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Forget the Fourth

Forget the Fourth

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that illegal police searches are no longer a reason for evidence to be thrown out of court. Evidence gathered based on “mistakes” by the police, is now considered valid, for all intents and purposes. Evidence formerly required to be supressed due to illegal or unjustified police searches can now be included to prosecute American citizens.

Disgusting jewish wretch Ruth Bader Ginsburg plays good cop in this scenario, which is surprising. Ginsburg’s dissenting opinion states that in this particular case the defendant is left with “no remedy for violations of their constitutional rights.” No shit, jew bitch. You may think you’re playing people like a violin by sticking up for rights here and there, but you’re not fooling me. Beyer, Souter, and Stevens also dissented in this case, but remember these are the same people who declared you have no constitutional right to have loaded guns in your home for your defense. If you can’t see the irony, there’s no help for you, but myself, my gun is loaded sitting six inches away.

Justices Scalia, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas, and Roberts see no reason to worry about constitutional protections. They figure that they will simply TELL YOU that you don’t have any protections, and you will accept it, because history has shown that you WILL accept it, as long as it comes from someone or something that resembles authority. If the message comes from the media, you will accept it. If it’s shown on television, you’re even more likely to believe it. If it comes from the Supreme Court, regardless of the fact it’s been subverted by a bunch of criminal jews, you won’t even begin to question it. The majority of Americans won’t even SEE or HEAR the reports on things of this nature because they’re too caught up watching jewish hollywood lies to care. Or too caught up with jewish materialism to worry about “political crap”.

The article, which can be found here probably isn’t worth your time to read it, but it’s not a bad idea to burn the names and faces of these criminals into your mind for future reference.

As it stands now, you can forget the fourth amendment, because they have declared illegal search and seizure fine and dandy, as long as it can be attributed to negligence or clerical errors. Don’t doubt for a minute that this has opened pandora’s box and that many more people will be imprisoned in the land of the jailed, thanks to the dissolution of the fourth amendment. In the so-called land of the free, we jail more people than ANY OTHER country in the world, both in sheer numbers jailed, and as a percentage of the population. From the looks of this new ruling, it’s only going to get worse until you hang these criminals.

You can also forget the fourth of July, which has replaced INDEPENDENCE DAY, because you have no independence. You have been sold “the fourth of July” as your new summer holiday, in replacement of your independence, but I’m here to remind you that you can have independence again, if you’ll just remember what it took to gain it in the first place.

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