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Fidel Castro – It’s the Bilderbergers

Fidel Castro – It’s the Bilderbergers

Former communist dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, likes to make a lot of waves in the media.  Many people look at Castro as an opponent of America and it’s leaders, and the mainstream media has done much to solidify his position as such.  However, like many of today’s so-called “leaders”, Castro is on the same team as those who seek to oppress everyone in site and rule with a rod of iron and impunity.

"Take my word for it, the Bilderberg group is plotting a one world government (wink)!"

If one were to look back to the 1950’s, you would see that Castro once pretended to be an opponent of the jewish construct of communism, but today many know that to be false.  Castro played a big role in the cold war, which was nothing more than another line of division drawn between nations like Russia and America, so that the majority of people couldn’t figure out that many of these subversive leaders were working together like a well oiled machine.

Here we can see a time when Castro feigned disdain for communism.  Funny Castro later became the Prime Minister of the communist party, isn’t it?

“…[communist] influence is nothing. I don’t agree with communism. We are democracy. We are against all kinds of dictators… That is why we oppose communism.”

Old Castro has played a role in global politics for nearly half a century, and even today, he still gets attention, but this time for something quite interesting.  It turns out that in this recent article, Fidel Castro has taken the initiative to warn the world that a shadowy group known as the Bilderberg Club are attempting to take over the world.

According to the article, Castro published his opinion, largely quoting from a book by author Daniel Estulin called “The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club”, which says that a secretive meeting held yearly by world leaders, politicians, financiers, and businessmen is held to plot the taking over of the world.  Both Castro and the author state that this group’s purpose is to install a world government, without borders, and under one financial system, with no outside accountability.

Castro quotes this book in his attempt to sell us on the idea that the Bilderberg group is the root of a conspiracy for global domination.

Some might say this is a good thing, to have someone in the public eye speaking out about secret cabals, and their plots to rule the world, but as it always is with the mainstream media, this wasn’t meant to lend credence to these ideas.  We can see that just by who is getting the publicity.  Castro doesn’t have a good reputation with the majority of drones in western nations, due to his role in the cold war, among other things, like the fact he is indeed a communist dictator.  One only needs to know about Cuban missile crisis to see how well Castro’s ideas will be accepted amongst the majority.

Certainly meetings of prominent “leaders” like those of those Bilderberg group who’s members can be found listed here, are indeed cause for great concern.  The media and many politicians often tout that America (and others) should work closely together for the common good, but an oft overlooked issue with that idea is national sovereignty.  Why exactly should America allow other countries to have any say in what goes on inside it’s borders?  If it doesn’t harm or oppress anyone else, it’s none of their business, but not in today’s brave new world.

Of course, America’s pathetic leadership has made it their business to police the entire planet, and does so by sending your sons and daughters off to die to fulfill this agenda.  Neither of these policies is acceptable.  It’s not acceptable for America to allow other countries to have any influence in it’s daily dealings.  Nor is it acceptable for America to run around policing other sovereign nations.  Including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and all the others where American soldiers have recently murdered (or committed outright genocide) their peoples.

The Bilderberg group’s website says its members have “nearly three days of informal and off-the-record discussion about topics of current concern” once a year, but the group does nothing else.

It said the meetings were meant to encourage people to work together on major policy issues.

The prominence of the group is what alarms critics. It often includes members of the Rockefeller family, Henry Kissinger, senior U.S. and European officials and major international business and media executives.

The jewish genes show through with Castro, who looks like a typical rabbi. Seen here hugging Soviet Premier Krushchev. Communists share lots of brotherly love.

Indeed, the Bilderberg group is made up mostly of prominent jews from both government and media circles.  Note the whole idea of encouraging people to work together.  So, why is it that America isn’t willing to work with countries like Iraq and Iran to maintain their sovereignty and autonomous rule?  The number of prominent jews in the Bilderberg group is what should be alarming, most of all, but it’s funny how this is never mentioned.

Alex Jones often uses the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and other “think tanks” as scape goats for jewish subversion and control, and the jewish media has no problem throwing these tentacles of the beast under the bus, but why no mention of what the beast really is?  Are we to believe that these few secretive groups are the be all – end all of subversives plotting world domination? The mainstream media seems to have no problem with you believing as such, or so it seems at first glance.

Castro — who had an inside seat to the Cold War — has long expressed suspicions of back-room plots. He has raised questions about whether the Sept. 11 attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government to stoke military budgets and, more recently suggested that Washington was behind the March sinking of a South Korean ship blamed on North Korea.

Estulin’s own website suggests that the 9/11 attacks were likely caused by small nuclear devices, and that the CIA and drug traffickers were behind the 1988 downing of a jetliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, that was blamed on Libya.

The Bilderberg conspiracy theory has been popular on both extremes of the ideological spectrum, even if they disagree on just what the group wants to do. Leftists accuse the group of promoting capitalist domination, while some right-wing websites argue that the Bilderberg club has imposed Barack Obama on the United States to advance socialism.

What a hero that Castro is, to warn us of such grave danger!  Same goes for his theories of 911, the recent sinking of a South Korean ship, etc. which he blames the U.S. government for.  Why is it average everyday citizens can quickly figure out that 911 was perpetrated by jews and Israeli Mossad agents, but a world leader like Castro can’t figure it out? Certainly he has more information and resources at his disposal than the average person.

