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Holocaust Fable Reinforcement

Holocaust Fable Reinforcement

It seems it’s that time of year again for us all to bow our heads and remember the poor jews who died in their fake holocaust. Did I say fake already? I swear I can’t get the word holocaust out without the word “fake” in front of it. Considering holocaust has become synonymous with the faked deaths of 6 million jews in Germany during WWII, I can’t help but utter fake before I say holocaust.  Regardless of all the propaganda from Hollywood and the jew owned media, I don’t think many people buy their bullshit anymore.

What is the really sad part about this picture? These rats were later released from the camps, and now they prey on you and your children.

So now it is time for us to remember the poor jews who were torched in ovens (never happened), gassed with diesel engines (not scientifically possible), fed to German dogs (also never happened), had their babies used as skeet targets by Nazi officers (fable), and even had their naked asses spanked out in the open by Nazi soldiers (sick jew fantasy).

There are so many horrendous (read: untrue) stories that go with the fake jew holocaust it’s not funny. If you’ve read this article of mine, then you will know that I am NOT a holocaust denier. I can’t deny the holocaust of millions of non-jewish peoples at the hands of the jew. Nothing I do will change the fact that the deaths of these untold millions came at the hands of jews, while the fable of six million jews killed by Germans just can’t be scientifically, statistically, or factually proven.

Just a few days ago, this story popped up on the radar, and I guess I hadn’t been paying attention, because I didn’t realize it was close to the anniversary of the holocaust. While I’m saying “the holocaust”, why is it the faked deaths of six million jews is THE holocaust? What exactly is a holocaust anyway? According to wikipedia:

A holocaust is a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire. The word derives from the Ancient Greek holocaustos (ὁλόκαυστος = ὁλον [wholly] + καυστος burnt), which is used solely for one of the major forms of sacrifice. When the Tanakh was translated into Greek, the translators used the term for a similar ritual among the Jews.

Jewish sacrifice

A “whole offering” (Hebrew: olah‎), or “burnt offering”, is a type of Biblical sacrifice, specifically an animal sacrifice in which the entire sacrifice is completely burnt, consumed totally by fire.

So, a holocaust is a religious animal sacrifice, and it’s origins stem from the Greek word for burnt. A holocaust is a burnt offering of animal flesh, but if it’s a burnt offering, and no jews went in the ovens, who was being sacrificed? Maybe the reason they call it “holocaust” is in relation to the burnt offering of hundreds of thousands of Germans in Hamburg (50,000 civilians burnt to death by allied bombs)?

This is a view of Dresden from the air. The entire city is on fire, and in this view you are watching 250,000 people go up in flames with it. This is what a real burnt offering looks like.

Or maybe it’s the holocaust of civilian non-jews in Dresden where 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices were dropped on the city, incinerating as many as 250,000 people and leveling nearly 15 square miles? Look at the number of people within one or two city blocks surrounding yourself and then imagine fifteen square miles of that leveled by carpet bombing the area for almost 3 days.  That was one hell of a burnt offering if I ever saw one, and one called down upon the innocent civilian populations by the jews.

Certainly toasting 90,000–166,000 people in one bright flash could qualify as a holocaust, or burnt offering, right? That was just Hiroshima alone, bombed by jew made nuclear weapons on the orders of our then jew president.  Nagasaki was another 60-80,000 people who went up in a burst of fire and light at the hands of the jews. The jews murder and torch people by the thousands and even millions so frequently, it really makes one wonder how insatiable their appetite for burnt offerings and blood sacrifice is.

Look closely at this little skeeze, because this is what the enemy looks like when it's playing benevolent victim. Don't be fooled because that innocent smile hides the fangs of a blood thirsty vampire.

Anyway, it appears someone actually paid attention while reading through jew propaganda, and found that “The Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition”, the story of Anne Frank(enstein) was full of explicit material and homosexual themes. One parent complained, and instantly the story was national news, because we know Anne Frankenstein’s diary is an important peg in the whole 6 million dead jews holocaust hoax.

Anyone familiar with the jews will know that they can’t ever seem to keep their lust for playing with feces, children as sex toys, and homosexual activity out of anything they produce.  No doubt this parent was justified in complaining, but all the excitement over it makes the whole event questionable. It’s just another obvious sign the jews are worried our children won’t get their holocaust indoctrination at an early enough age. Throw in the fact that the writing is full of smut and homosexuality, and this is something jews will fight tooth and nail to keep on the curriculum for eighth graders.

The diary documents the daily life of a Jewish girl in Amsterdam during World War II. Frank started writing on her 13th birthday, shortly before her family went into hiding in an annex of an office building. The version of the diary in question includes passages previously excluded from the widely read original edition, first published in Dutch in 1947. That book was arranged by her father, the only survivor in her immediate family. Some of the extra passages detail her emerging sexual desires; others include unflattering descriptions of her mother and other people living together.

