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Homes Selling For $1000

Homes Selling For $1000

Get yours while you can, right? Doubtful, since most non-jews are losing their asses all across America. People are tightening their budgets and focusing on being able to afford food, as prices for that necessity sky-rocket across the nation.

I almost wanted to say, “I’ll give you one guess who’s buying up these cheap properties”, but there is no need for guessing. The jews who took your investments and retirements on Wall Street are likely to be the only ones grabbing up these bargains. So, down with the swirling water we go, as America’s economy is flushed out, and the real money makes it’s way to Israel.

This article here outlines that homes for under $3,000 are numerous in some places, with Detroit having one of the longest list of homes in this price range. So much for American industry.

Of course, in that article, the pitty party is given to the lenders, of all people because, “With prices this low, lenders aren’t looking to make any money on these deals. They just want to get these houses off their books, so they don’t have to bear the cost of maintaining them and paying property taxes.” Yet, I will be the first one to call BULLSHIT on that idea. The jewish lenders and money changers have made money hand over fist with their tactic of usury and debt enslavement. In fact, I’m sure most people now are struggling to keep their heads above water, gasping for air, trying to feed these greedy demonic fuckwads.

This is how you deal with these dirty demonsWe are quickly approaching the time when we either stand up and take these vile jewish cretins out, before they have their hands on so much of America it becomes near impossible to get rid of them. Ever wondered how many leeches one body can support before it’s simply sucked dry? You’re about to find out. Worse yet, these filthy jews have a history of genocide, mass murder and holocausts, also known as burnt offerings, leaving Americans with far more to worry about than just putting food on the table. Speaking of putting food on the table, are you going to wait until you’re starving to death to fight these parasites off; or are you going to get off your ass and give these disgusting posessed corpses the stomping they deserve? Better make your mind up quick.

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