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Deadly Lies About Your Food

Deadly Lies About Your Food

What if I put poison in your food and told you about it? How would you react?

Instead of starting off by telling you how this or that is, I’ve got questions for you, the reader. Just follow along and it will all make sense to you. What exactly would you do if I was to walk up to you on the street and snatch your wallet out of your hand? How would you react? Would you let me walk away with it unhindered? What if I slapped you with it, then walked away? What would you do if I walked up to your drink at a bar and poured a deadly substance into it? Would you still drink it? How would you deal with me for perpetrating such an atrocious act, right in front of your face? What if I walked up to you in a restaurant and spit on your food? Or I dumped something toxic onto it? Would you still eat it? Again, how would you deal with me, knowing I just contaminated your plate of food? Tough guy, right? Most of you are thinking “I’d kick your ass”, and that’s great, really.

The ultimate question is this: why is it when you are told that your food and water are being poisoned by these jews, who have a history of such things, that you sit idly by and don’t do anything? Why is it when they use congress to rob you blind, you don’t react the same way? What is it in people that makes them so tough when faced with the questions above, but so whimpy when faced with the fact, that these jews have been doing it to them for ages? Are you that scared of jews and their crime network? Are you so fearful of your own government, that you won’t kick their ass when they are trying to kill you? How many suckers want to raise their hand to say how ridiculous it is, to think the government is killing it’s own people? If I happen to run across anyone like this on the street, I might just take your wallet and slap you with it, for being so god damn ignorant. Most of the readers here are not in denial of these things, but the majority of the populace still is, so something must be said.

So, what if I’m really sneaky, and I kill you all really slowly? Is it still murder? Or, is it acceptable for me to murder people, if it’s done in a clandestine fashion? What if you could go about your daily life, without ever once realizing that I’m working towards your death? What if there were no outward indications that I was trying to kill you and your families? Should there, and would there be, any recourse for carrying out such actions?

Radiation is dangerous, but jews tell us it's great for our food!

Radiation is dangerous, but jews tell us it's great for our food!

The reason I ask these things is glaringly obvious to many, but at the same time, is still a complete mystery to the majority. Hopefully that will change with the absurdity of some of the things going on in the public eye, like this article, which is what first sparked my interest in writing about this particular topic. As I delve into it further, I’ll give you yet another look at the disgusting depravity of the monster known as the jew, and at the same time, show you how they are steadily toiling away at methods to kill you on a daily basis. At the same time, I can share with you a few things you should be doing now to avoid it, and how they are working to curtail your ability to do so.

In the first article above, it seems Australia has banned cat food that has been irradiated, because the food is causing neurological damage in cats, in astonishing numbers. A veterinarian clinic caught on to the problem when over 90 cats came through, likely exhibiting the same symptoms, and all eating the same cat food. The food, coming from Canada, is irradiated with massive doses of radiation to make it “safe” for consumption before exporting. If irradiated food is not “safe” for your cat to consume, is it “safe” to feed it to your family? Your children?

Irradiated food has been a controversial process in Australia for about a decade now, but it has recently come under the microscope and slapped a ban due to a rash of cat deaths. At first, the account of around 90 recorded illnesses at a vet clinic was nothing more than a mystery, but one veterinarian, Dr. Georgina Child, put two and two together.

Dr. Child found that these ill cats had one thing in common, a certain pet food called Orijen, which is exported from Canada. Orijen by Australian government standards has to be subjected to very high doses of radiation before it is considered safe for animal consumption, due to temperatures the food is cooked/processed.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Dr. Child believes that the high doses of radiation is altering the food enough to cause neurological damage in certain cats. She has no idea why the radiation is effecting the frisky felines negatively, but the government did not wait around to find out. They have issued a ban on all radiated cat food until further notice.

