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Democracy – America’s downfall


The United States of America is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic, for those who have forgotten or fallen for the lies. Democracy is an absolute scourge, yes indeed, but it can be used as a tool to help decipher who is a true patriot with a good message and who is shoveling shit at you, and who really understands our current problems. I guarantee if someone is touting America as a democracy they are either a total dim wit or they are absolutely complicit in selling us all down the river. This is especially the case for some of the seemingly intelligent “truthers” out there. Why is it some of the (seemingly) very intelligent investigators, journalists, and bloggers in the truth movement are always calling America a democracy or touting it’s philosiphies? Surely they’re bright enough to realize that democracy is a trick. Yeah.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner. Two snarling, starving, and drooling wolves with razor sharp fangs at that. If this doesn’t make sense, maybe the next sentence will. There are no individual rights in a democracy. Let that sink in and read on.

You see, in a democracy, the majority can vote to have you castrated if they like! I’m painting harsh imagery, this I know, but bare with me. The beauty of a democracy though is the fact that YOU get a vote too! Of course, you’re outnumbered 300 million to one, but you get a vote because democracy is fair, right?! Is the picture still fuzzy?

There are no individual rights, property rights, bill of rights, or anything like it in a democracy. How is this so? America is a democracy and we have a bill of rights, don’t we? Many other countries are democracies and they have them to, right? Wrong. Democracies are strictly mob rule. What the majority wants, the majority gets. So, if the democracy wants your property like your home, your car, and all of your belongings, the majority can simply vote it away on a whim. If a democracy wants you jailed, it only takes TWO votes to outweigh your so-called “rights” and put you in jail. Same with capital punishment or anything else. The majority vote is all that matters in a democracy, so while you’re waving your flag at the leaders of your so called democracy, you might want to save a few as a reminder of what could have been a great republic had more of you paid attention sooner.

Democracy is the new communism. The new socialism. The same paradigm that the parasites who have infested the US have used repeatedly to subvert other countries. They know full well how a democracy works, and how to work it in their favor, but the average American is oblivious to whole idea. Couple this with their control of all important govt positions, the media and hollywood (key factor), the judicial system and democracy becomes a tool for enslavement of the masses. How is it so? The jews who own the media and run our government will simply use their media and hollywood control to sway the opinion of the majority in their favor on every issue. Since they also hold the seats in our congress, senate, and elsewhere you can be assured the agenda put forth to receive any kind of voting will be their own, as will any candidates being voted for, but I digress. I will cover the “who” question later, but for now people need to get a grip on this very basic concept.

Plato so wisely said that democracies only last 225 years on average due to poor fiscal policy because the people soon realize they can vote themselves all the benefits they wish. Unfortunately, most people believe that the US is a democracy, and the politicians are more than happy to have you view it as such. Thanks to everyone’s belief in democracy, our country’s 232 years of history means if Plato is correct, we are soon to see our country fail completely.

The signs of this are all around us. $9 TRILLION dollars in debt and sky-rocketing at an ever increasing pace. Forclosures by the thousands, bank failures into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Socialist programs like social security and medicare sucking our country dry. There are more financial signs than I care to delve into right now.

The important thing you take away from this is that democracy is a failed ideology, but worse than that, it was pushed onto us with malicious intent and it is working like a well oiled machine. There is much much more to be said, and that has been said about democracy in the past, but I hope many can grasp how dastardly democracy is from this short blurb. Educate yourself about this issue if you ever want to be a part of creating a better world for our children, because if you don’t get this one simple point, we are doomed to fail.

Democracy is not THE only problem we face, but if you fail to understand where our current government and societal structure has failed, you will be inadequitely equipped to bring forth any sort of positive change. If you fail to realize what democracy, socialism, communism, and many other forms of government are, and how they work, you will not have to intellectual tools to create anew or reform our republic in a manner that is benneficial to all. You will also make yourself an easy target for those who do understand to manipulate you and future generations repeatedly.

Stay tuned as I will expand on this and many other ideas as time goes by.

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