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Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Foot in Mouth Syndrome
This hook nosed little kike tried to call me a nazi/anti-semite/white nationalist, while talking about an audio where I slam racism against ANYONE who is not a jew.

This hook nosed little kike tried to call me a nazi/anti-semite/white nationalist, while talking about an audio where I slam racism against ANYONE who is not a jew. His skull may be a closer match to Peking Man than Menachim Begin.

Every once in a while, the liars that attempt to keep all of us running in circles, give us the opportunity to expose them for the shills that they are. Now, over the last year of running this website, I have largely avoided talking about other people. Many of you have asked my opinions of certain characters, and some of them have been given to you in private, but NOW….I am going to bring to the forefront the truth about one of these people. One of these people who many of you think is on the up and up. Many of you have asked about this person, and their information, so now, you can get a first hand look at what I think of this person, and at the same time, watch this FOOL stumble all over himself with his fabrications.

You see, it turns out that Eric Hufschmid stepped up, and stuck his fat foot into his own mouth. Just yesterday, I noticed some traffic starting to filter in from Hufschmid’s site. As I always do, I followed the traffic back to it’s source, because I KNEW this would be interesting. My biggest gripe? At least he could link me on his FRONT PAGE, where a REAL site like mine can get some more traffic! Check out his baseless bullshit and lies about me right HERE.

You see, this Hufschmid has gone around for years calling everyone a jew or one of the jew’s “pied pipers”, but he fucked up when he tried to do this with ME. The problem for him is, number one, there is nothing to expose about me. ALL of my information is public, and is readily verifiable, because I have nothing to hide. The jews can’t “expose” someone like me without fabricating the facts, or jumping the gun and running for the “nazi/kkk/anti-semite/white supremacist” labels. Unfortunately, this jew forgot to listen closely to the very audio of me he claims to be exposing! This is the FIRST thing jews go for when they have NOTHING on you, and ANYONE who’s even made a youtube comment about jews, will quickly recognize this as fact. If he had listened to that audio, he would realize I have a strict anti-racist policy, that even the white nationalist know to be true about me, but that was not his job. His job was to drum up some heinous bullshit about me and try to detract from my message. So be it JEW….you screwed the pooch this time.


Kikenvermin Hufshit sticks his foot in his mouth by trying to expose a REAL HUMAN! Wise man once said, instigate the jews, and let them blow their own cover. Turns out, that works great!

Take a listen and see what it sounds like when a JEW gets cornered in their lies about someone. Hear what it sounds like when these idiots stumble all over themselves to cover their tracks. See what happens when his accusations blow up in his face, and see how much fun I had reaming this sorry kike for all he is worth. At the end of this call, my internet was shut down by a DOS attack. I thought the sucker hung up on me, but he was probably still there listening to dead air, so it cuts off abruptly, but I’m positive this audio will do enough damage to this little ADL puppet, even though I wasn’t through with him yet. Keep in mind, this is a KIKE who has appeared on the mainstream media to tell his story about the jews who did 911, and then ask yourself how this guy gets on prime time television talking about jews? If that isn’t enough of a clue in itself, you will now have this audio as further proof of what’s really going on with this JEW. Interesting to note, my website was also shut down for a couple hours, starting about the same time my internet was wiped out by a DOS attack. All of my other sites, on the SAME database were still up and running, but not this one. Was this an attempt to silence me? Was it just a simple coincidence? Or is that what happens when you call a CIA operative and confront them head on? Watch his reasons for “exposing” me blow up in his face.  Too bad that doesn’t happen to more jews when they plant bombs instead of lies!

Again, this audio is for ADULTS ONLY, the content is uncut, and uncensored, and guess what? Even though he cries about me cursing, I cursed his ass up and down, because this is how REAL PEOPLE talk. Enjoy listening to this JEW try to marginalize the problem, by relating jews to sick chickens on a farm, and listen to him scramble to cover for the “good jews”. There are so many other gems in this audio, people will be talking about it for months….so, without further a due, click  HERE and enjoy!

