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Give No Quarter – Ask No Quarter UPDATED AGAIN


I haven’t done a video in a good long time. Takes a lot of inspiration for me to commit to something like a video, for which I have little patience, but I have seen the impact they can have, so check out this new video while it lasts. Rip and spread as much as you like. The more the better when it comes to my videos which are quickly and repeatedly banned. I’ll try to keep it alive as long as I can.

Hurry, watch it while you can.


Like I said, it wouldn’t last long. Here is an alternate copy by another user. Get this video. Rip and spread. Upload to multiple accounts, whatever you like. Thankfully, one or two people already did this and it’s still alive. Watch it while you can. I’ll try to get it hosted on alternate sites and add more links to it.

No Quarter – Subverted Nation from Subverted Nation on Vimeo.

*********UDATE TWO*********

See, some people think this shit is a joke, but I keep telling you it’s not. I don’t sugar coat anything, I give it to you straight. As you can see the video above is TOAST also, but it’s STILL THERE stupid fucking jews. You’ll have to follow this link if you want to see it, and when that goes down, I’ll put up another. Now, if I wasn’t pushing you in the right direction with the ideas presented in this video, youtube would leave it alone, but that’s not the case. Why delete some silly little video if it means nothing in the overall scheme of things? The answer is that my words mean EVERYTHING in the overall scheme of things because I’m one of the only ones telling you to EXCERCISE your second amendment rights.

You’ve been usurped. You’ve been subverted. Now fucking do something about it.

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