did he build brothels and swimming pools for them? The jews weren’t so kind to the people they committed genocide against. They simply blow your fucking brains out and move on. EVEN IF Hitler was legit, making anything to do with “Nazis” a part of your resistance to the jew will simply make you looking really fucking stupid. I’d rather associate with someone like General Patton than Hitler. Think about it. Hitler was so successful that ALL ANY JEW has to do is say “Nazi” and 99% of people will turn their head and walk away. That’s an awesome legacy of resistance to the jews…..oh wait, that SHUTS DOWN any resistance INSTANTLY!!! Never mind that idea!

          Go ahead, I’ll give you one shot to explain Dunkirk, the jewish soldiers, the jewish financiers, etc. but I won’t hold my breath.

          • I won’t pretend i know a thing about the three points you mentioned. I see no point in arguing. I’m simply stating my opinion, as skewed and incorrect as you might think it. Fighting amongst ourselves is pointless.
            But does anyone know why he accepted money from jewish banks?…Naivety perhaps….It just looks like he had no idea what they had planned.
            As for the jewish soldiers and the Dunkirk point, i have no knowledge of these issues.
            As naive, and as short sighted (in the sense of lacking a perceived master plan) as they were, I think any people that have the nous to stand up to them and do something about it need closer inspection.

          • That’s the problem. Opinions don’t mean anything in relation to facts. Nobody seems to be able to answer all the important questions about Hitler, but there sure are a lot of fan boys whining when someone doesn’t kiss up to their hero. I seriously doubt naivety is why he took money from jewish bankers. You’d have to be naive to believe that nonsense in light of all the other facts. The Germans didn’t really stand up to the jews, they kept them safe while people like my grandfather went and fought each other for nothing. It resulted in massive loss of human life, and a HUGE increase in their power over the entire globe. Nothing else needs inspecting. All Hitler did was leave us FUCKED and NEVER ONCE did anything to severely damage the enemy, EVEN THOUGH HE HAD THEM IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND. That’s straight bullshit, any way you slice it. You can call it a mistake at best (bullshit) but refusing to learn from said mistake is what needs questioned more than anything.

          • Another thing about the Hitler-fetish is that because of it, most people think he was being original. A LOT of people are unaware that Jews have been kicked out of, what?, 80-100 countries/city-states.

            If more people knew that than it would be very hard to just blame it on some fringe movement, or maniac or whatever term is useful today.

          • I’ll be damned, somebody came along who gets it! Looks like your brain is firing on all cylinders Rodney.

          • “This isn’t an argument, these are the facts. Why on earth is it that EVERY “Nazi” or “Neo Nazi” group that EVER COMES ALONG happens to be run by jews?” -SN

            That’s easy of course…

            It starts out with the group being opposed to the ‘Jews’ than it becomes the ‘Jews and Blacks’ – soon it’s pretty much all about the ‘Blacks.’ (Although I think the “Muslims” are soon to be the next favorite.)

            go to most WN sites and search ‘blacks’ or ‘black crime’ or whatever and you get tons of results, now search ‘Israel’ and next to nothing. Christ you have fucking Jewish writers on WN sites! Doesn’t that tell them something? Are these people fucking retarded?

            So while you and the blacks fight (and the blacks get taught their own bullshit line from Jews.) – They still run the puppet show.

            Every neo-nazi/WN site/group is like that, they ALL start out about the “Jews” than comes the “Jews & Blacks” then pretty soon it’s all about the Blacks. Although now they’ve been trying the Mexican/Muslim angle a little more these days.

          • Man, to think I spent years preaching this very message! It’s great to see someone who is able to comprehend simple shit.

          • Adam your the man!!! Im not jus blow smoke, you are pure FIRE. Burn those kikes 24/7 until they are no more.

          • I’m just “a” man with enough guts to state the truth. Thanks though.

  15. Utterly fascinating, hard to find people that don;t beat around the bush, or try and find a “less extreme” answer. I wonder if you have any suggestions on how to inform people without setting of the “mental blocks” em-placed by all the non-stop brainwashing most people receive.

    at this point I am uncertain if small talk is appropriate. This is hardly a light subject, and just being here I get the feeling I’m being watched…

    • Haha…if you’re reading what I wrote, they are likely cataloging your visits. I just received an email about my site being blocked in Germany the other day. However, I’d be much more worried about joining groups like Stewart Rhodes’ “oath keepers” or any of Alex Jones or We Are Changes’ groups, because those groups are positively making lists of dissenters for the new jew KGB/NKVD/Cheka which we call the Department of Homeland Scrutiny…I mean “security”. They will be attempting to “secure” all of us soon. Spread the word, keep the fight alive.

      • I disagree, and I don’t think it’s a great idea to be sending the message of “they are coming to get us” sounds too much like the “world is coming to an end” people.

        If there’s one thing I know for fact, it’s that the kike is a coward. They do not like head-up confrontation especially with people who know what they are (or have an idea of the type of demonic species they are).

        I have always found kikes to be mostly very scared people, who will avoid physical confrontation for the most part especially with someone who is out for vengence.

        I do not believe they will try to come after people like us for fear that they will initiate much worse, like the beginning of the ultimate and final reprisal against these bloodsucking parasitic pedophillic leeches.

        They are however, content to keep the status quo and keep feeding off us while trying to cinch the noose a little tighter, they want far more control then they have now before they try anything like rounding people up. They need FAR more control for their own piece of mind, to feel safe that they don’t show all their cards too soon and tip off the sleeping masses.

        They are waiting for us to make the first move, but I say we wait them out because it is a fact they are too stupid not to make many further mistakes, and give us more opportunities to rid ourselves for good.

        Much love to Hitler and this is a powerful speech right here, I can’t believe I let the propaganda sway me at one point to believe Hitler was some type of freak homosexual, this isn’t true is it? This speech is too powerful, this man had the right idea:

        Also, check this powerful video which exposes the rat-faced kikes, this great youtube channel “YouAreAllCattle” just got terminated for uploading this and similar videos, but I found another subtitled version (probably won’t be around long).

        “they lie to us about the nature of their religious beliefs, they behave like jon stewart and joe lieberman, but underneath the deceptive surface they are the SAME as the GREASIEST sidelocked black clad jews of New York’s orthodox jewish neighborhoods, they all believe in the choseness of the jews..”

        • You’ll have to look closer at my message, because this is not what I preach. They are indeed tracking individuals and cataloging them through websites like Oath Keepers, make no mistake about it, but I am not about giving people a reason to be scared. Fear is their greatest weapon, so why would I dare let such a message come through here? They are paying attention to who their opposition is, but that doesn’t mean we have to run and hide, or feel like we’re being watched. We know we’re being watched, so let them watch as we arm up to kick their asses.

          Often posters like “Smitty” are just here to make these comments so others are afraid to visit this site and support it’s message. Most of the time they are deleted, but sometimes I feel the need to respond. They play on people’s fears in this manner in an attempt to push as many people away from here as possible. It’s one hell of a swindle to convince the righteous that they should be afraid to stand up for what’s right, but they do it every day.

          Those telling the truth have no reason to hide, unlike the jew. They often like to make people feel as if they are the criminals for discovering this information, or that people should somehow feel dirty for knowing the truth. Or they like to make us feel like WE are the outcasts (laugh) because we figured out what a bunch of shit bags they are. They have too many people convinced that it’s taboo to talk about jews…FUCK THAT and fuck these jews.