Dont forget, get your copy of Subverted Nation’s Basic Training for Revolutionaries today!

  1. Nice…..

  2. SN, your efforts are very much appreciated. 😉

    The situation is far worse than you can imagine. There are multiple usurper groups and agencies in our nation. All have a self-interest set of moving target plans. Some with, some against one another.

    It isn’t black and white, as I am sure you are aware. It is an ever moving target.

    But keep up the good work. And keep your eyes on the prize. Outing Hufshill is like fetching a bluegill from a small pond with cat food on a hook….too easy. You’re better than that my friend. He’s a gutter snipe.

    • The enormity of the situation does not escape me in the least, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. I’ve been watching all these fools for a long time, but when they start talking smack, they get smacked.

      Indeed outing Hufshill isn’t a difficult thing, and I probably wouldn’t have bothered, but he thought he would run his mouth, so he gets a taste of his own medicine. I’m saving enough gas for the wood chipper to make sure he gets a free ride.

    • That’s a wise answer to a tricky qusieton

      • Actually, what he said was largely bullshit. There is no moving target. Everything is very clearly black and white. The jews are the fucking problem, and they need taken out. The only thing confusing people are assholes who say the problem is a moving target, and that everything isn’t black and white. Lying fucks.

  3. Rifleman Dodd says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…..I have tears in my eyes now.
    He picked the wrong guy to cross that’s for sure.
    Nobody hunts the Kikenvermin like you brother.

  4. LOL, yep what a clown Hufshitstainberg is!

    Solar Zionism!

  5. I was wondering what happened to subvertednation yesterday it went off for a little bit .I havent trusted hufshmid since his fallout with bolyn ,not that bolyn is any more reputable ,it was just an odd series of events that took place between those two.I listened to your whole audio segment there Adam we have a lot in common I’m a painter also who ran a business for about three years .If hufshmid doesnt get cussing ,then he doesnt get passion either there’s lots of shit in the world but nothing more deserves focus and passion like this subject .Hufshmid’s also wrong about a natural born leader ,this subject is screaming for one ,the fact that he’s trying to steer people away from a leader ought to be sign enough for most people ,he’s trying to put a wedge between people which brings up alot of questions in itself.I’ve tried recently to put up my own website ,but cant due to financial difficulties at this moment ( I say this because i would love to more active in exposing this monstorous subject).The main thing I dont get about the hufshmids in the world is that they claim to be telling the truth I dont doubt that he is ,but will attempt to shit on someone doing something about it ,i think oddly enough it’s some form of jealousy .Lee Iacocca said “lead follow or get out of the way “Hufshmid if your not part of the solution then get the fuck out of the way !If your going to shit on everyone that stands up to this then your the fucking problem Adam i’ll save gas for that wood chipper too!

  6. Adam:

    I have to say that I was incredulous and shocked when I read-listened to Eric Hufschmid’s diabribe against you this morning. I wasn’t sure what exactly precipitated and spurned Eric to do this, unless it was at his jew handler’s request. Now, I’m losing respect for Eric Hufschmid and see what everyone’s been talking about: He is dividing and causing so much division with everyone to the point where unifying against the jew and jew crime network will be tough. And it’s more than disconcerting that Eric’s sister is married to jew media magnet Rupert Murdoch’s son. That’s just too cozy (and convenient) of an alliance – that Eric is unable to defend or explain. Also, Eric is still using the “Zionism” – “Zionist” ruse when in fact jews = zionists and zionists = jews.

  7. Oh, and another thing: Eric keeps saying we’re all “defeating the jew crime network”. Quite frankly, I don’t see it. Eric doesn’t provide any facts or proof to back this up. The jew crime network is as strong (and even stronger) as it’s always been.

    • That is simply because Hufshit is full of shit. He’s a worthless lying fucking jew that has had people dancing around in circles for years now. His time is finally up. His credibility is completely shot, and any moron who still thinks that fella is legit has no reason reading my work here.

      I’m trying to teach you people how to recognize the signs on your own, but since many fail to understand how to do so, I guess I must step up to the fucking plate again, and let the truth be known.