For humans, many of our own produce goes under the beam, such as various herbs and tropical fruits. Most Quarantine and Inspection services will tell you that the irradiated process is completely safe for both humans and animals. The real question going into the future, is at what cost is this extra amount of safety, and is it worth the risk?

Irradiated food is controversial in Australia, but in America, it’s a different story. The only controversy is that sometimes fat people burn the roof of their mouth, because their programmed consumer mind, which craves instant gratification, can’t seem to wait for the salisbury steak to cool off, before stuffing their face with toxic, irradiated food. In fact, that is one of the reasons you are supposed to let your food stand for three minutes before eating it, once it’s been microwaved. It’s literally glowing with radiation and free radicals. Every fast food trough in America microwaves a large portion of their food, and even your favorite dine in restaurants are doing the same. Note that even the healthy foods like vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. are being radiated, virtually destroying the properties that make these things beneficial to us.

If radiated food is scary for this guy, why are you feeding it to your family?

If radiated food is scary for this guy, why are you feeding it to your family?

The Australian government wasted no time in banning the irradiated cat food, but we’re told how much of our food gets radiated, before you zap it with your own death box, and we’re supposed to think there’s nothing wrong with it. Most government agencies will tell you irradiated food is just fine and dandy, for both humans and animals, but if it’s causing neurological disorders in cats, do you really believe it is safe for you? Now add this to that thought. How many parents out there have warmed up their baby’s milk or formula in the microwave? What about baby food? How about the vegetable you serve with dinner? Cooks quick doesn’t it? You’ll see many excuses for microwaves in the comments below the article, but like the article itself says, is it worth the risk?

Leave it to some jews to step in and help promote radiating your food. In fact, they promote far more than that as you’ll see in this article. Here we find a jew doctor famous for his appearances on the Oprah show, along with his jew partner in crime, advocate not just radiating food, but pushing propaganda for the up and coming FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. The doctors are Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, both rat faced monster kikes, with no real concern for public health or safety.

In addition to the FDA being overextended and underfunded, the system lacks teeth. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, recently introduced in the U.S. Senate, would change that. It would boost inspections, improve how tainted foods are traced to their sources and set tougher standards for foreign-grown food.

For now, here’s how you protect your family right now:

• POINT OF PURCHASE: Buy American or Canadian produce when you have a choice. North American plants get closer inspection than many foreign-grown products.

• IRRADIATION: Don’t be afraid of irradiated food. We believe this process, which kills disease-causing pathogens, makes meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables and fruit safer.

• BE CAREFUL: Keep hot foods piping hot and cold foods frosty cold. Refrigerate perishables, prepared foods and leftovers within two hours of buying, cooking or serving. Keep your hands, knives, cutting boards and counter tops clean while preparing food, and use separate knives and boards for meats and produce.

• FREEZE IT FAST:Limit how long you leave raw meats in the fridge: one to two days for ground meats, sausage and poultry; three to five days for beef, pork or veal. If it’s going to be longer, freeze it.

Thanks to Oprah, many will trust these jew doctors who say irradiated food is safe.

Thanks to Oprah, many will trust these jew doctors who say irradiated food is safe.

You can bet if these famous jew doctors are advocating radiating your food, it’s probably not a safe practice. I’ll take my chances with a healthy immune system and natural bacteria, rather than destroying all the life giving enzymes and nutrients in my food. Take a look at this article, which substantiates the claim of the first article, when talking about neurological disorders caused by irradiated food in cats. In fact, this article goes even further to say the following:

Unfortunately, irradiated foods are increasing and are not required by law to be labeled. Many so-called fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are approved for irradiation with a dose of radiation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the claim of preventing bacteria growth and preserving freshness.

Scientists were quick to dismiss the potential for similar demyelinating in humans. “We think it is extremely unlikely that [irradiated food] could become a human health problem,” Ian Duncan., a professor at the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, explained.

Others cite the rise in autism, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological disorders along with many studies which show food irradiation produces known toxic and carcinogenic chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects.