Here the jewish Castro poses with Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada.

Even the author of the book, Estulin, has some theories that don’t quite add up, so it’s not likely he’s a good source for understanding jewish world domination either, which is what both of these men conveniently leave out of the picture.  Estulin places the blame for the 1988 Lockerbie terrorist attack on the CIA, of all things, but there again, this was just more jewish terrorism and manipulation.  How could either of these people miss the glaringly obvious facts about these incidents?  (I may cover Lockerbie at another time here for those who still wonder what happened.)

The media is giving a lot of attention to “conspiracy theories”, but what is their intent?  Did you really think they were trying to posit open and honest discussion of such things?  No, of course they were not trying to do anything of the sort.  Often times, it’s better to read how the media writers, such as the jew who wrote the Castro article in question, sum up the whole thing, rather than worrying about the meat of the article.

“It’s great Hollywood material … 15 people sitting in a room sitting in a room determining the fate of mankind,” said Herbert London, president of the Hudson Institute, a nonpartisan policy think tank in New York.

“As someone who doesn’t come out of the Oliver Stone school of conspiracy, I have a hard time believing it,” London added.

Well sheesh!  Thanks for clearing that up!  Nothing to see here folks.  It’s just fantasy, and the ravings of a communist dictator, often painted as a madman, and viewed as such by the majority.  I guess we can all go back to sleep, after a few sips of fluoridated water, and forget we ever heard any mention of it!

"It's the Bilderberg group" according to communist jew Fidel Castro, that is behind a secretive plot for world domination.

So what about Castro?  We know that, although he claimed to dislike communism, that he has run his country for decades as a communist dictatorship, and that his brother was installed as a new leader after him.  However, there is more to Castro than what meets the eye.  If one has keen eyes, they can probably see some familiar traits in Castro, and here is why.  Fidel Castro is a marrano jew.

Indeed there are clues to be found all over the place, not just in the pure jewish looking face of Castro.  Depending on where one looks, you’ll certainly get different views.  For instance, this page here has Castro pegged as a raging anti-semite, who exiled all but a couple thousand jews, and acted like Hitler.  The claims couldn’t be further from the truth, but it makes for good confusion.

If you look here at jew owned wikipedia, you will see that the Castro name is of Sephardic jewish origin, go figure!  Also, an article here has a jewish woman admitting that the Castro name is indeed of Sephardic jewish origin, and even stating that Castro’s family is likely one of the many conversos from Spain.

On my father’s side my family is Sephardic Jews out of northern Spain,” Bardach says from her home in Los Angeles. “So is Castro’s family. Probably they were converses, Jews who converted. Castro is considered an archetypal Sephardic name. In fact, the guy who wrote the history of Sephardic Jews, Armand Castro, told me he is a third cousin of Fidel.

Well, I’ll be damned!  Castro is indeed a jew, but why all the press about him being a Nazi and constantly relating him to Hitler?  In order to gain some insight into his role in the media, we can take a look at this article here where Castro says the Israeli flag is like the new swastika!  Sounds like he’s against the jews and Israel for all intents and purposes doesn’t it?  Or does it not?  Take a look at this quote where Castro helps support the propaganda that jews were executed by Nazis.

The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians is such that they would not hesitate to send the one and a half million men, women and children of that country to the crematoria where millions of Jews of all ages were exterminated by the Nazis,” the ex-Cuban leader said.”It would seem that the Fuehrer’s [Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s] swastika is today Israel’s banner,” the 83-year-old Castro declared in the latest of a series of articles dubbed
“reflections” in the communist-ruled island’s media.

Yeah, sure thing.  The jewish communist dictator Fidel Castro, is against the rest of the communist jews.  Is there more evidence pointing to the fact that Castro is indeed a jew?  Of course there is.  Take a look at this wiki-answer to the question here.

At a presentation by Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan, of Temple B’nai Israel, Albany, GA. Speaking on “Fidel Castro the Jew?” he quoted sources who report the Cuban leader acknowledging to them purported Jewish ancestry. He also reported “that many of Castro’s childhood friends called him judío because he had not been baptized until the age of seven.”

Rabbi Kaplan added that “most of the speculation about Fidel’s Jewish ancestry deals with his father Angel, who was a Spaniard from Galicia,” and reported Castro’s daughter, Alina Fernández, writing recently “that he is descended from a Turkish Jew on his mother’s side.”

Like this menorah, many are on public display in Cuba, but nothing beats Castro showing off his jewish roots by commemorating the holocash with a menorah in Havana.

Doesn’t seem like it’s just mere speculation to me. It also doesn’t seem that Castro is really attempting to make a stand against those dastardly secretive groups, because he left out the most important part of the story. Most of the Bilderberg group is jewish, and so is Castro. Even after all the articles that purport Castro to be an anti-jewish mad man, the truth is very easy to see in articles like this one here, where Castro did like every so-called “good” jew and lights a menorah, which was put on prominent public display in Havana square, in memory of jewish holocaust victims!

Cuban ruler Fidel Castro will use an official state ceremony to inaugurate Israel’s symbol – the seven-branch menorah – in a central Havana square, in memory of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust.Attending the event will be Castro’s associate, Israeli Minister Rafi Eitan (Pensioners Party).

