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Does Obama Really Bring CHANGE?

Does Obama Really Bring CHANGE?

Obama sure is going to bring about some major change alright. When he’s done, you won’t have two dimes to rub together, how’s that for change? The biggest change coming out of Obama will be race wars, food riots, martial law, our first ILLEGAL NON-CITIZEN president, and one thousand other ills that I’m not going to bother mentioning right now. Obama is an ILLEGAL candidate, and NOT elligible to be president because he is NOT a natural US citizen.

More changes will include changing our form of government from a constitutional republic, which many STILL believe to be a god damn democracy, into a socialist/communist/Marxist society with his free medical care and other programs we can’t afford to even be mentioning.

People have got to stop falling for these cheap ass one-liners like Obama’s “CHANGE”. The last group I reported on using “CHANGE” in their name was We Are Change, but they haven’t changed a damn thing yet, except for changing the truth of jewish involvement in the attacks of 911 into another ignorant one liner “911 was an inside job”, for the lemmings to parrot along with. They’ve changed people’s attitudes from one of action, to one of letting someone else do the “street actions” for you, and their “street actions” are worthless anyway. All they do is make fools out of themselves and other protestors by chasing politicians around with cheap camcorders and getting more people to parrot their fraudulent one liner. Their change involves diverting and dilluting the dissent of people who were awakened by 911, and they’ve done a great job thus far, but I digress.
Obama has more loyalty to his jewish heritage than he’ll ever have for America.


The real change from Obama is the installation of numerous jews into powerful positions in the government. Not that it hasn’t been done all along (Bill Clinton’s cabinet had more jews than a bar-mitzvah! and Bush had numerous jews as well), but this case is special because the lemmings turned out in droves to vote for this fuckwad jewish lap dog thinking he would do something good for them, and he has only furthered jewish control of our government instead. Let us count the ways Obama has subverted your nation.


Pieces of Obama cabinet coming together AP Arizona Gov. JEW – “Janet Napolitano (D) has been chosen to serve as secretary of the vast and troubled Department of Homeland Security for President-elect Obama.”Article HERE
Jew Filth Napolitano will likely be more Draconian than Chertoff’s evil ass.

JEW Daschle for Obama’s attorney general. Article HERE Daschle would love you all to raise your hands in praise and bow to his status as a chosen one.

JEW Rahm Emanuel, son of jewish Irgun terrorists who is a TRAITOR dual US/Israeli citizen that actually left the US to fight wars for Israel’s IDF. How the fuck does a scumbag like this get installed without a peep from the peanut gallery?
Article HERE Soulless monster Rahm Emanuel is our new terrorist Chief Of Staff.

“With hundreds of jobs to fill and only 10 weeks until Inauguration Day, Obama and his transition team confronted a formidable task complicated by his anti-lobbyist campaign rhetoric.” ANTI LOBBYIST???? WHA..WHA..WHAT?!?! With Obama bending over backwards to kiss some AIPAC ass, this statement is beyond a farce.

Obama selects JEW Joe Biden as VP
Article HERE

Don’t be fooled by this subversive scum bag, he’s a jew like the rest of them.

-Biden: “I’m a zionist”. Here you can see the jew Joe Biden making illuminati/freemason hand signals placing his hands above and on the reporters arms around the microphone in the most odd fashion. Who holds hands with reporters like this? Biden is more than a zionist, he’s a crypto jew and a freemason, plain and simple.

Mike at Prothink calls this Obama’s Jewish Brain: Article HERE
“When Obama brought Sperling into the fold, he showed that he would reach out to former adversaries – Sperling, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who had served in the National Economic Council under President Clinton, was Senator Hillary Clinton’s economic advisor during the primaries.”

“SENIOR FELLOW” is a term for a higher ranking mason, and of course, this masonic code is speaking of a jew. Second, “former adversaries” is a god damn lie for the feeble minded. There is NO adversarial competition between these people. They’re all on the same FUCKING TEAM! Team mates may compete amongst themselves, but they’re still working together towards the same goal of winning the game, so you better start to pick up what I’m putting down, and fast.

We’re already in overtime now with 20 seconds left on the clock, it’s first down at the one yard line and they have the fucking ball. You need to rush the line and sack their quarter back. Do like a defensive lineman would do. Knock the tar out of that little shit, steal the ball, and run it back for a touchdown.

JEW Timothy Geithner, Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary
Article HERE

Geithner is the current jewish head of NY Federal Reserve that is the ROOT of our troubles, and in the same article you’ll see Lawrence Summers Named to NEC who said jews can’t farm, and pissed off some settlers who in turn reveal that Summers himself is a JEW.
Geithner will GRAB every last penny of yours as Treasury Secretary

“Kibbutz farmers at an Israeli settlement in the West Bank violently protested Summers’ remarks. “Summers is the worst kind of Jew, a self-loathing, Jew-hating Nazi,” said Moshe Rosencrantz. “I can farm this rocky soil, even with an AK-47 strapped to my back. Summers is a dead man.” Article where Summers Pisses off jews HERE. Now, don’t be confused, this is just jews playing the good cop/bad cop routine. If you know anything about the jewish talmud, agriculture is the lowest form of work for a jew, and in most cases they are using immigrants and Palestinians to do their farming who are kept in slums making barely enough to survive, let alone escape.
Geithner/Summers Article HERE Fat bastard Summers will ensure our financial demise in his new post.

JEW Volcker will head new Obama Economic Recovery Advisory Board
Read about it HEREPaul Volcker is a fat nosed jewish demon that wants your sheckles.

Obama’s National Security Team of JEWS – Grab your ankles.

Obama Taps JEW Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary
Article HERE at FAUX News Don’t be fooled, this fat fuck is not latino, he’s a JEW.

Obama’s National Security Team includes JEWESS Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of StateWhat, you thought this jew hadn’t paid her dues at the wailing wall?
Article HERE Obama says that his picks like Hillary “share my pragmatism about the use of power, and my sense of purpose.” His use of power will be unprecedented and completely illegal, and the purpose he speaks of is one world government under the control of the jews. The dirty rotten bastard Obama might have a cool little swagger when he walks right now, but not when all is said and done. Mark my words.

From one of the above articles, and with some posts to be decided still, it doesn’t look like it will get any better for us so-called goyim. His top picks for the final few positions are all JEWS as well:



Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D.


John Gannon, former deputy director for intelligence at the CIA during the Clinton administration

Jami Miscik, former head of CIA’s analytical operations

Steve Kappes, CIA’s current No. 2

Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., who now heads the House Homeland Security subcommittee on intelligence.

John McLaughlin, former interim CIA chief

Now, this is not a 100% complete list of jews Obama is installing, but you can rest assured that any future positions will be filled by these vile, soulless creatures who have no conscience what so ever. Is this what we get for “CHANGE” from Obama the lama? Some change that is. Let’s just go ahead and rename America the NEW ZION. After all, the goyim have no say here, and it won’t be long before troops of jews are parading our streets with automatic weapons and shooting at anything that moves for sport like they do in Palestine, like they did in Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and many other places.

You’re losing your grip America, and like freemason Thomas Jefferson said “From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” If you still don’t get it, I’ll spell it out for you. You’re going to have to spill YOUR BLOOD and the blood of YOUR ENEMIES if you ever want to change this. You can NOT wait for someone else to stand up or you’ll be waiting until NONE of you can stand up from the weakness of starvation in a prison camp somewhere. Got it?

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