Allen said that the more recent version will remain in the school library and that the earlier version will be used in classes. The 1955 play based on Frank’s experiences also has been a part of the eighth-grade curriculum for many years. The diary’s “universal theme, that there is good in everyone, resonates with these kids,” Allen said.

The universal theme of the diary is that poor jews suffered, and we should feel sorry for these eternal victims, but who feels sorry for these blood thirsty demons playing the helpless victim? Fuck the jews and their pity party. This fool lies like hell when he tries to tell us “there is good in everyone”, because after thousands of years, hundreds of exiles, and hundreds of millions of people sacrificed in burnt offerings by the jew, it’s obvious there is nothing good in any of them.

Nagasaki, Japan lay smouldering in the wake of the jews atomic weapons. Tens of thousands totally consumed by fire in an instant certainly qualifies as a "burnt offering".

The persistent failure of the jews to even attempt to prove otherwise, for millennium after millennium, means only a fool would give them the chance to ante up now. Even the situation in Haiti could have been a good opportunity for jews of today to prove they were somehow different or better than all the jews of history, but they can not resist exploiting suffering. Instead of bringing real aid, these creatures pounce on the poor and devastated people of Haiti, with the taste of blood and thoughts of free organs and child sex slaves, like vultures pecking at a fresh road kill.

As it turns out, the complaint wasn’t enough, because the full work of Anne Frank’s fabricated homosexual perversion has already been reinstated, but it was never physically removed either. This story has the kind of timing and effect that every annual holohoax fable has. Look at the ruckus this little fiasco caused, and ask yourself why everyone is in such an uproar.

Director of instruction James Allen last week told The Washington Post that the definitive edition of the diary would not be used in the future and that the decision was made quickly, without adhering to a formal review policy for instructional materials that prompt complaints. The remarks set off a hailstorm of criticism online and brought international attention to the 7,600-student school system in rural Virginia.

All this did was stir up feelings of poor persecuted jews, while they rape you to death from every angle, just in time for holocaust remembrance day. It should disgust you so much it turns your stomach that these vile creatures continue playing victim, while standing a top heaps of hundreds of millions murdered in their wake. Only pure evil would present itself as the timid, fearful, and persecuted with it’s fangs and talons still dripping wet in blood.

If you want to believe in the fake jew holocaust, you need to believe in Nazis shrinking jew heads, making soap out of jew fat, and making lampshades from their skin. The jews should be fed to dogs for making up such stories, but they already came up with that one too.

As if the usual chicanery wasn’t enough. As if the stories of shrunken heads, and jews removing gold teeth from their dead relatives wasn’t sick enough, especially with the knowledge that it never happened, it seems a jew has actually made a mock up of Auschwitz with gold teeth from dead jews. That’s right, a jew made a model of Auschwitz using the gold teeth from jews who died there. Even more shocking is the claim that these teeth alone yielded 2.3 kilos (5.1 pounds) of gold alone!

Check out the photos of this monstrosity here and see for yourself. Apparently this work is more than a year old, and was of course, displayed at a gallery in Germany, as if to say thanks for the “burnt offering” of all your innocent civilians.  The exhibit was closed within hours due to it’s controversial nature. However, just like the Anne Stank story, this one is just a little more controversy to keep the fake holocaust of jews at the forefront; while at the same time totally ignoring the real burnt offering of millions of humans to whatever evil manifestation the jews sacrifice too.

The pathetic swine seen posing naked here is the one responsible for the Auschwitz model supposedly made of gold teeth pulled from dead jews during the fake 6 million jew holocaust. The story must be true if someone of his caliber says it is so, right?

The truth is, the gold probably came out of Fort Knox, or was extracted from Germany when the jews took over after WWII. To them it symbolizes the prized golden city of Auschwitz, and the holocaust of thousands of Germans left in their wake. To them it is a mockery of your ignorance, and solidifies their golden opportunity to enslave your minds with the fable of the poor jew as the eternal victim.

This holocaust remembrance day, try to remember what a farce the jew stories are, and share that truth with others. Try to have a laugh at the bogus stories of shrunken heads, lampshades, and soap made from jews. Instead of thinking of the fake holocaust this remembrance day (whatever day that is), spend your time imaging how peaceful, safe, and tranquil the world could be if we actually did slow roast the jews over an open flame.

After all, this is why jews lay wreathes around their little fire at the Yad Vashem holocaust museum, because they know what’s coming for them all. Hell hath no fury like a human who has awakened from the jew induced dream state. The jews already know that once their spell is broken, there will be no quarter and they will “totally consumed” in a “burnt offering” which will bring peace to the entire earth.

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