So, before people go getting all excited that a communist jew leader is speaking out about the Bilderberg group, remember that he is just another peg in the deception, and that using someone like him to speak out is not intended to lend credibility to these “conspiracy theories”.  Instead, it’s purpose is to brainwash the fluoridated masses into believing that “it’s great Hollywood material”, and nothing more.  What Castro gave us wasn’t a warning at all.  It was a slap in the face.

  1. great research as always! well seeing as how castro is a marrona i guess that would explain alot and an archetypal Sephardic name. i feel like a dumb ass for not having notice this before by looking at the animal but shit he is a jew all right. i wounder in mao was a jew or kim jung il for that matter, i will have to some research of my own as well.
    its hard to always be telling people about the jew and no one ever really cares even after seeing the facts of the matter for themselves. but as hitler said in mein kampf “and so it is that today i believe that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the almighty creator. in standing guard against the jew i am defending the handiwork of the lord” of course that’s how i see things aswell. i no matter how many times i hear folks ask me to talk about some thing different i will not stop till every one of then know the TRUTH about who is causing all the worlds strife.

    if any one has better ways of getting people to REALY take note of the jew and feel that they to wont to take part in this battle for the world. please let me know cause i am really starting to piss people off by talking, posting, and liking them about the jew. i have tried being as vile about them as i can, i have told all the people i know about this site and the book subverted nation also the other 60 or so books about the jew that i have read, but it seems that they just are not going to care till its to late. or i guess that in the area i live i am the only one thats sick of all this shit and would like to change things for the better.

    • John Martinson II says:

      Keep pointing out Jews to the people you know. Eventually they will realize you’re right. For instance, when a swindler is on the news, point out that he is a Jew. When people argue that all races have their bad apples, point out that Jews are a very small number of our population and the world population, but they occupy a large percentage of criminals and a disproportionate number of people in positions of power.

      People must be conditioned to notice them. If you point it out and just keep right along talking, then you have the chance of conditioning your friends and family to do the same.

  2. The Jew is the antithesis of truth and order, and that is why they promote (amongst so many other vile things) ALL types of discord. Part of my awakening to the Jew problem actually came to me when I learned about their manipulation and subversion of art and music.

    For example, when they try to convince us that a bunch of colored smudges is “art” or that discordant/harsh musical notes and cords is not just acceptable, but preferable! I learned of their subversion of American music when I read Henry Ford’s The International Jew (Chapter: Jewish Jazz Becomes Our National Music) and it was a real eye opener. This subversion of music goes back a long time.

    • I don’t know if I’d go ahead and discredit ALL JAZZ there are some amazing jazz ballads but some of it is pure shit, I’m assuming it’s the jewish shit or whenever they got ahold of the music, because everything they touch turns to shit.

      It’s completely obvious that the kikes are running the music industry right now, but yet there are still millions of people waking up to that fact, AND many many blacks are just now learning to differentiate between “jews” and “white people” and we need to keep teaching them! I’m sensing a slight increase in the amount of people starting to wake up to the jewish parasite thanks to websites like this and the efforts of others like John Martinson Jr and other people on youtube with excellent educational videos on the matter.

      I Think all you people are especially important and all the people that post here on this site who are truly trying to spread the word, it’s not easy in a society of mental robots who cannot break free from following their programming, it’s amazing how programmed people have let themselves become without even questioning simple things like their being a jewish monopoly in ALL THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THAT THEY GET THEIR INFORMATION FROM, and how so many people don’t even see how jews who own the media and decide on school curriculums hide important facts like their lead role in the trans-atlantic slave trade and all the recent murderers who they refuse to let the reporters and newscasters report as being jewish.

      So many people have been put to sleep by this coward parasite and we need to value ourselves as people with a vital understanding of what is going on and a responsibility to make bigger plans.

      Personally, I think we need Gentile agents who will learn how to make money off of the jews by pretending to be jews and then use this to fund the expansion of our own information networks, do you think that would work or would the kikes be able tell right away?

      Although Even if our agents eventually exposed themselves and word spread, it would be funny to see paranoid jewish parasites questioning whether real jewish parasites were parasites or not, then the kikes would have to devise more ways of identifying each other and we might gain a fuller understanding of how they are able to identify and help one another leech off society.

      Of course if they have some type of instinctive parasitic sense that tells them if it’s another parasite or not (which they may well have) then this method is probably useless.

      Keep up the fight yall.

      “If you’re going through Hell, Keep Going”

  3. Salman Hossain says:

    JAM, where the hell are you at? Where u been at? I need to talk to your ass…where u at?

  4. Salman Hossain says:

    Adam, when u get this message … pass it on to JAM…I
    need to talk to him

  5. Thank you. I had to dig a little yesterday to find that sotomayor is sephardic then lo and behold so is fidel! It just gets better and better! Launching this one too!

    • Linked picture first!:
      CASTRO: “Look, Hugo – I just pulled this out of my ass! That certainly explains my ongoing gastrointestinal issues!”
      CHAVEZ: “Awesome! Can I hold it?”