      Hufshit and his handlers realized I was starting to get a lot of attention, and that I was radicalizing the people who come into contact with me. They see me teaching you to be ANGRY and to DO SOMETHING with that anger. They see hundreds, even thousands of people running around screaming NO QUARTER, and the jews can’t have that, because this is the ONLY way you will beat them. You’ve got to get MAD. You’ve got to get PISSED. You’ve got to be FED UP, and ready to HANG THESE BASTARDS. Hufshit had NOTHING to go on, so he resorted to slanders and outright LIES, that are disproved by the very audio he was bitching about. This is a JEW tactic being played by a JEW.

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    You crushed that cockroach good.If he wants to know where he and his depraved,anti-human tribe can go,how about New Atlantis?Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.Get packing.There should be enough room for their knob gobbling holy men,child murdering moral army(Who else they gonna beat),and their hideously ugly womenfolk.Hell will mend them.

  9. Hufshit is a rat-faced Jew. He wrote a 9/11 book called Painful Questions which doesn’t even mention the Jewish crime network. His website is a bunch of malarkey about non-issues, and casting of vague suspicions on like-minded people. He’s a fucking nutcase Jew disinformation agent.

    • Kyle Bradford says:

      I was lurking and found ZionKikeFaggotry on theforbiddentruth saying this: “A “Jew” is a mindset. The fact that one can become a ‘Jew’ by converting to Judaism debunks the theory that they are a race.”

      This prick thinks jews aren’t a race? If anyone’s a “nutcase Jew disinformation agent” he’s definitely one of them.

  10. Eric Kikeschmid is a criminal Jew. He is the permanent test subject for Rupert Murdoch’s satanic ass raping rituals.

    • Soooo…why does your boss Kike Delaney defend him? Oh, that’s right. He’s a bagel nazi.

      • Funny I never noticed this “zioncrimefactory” guy until you posted this reply. This fuckhead said I write like a three year old and cuss too much. Fuck him.

        • Yeah he’s another douchebag. The bagel nazis put him on a pedestal cuz he writes pompously to make up for his lack of depth in perception.

          • Well, it’s obvious if his best criticism is that I cuss too much. He might as well jump up and down waving an Israeli flag doing that.

          • Kyle Bradford says:

            Funnily enough, I’ve stumbled upon his website and started reading some of his articles – most of the time he quite literally repeats the same exact shit you see on Stormfront or other websites that don’t really offer a real solution to the jew (which should be complete and utter extermination) and he spends half of every article worshipping Hitler which doesn’t really help our fight against the jew at all.

            He annoyingly uses the word “Zionist” way more than he uses the word “jew”, not to mention promoting Kike Delaney and others shill yids like Kapner, and every now and then will insunuate that a jew can let go of his “jewishness”, which we all know is impossible.

            We need to expose this piece of shit, he’s been gaining a hell of a lot of followers during the past year and it’s making me sick.

  11. Mike (Aust) says:

    The one thing that always bothered me about Hufshit was his “be suspicious of everyone” attitude. Thats just jewspeak for saying “Don’t trust anyone”. That has always worked for the jew. When someone stands up and points at the problem, peoples first reaction is to doubt. It’s in the fucking protocols! It says they will try squash natural leaders, and turn people away from them.
    My reaction to you when I came across you was to look for a “purpose” if you were an agent. What is Adam trying to do? I read your stuff to try find a hole. There is none.
    Thats all I say to everyone as well, look at what people are saying. It’s actually getting easier as the days go by to see who’s full of shit because there is only one line to tow.
    Time is running out, you can see it in the news. The economy is going to nosedive, war is ramping up again for Iran, and they are putting out terror alerts everywhere.
    Its crunch time.Everyone will HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE in the very near future. You are either WITH JEWS AND BANKERS, or you are AGAINST THEM. THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

  12. I noticed that the program stopped before it ended. Is there another part?

    • No, that’s when my internet was shut down by a DOS attack, as this was a skype call. That is also when this website went down for a couple hours, although four other domains I own (different sites) were still up and running on the exact same database, same server, etc. No sense calling the jew back…I had enough fun, and made enough of a fool out of him anyway. Not only that, but why give him more time to cast his seeds of doubt?