          All that said, do not be gullible enough to think they are not watching their opposition closely. They were able to murder 50 million Russians in broad daylight with almost no resistance, and that’s likely because people were tricked into thinking they’re better off with their mouth shut. They will indeed be coming after people like myself and my supporters when they finally get a strangle hold on this country. Right now….no, these jews won’t do shit, but if we let it slide too far, they certainly will. I agree they’re afraid to face people head on, but these critters have committed enough genocide to know that we need to deal with them firmly, because given the chance, they would kill all of their opposition, and have done so before. NO FEAR and NO QUARTER

          • I think rather than us hiding and using anonymous identities, we should go the other way around, and comment loudly, let’s say you know 100 people, 10 of those might be totally jew-controlled dogs who will taunt you directly online on facebook and twitter etc if you speak ill about the jew, 10 might be with you but not support you openly, but there are the other 80 who are on the fence and know nothing about what your comments mean, it is for these 80 that we should comment openly, let them see what their colleague/person-they-know/know to be a real person, is saying, because that would be more believable for them rather than hearing it from some stranger. When a person you know or have met, says something controversial, you are less likely to dismiss it straight away, compared to hearing about it from some random site. So let’s not hide, let’s shout, let’s comment openly, fuck the jews who might and might not read it and might or might not do shit, hope that those few people that know you personally read your messages and comments and come to the realisation that you have come to. Don’t hide. Have trust in yourself, you know you are not saying bad things, you know who the bad guys are, you know you are speaking against the bad guys, the Creator of us all knows who the bad guys are too, and we are expected to raise our voice.

          • in short what i meant was, the reason why we should be using our real Ids and names and not hiding is that, it is not only the bad guys who can track us but also the good guys, your friends or acquiantances, who knows which one of your friends might try and track you on google and see what you are upto, they will land up on this site and see what you are saying, it will make them see things the way you see, or their false belief in you being some anti-jew nut will get reinforced, let them decide. Words are cheap, but still powerful. You can read someone’s writing and decide if they are being genuine or deceptive, just like reading Adam’s writing makes us all trust him. There is a thing called tone of voice, the choice of words, the way ideas are joined in a chain like train of thought. All that is like the mirror of your soul.

    • Well, we have that in common, I also, well, germaniajims youtube channel have been banned in Germany. I was told by a supporter who said he rerouted and gained access with a server from a neighbouring country and told me he lived in Berlin. We had no problem corresponding however. After one year on jew tube, my web channel was shut down for two weeks, but the day before the event I loaded another similair channel, I must be a little phsycic they tell me, but chance favors the prepared mind, if you know how the cretin kikenvermin thinks you can always stay a step ahead of the vermin. Sleep with a loaded gun under your pillow, I know I do

  16. Shitrael says:

    If only more people can wake up to the truth…

  17. Captain Zen says:

    I may not have an opinion, but this site helps my study about religions tremendously. My eyes have been open from birth, I am not part of the matrix, a loner, a skilled craftsman artist I work but for myself. Traveled through the world , set foot in 50 countries, always been welcome everywhere, I wonder why the jews need their fear based superiority complex, I never will understand why one needs to rule another. In understanding I say: What a shit world I find myself in, was this the meaning of the creator when he set us upon the planet!? And will the creators let this continue or shall they come down one day and clean up the mess? In the meantime, kudos to SN to try open eyes and wake the sleepers.

  18. By: jonathan says:

    interesting site, the time for half measures is long past. call a spade a spade. a moneyloving jew a moneyloving jew. end of discussion. now go start some shit with any one who cares too. peace and humptiness

  19. I realize the Jewish race and religion as a whole is the problem, it is ingrained into their culture and belief system that they must exploit and subvert the Goyim. I don’t agree that they need to be wiped out though. They all need to be exiled to a new homeland, and watched to make sure they stay there. This my be a greater punishment, they will have to live life with no goy to exploit, no cheap labor. They will have to grow their own food and make their own goods. Jews hate manual labor, and condeming their race to this and no hope of ever being able to leach off the human race is fitting punishment.

    • Ok. You just go ahead and repeat the mistakes of the past, and we’ll see your ancestors right back in the same fucking boat again. I don’t think I’m stupid enough to try caging them, exiling them, or anything of the sort again. They had their chance.

  20. I think Mr, Austin skipped over this one, as it pertains to a credibility issue surrounding TPOTLEOZion. If it was indeed a forgery like jews like to maintain, then why did the Dept. Of Defence in the USA during those years, take it seriously enough, to examine the entire contents with a fine toothed comb, and declaring it not only genuine, but a dangerous threat to the sancity of the US of America, Of course, all that stuff has long been surpressed, butt its there if you want to dig it up, like I did. Victory or Valhalla. everyone.

    • Although I am certain that a bunch of filthy jews wrote these Protocols, the actual origins and genesis of the texts are irrelevant to the real question here, which is: Have jews adopted the Protocols as their playbook for world domination? All any honest, inquiring mind has to do is simply cross-check each protocol with REALITY in oder to find out…

      …to a T, my friends.

  21. great website,i learned quite a few things here..its important we have the option to view the other side of the coin in regards to these jews,in America we only hear how they suffer,how their the victims here and we need to remember how a handful of them died pfffft,nobody killed more people on this earth then jews,just there mere existence caused millions to die and most folks in America cant see through their manipulative diversion..why does the USA stand behind these cockroaches? its driving our country in complete ruin financially and culturally,how do you eliminate those cockroaches? especially when folks look at them like poor harmless victims,im so fed up with Zionist control of my country i wouldnt shed a tear if Iran nuked Isarel off the map,but then America would be the new Zionist motherland and bring ten folds the trouble they give us now…feels like a lost cause 🙁

    • It’s not “zionists” it is JEWS, and nothing is a lost cause unless you are willing to put your head down, shut the fuck up, and forget you ever knew anything. NOTHING is impossible. Don’t let them convince you that it is. Getting rid of Israel wouldn’t even begin to touch the jew problem around the globe.

  22. SHADOW HUNTER says:





    • There is nothing infantile about calling jews rats, and they have rightly been labeled as vipers as well. These disgusting gutter creatures fit the bill quite well. I don’t really care what you call yourself. I know more than what you think. There is nothing wrong with hate, it’s a healthy human emotion and safety mechanism. Fear is indeed their tool, but hate is ours…we own that. Most people hate rattlesnakes, and all that does is keep them safe, so there is nothing wrong with hate. The whole reptilian thing has been beat to death, so either you have something solid and pertinent, or you are wasting my time. I’ve likely been further down the rabbit hole than you yourself can possibly imagine, so before you go preaching to the preacher, you might want to bring something useful my way. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get rid of these fucking rats… fact, it’s so simple you seem to have overlooked it yourself. I’m not going to go switching beats and calling them reptilians or anything of the sort. They are jews, and they will be rightly labeled as such and dealt with accordingly. What is in my head is not what I think I know….the things I don’t know to be fact, I don’t speak about on this site, period. The spears are already locked and loaded, and indeed pointed in the right direction. I would absolutely LOVE for you to show me how they are not.

      • You are quite right to describe them as rats . The prophet muhammed once said “A GROUP OF JEWS BECAME LOST , NO-ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM , BUT I BELIEVE THEY UNDERWENT A PROCESS OF METAMORHOSIS AND ASSUMED THE SHAPE OF RATS !!!” (Sahih muslim vol 4 , page 1541)

  23. I love how people read a few things at your site Adam and “assume” you have put EVERYTHING on here, then make accusations and comments about their own presumptions!

    It is the jews, and they have their own command and control structure with top jews and bottom feeder jews and everything in between.

    Learn how their structure of control works guys, learn about THE CITY OF LONDON and how they control all the reserve banks around the world, and own the governments which are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS created to steal your wealth.

    Karan Bhatia was right to say there are MANY non jews selling out to the jew for a few pieces of useless paper, but the problem is the jews. They create a zillion different names to go by, but the one they seem to hate the most is jew.

    Check out this great lecture on the courts and how they operate and see how the pieces fit. ANYONE working in the public sector, law enforcement, military, local councils, banks etc are working FOR the monster, and most don’t know it.

    It is about knowing WHO YOU ARE, and who THEY are. They are private corporations OWNED and run by jews, with pissant non jews in the mix, and they will be delt with as jews. They tread a VERY FINE LINE trying to convince you they have power over you. See Adams “Invisible Barriers” video to see what I mean.