      My personal opinion is that this jewish traitor betrayed Chè Guevarra to his kike puppetiers there in nazington in favour of the jewish monarchaic/comunistic overtrow. Ché became a pain in the ass for the judeo American intrests, especialy there in Africa and Latin America. He became too realistic with his unmasking of the jews with their subverted servants and cabalistic interests allover in ‘our’ jew owned and therefore misused demonic empire! Their motto bytheway is as long as they are ‘ruling’ with their rod of iron also: “Organise your own opposition because when your diabolical intentions with the nonjewish world is exposed, you can destroy your bigest en most effective enemies unsuspected from within?!”
      LINKS on jewgle…

      • I may have to retract what I said about Che, because upon further investigation it DOES INDEED seem that Che is NOT JEWISH. In fact, it turns out that some anonymous twits put out the information, which was then picked up by a site I used to frequently read, but ALL OF THIS was a slight against Che. So, that said, I will DELETE my post stating he was jewish. It’s not unheard of for jews to claim someone (Hitler for instance) was a jew in order to defame them. Shit, I have people like Hufshit calling me a “pied piper” for saying we should wipe the earth clean of these wretched beasts, while his solutions consist of bullshit mental masturbation.

        • “…while his solutions consist of bullshit mental masturbation.”

          I know what you mean Adam. But when he is done with all of that prefab kike fabrications and mental pornography, he’s fed up with jewish freaks like this on the bottom of my link below?! 😉

          Ps: This jewish retard tried also to stalk you with her doomed mental desorders of ‘her’? Terrible because how do you get rid of such a crap? Unbeliveble!

          Quote: “Peggy was initially a bit upset with the article I wrote about her in January 2010, and she decided to tell her side of the story. She contacted a few people who do interviews on the Internet, such as Ognir (Noel Ryan) and Adam Austin. (The reason I know that she was contacting them is because she sent me copies of the messages she sent to them. Perhaps that was her way of saying to me, “You criticized me, and now I may criticize you!”)”

          • Yeah, I saw this already. What’s funny is I don’t think I remember being contacted by this person????? If she did, I honestly don’t know at the moment. I get a lot of emails every day (hundreds) so it’s hard to say who has and hasn’t contacted me. Either way, Hufshit is a shit bag communist kike that likes to call everyone apes and monkeys. Quite the supremacist…fuck him.

          • its funny Hufshits on the defencive all the time when actual have to face anyone rather then typing shit on his gay ass site. fuck him and his talk all the time about i criticized this and that. criticizing dont do shit for this movement its the facts and fixing the problem the jew that will bring about success and his end will come with that success, fucking kike misleading people.

        • The neo-commie kike has been exposed for a while now, yet he still pukes “new”
          (so he thinks) commie jew shit regularly, but the game is over for the rat.

  6. Also check out the jew boogie man Louis Farrakhan, another jew who is an ‘anti-semite’. If you search you will find Farrakhan confess that he has portugese jewish ancestry and he said he hoped to serve both his jewish ancestors and blacks. Sort of like how Israeli-Americans are loyal to whom? Sure as hell isn’t America.

    • come on people,louis farrakhan aint no kike.

      • Well, I have NO INFO on Farrakhan. I don’t have time to research everyone, but if someone has solid evidence of him ADMITTING jewish ancestry, it’s NOT something that should be overlooked. I thought the info I had seen on Guevera was correct, but after a little more digging, it seems what I remembered of him being jewish was not correct. From now on, without documented info on who’s jewish, there won’t be any accusations allowed in the comments. I’m not going to turn this into a circus…I want only true and honest information. Period.

        • This whole site is a Kike Front to inform on the ZOG ran CIA. Beware thee who protesteth too much!! Subvert Nation are a bunch of Jew Commie CIA traitors! Ask yourself who would be ignorant enough to question if Faracoon or Che is a Jew! There both mexicans jackass!

          • Then why come here? Why not just go listen to Nathaneal Kapner tell you that the jew Putin will save the world? You do realize that Mexican is just left over natives crossed with their jewish conquerors, right?


          • I’m still here, and I have good reasons why I don’t update the site every day. In due time all will be revealed.


          • I’m doing my best. Always toiling away behind the scenes. Thanks for spreading the truth! If there were a million of us pushing this same message every day, we would be a serious force to reckon with.

  7. Thanks for this info, and am glad to mail you a donation, for all your hard work. And of course you are right about Fidel.

    Btw, a short google search connects with a lot of evidence that Louis Farrakhan has told many that he thinks his father was a Portuguese Jew, that that is what his mom told him, and how much as a child, he liked to listen to Jewish cantors, etc, ad nauseum.

  8. corr: Portuguese Jew descendant.

  9. john its true about the conditioning and damn there really are alot of folks that know the truth. a person that i know was watching the news yesterday morning at a hotel lobby eating area the news were talking about it being 47 years ago when MLK gave his speech. my friend made comment about black folk and this old man about 70 years old he told me was siting at the table next to him and corrected what he had said by telling him \fucking jews got their hands in everything\ so my buddy asked him about it cause of all the things that i have been saying about the jew. the old man told him about the jew in most the same way that i have been. it was great to hear my friend tell me about how this old man told him all the same things i have been. being of the age he is i guess that having this older guy saying the same shit that i have been was what was necessary to take the blinder off a little bit more and real get my friend to see whats going on with the world.

    • My husbands grandfather told us there was no holohoax and we thought the old coot was crazy. Oh boy. Little did we know back then. We believe you gramps!

  10. A Jew interviews castro here-

    Only a jew would say what castro says. It’s just another “oh the poor jews story” so read it if you can stomach it.

