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Fake Al-Qaida Leader Calls for Muslims to Attack

Fake Al-Qaida Leader Calls for Muslims to Attack

Here we go again with the same old tired routine.  It seems that the fake al-qaida leader Adam Gadahn is calling for Muslims to attack zionists in a new video recently released.  In the video, the media labels this fool as Adam Gadahn a.k.a Azzam Al-amriki, but they left out his real name, Adam Pearlman.

This jew has been charged with treason for acting as a fake Muslim terrorist leader. All jews are treasonous terrorists, and the punishment includes death. Time to break out the rope and balance the scales of justice.

Of course the jewish owned media has good reason for leaving his real name out, because Pearlman is a rat faced kike pretending to be an evil Muslim terrorist.  I have covered this a couple times, here is one example and here is another.  The jews have been pretending to be Muslim terrorist while engaging in terrorist acts for decades, as can be seen in the video with this article here.

Pearlman doesn’t even do a good job at faking an accent, and his strap on Muslim extremist beard needs a little work to be believable.  I like the AK-47 he throws in for a good touch, but who buys this shit anymore?  Look at this video and see for yourself just how ridiculous this jew actor is.  Does anyone really believe this jew is a Muslim, and all Muslims are on a jihad against us because of our freedoms?

According to this article here, Gadahn is the first American to be charged with treason since WWII.  The problem is, every last stinking jew in America should be facing the same charges, and should then be executed for their crimes.  The jews have already weaseled their way in, kind of like the kike in the movie  Jud Süß, which I suggest you watch.

Gadahn in 2006 became the first American to be charged with treason since the World War II era, according to the Justice Department. Authorities announced a $1 million reward for information leading to Gadahn’s arrest or conviction when announcing his indictment four years ago. The charge of treason carries a maximum penalty of death.

Now the jews can see you naked every time you fly. Next thing you know, you'll need a naked body scan to enter a jewish department store, and all this because JEWS go around blowing shit up to make you submit.

You’re god damn right the penalty for fucking with every nation on planet earth is death.  The jews are guilty of far more than treason.  Just look around this site, and then you can take your excuses for saving jews and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.  These jews are the terrorists.  Their media terrorizes our people daily.

They’ve pushed so far with their bullshit that now we are under heavy surveillance, and the police state is working it’s way into existence with every passing moment.  Thanks to fake terrorist attacks like the underwear bombers and shoe bombers (please don’t say you thought those were genuine attacks) Americans will now either submit like good cattle to full body scans at the airports, or very intense scrutiny from TSA authorities including pat downs to board a plane. Thankfully, there is an endless stream of idiots willing to give up freedom for security, like the ones in this survey here.

Over a third (35%) were not concerned by the prospect of a full-body scan and ‘couldn’t see what all the fuss was about’, according to the survey.

A further 15% said they would find it acceptable to take part as long as they couldn’t see the person operating the scan and the image was destroyed afterwards.

Only 7% of respondents disapproved of the new security measure, with 6% saying it would make them feel ‘extremely uncomfortable’ and 1% admitting that they would consider refusing.

You have to be fucking mad to accept a leash around your neck just so you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  The jews will bomb whatever airline they want, whenever they want, and no amount of body scanners is going to stop them.  You want to rid yourself of terrorism?  Rid yourself completely of jews.  The truth is, this survey is only presented to make you feel like an idiot for questioning naked full body scanners, and nothing more.

The jews have gained control of our entire government.  They print our money and charge us to use it.  Then they swipe what few crumbs you are able to get a hold of through wall street.  They have put us all under the boot of a system of debt slavery, and now they’re putting millions of Americans out of work and onto the street. Pretty soon, just feeding yourself is going to become a serious task, and all because you didn’t get pissed off enough, soon enough.

Where is the breaking point?  How much of this crap will you let them spew at you before you get angry?  Take a look at this faggot jew give a B rated performance trying to pretend to be the enemy.  He doesn’t have to pretend to be the enemy.  Him and the media supporting his bullshit message are the enemy.  We just need more people to realize that the enemy is a JEW above all else.

You can wait until it’s too late, and there will be nothing you can do to stop the coming of the jewish world order, or you can start supporting sites like SN.  You can start spreading the word far and wide.  You can start organizing through things like Real Oath Keepers, and you can start making a difference.  Whatever you do, the time is NOW.

  1. Probably like nearly all other anonymous regular visitors here, I agree with what is being said in this article and the rest of the material on the website. But taking it to a practical next level, what do others see as a targeted list of things that can be done to stop the problem? What are key strategies and tactics, what can donated cash go towards? Or is maybe a collective “leaderless resistance” the only hope as a viable solution?

