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Guns Sales & Other News

Guns Sales & Other News

gun-showGuns are selling out everywhere and making the jew criminals nervous. Take a look at this article HERE, and see how it ties directly into what I’ve been talking about recently.

Then, take a look at this wonderfully inspiring article HERE where a man in Columbia, TX attempting to commit a robbery is shot DEAD by a citizen with a concealed weapon. Now, if Americans would start shooting the rest of the crooks, we could employ some REAL leaders to take this nation into a bright new future. Think it’s a game, but they’re not after your guns because they fear your protest signs and bullhorns.

Note that the first story may get lots of publicity, and even the NRA, which is mentioned in it; but don’t forget what I said about that group of jews. Also note, this second article won’t get hardly any publicity at all, because it completely goes against what they want you to believe. So much for ABC’s attack on gun rights. This just blew their whole fantasy land of disarmed America out the window, but that doesn’t mean these jews will give up that easy. In the case of Mr. Poplawski, the rat that shot three police officers dead in cold blood, the judge has issued a gag order due to all the press it’s getting. How interesting. Maybe it’s the press like this website has given it that they don’t appreciate?

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