  11. Abe in East LA says:

    Good info on Castro, but I got to defend Farrakhan. The man published the Secret Relationship Between blacks and Jews (vol.2 came out recently). His work has been based on previous efforts by Dr. David Duke as shown in the following Dr. Duke youtube video(part 1 0f 2):
    It’s called the shocking jewish role in slavery. Rumors that get repeated can be treated like fact, but Farrakhan is not house nigga and has refused to denounce his Books in front of Chicago’s jew establishment and media. The Nation of Islam even has a book with hundreds of pages of nothing but jewish advertisements for slave auctions reproduced from primary sources. Another marrano kike was lady bird johnson(a spanish jew named castro) whose family owned defense contracting companies and was the impetus behind both the gulf of tonkin and the JFK killing (done by his kike wife as seen on the jew zapruder’s film). My dad served in Nam and knew all this shit way before the internet.

    • Well, I have promoted that book quite a bit. I’m not going to look back and see who said what about Farrakhan, but that is not the official position of SN anyway. I don’t see the comments threaded from my dashboard, but that book is a damn good resource of information relating to jews and the slave trade.

    • the Secret Relationship Between blacks and Jews vol.2
      has has anyone read it yet? i would like to know how it holds up to the first one that was printed so long ago. cause damn every time i read vol.1 i learn some new detail that i have over looked the other times that i read it.

  12. You can find a PDF of the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1, on bit torrent, like the pirate bay.

  13. I received an email from my internet provider telling me that they saw that I downloaded a movie from the PirateBay and there could be a fine. They had my home address in the email. Can the movie owners do anything to me legally? John Allan Martinson got me doing that after I saw his video Guerrilla Warfare Training.

    Just trying to get some free advice.

    Adam, still reading your Revolutionaries’ Handbook.

    Nation of Islam’s book on the slave trade is excellent. This jew named Brackman wrote an essay in 1976 about this. I have a 16 volume copy of the encyclopedia judaica and they name ship captains and the names of their ships. Jews know very well that they were the slavers. (Pirates were also jews).
    Look up Prof. Tony Martin to get some insight. Jews tried to get himfired in 1993 just because he read the Farrakan book in his class at Weslyean University.
    This is a serious problem. Eventually it will come to a boil and it will have to popped so that the pus can be drained.

    Good to see that Dev Samael Daval is still in the war.

    • Tell them someone must have done it by jacking your wireless signal, hahaha! Seriously, tell them you’ve been having major slow downs in your connections and someone jacked into your shit, and you will be looking for a new service provider, because their shit isn’t secure, and their accusations are pathetic.

  14. the first time i read this i didn’t really look at the pics but you are right adam. castro looks just like a “typical rabbi”. i wonder how many baby penises he has sucked?

  15. Have you seen this article that names Castro of being of a Jewish background. This the New York Times of Feb. 1997. I read 20+ yrs. back of his Marrano background and admission to people who knew him that he was of Jewish Origin. There are a whole lot more throughout the Hispanic countries and specifically Mexico (many of whom made it to the Southern USA via migration and others having managed to survive the later Catholic purges of these Jews/Marranos who came with Columbus and many who were among the Conquistadores). :

    [What do Fidel Castro, three founding members of the Jesuit order, Saint Teresa of Avila and Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger of Paris have in common with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright?

    A Jewish background.]

    I’ve never believed there were any serious intentions of underming and/or taking Castro down! Give me a break! American hit squads (CIA) have never had any real difficult time of taking out puppet dictators who were getting uppity. The ex-Cuban long time CIA asset & braggart who killed who killed Che was very close to Daddy Bush: Félix Ismael Rodríguez was born into a wealthy, landowning family, in Cuba, in 1941. His uncle, José Antonio Mendigutia Silvera, was minister of public works and close collaborator of Fulgencio Batista. Rodriguez fled the country soon after Fidel Castro gained power in 1959. Most of his family, including his father and two of his brothers, were either executed or disappeared within the first months of the new dictator’s regime.

    Rodriguez didn’t pull the trigger, but as CIA was effective in capturing him and ordering his death. I am not all that familiar with Che’s background and real history, but it is clear his indoctrination was at the hands of ‘Ladino’ Communists. There is a distinction between Ladino and Latino, if you catch my drift. I suspect that Che was not ‘Ladino’ and therefore not the chosen one to lead up a Communist Cuba. On the other hand, Rodriguez is undoubtedly a ‘Ladino’, tho wikipedia says Spanish-Basque orign, which might not necessarily be untrue. There is a connection between the Moors and Jews in Basque country. In any case, Rodriguez is as common a Sephardic name, as is Rivero and just look at his father’s name.

    The installaton of Castro as Communist dictator and his long lived regime were a success only because certain people planned it that way. Jews were never in any danger and those that stayed were well treated. There is a lot of myth concerning the Jewish relationship to Cuba and ex-pats who ‘fled’ to the US. Needless to say, Castro and Cuba have been another pipeline in the drug trade (See Daniel Hopsicker). Those non-kosher mobsters with interests in pre-Castro Cuba and participated in the Bay of Pigs operation were taken for a ride by their CIA or in effect those ‘in-the-know’, which would likely include Daddy Bush and his network of insiders (I still strongly suspect the Bush family are themselves crypto-Jews, perhaps related to those Jewish Officers and freemasons
    of the American Revolution.

    If you ever get a chance, do some research on Axel Von Dem Bussche.