    NO CORPORATION, or man, can tell you what to do. If you are harming no-one under common law, then there is no problem.
    They must convince you they rule over you with threats, but if they use force they know it will be open for all to see and a full blown dictatorship in which people will fight to the death.

    They are betting FEAR will scare people into submission….how wrong they are…..there is no place on the planet they can run to, and no amount of money will save them.

    • I don’t know why people do that, but I thought it would be rather obvious that when coming to this site you are dealing with someone who sees through the veil. If there are many others who can see like I do, I’ve never once seen them share anything worth a damn, because what I see is light years beyond what almost ANYONE has EVER come out and openly told the public.

      This site focuses on ONE THING for a very good reason. The SOURCE of our worldly problems are the JEWS. Who knows, maybe they are some reptilian creature of sorts, or neanderthals, or a dozen other things. The ONLY important thing is that they are NOT human. They do NOT have a conscience, they don’t feel pity or remorse. They are soulless demons who don’t believe in an afterlife. To them life is food, sex, and money. Their whole goal in life is to TAKE as much as possible, without regard for humanity. There is no need to go chasing ghosts. I have correctly pointed everyone in the direction of the jew. Maybe in the future I’ll cover the deeper aspects, but for now, not much else is needed. You know the jew is the problem, so now it’s time to shut them down.

      The whole strawman, admiralty/maritime law vs. common law is a VERY important peg in all of this too. My invisible barriers video was a DIRECT reference to things of this nature, but there is FAR MORE….As far as them being reptilian or whatever, I’ll say this. It doesn’t matter if they are reptiles, dinosaurs, neanderthals, or fucking giraffes. The JEW is the center of it all, and that is the most important and pertinent fact. The focus must stay on them, and not be shifted to any other targets, no matter what you want to call them or yourself, haha. If people stay focused on these RATS, the problem will eventually come to the right conclusion.

  24. damn right Adam, in my opinion, all religions are literature, written by man, to guide others through a righteous path, the info in the holy books should not be taken literally. All religions (except judaism) tell almost the same thing, they talk of being good. It is my belief that there is a creator of us all, someone must have caused the big bang to happen too right?, but that creator has not revealed itself to anyone except those who die. if we forget about religion and simply focus on what is right and wrong then there will be no wars between christians-muslims, hindus-muslims, etc. We would all save the money spent on defence and build out societies, and then we will be able to clearly see that all the wrong that has been going on is because of the jews.

    • libertyreigns says:

      Excellent Karan! I agree! I’ve been around the world, it’s pretty clear how the rat has subverted the globe to their degenerate agenda. SN: you got it all on point, I love it when people are direct. I’m pretty much like you, after years down the rabbit hole, the inevitable conclusion is the Jew. The Druids are being implicated so that Scottish, Germanic, and other European and Celtic peoples seem like the architects. After spending time in a Muslim country, (and as backwards and creepy as many aspects of their society were to me, it’s nothing compared to the Jew beliefs) it’s clear to me that there is a clear distinction between human compassion and the Jews mimicry of humanity for their exploitation of us. They rape and murder our children, drive warfare, divide and conquer. There is a final solution, even if Hitler was another Jewgenda Rothschild tool, he was right with that statement, that the solution was their elimination. After examining the intricacies of MK Ultra, Monarch programming and other unbelievable tactics they employ, it’s hard to ignore the fact that many Gentiles are complicit, some knowingly, some unknowingly, and this is true worldwide. We need to push the truth harder, every day, especially to those on the bubble of an epiphany.

  25. In regards to the origins of the modern day Jew,there is no speculation necessary. They lie so often,that they must have frames of reference for the truth as they see it. 1901-1905 editions of the JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA contains a study of 3,000 Jews from around the world,the study was carried out by Jews Dr. Maurice Fishberg
    “As is at present accepted by nearly all anthropologists, the shape of the head is the most stable characteristic of a given race” (Jew. Enc. IV (1902), 335).

    Modern day Jews,precluding less than %2 can be traced back to Ancient Anatolia,modern day Turkey,and parts of Armenia.

    “What is worthy of notice is the small percentage of dolichocephaly—only 1.58 percent—and the large preponderance of brachycephaly, 76.48 per cent” (Jew. Enc. IV (1902), 334).

  26. Speaking from studying much facts concerning “religion”:
    Christianity is a jewish invention. Its goal? The psychic (and physical) enslavement of all gentile races.
    Make the planet a one-world slave state ran straight out of israel.


    The 1st practitioners of christianity are jews, such as st. paul.
    Look at the line of popes, then see how many of them were/are racial jews.
    jesus was a jew, his parents were jews, his 12 apostles are jews.

    christianity is a counterfeit rip-off of pagan religions that predated both christianity and judaism from 100s-1000s of years.

    Hence how Satan in hebrew means enemy. But hebrew has its roots in Sanskrit, and in Sanskrit the term ‘Satan’ translates to ‘Truth Eternal’.

    This is because god and the devil are backwards, god does the soul stealing, and Satan is the True Creator God of the Gentiles.

    Excerpt from sermon:
    “The Sanskrit root word “Sat”, also sometimes “Satya” means Truth. “An” is also a shortening of “Ananta” which means Eternal/Infinite/Never ending, etc. The name
    “Satan” as a whole can also therefore be translated as “Truth Eternal” or “The Infinite and Never Ending Truth”. Our God Satan IS the Eternal, Infinite and Never Ending Truth!

    The enemy jews stole this, incorporating it into their forged “language”
    they call hebrew, changing the meaning of this Sacred Name to “adversary”. What
    they are blatantly saying is that the Eternal and Never Ending Truth, Satan, is
    their adversary. Truth is their worst enemy, as they are nothing but lies.

    As well as this, Satan is also a name and word of great Spiritual Power and
    Enlightenment. As High Priestess Maxine Dietrich says on the Joy of Satan site,
    “Satanama”, also a longer version of Satan, is an extremely Powerful Sanskrit
    Mantra which has been used for thousands of years to reach a state of Spiritual

    “Satan” can also be found in many other Powerful Sanskrit words. Here are a few
    -The “Four Kumaras” or great Spiritual Powers were called Sanaka, Sanatana,
    Sanandana and Sanatkumara. The Four Kumaras were called the “Sons of Brahma”.
    Brahma here appears to be a name for the infinite Energy and Power called
    “Ether” from which all was created, and the “Four Kumaras” seem to represent the
    Four All Powerful Elements, Ether being the Fifth and the originator of the
    others. The Elements are vital to all existence and form the Soul. Satan gave us
    our Soul, and Satan is a Master over the Elements.
    -The Sanskrit word Sanaatan or Sanataana which means eternal, fixed, perpetual,
    ever present, the fixed creation and also Ancient and everlasting.
    -The term “Sanatan Dharma” which means “The Eternal Law” or “Eternal teaching of
    Truth” which was the original name given to the religion followed by the people
    of the Indu’s Valley.
    -Santa which in Sanskrit means peaceful, calm and stilled, i.e. the state of
    Meditation where the mind is cleared and focused on one point. It can also mean
    “complete” and also “equilibrium”.
    -SatNam which means “the True Name”.
    -Satsang which means “the wise”.

    The Sanskrit word for “lineage”, “race” or “descending from” is also SaMtaana,
    and this was used as a term for Gentile People in Sanskrit. It’s interesting
    that the word for Race or Lineage contains the name Satan within it, as this is
    yet more proof of the Gentile People being descended from Satan and so deeply
    connected to our True God Satan. SaMtaana also means “continuous flow”,
    “connection to”, “family” and “children”.

    The name “Satan” has always been associated with great Power and Importance.”

    and *(on this site, download it was a site that completely exposed the real truth [and origins] of the jewish race and how they destroyed a Pagan world and turned the human race against its Creator God now known as Satan. (Enki, Ea, Poseidon, Ptah, Agni, Melek Ta’us, they’re all the same being.)*

    • Not to be rude…

      But who fucking cares? The world is falling apart, sitting around studying ancient religious theories changes sweet fuck all for the present reality of bank swindles, corruption, sexual exploitation, GM food, poisoned water, foreclosures and on and on.