  13. Eric Hufschmid promotes the “Anti-Zionist” Rabbis in his front page, he claims that Zionism is the real problem and that Zionists, not Jews, are our problem.

    Why after years of research on the Jewish Question he still hasn’t figured out that Zionism is only an extension of Satanic Judaism ?

    Why doesn’t he expose Judaism and the Jewish doctrine? Not even one page is dedicated to expose Judaism.

    I sent him an email to explain my concerns, his answer was: “It doesn’t matter if I call them Jews, or Zionists, they are losing.”

    Does it make sense to you? Why does he attack Alex Jones for blaming this whole mess on the “Illuminati” if he does the same thing by blaming it on the “Zionists”.

    Knowing that both the Illuminati and Zionists are Jewish creations.
    The Illuminati served the infiltration of Christian societies to plan the revolutions against the monarchy and the church.

    Zionism is meant to spark World War 3 by opposing Israel and the Muslims.

    The root of all of this shit: The Jew.

  14. You’re fucking goddman right motherfucker. LONG LIVE SOLAR ZIONISM!!!!

  15. Correction: goddamn

  16. After reading Hufshit’s crap for a while I have concluded that he is a crypto neo-commie kike. Read between his lines, this kike is pushing a COMMUNIST ideology. It’s just sad that people can’t see this.

  17. Gus Grissom says:

    Are you non-racist about Americans or everyone? Illegal beaners are a huge problem in the USA right now. They are stealing free healthcare and income tax amnesty, (since they don’t have ss#’s hence no billing or income taxes taken from their under the table earnings from their tax-cheat employers.) They are a valuable pawn in the Jewish diversity scam which is ruining/has ruined America.

    If anyone deserves ‘no quarter’ after the Jew it is Illegal Mexicans in the USA. Isn’t ‘Anti-racism’ just another Jew scam anyway that censors people from expressing their true feelings and opinions?

    Also, aren’t your mudskipper relatives just as bad as Hufschmid’s half-sister?

    • Get this straight Gus ole boy. I am totally 100% non-racist against ANYONE who is not a jew. There are articles here explaining how immigration is being used as a diversion from the jews. The jew has got the white man all in a fuss about Mexicans and blacks, but you must forgo that bullshit and deal with the JEW FIRST. The same article I speak of also outlines how illegal immigrants are acting just as parasitic as the jew, but you wouldn’t know that, because you started barking up the wrong tree already.

      As for “mudskipper” relatives, you’ll have to try again. My family is all white for many generations, but I’m not STUPID enough to get caught up flaming Mexicans, blacks, Chinese, or any other group. If you want change you will keep your sights focused on the JEW, or you will LOSE this battle for freedom by getting caught up in their plan of a RACE WAR. You seem to have SOME idea that the JEW is the source, so why are you so worried about Mexicans? Don’t let the jew trick you into having tunnel vision because the JEWS are giving illegal immigrants an open border and free health care.

      If you’re going to have tunnel vision, make sure the JEW is what you see through your narrow band. You are free to worry about every other issue when the JEW is thoroughly dealt with. Don’t be a simpleton, and don’t make yourself into one of their pawns. You think it won’t happen? Keep crying about everyone else besides the jew and watch……

  18. Gus Grissom says:

    The Jew is probably going to resort to pitting the Minority army vs. the White man in the USA as the Jew is further exposed for 9/11, the phony WMDs, the financial scams and the needless wars for Israel.

    14-40 million illegal, violent, free healthcare and income tax amnesty stealing Beaners already in the USA could be the Jew’s infantry since Whites outnumber Jews 33 to 1 in the USA if the population figures are to be trusted…Jews will need to sucker some group into protecting them against White Americans.