    • I agree with Joe. People refuse, as it is, to beliueve that the Jews are culpable for anything. i have just engaged in an online dispute with a former Gentile friend about the ills of these people. She is as pathologically determined to believe they are innocents as I believe they are Satan incarnate. Liberal gentiles are the worst for neing Jew apologists.

      We should have worldwide chapters like the ADL – Always Defecating League.

      • This is why I created “Basic Training for Revolutionaries”. Tell her to just read their own words from chapter four. Or, simply quote them to her and shut her argument down. There is nearly a quote in there for every argument they can muster, and they’ll get the picture when they realize it’s out of the mouths of the jews themselves. Don’t let the message be what YOU tell her…let her hear what THEY said, take the heat off yourself completely.

        I put this resource together for a reason…USE IT to teach others. Their own words are more powerful than our arguments. Learn from this jew legal speak: Anything you say can and will be used against you. Use it against them already!

        • My question was more focused on strategies and tactics though. If someone donated, say $5,000, what well-defined things could it go toward?

          • How about funding printing a few thousand copies of Basic Training for Revolutionaries? How about funding the printing of 100,000 fliers? How about funding dedicated hosting for streaming servers where we could actually afford to provide news and updates daily and reach more people? How about buying more fire arms to put in the hands of patriots who will actually shoot when the time is right? There are so many things that could be done, but nobody wants to part with their money to make it happen. Unfortunately, many will have to part with all their material possessions, and even their lives to make a change. How about funding people with a real message, who are on the front line, so that they can take care of their basic needs while fighting? Do we send Soldiers into battle, and say “good luck chump”?

            It’s cool if Alex Jones does a money bomb and gets $350,000 which he then uses to expand his propaganda operation. It’s funny so many people will fund the enemy to lie to our people, but won’t fund us to go up against them. I don’t think people should fund a regular fella like myself. I’m just risking my possessions, my life, my family, and my security to do it. No need to send money here. Alex Jones does far better with it. He’ll give us another Fabled Enemies or something so nobody suspects jews or Israel of anything.

            The sky is the limit as to what we can do. Promoting the message that jews need dealt with harshly would be goal number one, as it always has been. It’s simple. People can HELP FIGHT, or help support those who do. Of course, they are also more than welcome to step up and do the work themselves with their own money too, but do you see anyone stepping up? Nope.

    • I think what people want is to see some action on video, or photos of what the money has been spent on, which Im sure you would have no problems doing. In fact I think you have said many times before that you will gladly make a video of yourself handing out copies of Basic Training at gun shows etc.

      • Well, in two years SN has only been given about $800 in donations total. It costs $400/yr for the websites and hosting. You do the math.

        It’s funny because the people who get all bent out of shape about it, aren’t the ones who support it. It’s not really worth it anyway. None of these people would even put their own money aside to fight the battle themselves, let alone give someone else the money to do it. Unless it’s Alex Jones, then they pour out cash hand over fist.

        I’ve made my case enough times for people to donate, but the truth is, nobody does, so why bother? Why bother having a resistance at all? Nobody wants to lead on their own, and they don’t want any leaders to have the ability to do so. They’re all signing their own fucking death warrant, and I’m growing tired of giving a shit.

        Here’s some irony. When kike delaney was going to ride around America in a bus owned by a jew (Bruce Gorman, who also has jewish children and was featured on a military site for his bus) with other jews like Quest, people dumped about $10,000 in his lap. Where did that money go? What good did it do?

        People are fucking stupid, and deserve what they get….no quarter for any of these assholes.

  2. “Mat Friedman, the Associated Press”

    So you have a fake muslim, who is a jew who’s websites are always discovered by jews, on AP which is owned by jews, and a reporter telling you about the fake muslim, that is also a jew……

    If you can’t figure it, just go away and find a creative way to dispose of your useless life.

    If you are like most people and can see shit thats put right in front of you, then help subvertednation by sending some $$$. Lets take that AK-47 in the fake muslim video and and put in the right hands!

  3. Someone please arrest this filthy Jew NOW ASAP!!! BRING HIM FORWARD FOR PUBLIC EXECUTION!!! Major Nadal Hassan has NOT even been convicted, and he’s being attributed to killing 13 American soldiers as carried out by Israeli military intelligence Units! Only Jewish terrorists target mass transportation systems!!!

    Salman Hossain

  4. I actually yelled at seeing a newspaper article with this clown. This is such stupid shit to see this bad acting.

  5. These jews are the terrorists. Their media terrorizes our people daily.

    Google “Teaching Torah to Gentiles ?” for abundant laughs.
    You know, shits and giggles.