      Sitting around reading about fairy-tales all day does NOTHING.

      It’s like British Israelism and it’s modern day version Christian Identity. – Well who really got it going? Henry Spelman (Jew.)

      It was created not only to appeal to vanity but to keep the ‘readers’ occupied with bullshit. If those people put their reading/writing skills to good use … damn who knows what they would have found.

      • Well said. Who really gives a shit? Until we stomp these critters to hell and back, and get our hands on the knowledge that has been stolen, hidden, and suppressed, we’ll just keep chasing our fucking tail. I tried to make all this real easy for people…..JEW = PROBLEM…….NO MORE JEW = FIRST CHANCE AT A SOLUTION. What else do we need to do? OH RIGHT, form the fuck up and kick their asses. Or we can sit around eating our GMO food, drinking fluoridated water, and watching jews protest against the jews of wall street!

        • That was my point, in the translation/research of ALL ancient artifacts, a jew was always involved. So why would they want to keep people away from the character they know as Satan?

          Because Satan is a real being that HATES THE JEWS!!!!


          I am all for forming up and destroying the jew, but christianity is THEIR TOOL, and it is very powerful, and people don’t see/know it.

          Thats merely what I tried to point out, the jew first took control using christianity. Why else would they burn ancient libraries, murder off “heathens and heretics” and in return, force our ancestors to worship a kike and a kike-created god?

          We can kill of the jew, but if we keep the notion of “god or jesus” in the slightest form, you’ll have assholes defending the kike-of-a-pope and the child-molesting jews running the vatican.

          • Well, I’m not sure about Satan exactly, but I do know that the ancient texts from Sumeria point to some very interesting happenings before our time. Everything we’ve been told is a lie, no doubt, but I’m not about to go praising satan any time soon. I’ll leave my final decision on matters such as that for the time when I have irrefutable proof of what really happened in my hands. Seeing how I haven’t been able to raid the vast catacombs beneath the Vatican and London, I can’t make a final say on the whole “satan” bit.

            You don’t have to convince me that christianity is bullshit, that much is plain to see. In fact, I knew it was all ridiculous as a young child. My parents put me through Lutheran, Baptist (I was baptized too, and it’s a very displeasing experience for a young child), Presbytarian, Methodist, and so many others I can’t count. The people who cling to that bullshit and any form or interpretation of the jewish bible are soon to have a rude awakening. It was enough for me to get a migraine every time we went to church as a child…..the places just wreaked of evil and self centered, self righteous shit stains, but they will learn of their follies the hard way, just like everyone who I have tried to warn and speak out to. I really don’t give a fuck about any of these people anymore, because you can see VERY FEW give a fuck about me and my sacrifice for them.

          • SV says: ..JEW = PROBLEM…….NO MORE JEW = FIRST CHANCE AT A SOLUTION. What else do we need to do? OH RIGHT, form the fuck up and kick their asses.
            Ok SV. I’ll bite. Are you suggesting some sort of new kristallnacht??? How exactly is that supposed to happen?? It would have to be planned in total secrecy with no infiltrators. It would also have to be widespread.ovistocs work against anything like that. The news know it. They’ve got us by the short hairs.

          • Nothing needs to be planned in secrecy. Right out in the open is better. When you hide, they can make you look like something is wrong with what you’re doing. It’s not hard to network and make something grow. With a clearly defined goal and good leadership, anything is possible. The problem is, most people aren’t ready to let go of the matrix to make it happen. They will be soon enough.

  27. Question: What happens to a person who is born from a Jewish mother, and that mother is half German from her dad’s side?

    The person’s father is completely European (English / Scottish).

    What happens when that person is reported to the authorities by his / her own mother and is now hiding from his parents because he is afraid to let them know where he / she lives?

    The person was brought up where the mother was completely dominant over the father, and the mother constantly screamed at him and did all sorts of strange things like coercing him into having naked wrestling matches with another man, while her 5 year old son watched?

    The mother constantly and repeatedly screamed at my father and called him worthless while leeching off him and doing no work. The mother constantly brainwashed the children into thinking White Men were evil and “authoritarian”.

    What the fuck does this person do now that he has researched and discovered the truth of what is happening? What happens when he completely agrees, should he terminate his own life even though he is totally against what is happening, but knows he has some jew dna?

    • No, I don’t think killing yourself is EVER the answer, and make note of that, because I’m sure some day the jews will off me and say I killed myself or something ridiculous. Take for instance what they did to Curt Maynard. I highly doubt he shot his wife and kids and then blew his own head off with a high powered rifle while driving an automobile down the road.

      My research shows most people are mixed with the jew in some way, shape, or form. The answer is still genetic, it’s just a matter of what marker defines these creatures. For those we can not be sure about, they will most certainly be defined by their deeds. In fact, this may be the only way we’re able to sort them out, because many genetic scientists were killed as the human genome was unraveled. I am still searching for a way to positively separate jews from the rest of humanity, and their deeds are one of the best ways I know of, because NO MATTER WHAT they ALWAYS tip their hand in one fashion or another. Also let me add that it doesn’t matter if someone is jewish OR NOT, because many NON-JEWS such as the freemasons are just as guilty, and should not be spared simply because they are not jewish.

      • I completely agree with everything you say, I don’t think of myself as a Jew and look completely European. I hate my mother and seeing what she is and the warped shit she said and did makes me realize it even more. She was also part of the black panther movement and was very proud of it. If I have any jew dna I don’t feel it is active in any way shape or form. I’m certainly doing my part spreading the word.

        • It is what it is, and they will be sorted out one way or another. I wish I had a geneticist to help unravel the mystery completely. It will be easy enough to take the core of the inbred jews and put them through a wood chipper. Everyone else who is left should be monitored very closely for ANY irregular behavior. Danger lies in the fact that many jews will claim to not be jewish, thus leaving the problem unsolved. Anyone who is a geneticist and wants to help should contact me. What we are witnessing is an assimilation process, making it harder to root out all of the jews, but not impossible.

  28. LOL Adam, just maybe common sense and quick action will prevail.

  29. This site is awesome. Straight to the point. I hope more people start waking up and realize that jews are the most racist evil people on earth, but they tell everyone else not to be racist. They are born liars and a disgusting people. And it makes my blood boil that so many people are afraid to tell the truth for fear of being labeled “antisemitic” which is a completely bullshit word in the first place. Keep up the good work.

  30. The horror of this situation is that the “taint” is BOTH genetic AND ideological.

    Take the Torah/Talmud and send it off to a faraway planet and in a few generations you will have a plague upon that world. I know this because I have seen even Asians raised by a single Jewish parent exhibit those same disgusting traits.

    The Khazarians seem to have the highest ability for evil. I always thought that the Arab Jews before, zionism emerged were “ok” since they had been living with Christians and Muslims for over a thousand years in peace. I was wrong.

    It was not Khazaraians who went after Jesus. It was semetic/Hebrews. Whatever taint existed in their blood was wiped out by Christianity, Islam and a few centuries. The modern day Palestinians are the closest ancestors of the Hebrews. It only took 1400 years of Islam to do it.

    Christianity + Islam + 1400 + years rehabilitated SOME of them.
    We will not be getting another Mohammad, another Jesus and we sure as hell do not have 1400 years.

    I have looked at this situation and weighted all options with all possible mercy. They deserve none.

    Anyone who spends enough time looking into this issue begins to realize this. Jefferson did, Hitler did etc… Heinrich Himmler was a big fan of Islam and so was Hitler and many of the National Socialist Party members. They saw Islam as the exact opposite of Judaism, and it is. The true teachings of Christ are the same message.

    The only thing that can defeat this monstrous plague is the one thing they have conditioned us ALL to be repulsed by.

