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Floridians Starve As Jews Wreck Economy

Floridians Starve As Jews Wreck Economy

Floridians are flocking to the welfare program as the economy continues to falter due to the venomous engineered collapse of our financial systems. The Palm Beach Post is reporting in an article HERE that one in ten Floridians are now on food stamps thanks to the massive increase in food prices, devaluation of the U.S. dollar, and humungous losses many are suffering in their investments. Not to mention that thousands have lost their homes in this financial catastrophe brought to you by the jew.

The jews have wrecked this country, and it’s only going to get worse unless we stand up UNITED, as ONE PEOPLE, regardless of RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, or CREED. No longer can the jew be given any quarter on our soil. No longer can we allow them to divide us along these ficticious lines. No longer can we ignore this parasite, or we will face a fate that none of you wants to witness.

Personally, I’m sick of screaming at the top of my lungs. I’m sick of people wincing when they hear the word “jew”. The jew is a subversive, parasitic creature that will not stop until you put a stop to their machinations. These are DEMONS in what appears to be human flesh, but they are not human like you and I. They do not feel pity or remorse, and are guilty of some of the most HORRIFIC genocides this world has ever seen. They WILL do the same here in America as soon as they have the chance. If you doubt it, look at the dispicable murderous air strikes and bombardment of Palestine today.

I have heard a few people say we should take some form of militant action against the jews, but I’m telling you, this is NOT how you solve this problem. Not yet. If you take any kind of physical action against the jews at this point you will likely wind up killed by your own servants in our police forces.

Instead, what we must do is EXPOSE the jew to our police, military, and other law enforcement agencies. There are still some good Americans who hold powerful positions in all of these organizations, but if you go on a rampage, these forces will be brought to bear on you. Put quite simply, we do not have enough awareness of the jewish question to take such actions. A better scenario would be to get our military and police forces to arrest these criminals for us.

Look at it like this. The jews are nothing more than a band of deceitful liars. Their control relies on their veil of secrecy, and a general lack of knowledge of their permeation throughout our society. It is the illusion that the jew relies on to mantain their control of our country and the rest of the globe.

Let me give you an analogy as a former magician. Imagine the jew as the magician, or illusionist. (In fact, most magicians are jews.) If you were to cause a disturbance in the audience while the magician does his show, he will simply have you escorted away by security and the show will go on. However, if you EXPOSE his tricks to the entire audience, the magician NO LONGER has a show. Period.

As our economy continues to falter and as more of you are forced to beg your jew occupied government for support to feed your children, this message will become even more important. Don’t give up hope, and don’t stop exposing these criminals. Remember, the magician doesn’t fear the heretic. It’s the EXPOSURE he fears most.

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