    • I am not laughing George Benkel…. I want these demons executed. Why the fuck should we laugh while these jews murder and rape and pilage our fellow human beings?
      Should I have a few shits and giggles while they blow up innocent women and children? DO YOU LAUGH GEORGE BENKEL? Or are you a jew having a few shits and giggles at the destruction of the “gentile/goyim” world……fuck you.

  6. George Benkel says:

    I am just pointing out retarded Jewish beliefs.

    I’m not laughing “mike”, I put my full name up – and if you research my name you will find I have no blood relatives who are Jewish.

    I’m sure you’re going to get your chance to execute people – just make sure they’re high value targets !

  7. George Benkel says:

    If I were a Jew, why would I put my FULL NAME up ?

    I’m not, “Mike”.

    I’m pointing out silly Jewish beliefs. I believe that putting these concepts out so that the “sunlight” that falls on them helps to “disinfect” them.

    I’m not going to encourage violence because I don’t know who “Mike” is.

    I’m Canadian, and I have put up ILLEGAL writings in this Country.
    Now, what would that be ? Starts with No H and ends in “olocaust”.

    Fashteyn ?

  8. George Benkel says:

    Or are you a jew having a few shits and giggles at the destruction of the “gentile/goyim” world

    I’m not able to claim Israeli Citizenship, so I don’t know what you mean, Mike Nobody who advocates lashing out, like a COINTELPRO …

    • Where are the illegal writings? I checked the “” url you had in one of your earlier posts. Very weird mostly meaningless sideways crap about UFO’s and outer space? I also took a quick peek at the surname Benkel, and found it here in a database of jewish names. In fact, there are jews all over the place with that surname. I then noted here that you were an “FSHOD Crewmember” so I had to see what FSHOD was here which is mostly about UFO’s and aliens also.

      Many jews use their full name without most people noticing like John Kaminski, Darryl Bradford Smith a.k.a. Setters, etc.

      I know exactly who “Mike” is, and he’s one of the biggest supporters of this website, both by helping spread the word, and by helping support it financially. I’m not saying you’re a jew, but you certainly have a jewish name, and I can’t find any holocaust writings of yours, just UFO stuff. I 100% back the idea of “lashing out” at jews, what the fuck else are you going to do with them? Keep them as pets? Try to lock them up again? Maybe another 109 exiles?

      Just thought I’d throw that out there.

      • Is “Mike” Mike Delaney of Prothink by any chance?

        • Not just no, but HELL NO, haha.

          • Well, now that we’re on the topic of jews pretending to be someone else, I read that his wife was in fact a jew and that his buddy “Quest” was also a jew. Can you vouch for any of that?

          • Yes, it’s quite likely Delaney’s wife is jewish, and it is 100% confirmed that Quest is jewish. The mossad links bus tour was on a bus with crooked eyed Bruce Gorman who was featured by the United States Department of Defense website here: and has admitted to have jewish children.

          • You got balls of steel openly saying that on your website in full view of where these guys can see what you’re saying anytime. Evren Hun Welshuns-Kaplan aka Quest once said that anyone who calls him a jew to his face won’t have teeth much longer. That was rich! haha!

          • Who gives a shit. He’s a jew who claimed his name isn’t jewish because it sounds different, lol. It’s high time people know who the jews are around here. He can bring it any time he wants. He’s out on murder charges as it is.

            You know it must suck to be a jew when you can’t even call yourself by what you really are.

          • Haha Very true! You know they have it coming like they’ve never had it before. And this time for good!

            He was indicted for murder charges recently? I thought he already did time behind bars for manslaughter. He’s going up again?!! Wow…

            What happened to Scott Roberts? He disappeared as well.

          • Yes, Quest is a jew that magically is out running around the country playing racist anti-jew crusader, while having a murder charge pending against him. What better candidate for an ADL plant than that?

  9. George Benkel says:


    My Mom is German/Spanish. That makes me Non-Kosher.

    I was BANNED from the FSHOD blog A LONG TIME AGO for blaming Jews.

    If I’m arrested for saying “No Holocaust”, I will say I was just trying to infiltrate a dangerous group.

    I value an intact Anus …

    • I’m not too worried about it…we can always suss out who is who when the time comes. I can see why Mike took offense to what you posted, as it’s wording does seem like a jab at non-jews.

      Get with the program though. We’re going to have to execute the jews to save our asses. How the hell else do you deal with baby raping mass murderers? There is no peaceful solution to a violent and dangerous enemy hell bent on your destruction. Spread that message in Canada.

      As usual on this site, let’s steer the conversation back on topic of getting enough people together to carry out their executions and not get side tracked.

  10. George Benkel says:

    How’s that working for you ?

    I’ve exposed myself to possible Ass Rape. That’s my contribution.