  16. Castro in a recent interview he gave to The Atlantic Jewish reporter Jeffrey Goldberg said that Israel has every right to exist – and advised Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad to stop denying the Jewish holocaust.

    When Cuba helped Israel

  17. Viola le juif! Encore.

  18. Of course he sides with the Jew Khaddafi and the Jew Chavez.

    And “against” the Jews Cameron, and Sarkojuif and the Jews’ Whore Obama.

    It’s depressing how stupid people are:

    — “It’s only for oil!”

    — “Khaddafi’s a Freedom Fighter, Oy Vey!”

    • I seriously doubt Gadaffi was a jew. Don’t believe what the bullshit jew media says. Libya was a thriving country before this bullshit rebellion. Gadaffi’s only crime was trying to establish an independent nation with a gold backed currency. How dare he try to own gold and not be a jew.

  19. I heard Che wasn’t happy with Castro starting not long after the revolution.

    How do people feel about Che’s politics? I know Che didn’t particularly like jews and was frustrated with blacks inability to follow his directions. Do people feel he was in league with the jewish communists? I say if he was it wasn’t his own intention as he didn’t realize who they were, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t that’s why he went off on his own and wasn’t really kool with the kike castro, what do people here think?

    I have always been for a social safety net but that is probably because jews have run all the industry’s into the ground for as long as I have been alive. So there really isn’t much left for people as they have been leeching and sucking on this country through the financial sector (fed, banks, wall street) for quite some time. But maybe if there was no safety net, then people would wake up faster.

    Anyway, what do you say about Che?

    • From what I’ve seen about Che he had good intentions, and then fell into the wrong crowd who eagerly provided him with funding and rode his coat tails (communists), then when he figured it out they killed him.

      If the movie “motorcycle diaries” has any truth in it, like him swimming across a piranha filled river to visit a lepper colony on his birthday…..then thats hardly something a jew would do no?

      Could also just be jewish propaganda. You would have to ask around in South America to get the real story, but to me it looks like they used him (like Patton) then did away with him, which is what Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) said communists do, which is why he fled spain and quit working with the communists.

      If Che was more of a NATIONALIST I would like him, but he was an advocate of a “One South America”, with no national boundries, which as we know, fits right into the plans of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

      • Thanks for your thoughts, I think it’s likely that you’re correct on all fronts. Who knows, maybe that kike castro sold Che out to the kike controlled CIA.

        I agree that the homogenization of countries within a continent is not a good thing. Let’s keep our boundaries, things don’t need to all be the same. I like variety.

    • Antoine says:

      Adam briefly discusses Che in comment #9 of this article.

      As far as social safety nets go, we can’t even begin to discuss issues of that nature until jews are removed from planet Earth. For good. What the jews and assholes like Fatboy Jones don’t want you to know is that we could have a monarchy with unlimited gun rights and universal healthcare at the same time. Sounds impossible right? Well with jews lurking around, it is.

      The monarch wouldn’t have to be a pompous silk-cloaked elitist either. He could wear a black t-shirt and jeans in public, and know how to paint and pressure wash.

      BTW, regarding your other comment on this article up above: I hope you were joking, because humans cannot “fool” jews into thinking we are one of them in order to “make money off of them.” Jews ALWAYS know who is a kike, and who is a human. Read this entire site and Adam’s book to get a full picture of your enemy.

      I am certain that the jew is hiding something about its biology that would seem more at home in a science fiction horror film.

      I love your handle, btw!!!

      • I mean for instance let’s say a gentile (one of us) were to acquire investment funding for a disinformation site on the internet, and we put out jewish propaganda, but then we could expose them at some point but all the while using the money to fund our own information networks. Look, if we’re not going to go around shooting them right now, we mine as well look at other ways to subvert their subversion. They work with gentiles when they think it will further their interests and help gain control of peoples minds.

        I admit, upon thinking about it, I doubt it would work. However I’m just trying to get some ideas going here, it is an uphill battle people are facing trying to inform others without enough resources. Obviously funding for our mission is hard to come by, look at the situation Jam is in, I don’t think Adam is comfortable with his financial situation either. We need to generate financial resources for ourselves so we can put more into the cause. But Adam has laid out a very nice site and it doesn’t seem to be working very well at generating revenue for the cause, because for some reason people that understand what’s going on seem to broke…I tend to think it’s because you have to be an idiot to participate in this jewish shithole of a society we have today for what you get in return, so gentiles that earn significant income by just going along with things are not that intelligent. But I can’t quite figure out whey gentiles are so damn stupid. I think alot of gentiles are greedy and selfish and even if they do understand on some level they would rather not stand against it because their control of things is so widespread they don’t want to go against the grain. Basically our biggest problem is not the jews themselves, but stupid humans along with apathetic and selfish humans who would go along with the kikes for their own gains.

        • Regardless what happens with funding this site will stay alive on my dime. Second, no matter what happens with funding I will continue to push my message, as I do daily already. Third, there will be ZERO room for blaming the victim around here. Our problem is the jew, not humanity. This rather long post ends by putting the blame on humans and not the jews. That kind of thing won’t be tolerated here EVER. The problem is shit bag jews thinking they can have their input somewhere by pretending to be a human, and then shit all over the humans in the process.

          • This comes up every now and then….even Fred Tobin said “Don’t blame the jews, blame those that bend to their pressure”….horseshit!