    • The Khazarian story is a jew lie. The jews are all genetically related. It’s not just “Khazars”, it’s all jews, whether they be sephardic, ashkenazi, mizrakhim, italqim, or whatever other flavor you choose. Hell, even the Chinese Kaifeng jews are part of it.

      Christianity and Islam are living in a state of disillusion. Both are a veil for astrology and pagan worship. Yes, they both say some good things in reference to the jew, but they are fallacies, and as such, are not the path to solving the issue.

      • Adam, please don’t take this the wrong way as I’m not saying you’re wrong, but how do we know for sure they are all genetically the same? Is there scientific proof of it, like say from DNA for example? We need to be absolutely sure of this.

        And I know you say they all have to go but I have a hard time wrapping my head around that because I can’t see how they’re “all in on it” so to speak. I mean take someone like Adam Sandler for example. Is he evil just because he is Jewish? I’ve never seen or heard of him doing anything questionable. Or a guy like Rich Eisen (analyst on the NFL network). Like you say, their actions give them away and I just don’t see all them acting in evil ways. Please help shed some light on this. Thanks.

        • The genetic evidence is already widely available stating jews are all the same. The jews know this to be fact, and your ignorance of it, doesn’t change it into anything else. History has already proved for THOUSANDS OF YEARS that the jews are evil as fuck. How fucking hard is it to understand? What, you think SOME jews NOW are somehow better than all the jews have been for THOUSANDS OF YEARS????????? Your “belief” as to whether they are “all in on it” doesn’t matter. Adam Sandler, like every other jew makes references to pedophilia, bestiality, and other deviant jew behavior in his movies. NO DIFFERENT. ALL JEWS benefit from being part of the tribe. Whether you can see them as evil or not, is not the issue. It would be funny to go back and see how many times Sandler and Eisen have helped uphold the bullshit holocaust lie, because they are part of the brood.

          Here is a quote from a jewish genealogy website stating very clearly that all of the different jews (sephardic, ashkenazi, etc.) are all the same, falling under the ethnic element of “Israelite”. This isn’t to argue who is a “true Israelite” or anything else. This is just evidence that ALL JEWS are part of the SAME GROUP, and solid proof that the DNA evidence is there to back it up.

          The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews from the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations from the globe is Israelite. The Israelite haplotypes fall into haplogroups J and E. Ashkenazim also descend, in the smaller way, from European peoples such as Slavs and Khazars. The non-Israelite haplogroups contain Q (normally Central Asian) and R1a1 (generally Eastern European).

          The ONLY GROUP of “jews” that ARE NOT genetically related to the rest are the FAKE Ethiopian black jews, because they are Africans, not jews. That’s it.

    • Cro Magnon says:

      elwad, Have you actually researched “Khazaria” beyond what the Jews have written about it? Shlomo Sand and Arthur Koestler are the popular primary sources for this legend. Both of them are Jews and Zionists. Why would you trust a liar to do anything other than lie?

      I researched this for months and there is hardly anything out there on this “Khazaria” other than what is written about by the above Jews (and some other Jews too). Almost all of it in the 20th century. Even the maps come from one of the books.

      There were Jews in Caucasus, definitely. But there were Jews all over Europe and Asia. All over. They’re lying about history. Something is seriously wrong with history, it has been majorly tampered with.

      Most people are too brainwashed to realize that Galilee was Gaul and Samaria was Sarmatia. These Jews, whoever they are, were the ruling class who delivered ‘divine law’ all over the world. They don’t look past Palestine for an origin. It wasn’t just Palestine. Ἰνδία is the Greek name for India. Judea is spelled similarly. In fact, on really old maps, like Laurent Fries, most of Messopatamia is called Judia as is India, part of China, and the Americas.

      I have no idea why, but it looks like they originated in Central Asia and the Caucaus mountains with pockets in Europe. Conicidentally in places they have found Neanderthal bones. Not saying Indians are Jews. But Gypsies are. And Basque people are. Probably. There were also the Median Gutians and the Anatolian Lydians who are likely Jew candidates. Jutland, Jurchen, lots of phonetically similar Jew style words. Norway’s trolls sort of look like stereotypical Jews.

      As to who the Khazars were, well it seems to be applied to Turks/Tartars/Mongols. Who all seem to be historically interchangeable. But my theory is it’s closer to Rome. As in Hail Khazar. Some Byzantine emperors ‘married’ Khazars or had Khazar in their title. Constantinople was occasionally called Jerusalem too (just like a lot of places).

      Some people have tried putting these details together:

      Either way, I don’t like it one bit. I don’t expect everybody to believe. I myself don’t believe. I don’t believe anything because we know nothing. It is as if nearly everything we think we know is a deception at least in part. Do we know anything at all?

  31. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    I don’t see why Jews hate us non-Jews. That’s something I may never find out. That’s a total mystery. Other than that. I’d be really disgusted if the reason is a silly one.

    • The jews are jealous of humanity. We’re better looking, we’re more intelligent, we virtuous, we have souls, we have morality and conscience. They lack so much in comparison to humans, that it isn’t even funny. They want to be the special ones who run everything, humans don’t even care for that, we simply want a decent world, with most of our needs met. The jews despise humans, because they are NOT LIKE US.

      • NOT LIKE US…..I think people need to watch the movie “THEY LIVE” to get a more graphical look. Yes its a movie, but the evidence suggests Carpenter was ahead of the curve.

        Somethings going to crack soon I think, too many people are getting way too close to the truth of who these creatures are.

        I don’t pretend to know what or who they are, but I can clearly see they are NOT like the rest of the human race. The fact they try so hard to be like but always fail, should be a clue.

        • You’re right, people should see that movie. Unfortunately, I still get emails every day from people who can’t seem to figure out who is a jew, and who isn’t. It’s like I’m the only guy with the sunglasses, and it’s fucking annoying. Makes me want to stomp a mud hole in their ass and force them to put on the glasses, just like the movie. I get sick of people coming to me with “so and so isn’t jewish”, when I know damn well they are. A lot of these people have jewish heroes who write about “zionists” and they don’t want to hear the truth about these jews, they simply want me to tell them that these aren’t really jews. Maybe it’s just jews trying to frustrate me, but still….I need to kick some ass and install the shades on everyone’s faces.

        • Interesting that the John Carpenter movie ‘they live’ would be brought up in this discussion. The one Jew that I have anything to do with (for oppopposition research purposes, I keep him at arms length) has stated that that is his favorite movie along with the Alien series. Interesting indeed.
          This son of a Berber French jewess and non-jewish American WWII GI makes a number of astonishing and contradictory claims:
          1) He once stated he was ‘Jewish but I pass for white.’ then at another time he stated the he was surprised to react as a jew to my awakening white nationalism because as he put it: ”being white is AT LEAST as important to me as being Jewish.”
          3) He is angered at any questions raised by holocau$t revisionism but has full reverence for his aryan father who he will proudly boast ‘never had to kill a German.’
          3) He has a VERY high IQ (over 135 verified) and frequently cites the supposed higher average IQ of Jews to whites but concedes that he inherited it from his aryan father whom he says was well over 160 while his Jew mother was ‘not very smart, closer to 90.’ Go figure.
          4) He will one minute be on a tirade of how the Jews are superior and will rule over all others, that white people will serve the Jews but when you personalize that in regards to his white, gentile father he’s quick to assert that his father would never bow down to a jew. This man truly is a split personality.

          • I doubt the high IQ with him being jewish. Most jews are just psychotic nut cases, which explains what you are seeing.

          • Good God,have people not guessed who put out the high Jewish IQ idea?There is no superior inteligence in stealing European knowledge through the bestial cunning and ruthlessness of an insane criminal dressed in the thin armour of their current ideology…they project thier own jealousy through the gross harm they do Europeans whose culture they mimic and mock-Jews are the only psycho-genetic entity on the planet who have no positive virtues at all.


      The jewish race was *CREATED* to subvert the gentile world, mostly by removing esoteric knowledge and subconsciously programming gentiles to be slaves via christianity. Without it, they would have never been successful in taking over.


