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If you are planning on donating, use the contact form at the bottom to do so.

You can not donate by PayPal.

The paragraph below is no longer true. Paypal has frozen SN’s account, because they are rat faced kikes, and they figured out I was using their service to get donations.  See HERE. Just like Green Dot below, it seems everywhere one goes to try and come up with an easy way to accept donations, there is no easy way when you are hitting the nail on the head about the jew.  Look how many other sites are able to use paypal and other services for years without issue.  This just goes to show who’s message is really a threat, and who’s isn’t.  It might just be a good idea to start picking up what I’m putting down.

For the time being, you may donate instantly by clicking this link and donating at the Real Oath Keepers web site. Since this site here openly exposes jewish crime and calls for their execution, jew owned pay pal will not allow me to have a donate button, unlike some “anti-semitic” websites that seem to get away with it just fine.

You can not donate by purchasing a Green Dot card.

DO NOT try to donate using a Green Dot card any longer. Green Dot cried and whined because their logo was on this page, so DO NOT give them any of your business. They are a bunch of racist, subversive, treasonous, usurious jews hell bent on attacking free speech, so don’t bother.  Here’s their complaint.  Feel free to use their contact info to tell them how pathetic their behavior is.  I removed the references, but I posted their e-mail here for you to see.

Trademark Infringement Removal Request

Our staff has been informed that the following URL contains a trademark violation against Green Dot Corp-Moneypak.

We are working on behalf of Green Dot Corp-Moneypak to have specific content from this website removed.

Trademark Violation Information:

This URL has an image of the Green Dot Logo near the bottom of the page and references to The Green Dot Corporation in the following text, “Make an anonymous donation to Subverted Nation. greendot Help Subverted Nation help us all. If you d like to support this site, you can do so anonymously. Simply go to your local Rite-Aid, CVS, Eckerd, or even Wal-Mart and purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak Universal Reload card. Not the actual green dot card, the reload card. E-mail us the activation number details, and we can add the funds to our own card. Thy enemy has all the funding in the world. The jews print all the money they need. It doesn t work that way for honest revolutionaries and patriots. SN can not even use paypal or other services to accept funds, hence the reason you must visit Real Oath Keepers to help out. SN makes no consideration of the enemy, and gives NO QUARTER, but if YOU give SN no quarters this fight won t go very far. Wars are won and lost by supply lines, so buck up and donate now. Time to do what s right by supporting this fight, and in particular, supporting sites like this one. Contact SN now Donate TODAY.”

Please respond to this email with confirmation of content removal.

Internet Identity – On behalf of Green Dot Corp-Moneypak
Trademark Infringement Removal Team
+1-253-590-4100 x0
II Email Number 69319 II
Case Number: SIT63650

Contact me by this form to Donate

If you’d like to make a donation to SN, contact me with this form, and I will give you instructions on how you can do so.

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  1. shrouded one says:

    Get a bitcoin address going. This exact kind of thing is why BTC will thrive in the coming years, there is no other way for people outside the PC matrix to receive funds

  2. You can use Bitcoin (BTC) for donations and stop using paypal or any other jewish owned Bullshit banking crap thats bollocks


    • Bitcoin isn’t much better, and I still have to get the money in some usable form later anyway. I wish there was a way to not have to use their monetary system, but we have to work with what we’re given.

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