    • How is what working for who? Teaching people that they will have to fight to free themselves from a violent, murderous, and oppressive enemy is working very good. This site continues to grow in popularity with each passing day. More and more people read my book and wake up, and more and more people keep joining at

      Everything I do is effective. Just the act of doing makes it so.

      That’s good that you’ve stepped forward and somewhat exposed yourself, but we’re all going to have to make much greater sacrifices to fix these problems. It’s going to take real men, who don’t fear death, stepping up and throwing down with the enemy. You can’t reason with psychopathic mass murderers. They’ll just kill you. Like America’s forefathers, many will either lay all of their worldly possessions and their lives on the line, or this will only get worse.

  11. George Benkel says:

    There are really three Canada’s !

    1. Jew-loving multi-cult Liberals and swarthy ethnics who owe their presence in Our Home On Native Land to Jew policy.

    2. White Quebecois lapsed Catholics.

    3. Native Injuns.

    The first group is hopeless, the next two are smart enough to “get it”.

  12. Thanks Subvertednation and all your supporters. I so agree with the facts you state in this report. Viva la revolucion!

  13. I dunno Adam, the contact you captchas are weird beyond belief, type them in exactly and they don’t work. So I am forced to ask you to look into an issue that is not related to this topic, because i can’t contact you!

    The Neturei Karta, you know them as the Jews against zionists who claim to stand for Palestinian human rights, who claim that the Zionists should not be occupying Palestine but they say that 6 million jews died in the holohoax. Time to write an article on the neturei Karta I think Adam as they make out they are heavenly jews, but still cram their holohoax bullshit down our throats!

    • Simple click the contact page here at SN and my e-mail address is there for you, and you can get a hold of me directly. I have had a few complaints about the capcha codes on ROK site, but every time I try them they work just fine. I will look into it again.

    • Yeh but honestly Adam it isn’t that simple. You have the most complicated contact you system on planet blogosphere, and not only is it so freaking complicated we can’t contact you because the captchas will always say it was wrong doesn’t matter how careful you were at making sure you typed in exactly what it asked.

      Good grief man I can email DBS, Rense, Rivero no problem, but Adam is uncontactable by email because of this captcha system!

      Honestly Adam this is retarded!

      If we want to email you WTF is there a need for captcha?

      It works if I post something on comments but never to email you anymore.

      Care to get rid of capchas while emailing you?

      • Dude, type ADAM at subvertednation dot net into your e-mail program. How hard is that?

        I found the error you were experiencing and fixed it. The capcha stops spammers from flooding my inbox. Next time just type in my name and you’ll have no issues.

  14. Yeah they aren’t “Proud jews”, most just pretend to be something else, because they have to. Most of the people in the world are disgusted by jews. The word and name jew is worse than calling someone a cunt. Would you say to people “Im a cunt”?……didn’t think so.

    • jew-lie(july)getit says:

      hahahahaha mike can i frigging hug you. hi everyone this is the first time im here, hope its not the last. aaaaah this feels like home. yeah i think we gonna get along just fine here. downloaded the book, still busy reading. does anyone know of the saying for an ex american president who said something like a man fighting for his country is ……, but a man fighting for his religion….. i read it somewhere a long time ago. thanks.

  15. I just with there were a thousand activists, or even thinkers, like you, Adam, just in my area. As it is, the Jews are gearing us up to attack Iran for them, the m<<<<<f<<<<<<. I so appreciate SUBVERTED NATION'S GUIDE FOR REVOLUTION, and support you.

  16. Looks like another jew had a “secret” life and was involved in the Mumbai attacks that started and ended at a synogogue. He is now 100% muslim now (of course).

    Google David Headly, or Daood Sayed Gilani.

    Not much is said about his mother. A eccentric socialite. hhmmm.

    David was caught in a sting operation by the DEA for wanting to import heroine and his accomplace got 10 years, he got 15 months!
    He “pretended” to be a jew in mumbai to have a look around the synagogue. Yeah right, if he was not jewish they would have spotted it a mile away.

    These are ALL JEWS that are trying to give muslims a bad name. Why else would they bother? It’s all setting the stage for a massive war.

    The good thing is the majority of people on the net said JEW when it happened, and they have been proven correct.

  17. Back to the topic:

    In Germany, there’s a similar kosher clown by the name of Pierre Vogel. Even his beard looks like Perlman’s in the video above (the face is almost hair-free, the beard is below the chin/jaw). Vogel (a kike name sometimes turned to Fogal in English-speaking countries) poses as a Christian convert to Islam, working as a preacher trying to convert Christians to Islam, and he has been accused of the German secret service to incite hatred and contempt for Christians among Muslims. He even travels to Switzerland to islamize it (talking Christians into converting to Islam). Ironically, in a debate on Muslim veils in Germany, Vogel once openly said that (as a “Muslim”) he FEELS LIKE A JEW in Nazi Germany.