      • Cro Magnon says:

        It’s not just Christianity. It’s all the Abrahamic religions. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, all the spinoff sects and cults. That’s half the world’s population right there. Then there are all the related religions like even Japanese Shinto has Jewish elements to it. Hindu comes off as a corrupted form of Buddhism mixed with some mythology and history. Buddhism itself is corrupted as is the similar Zoroastrianism. Gnostic ideology as in acquiring knowledge would be a good thing, but even that got corrupted by Christian Gnosticism.

        It’s all sourced from the same well and every corner you look around or every stone you pick up, you’ll find Jews.

        People need to realize that there are hardly any Jews in the world, they are less than .2% of the global population. US/NATO has killed so many Iraqi civilians that if they were Jews, it would amount to 12% of the Jewish population.

        Under normal circumstances it may be wrong to demonize an entire group of people for the actions of few, but Jews have always been the exception. Most Jews unconditional support Israel and Israeli crimes.. Jewish terror. Most Jews want criminal Pollard released. You cannot trust ANY Jew because most of them are either criminals or protecting criminals. The time for being politically correct is over. They are the ones making the kool aid and coming up with superficial straw men that protect the real problem.

        The problem is a Jewish problem. Their small breeding pool and strong Neanderthal genes are keeping us away from utopia. Seriously.

        • There are more jews than just 2% of the population. They are far too prolific for that lie to be correct. Try more like 10% minimum.

          • Cro Magnon says:

            I thought about that. Plus who knows just how many crypt Jews like the Wahhabist Sauds are out there.

            I have been obsessively studying the world’s Jewish problem and the origin of the Jews in general. The most puzzling aspect concerning these people is just how globally dispersed they have been since the dawn of time.

            What people don’t understand about ancient history is that historical records survive from biased sources. Like from royalty for example. If modern history is propaganda and lies, then established ancient history should not be trusted at all. Especially sources like Josephus and Herodotus.

            If you try and sort through all the BS, you find groups of people with phonetically similar names to Jew (and not Yehudim) all over the world including the Americas. Observing the “Sabbath” and the “law” of the Jews, circumcising infants, praying a certain way (certain direction and having a seizure while doing so), worshiping Yahweh, covering their heads, etc.

            Where and the hell did they come from? Islam itself is a reformation of sorts for orthodox Judaism. The Cherokees and Aztecs were Jews. Japanese Shintos were Jews. Large parts of India were Jews. The entire Red Sea was surrounded by Jews. Much of Arabia was Jews. The only conclusion I can come to is that worlds collided. Symbolically or physically. There is no other explanation for these people’s appearance. It’s sort of like the Aryans. There is no evidence of Aryan invasions, Aryans were just always there. Same with the Jews. They have always been there. They always are in charge of laws and commerce, lending money at interest and enslaving mankind to their debts. The sea-faring Phoenicians even made a precursor to our modern phonetic alphabet to trade with foreigners. Not unlike the Rothschilds setting up international central banks in multiple countries. The Phoenicians were also the Jews. We have a problem. The problem is the Jews. They are the problem. It is a Jewish problem.

            Will the world ever acknowledge and seriously face this problem? Judeophillia is a sickness in the USA, and I would consider all American Protestant Fundamentalists Jews by proxy and call for their extermination as well along with any other layer of protection in the way of exterminating this vermin once and for all.

          • One of the most troubling things is just how prolific jews really are. I have said they easily encompass 10-20% of the population, but I might be short on that. I used to think “Smith” was an average American name. I did telemarketing when I was younger, and I remember the Smith name is the number one name in the phone book. There are more Agent Smiths than anything else, and almost all Smith’s are jews. That one fact should be enough to startle anyone. They are so mixed in with everyone, it’s hard to know who you’re dealing with some days. There are shit tons of jews, and they’ve mixed their ideals and genes into a large percentage of the population too. The problem is more serious than even I thought five years ago.

          • I used to be a fan of “Ian Smith”, the leader of Rhodesia until I figured out that he was most likely just setting that little country up for failure. Look at their “flag” during those years and it has a LION and the EAGLE looking to the side, both jewish banker symbols.

          • Also in the Matrix, we have “Agent SMITH”. That movie is a great metaphor for whats going on. He meets the oracle and she points to the sign above him that says “KNOW THYSELF” in latin.
            To me its about the legal system/admiralty law coming after him(or his strawman) as agent smiths and in the end he realizes WHO HE IS, AND WHO THEY ARE and they have no authority over him whatsoever, thats why he can stop their bullets. Then he goes after them. We are seeing this today with the freeman movement, and the great awakening to the matrix around us, which of course is run by jews and their puppets.

            Of course the freeman movement will realize these creatures do not want anyone to be free which will force the dictatorship out into the light.

            It is not going to be long before people start to see the same crowd behind all the mess.

            The MORE they push the more people they will wake up. Those that don’t see, and protect the “system” will go down with the rest of them.

            What I find rather amusing is they (bankers, politicans etc) think they are safe, not knowing there are people they trust, that are very close to them that are ready to strike. The men they give guns to protect them will be used against them.

          • You are very correct. The freeman movement shows one portion of the matrix that has entrapped everyone. The bankers and politicians aren’t safe….they’re delusional and their days are numbered.

  32. Look at the state of New South Wales in Australia. We have an jew family who runs most major shopping venues and commercial trade properties in the state. A Banking and financial sector that is being gorged on by jews like maggots infesting a corpse, the ANZ Bank is one Jew controlled example. Our critical government agencies which manage vital state assets and infrastructure are fronted by jews or servants impaired by jewery. Is it not astonishing that these same trends of consolidation of power and jew monolopies on assets and industries is occurring worldwide, Yet again (Post 1945).

    As history clearly reveals, These are a race of people who by there very nature are bound to create, or infiltrate existing social structures and establish regimes designed to capitalize on the expliotation of the non jew whilst encouraging a culture of total self indulgence and the highest imaginable levels of jew greed and indifference towards the non jew.

    G.R M (The Chief Rat Sniffer)

    • fuckisrael says:

      Hey G.R.M, I’m from Victoria in Melbourne and there’s this jewish cafe which when you buy things, they support the murderous IDF army.

      Israelians are big nosed assholes.

      Why don’t we just wake the fuck up, get a concious that religion is a waste of fucking time and a form of enslavement, a brain to decide what is truthfully fact or bullshit like the media, a curiousity for information, reasoning, facts, science etc etc and human spirit for good!

      Umm anyways yeah mate I’d reckon there should be a revolution.

      All information can be bullshit. We as humans believe everything we read, but we don’t question it.

      Anyways, i’m going to wait until some group happens to kill the jews and awaken the world from within about these dirty scumbags of trash!

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        Often times, most of the beliefs adults have are just plain stupid and childish…

  33. Hey Adam. This is in response to your comment about the name “Smith.” I was just thinking about this the other day!

    Skip directly to 2:38 in the video:

  34. hey Adam I was reading up about the Jews from Ethiopia who when discovered thought that they were the only Jews on Earth, your thoughts on that? and would u put them in the same category as these “so called jews that are of the synagogue of satan”?

    • The Ethiopian jews are just delusional. They are the only jews on earth that don’t have jewish dna that matches with the rest of the tribe. They’re not jews, just confused Ethiopians. Their dna tells that story.

      • Albion's seed says:


        I am not sure what you mean when you refer to the DNA common to all jews.

        Y-chromosome DNA analysis has soundly refuted the claim that they are the children of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob-Israel in the male line.

        If they were, they would all share the same haplogroup. The same Y-dna is passed from father to son unchanged over tens of thousands of years.

        Instead we find conclusive evidence of diverse and multivariate origins (they are lying mutts).

        The basic Y-dna lines of the self-jews are: J1, J2, E1b1b1a, Eb1b1c, R1a, R1b1, R1b1b2, G2c, and I.

        9 different male tribes for starters. This is proof positive that they are either identity thieves or living under cover of a mythological common origin.