            Those that bend to their pressure will be delt with in due course, aws nature intends.

            jews don’t seem to understand….MONEY IS NOT A FACTOR…..its nice to keep things going, but its more than that. I thought about the idea of infiltrating jewish ranks, but Im not a jew. Their way of thinking is not right. They are pussies for doing what they do, and they know it.

            I don’t need to be some slithering subversive little cunt.

            In fact, cunt is too damn good a word for them.

            JEW….thats all they are.

          • Right. Fuck them. I will fight them with my last breath. NEVER will I submit or even stoop to their level. One thing I will NEVER do is become my enemy to defeat them. I’m not going to even think of pretending to be a jew, or asking anyone else to. We can do everything we need to do without their help and without ANY of their input, what so ever.

  20. Fuck man, you want to paint humans as angels?

    What happened to my Winston Churchill video?

    You would delete such a wonderful video?

    Wow, my friend, I’m questioning your morals. I have high standards for humans because they are the only ones capable of it but let me tell you something kid, we are failing each other. The jews are parasites who are taking advantage of our stupidity, greed, selfishness and insecurity. And there are alot of stupid humans, but part of this is directly caused by the kike, so you can put alot of blame on the kike, but the same time you have many many evil humans and it’s not all because of the kike. Unless you’re on some religious nonsense like adam and eve and cain or whoever I don’t know the story there cos I never got into fairytales.

  21. You yourself know (cos you’ve said it) how irresponsible Gentile parents can be. That is inexcusable, no kike should be powerful enough to make parents neglect or treat there children in such a manner. It’s actually somewhat eery how you seem to want to paint humans as angelic victims. Humans need to fightoff their own demons in addition to these kike parasites, it’s possible that because this is a sick society of human-beings, they are easy prey for these insects. I myself do not feel like a human-being if the typical human being is so limited mentally, maybe they are cattle I mean fuck, face what’s right in front of your face instead of just continuously stuffing it! Fuck man, these people are slower then retarded molasses or just plain lazy, especially mentally. Jews are so fucking stupid, maybe we NEED TO PURGE off a significant portion of the population, and when this occurs so many diots will be gone it will be much easier for the Warriors to take control and destroy the kikelo homos. We are going to fucking burn these fuckers alive THEN put em in the woodchipper before incinerating them.

    • NO MOTHER FUCKER. I have NEVER painted humans as angels, but I will NEVER allow you to come here and SHIT ALL OVER the people I put my neck on the line to save. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. If you’ve actually read this site, you’d see there is NO QUARTER for any JEW OR HUMAN who acts like a fucking shit bag. You sound more like a jew with every post. Consider yourself silenced.

      • You know what sounds like a “jew”. Telling people they need to get guns and go around shooting jews. ReallY? Is that your plan you childish little fuckhead? Go listen to some kike you claim is a “genius” musically but really a second rate, generic rock band.

        YOU sound like a kike, is that your only plan of action? You childish fuckin peon, telling people to pick up guns and go shooting jews plays right into their hands you fuckwit.

        You aint shit, you’re not some fucking general you’re a young’n who just barely woke up to the facts after having YOUR OWN CHILDREN circumsized.

        YOU have GOT to be kidding me, and I guarantee 100% you will delete this post because you can’t look in the mirror and see how childish you are, and how you play right into kikes plan.

        We need to make moves against them, but not by telling random people to go around shooting them, there is no anti-jewish army and YOU are not a general, you’re a fucking idiot.

        • You thought I’d delete your post you half wit piece of cowardly anonymous DOG SHIT. Fuck you little kike bitch. I don’t hide from anyone. You’re just pissed because I can smell the stench of JEW all over your sorry ass, and so could everyone else here. Sorry to tell you, your bullshit didn’t work. Just like your boyfriend JAM, his bullshit didn’t work either. He was nothing but a subversive piece of shit like yourself. He spent two years trying to convince me “don’t fight the enemy” because he was “looking out” for me. You stupid mother fuckers think nobody can smell that stench of bagels all over you, but we can… doesn’t matter how much you sing our tune, you still wreak like a synagogue and a toilet. If you think my only plans consist of “get guns and shoot jews” you are about retarded as fuck. Of course, I can see why such a message would bother a rat faced JEW like yourself, and your homosexual crack addict friend JAM. You can’t 100% guarantee me SHIT you fucking jew…..but I can guarantee you something. PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO WHAT I SAY and your fucking days are numbered bitch. Now go lick JAM’s dick with his little “monarchist party” which he will fold after a month or two of no monetary support, just like he did with everything else.

          • Monarchist party?

            “The lion is the symbol/logo for the city of Jerusalem and can be seen on all types of things: man hole covers, park benches, information boards, and a variety of other flat surfaces like the wall of city hall.”

          • Oh yeah….that was the second incarnation of his ideas which he wanted me to lead….there’s a good reason I didn’t bother with the own party or any of his other ventures. I’ll continue just doing my own thing, thank you. ROK is a bad ass idea…..wonder why he never backed that one? Anyone who won’t take that oath is probably the enemy.

        • Is this the best you fuckers can do when humans join up to oppose your asses? Whine and scream like pissy faggots in Greenwich Village? Why don’t you show up at my door and say this shit to my face? Why don’t you confront me on the street? Can you at least post something less boring?