  18. George Benkel says:

    Noel Ryan, “Ognir” says that Airplanes hit the Towers.

    A good case could be made that this PROVES the opposite !!

  19. Speaking about Fake Al Qaida, we also need to understand there are jews running around everywhere pretending to be something they are not.

    Here is a classic example

    A Christian Militia group full of jews. They were being arrested for “conspiring to kill cops”, yet when the cops showed up on their doorstep, not a single shot was fired!

    One of the guys in the group was an FBI guy.

    What did they benefit from this little stunt? “White Christians are dangerous bad people”.

    Jews are attacking EVERYONE in some way. When will people get it? When will 40 million Christians in America see that the “Anti-Christ” are the jews? When will they see that Jews killed 40+ million fellow White Christians in Russia, and they plan to do the same worldwide?

    Im sick of people preaching racial tolerance out there while jews get away with the shit they do.

    How many times would you allow a jewish neighbour to come into your house and steal money from your wallet, rape your daughter(and dog) and kill your wife before you took action?

    Would a Christian sit there and offer a cup of coffee to the jew and try to make him “see the error of his ways”? Thats what it looks like American Christians are doing. Worse still, they SUPPORT the jew by offering him the money, and their kids!

    Im sick of people making excuses for the jews or trying to muddy the waters by blaming neo fascist nazi israelis and extreme zionists. There is NO WAY they could do half the shit they do without the full support of MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of jews worldwide.

    No wonder you took a break Adam. One can only take so much bullshit arguing by people about the jews. THERE IS NO ARGUMENT PEOPLE. Get on the right track, or fuck off and go side with the jews.

  20. KrypticClue says:

    This piece of footage shows that the cameraman on board the chopper who is taking it knew BEFOREHAND the 2nd plane was about to hit (confirming it was hit by a plane).

    Watch the clock’s time below the NY Good Day logo.

    After nearly 8 minutes of watching the tower and listening to interviews we get the scene moved to the chopper cam on High 5, at 09h:02m:40s. At 09h:02m:50s the chopper cam begins to make a rapid zoom into the towers, it takes a second and then after a 2 second pause, a further 1 second zoom-in occurs, after a 4second pause a further 1 second adjustment and then another 1 second pause and right one time at 09:03:00 the 2nd plane hits (or at least an explosion occurs). 09:03:00 precise!

    Planes can only be piloted that accurately by remote.

    Why do I mean that accurately?

    Because the camera person not only knew EXACTLY WHEN the plane would hit (they handed over to him just 20 seconds before the hit and he started zooming in just 10 seconds later/before the hit) but knew exactly in which direction/angle and at EXACTLY what floor the inbound would hit.

    See how he zooms in to precisely the exact spot to get his WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

    This is HOLLYWOOD precision film set. It extremely difficult to do on the fly.

    Its pre-planned & set-up shooting.

    You could NEVER get this, so perfectly, by sheer co-incidence.

    This means that, AT THE VERY LEAST, the camera person was part of the group that conspired to destroy the twin towers on 9/11 and should arrested by the FBI immediately!

    Can anyone identify the camera person by name and do we have a photo of them?

    Can the TV company identify them?

    Lets out this conspirator on the web.

    Can we show (the first?) definitive jewish link to the planning behind 9/11?



    • The only problem is this. During the zoom in, the airplane should be visible in the sky heading towards the tower. It is NOT. There were no planes. Think of the timing you’re talking about. Wouldn’t it be easier to time the zoom with an explosion set to go off at an exact time? Of course it would. The WHOLE deal would be a lot simpler with explosives and a few CGI airplanes. It was done without planes, but the mainstream media and Alex Jones have made sure you don’t progress out of this next layer of programming, i.e. planes on 911. If you KNOW there were no planes, like you should, then you’re just a nut according to these agents. They would NEVER time a plane hitting the building so perfectly anyway, and too much difficulty invovled. There were no planes, minus a couple seen in the sky around NY on 911. That’s it, end of discussion.

      • KrypticClue says:

        SN – “The only problem is this. During the zoom in, the airplane should be visible in the sky heading towards the tower. It is NOT. There were no planes.”

        I disagree. I see the plane going at 500-600mph (567.27), thats 270 yards/second, or 3700 yards (about 2 mile) out at the start of the the 14 seconds with High 5. At 10 seconds when the zoom+pan in takes place the plane is still 1100yeards out (about 2/3rds of a mile), then the field is quickly reduced to less than 200 yards in just 2 seconds. So you would nto see it coming! And my point is neither would the camera operator, so they had to have been given a precise time and location of the hit!