        Descendants of an actual person, Judah, in historical time would all share the exact same Y-dna. Ergo, the self-described jews cannot be who they claim to be.

        You may be referring to the “chromosomal Aaron” claim which is just as absurd since jewish claimants of hereditary priesthood come from 21 different Y-dna groups!

        The matriarchal (mitochondrial dna) origins of the jews are just as multivariate and diverse.

        This bastard-mutt DNA result is congruent with the Roman records that record t king John Hycanus’ victory over the surrounding Edomites. Hyrcanus made these conquered mixed-race peoples convert to Judaism on pains of death resulting in a Roman Judea where Edomite converts vastly outnumbered the Judahite royals, the Sanhedrin, etc. The Hasomean dynasty (Edomite) struck a bargain with Rome to overthrow and execute the Judahite royals and judges and replace them which is exactly what happened.

        From that point on mixed-race Edomite forced converts posing as jews (including the Herodian dynasty backed by Rome) have been the ‘jews’ although they are not of the tribe of Judah.

        • This has nothing to do with who is descended from Judah. It’s very simple. ALL the groups of jews share a common ancestor, probably going back as far as 4-5000 years BC. The reason they are represented across so many different lines of DNA is that jews have been slowly mixing with humans for thousands of years. There IS a common component to all of these groups of jews. What that is has not yet been revealed, but it certainly exists. They are not just some haphazard group, that I guarantee you.

  35. Subverted nation I need your advice.

    I am proudly of Irish and German background. I am proud of my jew free heritage and I promote the destruction of jewery at any given opportunity. I have a keen sence for detecting jew activity and admire the skills of great man, Reinhard Heydrich who was nicknamed the Chief Rat Sniffer. A man who displayed the highest level of professionalism and loyalty to the German cause. A man who showed the guts and determination to that not many men demonstrate in there life for the genuine betterment of mankind and who possessed an uncanny ability to sniff out rat traitors and jews. I have had an association with a rat for 12 months. Over this time I have noticed distinct jew behaviors and I now suspect (based on legitimate intelligence I have gathered) he is of jewish blood. He strongly denies this however I have my own ideas, what would you recommend?

    Thanks for the opportunity to speak freely on this forum. I hope my 2c worth helps to trigger some people to come to a realization that the sharp cost of living is a direct affect of jew greed. Even the high Middle East Oil prices which have a direct affect on us are a result of jew interference.
    The rat cunt I mentioned in a previous reply has now been conspiring with electricity companies to grab a another major price increase on utilities prior to the introduction of a national carbon tax.
    Make no mistake readers the jews greed knows no limits.

    G.R.M (The Chief Rat Sniffer)

    • Sounds like a jew to me. Dunno what you can do about it, but he certainly sounds like a kike.

    • I always find it fascinating when Jews supposedly try to hide their Jewishness. Sure they are deceptive but in my experience their Jewish supremacist pride in being Gods chosen’ trumps that. The ones I have known proudly come out and announce ‘I am a jew’ in the first 5 minutes of any interaction.

  36. Please take the time to have a look at this interesting insight into the lie created by jew deception. Khazars Jews are an ancient Arabic-Asian-Turko-Finn Mongoloid mixture of people who started the lie that Jesus of Nazareth was a jew.

    Jesus abhorred and denounced jews “Pharisaism”; hence the words, in the new testament “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers”.

    G.R.M (The Chief Rat Sniffer)

    • I’m not so worried about the bible stories. True Jesus said the jews were “of their father the devil”. Remember though, a lot of the bible is metaphor and allegory. Deciphering it is the key, not relying on it as the only truth.

  37. Subverted Nation

    Cadres, Here is some information on various issues that many will find informative in the struggle against our common enemy ‘that filthy jew’.

    The next time some soft talking, limp wristed, jew sympathizer, oxygen thief, waste of human biological material starts lecturing on how terrible the deeds of the Nazis were during WW2 remember this. The only terrible thing is that they did not make more of an impact and sadly they did not prevail. Which is why we are now living in such a fucked up world and nearly every significant negative event that has happened worldwide is a direct or indirect result of the filthy jews.

    The German nation were forced into a second conflict through the destructive acts of the versaille treaty and the jews infiltration the German economy, trade and national assets. Many people do not know that Adolf Hitler initially made a formal declaration to Winston Churchill expressing no intent to attack any lands of the british empire. The Nazis considered white Anglo Saxon peoples to be cousins of the teutonic race. The Nazis had planned a model of co existence acknowledging Nordic and Anglo Saxon bloodlines as the second most pure to that of teutonic aryans.

    Had the Germans triumphed over evil they would have paved the way for the following conditions.
    A world free of aids and many other deseases that emerged during the 20th centry.
    A world free of hunger and suffering through poverty and inequality forced upon the world through jewish greed.
    A world free from legal and financial enslavement and the jew imposed system of interest on debt and capital.

    Furthermore whilst this is only my own theory, I personally believe that just like the soviet union the third reich would have dissolved after a short life cycle and the population of the world would finally have been cleansed of the jew and prepared into a position for the remaining human race to progress and enjoy true freedom. True uninhibited access to all the positive opportunities this world has to offer. Mankind free from the evil harbored inside the jew, free from the misery and sickness of the former world under the spell of jewery. A world fit to raise our children in, a world in which our families, friends and fellow mankind could enjoy a true quality of life the way it should to be.
    All these things cannot occur while the jews and there impaired servants continue to persecute us gentiles. Whilst I don’t proclaim to have the answers to the worlds problems. I do have the answer to the problem facing the world. “BRING BACK THE GAS”

    G.R.M (The Chief Rat Sniffer)

  38. SN–

    Hi. I’ve only just heard of you.

    You may be interested to see the site

    The general idea is that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Largely Jewish, in fact. I know this sounds weird if you haven’t heard the idea before. But that’s not my fault. Give it a go


    • Yes, I know that nuclear weapons were faked. Just not something I’ve covered here. Fear is the greatest weapon to control people. They are not as all powerful as most think. Nukes are as laughable as a moon landing.

      • JimbofromOhio says:

        Hi, been awhile. I never thought they used nukes on 9/11, but they disentagrated those buildings with some kinda crazy shit. I never believed planes were used either, due to My experience on navy flat-tops, & being in plane crash and salvage team. Have You ever figured out what vanished those structures?

        • Doesn’t take much more than high explosives to cause such a collapse. Of course, there are other technologies not available to the public that are capable of the same result. Ask Tesla…..oh wait, we can’t because the jews stole his patents and discredited him.

          • JimbofromOhio says:

            Alotta judy woods shit makes sense, but I know shes an ugly jewmonster too. Yea I agree, Tesla technology, and the pure “coincidences” that kikes like Einstien came to this country and “just happened” to get a lowly patent office jobs… has alot to do with where We are today.
            Have You seen or heard this dildo named Jay Weidner talking on internet about the souless, jealous race on earth that controls all banking, money systems, gov, etc. He perfectly described EVERYTHING the kikes do and physical atributes, etc. Then He says they are an ancient alien race known as Archons… Fuckin kikes (low level ones anyway) are really gettin worried, I think even they, are starting to figure out they are as expendable to the ruling kike class as We are. I have even been hearin alot of them lately saying “well maybe there wasnt any planes used in 911” – (alex jones, david kike, freeman fly) , Sounds ALOT like they have been hearing from people that have actually been “Awakened”… You have Roddy Pipered more peoples asses then You thought it seems.

          • I haven’t seen that fella, but it’s interesting the term he uses, because “archon” is a Greek word for “ruler” or “lord”.

            I hope I have made a dent in their bullshit stories…I’m pretty sure I have, because MANY of these lying sacks of shit have had to change their tune to deal with the damage I’ve done. That makes me smile real big.

  39. This is a wonderful post. The crystalline nature in which the information is presented is a refreshing respite in the sea of rhetorical dribble one finds in the blogosphere.

  40. Strongbow says:

    Finally a site that writes how I think!