    The Jew could have Obama assassinated and have the crime pinned on a stupid White patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald. This would probably turn blacks vs. the White Man allowing them to be suckered into the Jew army against us…

    I hope you are ready to say goodbye to your mudshark sister and her mudskipper kids if that day comes…

    • Not at all. I’ll be united with a number of different people, but if you keep running your mouth about mudsharks, mudskippers, and all that crap, you WILL get exactly what you’re asking for. Why does this not make sense to ANY of the races right now? As long as you’re pissing vinegar at other races, and using derogatory remarks toward them you are HELPING the fucking JEW!!!!!!!!!! Give that shit up for a minute. Reach out to some people of other races and say, “hey, we got a fucking problem, and it’s called the JEW”. You FAIL at this, you FAIL at defeating the JEW. You FAIL at this and you get EXACTLY what you’re asking for, and will rightly deserve. Got it? Good. Do not use any derogatory term towards ANY race except the jew when you come here or you won’t be posting again.

  19. It was shockingly stupid for Eric to go after Adam. Geez, anyone who has studied Austin’s associations and words, even a little bit, knows that he is not a white nationalist, and does not promote race hate. I very much agree with the philosophy he wrote in the above comment.

  20. The Punisher says:

    I found this website through Eric’s, and i’m glad i did.
    I understand your anger towards Eric for calling you these names,
    when i first contacted him to tell him that i don’t like that has on
    his first page title the words:Our enemy is not the new world order or
    the offshore bankers he replied back by calling me a jew.Anyways long
    story short i got angry at him at the end and now we’re good.I told him
    that he needs to work on trying to distinguish jews from non jews cause
    he really needs to improve on that.But i forgive him because if i had
    500 phone calls and emails everyday from jews trying to trick me, it
    would be hard for me to tell who is who also.Both of you guys are doing a
    great work and keep it up.

    • Hufshit is a jew. There’s very good reason he flips out and calls everyone he can find a “pied piper” or whatever he can come up with. It’s to keep you scared of organizing, and to keep you from listening to people who are hard core and give no quarter. Some guy, who’s sister is married to Rupert Murdoch’s son just so happens to get a spot on mainstream media, and nobody questions it? There’s nothing good about him besides the face he sent a few people this way where they can be deprogrammed, and yes, the bullshit he spews is programming just like you get from media moguls like his father in law.

  21. man Eric is a strait up faggot
    I listened to that audio file you linked of his
    He also seemed angered that someone like David Duke gets more attention than him
    suggesting that hes a shill
    and his hole “jews are losing” bullshit makes me wonder too

  22. Eric is poison I’m surprised more promanent internet actavists haven’t done a great deal more to expose this guy.

  23. AWESOME!!!!!

  24. i never listened to him before till last night, but shit Eric Hufschmid to my ear has a kike voice. i heard that phone call that adam made to bring out the jew in him and i dont know if anyone else has noticed that he sounds defeated in the manner that he answered adams question of where he is at “santa barbara” in a depressed voice damn you got me tone he replies. there are no good jews and even if there is they have to go as well cause they will breed more monster to feed of humanity.
    is there anyone else on here in the IL that i can contacted or network with. i feel alone in this being were i live and the nature of the brainwashed, nieve, selfish folk that reside in my area. adam or john if you know of anyone that is from IL and i looking for some one to form up with tell them of me please.

  25. I am amazed that I never noticed before that Eric is a JEWISH APOLOGIST!

    Last 4 minutes are the most important. I wished Adam could have continued to press Eric on just this matter…..

    “They can escape to other nations, they can just change their names, blend right in with the crowd, whos gonna notice?”
    “They are not that easy to spot”
    “Im encouraging everybody to be suspicious of everbody”
    “Oh its not every single jew gimme a break”
    “Some people may get to the point where they don’t want to separate them”
    “They may not even care whether they are innocent or guilty”
    “Not every single person whos got a jewish ancestor is involved in these crimes”

    Erics Story about a Farmer who has Sickly Jewish Chickens and Healthy Jewish Chickens???
    Thats kinda deceptive that Erics story is already presupposing that the Jewish Race are like Chickens in order to make an excuse for them.