        But the worst of this kind of faked plane imagery on the twin towers nonsense is that it flies in the face of tens of thousands of EYE witnesses in NY on the day!

        So NO ONE will ever take it seriously.

        But of course, us arguing over this stupid suggestion allows EVERYONE of you to MISS the POINT.

        .. THAT the camera person had PRIOR knowledge of the attack!!

        WE argue, whilst ROME burns, understand that!


        FLY to homing beacon, automatic systems can do this precisely – to the second and that is ANOTHER point. That was how it HAD to have been done! So this was WAY beyond any Islamic terrorist attack capability, this took INSIDER assistance, in the US military!

        Which could put BUSH in the frame for TREASON!


        • There were no fucking planes. It’s not something you get an opinion about. People saw OTHER aircraft on that day, but no planes hit the towers, period. If you believe that shit, you might as well just give up.

        • Lex Mercatoria says:


          A dissection of the media’s own archival broadcast footage reveals the planes “filmed” crashing into the towers could not have been real. One witness, when asked by a Jew reporter if the former had seen the plane hit the tower (1st or 2nd–I forget), replied that he saw the whole thing and it was not a plane but a bomb. The Jew then looked nervously around because the witness’ reply wasn’t part of the script. The Jew media promotes the notion that there were thousands of witnesses to the “crashes” and that everyone agrees as to what was seen, yet this is NOT so. The September Clues documentary reveals the media aspect of 9/11 for what it is: a massive psyop. It is an upgraded 1930’s War of the Worlds radio broadcast on steroids and the Sims computer game brought into the real world. Yeah… all those victim flight passengers? They never existed, their pictures the product of photo morphing software. The federal BTS stats on the “flights” I looked up a few years ago were patently bogus. Some researchers over the years have tried to make “human interest” type documentaries on the flight “victims” but haven’t gotten very far because they’ve had trouble finding any solid evidence these passengers existed.

          Jews are masters of illusion and putting on a realistic show. This, on 9/11, they did.

          • All of the “vic-sims” families – the ones paraded on the MSM – support the Main-Stream Media story.
            They are very quiet recently!
            NONE of them have bothered to SUE the website for slander.

        • Kryptic Clue says:

          SN & LM..

          WHY would anyone FAKE a crash, WHEN they can MAKE happen more EASILY by actually doing the real thing?

          HOW could 10’s of 1000’s of non-jew New Yorkers who witnessed the planes crashing into the towers with their NAKED EYE’S be ignored by YOU?

          LM.. there will always be some eye witnesses that, because of their view point, did not see the plane actually hit the tower. To them it will appear to be just an explosion. One guy on TV like this means nothing, and so what if when the news crew realized they had someone who saw very little, that they naturally moved on to someone who saw everything. Nothing is suspicious there. You need to rein in your paranoia and see the bigger picture!

          YOU HAVE A DE FACTO evidence that the camera operator had FORE-KNOWLEDGE of the 2nd planes hit time and location.

          09:03:00 exactly, to the second, at the location they zoomed into.

          ALL this nonsense talk of added imagery and no planes is MOSSAD CONFUSION to stop the camera operator’s arrest for their part in the conspiracy.

          .. but you keep on arguing like this, so you will get diddly squat!

          So MOSSAD WINS and you LOSE. Hey but thats America, shit happens.

          KC -.-

          • Why try to attempt flying numerous aircraft through the most heavily controlled airspace on the planet when you could simply edit them into the film footage instantly? Why risk numerous mossad agents, when it can be done in CGI? Who are the “thousands” of numerous jew york “witnesses”??????? JEWS. Just like the moon landings, this was nothing but tv trickery and mass mind control. There were no planes on that day, and the topic is not up for debate. This website does not allow debate of facts. Yes, the camera operators were in on it, no shit, because they had to FAKE like there were planes. The ONE topic that is taboo about 911 is WHAT? NO PLANES. Who helped make it so? Oh right, cryptos like Alex Jones and We Are Chumps. If you wish to make your argument based on actual planes hitting the towers, you’ll need to make your own website.

          • Quote: ALL this nonsense talk of added imagery and no planes is MOSSAD CONFUSION to stop the camera operator’s arrest for their part in the conspiracy. Unquote

            That’s just idiotic. Use common sense. Mossad doesn’t care about a Camera Operator. Jews are always filming important events. Abe Zapruder knew damn well where to point the camera as JFK was shot. So were the “dancing Israeli’s”.


            Look how that site has an Ultra Left option that is empty. They can’t find a Gentile in the mix on the Left !

          • In other words an individual who also happened to be a Jew partook in an atrocity along with other non Jews. The anti-Semites therefore conclude that not only did those Jews involved in the atrocity lead the atrocity, but that it was in fact a larger Jewish conspiracy to somehow benefit the larger Jewish community.