  41. Strongbow says:

    Just a link to a story of a typical day for these rat faced parasite scumbags! Poor Palestinian guy, hope he pulls through.

  42. Hey Adam, have you noticed that pro-think was interviewed by some Canadian reporters. Well, how can this happen when this is msm. Also now I am sceptical of zioncrime as well. The morons in the forum are so iritating. They are mostly jews that I was able to detect from their writing style and their thinking.

    • Yes, Delaney and Martinson were plants from the beginning. Most of the forums are indeed full of jews. It’s not hard to spot them. Be skeptical of everyone who won’t simply say it like it is. It’s not a difficult thing to do.

      • Delaney and Martinson are DEFINITELY 100% agents of some sort. You can see this with what’s in their message and their behaviours. Why do they both apparently record anyone who phones them? Martinson even allows jews to join his self-absorbed monarchist party! That was the final nail in the coffin for me, along with that recent video of Kike Delaney “chilling out” with him. You were 100% right about JAM Adam, and I think you of all people should write an article exposing him for the shill that he is, because he is the biggest liar and fake of them all. He is a very dangerous person to follow, and a pied piper like no other. He is about as phony as the newspresenter-type voice that he puts on, and his monarchist party will make it’s followers look like complete idiots. He is NOT on our side.

        • Yes, Martinson wanted me to lead his monarchist party. He also wanted me to lead his nazi party, but I wasn’t falling for it. They would just use that to write me off as some loon who wants to be a dictator like Hitler. I saw that shit coming a mile away.

          I DID think at first he was sincere, I must admit, but the further he went screaming that people have no rights, and soft peddling against the jew, the more obvious he became. He is only dangerous because he is believable for a time. However, he keep showing his true colors. I spent almost 2 years talking to this jew daily, so I know quite a bit about his bullshit. Just look at him now though, the symbol for his monarchist bullshit is the lion of judah, lol.

          What’s funny is when I first decided to step up and do something, JAM conference called me with Quest and Kike Delaney. As those two were exposed, he slipped away from them. He certainly spent a lot of time trying to guide me away from many of the truths that I have discovered. In the end, he opened his stupid mouth and pointed me DIRECTLY AT some things I wasn’t paying enough attention to. Those things will be revealed eventually.

          He loved to make his videos, but shit his pants about FIXING the disinfo movie “Missing Links” by helping me make a video exposing the fact that 911 had no planes, lol. He didn’t like that idea for some reason?!? He also didn’t want to help at all with ROK or any other efforts that were aimed at a real solution, and bringing people together. The entire time I knew him, he was passing off private information about me to other jews too. So, eventually it became a matter of keeping your enemies close, until I couldn’t stand the fucker anymore.

          You can rest assured whatever he’s doing won’t be about solving the problem. It will be about exploiting people who want solutions, while leading them into his jewish communist bee hive monarchist party scheme, and telling them to ignore the occult, because that’s where the real questions, and real answers lie. If you really question who Martinson is, look at this photo of known jew Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat). It looks like a dead ringer for Martinson the kike, and fittingly enough, he’s dressed as a dictator, lol. Maybe I should do a side by side of Martinson and this kike.

          • The fact that he teamed up with kike delaney to make missing links was almost enough for me to write him off. Til I saw his ridiculous black Nazi party website, with him standing there like borat and his swastika armband, then I knew for sure he was a jew. Lol, its hard to believe people fall for that kind of bullshit presentation, but I guess it’s how they’ve been trained to look for solutio in thia shitstorm of a movement, if you can call it that.

            There’s no better resource for a solution out there than your book Adam. I read it in pdf, but i’d love to have a hard copy if they’re still available. It would be nice to be able to drop a real book in someone like my dad’s hands so he can go to town on the real truth and not feel like he’s reading some BS printed off the internet. Which Im sure is the idea you were going for in publishing it.

          • Yeah, I wish I had more copies, but I simply don’t. There are very limited number of them floating around out there from the few people who bought it. That was my intention, to put some facts together and get it in people’s hands. Quotes are something people respond to, and trust more than other information, because it comes from the horse’s mouth.

            Lots of people fall for someone like JAM because he speaks to their base desires. He lures them in by telling half truths, and sounding eloquent, just like a slimy used car salesman. He tries to dress in a suit to look like an authority, but these are the things deceivers do. People who talk nicely to you wearing a suit and a fake smile are usually trying to scam you. What they’re saying isn’t right, so they need a facade of “respectability” to gain your trust.

            Read the Marcus Cicero quote on the homepage. That is JAM, Delaney, ZCF, and all their other incarnations.

          • I Knew there was something bad About JAM.

          • Now you have confirmation. Listen to your intuition.

  43. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    “The more you grow and learn, the further indoctrinated you become, and leaders like this chump make sure of it. It is during this period you pick up the preconceived notions and spoon fed opinions that inhibit your ability to see outside of the box.”

    • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

      Reply to my own comment.

      Well, so much for Democracy that many people tend to forget that America and many other countries are republics.

      Materialism is really meaningless when you really think about it, as told from the protocols of Zion

  44. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    “In order to deceive your enemies, you must deceive your allies/friends.”

    Just a little quote

  45. Friend of SubvertedNation says:

    Today, Wayne Madsen announced at his site, that none of his subscribers are allowed to write statements condemning and vilifying Jews because that is a sweeping condemnation of a religion. It is a known fact that his grandmother was an official of the Communist Party in a Scandinavian country, and that his father went to Spain to fight against the Franco regime there; and a jewish subscriber did write that they were jews.

    I am so glad that I have a copy of REVOLUTIONARY GUIDE FOR A SUBVERTED NATION. I do condemn jews and their ‘religious’ texts.

  46. Friend of SubvertedNation says:

    Btw, if you go to his wikipedia entry, you will find that his Commie paternal grandmother, who after WWII was allowed to immigrate to the USA, was soon thereafter kicked out.

  47. Friend of SubvertedNation says:

    And lo and behold, on 3/23, the anniversary of international jewry declaring war on Germany, at his WMR site, in the news and pithy opinions section, Madsen called for Berlin and Frankfort to be bombed-to-shit again by fired-up planes (using his words} gloating over photos he posted of the results of fire bombing on Berlin, stating that the Teutonic spirit needs to be put upon/destroyed every twenty years. Yet Wayne is the man that Delaney and Martinson used to do some narration in “9/11 Missing Links”, who btw, has also announced that last year, he voted for the Kabbala Israelist crazy jewess, Roseanne Barr, for president. Dang!!!

    • These jews always show their true nature. Good to see you here again, friend. Martinson and Delaney have already proven themselves to be the enemy, and collaborating with jews like Madsen just put more nails in their coffins. Rosanne Barr is one disgusting fat feminist pig if I ever saw one!

  48. Friend of SubvertedNation says:

    After people posted evidence on Roseanne Barr’s website a couple of years ago, that Israel/zioncons did 9/11, in a forum that she had put up about 9/11, she DELETED that entire forumle. Sneakly little, oops, fat jewess, later to be chosen by what is called the Peace and Freedom Party to bear their banner for prez.

    I hope you are keeping up with, where Dr. K research has been proving that Jews did Sandy Hook. They have bravely pointed the finger at the Greenbergs, which are the Jews in charge of the insurance racket, called by Mike Piper as the main dukes now in the Rothschild dynasty, replacing the Rockefellers.

  49. Today, drk research appropriately raised and to my satisfaction answered the question,

    “Is the New York-based Wohl Cabal, the true Secret Government of the United States?”

    in its important report at, which I hope all read:

    “Wohl Crime Syndicate Busted as Key Sandy Hook Perpetrator.”

  50. “Was John Hagee Told by the Israelis When they Plan to Blow Up the World?” is debated by VidRebel.wordpress this week, and I hope you get a chance to read. Also earlier this week horse237 posted there: “Quotes About Jews that You will Never Read in School” — also an excellent report. Talk about deceivers!!

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