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Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Foot in Mouth Syndrome
This hook nosed little kike tried to call me a nazi/anti-semite/white nationalist, while talking about an audio where I slam racism against ANYONE who is not a jew.

This hook nosed little kike tried to call me a nazi/anti-semite/white nationalist, while talking about an audio where I slam racism against ANYONE who is not a jew. His skull may be a closer match to Peking Man than Menachim Begin.

Every once in a while, the liars that attempt to keep all of us running in circles, give us the opportunity to expose them for the shills that they are. Now, over the last year of running this website, I have largely avoided talking about other people. Many of you have asked my opinions of certain characters, and some of them have been given to you in private, but NOW….I am going to bring to the forefront the truth about one of these people. One of these people who many of you think is on the up and up. Many of you have asked about this person, and their information, so now, you can get a first hand look at what I think of this person, and at the same time, watch this FOOL stumble all over himself with his fabrications.

You see, it turns out that Eric Hufschmid stepped up, and stuck his fat foot into his own mouth. Just yesterday, I noticed some traffic starting to filter in from Hufschmid’s site. As I always do, I followed the traffic back to it’s source, because I KNEW this would be interesting. My biggest gripe? At least he could link me on his FRONT PAGE, where a REAL site like mine can get some more traffic! Check out his baseless bullshit and lies about me right HERE.

You see, this Hufschmid has gone around for years calling everyone a jew or one of the jew’s “pied pipers”, but he fucked up when he tried to do this with ME. The problem for him is, number one, there is nothing to expose about me. ALL of my information is public, and is readily verifiable, because I have nothing to hide. The jews can’t “expose” someone like me without fabricating the facts, or jumping the gun and running for the “nazi/kkk/anti-semite/white supremacist” labels. Unfortunately, this jew forgot to listen closely to the very audio of me he claims to be exposing! This is the FIRST thing jews go for when they have NOTHING on you, and ANYONE who’s even made a youtube comment about jews, will quickly recognize this as fact. If he had listened to that audio, he would realize I have a strict anti-racist policy, that even the white nationalist know to be true about me, but that was not his job. His job was to drum up some heinous bullshit about me and try to detract from my message. So be it JEW….you screwed the pooch this time.


Kikenvermin Hufshit sticks his foot in his mouth by trying to expose a REAL HUMAN! Wise man once said, instigate the jews, and let them blow their own cover. Turns out, that works great!

Take a listen and see what it sounds like when a JEW gets cornered in their lies about someone. Hear what it sounds like when these idiots stumble all over themselves to cover their tracks. See what happens when his accusations blow up in his face, and see how much fun I had reaming this sorry kike for all he is worth. At the end of this call, my internet was shut down by a DOS attack. I thought the sucker hung up on me, but he was probably still there listening to dead air, so it cuts off abruptly, but I’m positive this audio will do enough damage to this little ADL puppet, even though I wasn’t through with him yet. Keep in mind, this is a KIKE who has appeared on the mainstream media to tell his story about the jews who did 911, and then ask yourself how this guy gets on prime time television talking about jews? If that isn’t enough of a clue in itself, you will now have this audio as further proof of what’s really going on with this JEW. Interesting to note, my website was also shut down for a couple hours, starting about the same time my internet was wiped out by a DOS attack. All of my other sites, on the SAME database were still up and running, but not this one. Was this an attempt to silence me? Was it just a simple coincidence? Or is that what happens when you call a CIA operative and confront them head on? Watch his reasons for “exposing” me blow up in his face.  Too bad that doesn’t happen to more jews when they plant bombs instead of lies!

Again, this audio is for ADULTS ONLY, the content is uncut, and uncensored, and guess what? Even though he cries about me cursing, I cursed his ass up and down, because this is how REAL PEOPLE talk. Enjoy listening to this JEW try to marginalize the problem, by relating jews to sick chickens on a farm, and listen to him scramble to cover for the “good jews”. There are so many other gems in this audio, people will be talking about it for months….so, without further a due, click  HERE and enjoy!

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