            This contradicts historical facts.

            What a weak-assed argument. Jews kill but you’re not supposed to notice. Is that right?

          • Your articles are riddled with fabrications.

            So Sayeth the Eternal Jew.

          • Who cares? When a jew speaks, it lies. Bet the author of that article raped some non-jewish babies in their day, and do what they do to keep the cat from getting out of the bag. I appreciate them giving me more publicity!

          • Lex Mercatoria says:


            –> “WHY would anyone FAKE a crash, WHEN they can MAKE happen more EASILY by actually doing the real thing?” “HOW could 10’s of 1000’s of non-jew New Yorkers who witnessed the planes crashing into the towers with their NAKED EYE’S be ignored by YOU?” “YOU HAVE A DE FACTO evidence that the camera operator had FORE-KNOWLEDGE of the 2nd planes hit time and location. 09:03:00 exactly, to the second, at the location they zoomed into.” <–
            He had "foreknowledge" because he was hired to edit a plane into some footage and got it to *hit* at 09:03:00, which is far easier to do virtually then to orchestrate a real plane crashing into a building at such a precise time.

            It's simple. If the event happened as claimed then the broadcast footage from the networks should (a) all depict the same event and (b) depict the event as their own official story describes it. A cursory view–not even a detailed analysis yet–of the broadcast & "witness" footage does not meet the above criteria. Thus, there are no "10's of 1000's" of witnesses that we're "ignoring." One cannot ignore that which does not exist.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:


            –> “WHY would anyone FAKE a crash, WHEN they can MAKE happen more EASILY by actually doing the real thing?”

            You think orchestrating a real plane crash is easier than doctoring up a video on a computer with readily available software? You don’t need to cause a real crash if you can get people to believe a crash occurred. This also avoids the hassle of criminal liability.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:


            –> “HOW could 10’s of 1000’s of non-jew New Yorkers who witnessed the planes crashing into the towers with their NAKED EYE’S be ignored by YOU?” <–

            YOU?" The media stating many people saw an event doesn't mean (a) many people saw any event or that (b) said alleged event even happened or happened as claimed. The media has faked news before. It's interesting they're attesting to experiences of many people who conveniently aren't speaking for themselves. Except for the few "witnesses" who by sheer coincidence (of course!) just happen to work for the broadcast media, are video editing experts, and the like. I mentioned that one witness to illustrate my point, not prove it. Hey, I saw the White House blow up! Seriously, it was on TV! OMG! Oh, wait… that was the movie Independence Day. Never mind… It's a group-think trick: geez, they say a lot of people saw it, so it must be true; everyone else believes it so I should, too!

          • The Fight the Hate website is run by the Jabotinsky Center.
            The original Jabotinsky asshole openly stated to Zionists that the “Anti-Semites will be our friends”. Beware of this group that can throw around cash to create a media circus.
            There are NO organizations that have any resources to defend Gentiles. To even say that Gentiles need to defend themselves would be considered a sign of insanity. That’s implied by the Fight the Hate site. It’s like we don’t even live on the same planet !
            Jews ? What can I say. They’re different. Strange, paranoid and unpredictable.

          • Don’t invest any fear in the enemy. We know what happens when you invest with jews anyway.

          • I already believe the pentagon plane was a hoax. Are you saying that my friend who was on the PA plane never made into the air? or are you referring to the tower planes only? What about the people who camcordered it? But then again there was no plane wreckage found at the towers site. Hmmm. is this where Adam and Martinson create the mind blowing documentary of the century???

          • Yes, your friend likely never made it into the air. I don’t know the ins and outs of how they did it, I just know there weren’t any planes. Most of the people who filmed it were jews or their agents. There were planes in the sky around New York that day, but none of those hit the towers. There is already a film called September Clues which outlines the no plane story quite well, but I’m pretty positive it doesn’t tie in the jews.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:


            Because there were no planes, logically *ALL* video and still photo images of planes slamming into buildings are fraudulent. “Aren’t the videos of the buildings collapsing real,” you ask? No! They are also proven frauds. When I say “fraudulent” I don’t mean doctored-up footage–it’s worse than that. I mean no video or still photo was actually taken by anyone with a camera. While the buildings must have been destoyed via controlled demolition, it would appear there exists no real footage of the events. All the public has seen are the prefabricated movies that were transmitted as “news broadcasts.”

            It is no coincidence that most, if not all, “researchers,” “truth-seekers,” video/photo “video amateurs” and news reporters, etc., of 9-11 are jews.