So, you can see that it is not speculation to say irradiated food is dangerous. It is known to produce toxins and carcinogens that cause cancer and birth defects. Also note that many of your foods, including meats, are approved for radiation, and this information is not required to be put on the label of all products. Why not just grow our food and our animals inside microwaves? It will prevent the bacteria they’re so worried about, and we won’t have to irradiate the food after it’s been processed! Did you know that the tests the FDA used to approve irradiated foods were not scientifically sound? Or that there are many studies proving there are serious dangers to irradiated food? This article outlines a whole host of problems associated with irradiated food.

A compilation of 12 studies carried out by Raltech Scientific Services, Inc. under contract with the U.S. government examined the effect of feeding irradiated chicken to several different animal species.

The studies indicated the possibility of chromosome damage, immunotoxicity, greater incidence of kidney disease, cardiac thrombus, and fibroplasia. In reviewing Raltech’s findings in 1984, USDA researcher Donald Thayer asserted, “A collective assessment of study results argues against a definitive conclusion that the gamma-irradiated test material was free of toxic properties.”

Studies of rats fed irradiated food also indicate possible kidney and testicular damage and a statistically significant increase in testicular tumors.

One landmark study in India found four out of five children fed irradiated wheat developed polyploidy, a chromosomal abnormality that is a good indication of future cancer development.

Irradiation proponents often claim that decades of research demonstrate the safety of food irradiation, but the studies they use to prove it are questionable. For instance, their “proof” includes studies completed by Industry Bio-Test (IBT), a firm convicted in 1983 of conducting fraudulent research for government and industry. As a result of IBT’s violations, the government lost about $4 million and six years of animal feeding study data on food irradiation. Some of this discredited work is still used as a part of the “scientific” basis for assurances of the safety of food irradiation.

Irradiation poses serious risks, and it still does not ensure safe meat. Although it kills most bacteria, it does not destroy the toxins created in the early stages of contamination. And it also kills beneficial bacteria which produce odors indicating spoilage and naturally control the growth of harmful bacteria.

Irradiation also stimulates aflatoxin production.

Aflatoxin occurs naturally in humid areas and tropical countries in fungus spores and on grains and vegetables. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers aflatoxin to be a significant public health risk and a major contributor to liver cancer in the South.

In addition, irradiation will likely have a mutagenic effect on bacteria and viruses that survive exposure. Mutated survivors could be resistant to antibiotics and could evolve into more virulent strains. Mutated bacteria could also become radiation-resistant, rendering the radiation process ineffective for food exposed to radiation-resistant strains.

It should be quite clear now that irradiating food is dangerous to animals who then consume it. So, why are these jews advocating it? How many unsuspecting idiots will continue to take their medical advice? How many people will swallow what these creatures are telling them, simply because they appear on Oprah? This doctor Oz must be from Oz, because he’s gained quite a reputation teaching people about healthy food through Oprah’s exposure, but he tops it off with a mountain of shit. I couldn’t ask for a more typical example of jew behavior. Sell them on some truths, then start slipping the lies in. Oprah has even found herself caught up in a mess for their bad medical advice, which she rebuts here. However, you’ll note that this link is actually praising Mehmet Oz and another jew Bob Green, while attacking guests who have promoted taking supplements and avoiding vaccination, which is another story in itself.

This jew isn't promoting the "truth about food", he promotes consuming deadly radiated foods, but you can trust anyone who's been on Oprah.

This jew isn't promoting the "truth about food", he promotes consuming deadly radiated foods, but you can trust anyone who's been on Oprah.

