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Election 2008 – Another Popularity Contest

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Election 2008 – Another Popularity Contest

So, what’s it going to be America? Which AIPAC whore is going to get your vote? Do you really believe that your vote matters? Will the election be handed to McCain, or does Obama get to tie on the strings and dance like a marionette for his puppet masters in Israel? Are we going to experience a November surprise with rioting in the streets depending on which one of these yarmulke wearing sluts gets the big chair in the oval office?
Are you going to vote for this JEW puppet?

Or will you cast your popularity vote for this JEW puppet?

I find it funny that some people are willing to riot over which one of these puppets gets INSTALLED in the white house. I also find it funny that people will stand in line for hours on end to partake in what is nothing more than a popularity contest, but no doubt millions upon millions of you will regardless of the fact that your vote means absolutely NOTHING. I also love hearing that line from all the retards out there, “if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to bitch”. HAHA!! Do you really believe that?

Where am I going with this? Some of you will say, “he’s talking about those diebold voting machines that a 10 yr old could hack”, but this is not the case. CNN does a report on how easy it is to hack these electronic voting machines in UNDER ONE MINUTE as this video shows.

However, this is NOT the direction I’m going with this article. What a lot of you fail to realize is that NO MATTER WHAT YOU VOTE, your vote DOES NOT COUNT, and I’m not saying this because someone has already rigged the voting machines. The truth is, somebody RIGGED YOUR MINDS to think your vote counts, but the fact of the matter is your votes are really nothing more than a popularity contest. Which AIPAC whore gets to count more suckers on his side than the other one?

For those who don’t know, the ONLY votes that count today, are the ELECTORAL VOTES. Many Americans are aware of the electoral college, but they don’t realize how it plays into the voting scheme over all. When you go out and wait hours in line today, you will be selecting ELECTORS. You are NOT selecting your next president, because this would be a democratic voting process, and the Unites States is a constitutional REPUBLIC. You are selecting REPRESENTATIVES who will do your voting FOR YOU, but even with this there is one major flaw. The ELECTORS are HAND PICKED by the competing parties themselves. When you cast your ballot, the person you are voting for is an ELECTOR who’s name is usually listed below the candidate on the ballots. (Congress and Senate ARE voted in by a democratic process, and many ballot issues are decided this way also, but this article is about the presidential election. Your vote has a MINUTE amount of influence in these portions of the election, but don’t forget about those machines.)

What’s interesting about the electoral votes is that they have already been counted and recounted, but your opinion wasn’t included in the decision. The electors DO NOT have to vote in any way, shape, or form that resembles or represents what the popular vote says. It is up to THEIR DISCRETION how they decide to vote. It has NOTHING to do with you. NOTHING. This can be evidenced by the poll depicted below, and hundreds of others across the web. These votes are counted before they are even cast.

You haven’t even voted for your electors yet, but their votes are already being counted. You can see the polls all over the internet, but how is this possible? It’s because these electors are in the pockets of the same people as the guys you thought you were voting for. Mark my words America, it doesn’t matter which of these clowns you choose in the popularity contest. Israel, AIPAC, and the JEW are who wins today’s elections; and you America, you get the short end of the stick again.

So, you have your choice…or do you? You can stand in line for hours to vote in a presidential election that doesn’t concern you at all, or you can show these two slapstick AIPAC whores and their masters that you’re not going to put up with it anymore and stay home. NOTHING would send a more powerful message than 300 million Americans sitting on their ass and not participating in the farce you call “election day”, but as we’ve seen already with the lines stretching for miles at the “early voting” the lemmings are out in full force. You might as well pull down the stars and stripes and start waving the right flag America, because this is where the loyalty of your next president lies.

  1. I voted for Baldwin.
    Voted for the Local Poly-Ticks mostly, I even voted for myself as a write in for a State Rep. : )
    I didn’t win, I only got 2 votes.

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