          • Is it possible that one real human being has real footage of the towers imploding? Anything is possible right? I know firefighters who worked that area. It was very real to them. WTF
            Too freaking disturbing.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:


            You’re right re September Clues. The documentary focuses solely on proving the “videos” are bogus. The site’s forum is very informative in exposing the wholesale TV fakery that goes on around the world. It has a few posts lightly cursing the jews, but there’s no real tie-in to them.

          • Lex Mercatoria says:


            If anyone has real, unedited, footage of what happened (a) it would have had to have been taken with a true film movie camera–unlikely, and (b) such footage would be largely useless because the towers were enveloped in a smokescreen so no one could see the towers implode.

            As the military states on one of their websites, visual control of the environment is paramount.

            If anyone had filmed the towers imploding Larry Jew Silverstein wouldn’t have gotten away with his insurance scam, the amateur footage would contradict the jews’ “news” movie of the “attacks,” and they wouldn’t have had a “terrorist” attack to use as a pretext for bulldozing Americans into being attack dogs for the jews’ against Afghanistan & Iraq.

            Also, while the event may have been “real” to the firefighters, reality and a human’s perception thereof often differ greatly. Manipulating people’s perceptions of reality is something the jews are obsessed with and over time have become masters of.

        • Yes, thank you for that. Perception vs reality. I just watched September Clues and of course emailed it to my friends and family who will think I’m going off the deep end. I just got news another jew appointed to be in charge of medicare (Obama bypassed the senate on that one)Happens alot. I wonder what the public would say if he chose all blacks, or females or Hispanics? I emailed that article as well. Kagan and Berwick in the same month. I feel like I’m on a runaway train and I’m not quite ready to get off.

  21. George Benkel says:

    Would a Christian sit there and offer a cup of coffee to the jew and try to make him “see the error of his ways”?

    Yes, that’s why I call them Bibletards. They can’t imagine that a large conspiracy to exploit and kill Gentiles would ever exist. I believe it does exist, and no Sky-Being will save us !

    The Old Testament is full of “kill the Gentile” fervor. The New Testament is full of different versions about an allegedly important politician, king, carpenter (take your pick)

  22. George Benkel says:

    I put up a Speech by Canuck Lawyer Doug Christie on my Blog:

    Please remember, this is Canada. If your Canadian, I just assume you’ll never be reading this … and you’re reading great Canadian Literature with such themes as a Jew selling Heroin, years before Heroin became popular. Yes, they made a movie already about it …

    Ohh, Jews, you’re so Worldly …

  23. Hello people ! Salam to you all!!! i am a muslim teenager and a deep researcher of Islam and the new world order aswell!!! i have come to know about illuminati’s , Zionism, Jews how they are controlling what we watch today on T.V, jews control banks, Jews do rituals and sacrifices of human’s. Please people pray to God this Ends soon!!! No more killings in Pakistan, Iraq,Palestine etc.No more Bomb blasts in my home country which is pakistan ! Usama Bin laden is a CIA created charecter, Al-Qaeda is made up by american government aswell. Americans are not at all bad.AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is evil! JEWS are evil.

    God bless the generator of this website.I am Glad i have come through with such great people sharing thr view.cheers

  24. What is it with Kike Delaney and his hard on for the christian identity cheese ball James Wickstrom? Delaney seems to change or add to his idiology every 15 minutes. Two years ago he wasn’t a white racist now he is. Now he seems to pe prescribing to the christian identity horseshit. Delaney seems to love Jews so much that he wants to be one.

    Hey Adam, I’m an athiest, but I’ve always respected the christian and muslim peoples who’ve opened their eyes to the parasite jews. But there’s something about Marys Little Remnant “Johnthebaptist.US” I neither like nor trust. Ever heard of them?

  25. Adam have the Jews killed you? Or are you just taking a sabatical from the constant counter propaganda war?

    JAM seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth too. Two patriots verse these goddamn International vampires, I guess it drains you.

  26. defiant goy says:

    For your viewing pleasure.

    The Eternally Wicked Jew:

  27. Sadly many/most muslims believe adam gadhan as a genuine convert to islam even though most of what he says is total and utter crap .
    He’s gone quiet recently , haven’t heard much from him for a while .
    Just watch out for ahmadinajad , the iranian president – crypto jew , all this talk of war on iran is bullshit .

    • It’s already well known here that Ahmadinejad has jewish roots. All the world’s a stage, and we are merely being played. Remember that.

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        I had a feeling the Middle East wars as told by the news channels didn’t stick well. You know, it’s really a shame a TEENAGER like myself can figure this out, but my parents on the other hand can’t…

        A wise man once said that nothing is more deceptive than an obvious fact… It still turns out to be true today.

        • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

          Just found out that Ahdmadinejad’s original surname is actually Saborjhian. I’ve just confirmed a little of that evidence.

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