        • Antoine says:



          I think we should all throw our money at this guy so that he can live in a fancy Manhatten bachelor condo in order to climb the jewish social ladders and reach his rightly deserved position on the top of everyone and everything. Once up there, he can yell at us, and tell us how to worship him. I hope he releases a 10,000 page autobiography! I am dying to know what time he took a shit on May 3rd, 1992…

          • Oh yeah, he won’t have to worry about that. I took down all the audios I could think of that he was in. I don’t want to leave any room for any error in my message, and that way it’s easier to ensure that MY MESSAGE is ONLY my message with no taint. I’m not leaving this fight….I haven’t even started fucking swinging yet.

  22. Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

    These Jewish fuckers are always lying by omission. Allow me to reinforce this quote:

    “The Jew is an inborn Communist” – Otto Weninger

  23. Rajoleta says:

    I m spanish. My family is from the village where Fidel Castro’s grand father was born. I have never beeing in this really little little little village my self but I can tel you for sure that CASTRO is a very famous spanish name and doesn t comes from jews heritage, for sure, it s one of the most autoctonus names in northwest of Spain and they are particularly blue eyed and strong celtic people.
    No doubting that Fidel could be a jew, but not because the name CASTRO. Same can said for many other names: the fact that some jews have used this name doesnt mean that everyone using this name is a jew.

    • I don’t think I singled out the name Castro as jewish, but Fidel Castro is a jew. The jews take on the names of the people whom they assimilate in every country. So no, not everyone with that name is jewish, but Castro himself certainly is.

  24. Castro’s revelations sound like more of the tried and true formula: the perpetrators are the commentators, incidentally getting in between the sunlit window and their glowing fingerprints behind. Distraction and dissuasion, dis affectation, and subterfuge.

    • Very interesting and very credible. Both that Castro was Jewish (and a fake) and Guevara was not Jewish (and not a fake).

      I’m grateful for your insight.

      There’s another issue (on this, see ) which is that nuclear weapons were and are almost certainly fake. The whole Cuba crisis was most likely made up to cement the Cold War, more money on weapons and war profit etc.

      • You know, I keep going back and forth on this Guevera guy. He was quite the communist. At times I see things pointing to him not being jewish, but then some of his actions make my radar go off. Castro is positively jewish, I can say that with confidence.

        As for nukes, it’s long been said here that nukes don’t exist. They are just another hollywood production like the moon landing, Sandy Hook, and many other false flags. The point of nukes was to scare the shit out of people into believing that we better not fight, or all of humanity would be wiped out. Bullshit. They have no means of controlling us outside of conventional warfare.

  25. Yeah, in order to stay alive, all must understand what a jew is.
    The video, “Zionist Israel, What the World Should Know”, can be found at

  26. Fidel Castro, as Francisco Franco, sephardic jews. Sephardic neandertals. The Grama diary published one time that Castro was very pleased with Franco regíme (drug dealing and cromagnons prostitución). And Franco saying thinks like…”we aré crusaders againts cmmunism”. Jaja.

    neanderthals, kings of the líes, kings of deceive.

  27. Hi revisionist. Che Guevara was a Neanderthal and a psicopath.

    Cromagnons, jet out of the edén, jet out of the cage.

    Theres many Neanderthal lineages, and jews, Shemites, aré one of these lineages.

  28. LMFAO!!! Ya I knew you’d moderate out my comment you fucking pussy shill. I guess you were terrified of people finding out the truth huh. LMFAO!!! People like you should be shot ten times in the face and then shit on afterwards. You’re scum! Do the world a favor and kill yourself! Actually first kill you’re piece of shit parents who allowed you to become who you are, AND THEN KILL YOURSELF!!! God I wish that I could strap you to a chair and beat the life out you. You’re lucky I don’t know you personally bitch, cause you would be in a world of hurt right now…..

  29. Just Found another Jew Name Bill gaede Who was a Communist Spy who Smuggled AMD’s Tech Information to the Soviet Union and Cuba and Smuggled Intel’s Tech Information to China and Iran.

  30. So what has you hated john Alan Martinson jr? Just asking.

    • Simple. He’s a jew who thought he could control and manipulate, not only me, but all of YOU too. I spent a lot of time talking to jew boy Martinson, so I know his bs quite well.

  31. Actual History of the World says:

    I never saw it before just now. Castro is Jewish. I totally see it. Just look at his FACE in those pictures! Damn it man. Its true. Its all true!

  32. Castro murders the poor the Catholics and enshrines the Holohoax terrorists meanwhile he sent his fighters to terrorize Angola and to sabotage the 1973 war which they did shit but give the Israelis intel lol Piece of shit

  33. Staggering information, thank you.

    I speculate that they are purposefully letting these stories, such as Fidel Castro “speaking against the NWO and Bilderberg”, to indoctrinate people, if not completely at first, but subliminally, to a group of globalist (jews) controlling world affairs.

    This story about Fidel Castro wouldn’t be on Yahoo News without their approval.
    The list of Bilderberg attendees wouldn’t be on Wikipedia without their approval.

  34. Don’t you just love when he calls people Cattle, Animals, or Goyim which is very low and should increase everyone’s suspicion.


  35. Guzman is also a Jewish surname, as in El Chapo Guzmán and the Sinaloa Cartel. Ernesto Zedillo looks like Ben Stein. Think the current President of Mexico is any less jewish? Not a chance.

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