    A much better story would have been a Homeowner that has an infestation of Sickly Jewish Cockroaches and Healthy Jewish Cockroaches. In order to better understand the necessity of getting rid of them all. Due to DNA & Genetics a Cockroach can’t help but always be an icky Cockroach. We have almost 4000 yrs of Historical Records which include Expulsions to prove this point. Taking that all into account the Final Solution must needs be to Give No Quarter =)

  26. say is that ron howard?

  27. Cool, i asked you in other qrticle wat do you think about that guy. Thank you. He asked you what would you do with half jews. I think your answer escared him.

    What a liar. He even looked yogur articles.

    One interested thing is that this liar say nothing about chemtrails in his web. In Spain, some years ago they did a tv show exposing the “paranoia” about chemtrails. It was the tipical show for retarded people presented by nerds and debating with experts.

    The tv show is called Cuarto Milenio. When people talk of chemtrails, the morlocks try to relationate you with these nerds. But i m not afraid of doing ridiculous. They attack in group. If four people tell me the ame thing and i m not agree i m not gong to ave them resano only for not doping the ridículous. They hate that, the “rebel” sheep.

    Another trick is to desviate the conversation to others subjects. Now i am always alert. They ave Manu tricks, the mosto dangerous is teh good/bad police. They attack in group. The good police act with condescendencie or try to be your “ally” for further conversetions. Then these ally, another day, make you more questions of Many subjects and record on his mind your answers and then disseminate rumours or half truths. It is ver hardware.

    One time I demostrated to myself that phisical violence make them to stop to foolish you, to be disrespectful with you. In fact i only pushed him and throwed him to the flor. It was more a personal thing than a spectacular thing. It is all about psicology.

    Thank you a lot for unmask this liar.

  28. one man task force says:

    Hufshmidt is compromised like so many others.
    Jimstonefreelance is a jew front.
    Farganne of spectrum is connected with jim stone.
    Delany is CI=christian identity meaning yaweh is their god.
    Thats jew stuff. Yaweh is the jew god.
    ZCF=zioncrimefactory is compromised.
    Total jew disinfo.
    Darylbradfordsmith: this dude has nice info on his website but is a coward and jew friend.
    Uncensored magazine is a jew front. is stupid news casts not making people understand that castro/putin/ghadaffi/mubarak/Sarkozy/hollander are all jews and or freemasons.
    The rebel site doesnt provide essential understanding of their provided knews.
    Jew front and compromised. The sites commander in chief said:”its not all jews”.
    Activist post jew front.
    Naturalnews the health ranger jew front.
    Nearly all sites on the net are jew fronts.
    Darkmoon is a peace loving site with poetry and translation stuff but no hard talk about jews.
    the comment section shows a bunch of academic keyboard guys who have still their nice jew jobs and are able to pay for electricity and warm water.
    All are weak and for that talk soft as their bodies are not well trained.
    And if they do the hard talk-they do become compromised b/s the jew calls and threatens the information keyboard warrior. Suddenly the blog talks info like a double agent.
    I noticed something very disturbing not only in these compromised blogs but in general around people who I’m around. Except the dudes who have tough jobs like construction/scuffolding/farming/furniture moving/bike measenger people are in general physical sick by not being able to train their bodies .
    properly. This has a terrible effect on their general ability to show manhood.
    They cant have a stand on an subject in a male way as their posture is anti male and bended through their overweight. This they express with a bad body posture and a weak talk that changes due to their emotional state that is at most of the time ambivalent.
    But I continue to have faith in my country men and will inform them of the jew.
    This had in the long term success.
    I encourage anyone to do so and not lose in us non jews is the road to victory.

    • All of those people you mentioned aren’t just compromised. They are jews 100% through and through. There’s a reason they all hate me so much. Anti-jewish media, “truth” media, and all others are jewish fronts from the get go. You’re not supposed to do what I did by stepping in and actually telling the truth and exposing all the lies of these “truthers”.

      These sites are weak and soft because they’re not trying to create a solution. They are feminized jew bitches trying to misguide you. Why do you think the contrast is so stark when you arrive here?

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