Going back to the previous article quoted above, it points out the connection between food radiation and the nuclear industry, which is rather interesting, and you can read up on what it says over there. Myself, I wanted to take a look at how we came to have microwaves for our food in the first place. It turns out, a man by the name of Percy Le Baron Spencer was working for Raytheon Corporation on “radar related reserach”, when the radiation from a machine melted a chocolate bar in his pocket; or so the story goes. You can read about that here. I can not independently verify if Mr. Spencer himself is a jew, but he certainly has the look. It is interesting to note that the Spencer name is connected back to the Queen of England, and even George Bush, as seen here; so the chances are quite good. Raytheon is the maker of the “Pain Ray” being tested and implemented by our military. They are also constructing the XOS exoskeleton, among many other scary destructive devices. Do you think the creation of microwaves for irradiating food was a benevolent one? Do you still believe that irradiating your food is safe? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

What of this Food Safety and Modernization Act the jews are pushing? Turns out, there could be some dire consequences for those attempting to produce and/or live off of healthy, organic foods. It seems that small organic farmers are being targeted by this new legislation, which will require all “food establishments” to register and submit to inspections and regulations from federal “authorities”. So, exactly how draconian is this new act? Also, who is behind such an act, and are their intentions benevolent? If you’ll look at this article you’ll see it involves the same old players.

Under H.R. 875, all participants in farmers’ markets will be forced to register, otherwise the market will be shut down as an illegal operation. Failure to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 would result in a fine of up to $1,000,000 per violation. Specifically, the law would apply to any food establishment, including farmers’ markets, defined as:

(A) IN GENERAL- The term ‘food establishment’ means a slaughterhouse (except those regulated under the Federal Meat Inspection Act or the Poultry Products Inspection Act), factory, warehouse, or facility owned or operated by a person located in any State that processes food or a facility that holds, stores, or transports food or food ingredients.

Just like small family handmade toy companies can’t afford the requirements under CPSIA, the extra requirements and inspections required of small family farms under the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 would be a burden. I believe this bill is well intentioned; however, some critics have gone so far as to say the bill criminalizes organic farming. Ironically, or not so ironically, the bill was introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto. OpEdNews explains why this is Monsanto’s dream bill:

The demonic jew is killing you slowly.  Is it not considered murder if it doesn't happen all at once?

The demonic jew is killing you slowly. What are you going to do about it?

If that isn’t par for the course, I don’t know what is. Here we find another jew, Stanley Greenberg, working for Monsanto, and his wife Rosa DeLauro is the one introducing the bill. Of course, Monsanto is big in producing genetically modified foods, and patenting their seeds, which is a huge mess in itself. Could you imagine a $1,000,000 fine for holding, storing, or transporting foods? What would this mean for the local farmer’s market? Many of these places will go the way of the do-do if they are forced to comply with these new regulations. Meaning, the supply of wholesome, organic, locally produced food will effectively be shut down. There is positively a war on your health, and the players are all the same. They don’t want you eating organic, non-radiated food, and living long healthy lives.

Get rid of your microwave.  Start purchasing local food, from local organic growers and farmers.  Buy beef, milk, and other products directly from the people who produce them in a wholesome fashion.  Toss your microwave, and replace it with a counter top convection/infrared oven.  These things heat amazingly fast, and don’t destroy the food.  The end product is far superior to a microwave, they use much less energy than a conventional stove, and many models can even cook whole turkeys. It will cut your electricity bill, because there is no need to heat up a huge oven.  The taste and quality of the food that comes out of these is phenomenal, without all the negative side effects.  This is just one of many things you can do.

Having said all of the above, I have still only scratched the surface.  I didn’t get heavily into the dangers of genetically modified food, water flouridation, anti-biotics being fed to animals, and much more.  You are free to call it all coincidence, but I call it a coordinated effort to destroy the health of our people. Myself, I am not questioning whether this is a concerted effort to destroy the human race or not. Nor am I confused about the fact that this is another peg in their biological warfare against you and your people. I am not questioning whether these things constitute murder or not, because they do. With cancer rates soaring, and the quality of life for many going down the tubes, those things are already quite clear. The important questions I posed were at the beginning of the article, and I’ll sum it up one last time. What are you going to do about it?

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