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Congress and Senate Jews News

Congress and Senate Jews News

Yeah, I decided it would be fun to make a post about some of the articles I have seen recently concerning the jews in congress and the senate. So let the fray begin with THIS VIDEO HERE titled “Bernanke, Paulson grilled on Capitol Hill”. Oh boy, where does one start with such transparent chicanery without using a thousand different expletives? Well, first, there’s the whole idea that “grilling” Bernanke and Paulson is going to change anything, or even has any meaning what so ever in a reality which resembles nothing close to the virtual world most Americans live in. Oh the agony of a “grilling” scares them just as much as a “grilling” from a high school teacher, or the numerous principles that suspended me so many times for speaking my mind, the same way I still do today, ever had a chance of scaring me. Hell, I was getting a free vacation out of their suspensions just like these jews are getting a free hand out from this bail out. Oooh, I’m scared! Let me feign fear for you. Briar rabbit said “anything but the briar patch”, and only a fool would believe him.

The “grilling” was just the leg work for the inevitable reward in both cases. Of course, Paulson and Bernanke gave America a great big “FUCK YOU” just like I would those principles and teachers back in the day, but maybe not in so many words. Unlike them, I don’t sugar coat shit and try to make you swallow it. Fear not, my education did not suffer for my IQ was far beyond that of most of my peers, and I had the sense to educate myself on any important matters like HISTORY and SCIENCE which are more lies than most can imagine, or that I’m going to go into with this article.

Next, let’s touch on THIS ARTICLE HERE titled “Waxman topples Dingell for key panel chair”, that starts off

WASHINGTON – Rep. Henry Waxman — a liberal ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — has wrested the chairmanship of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee from veteran Rep. John Dingell when the new Congress convenes in January.

Waxman, a California liberal and avid environmentalist and booster of health care programs, toppled Dingell Thursday on a vote of 137-122 in the Democratic Party caucus, capping a bitter fight within party ranks.

Waxman is an absolutely HIDEOUS pig nosed monster. No wonder jews don’t eat pork!

The first thing I want to point out about this is when two JEWS struggle for power against each other, ALL of America still gets the short end of the stick. Like the jew controlled and PURPOSELY RACIAL “race” between Obamanation and Mc-walking-Cain’s old ass where the jews who run this planet broke the finish line ribbon across Obama’s chest before the starting gun ever went off. Waxed-lip-man and Dingellberry are both worthless scum any way you slice it, and oh how I wish someone would slice them, but I digress. Fat nosed, crooked eyed Dingell poses proudly with this phallic symbol as he accepts the 2008 Joseph M. Magliochetti Industry Champion Award.

First thing worthy of mention is that Waxman is a “LIBERAL ALLY” of house speaker muppett monster Pelosi. Note they say Waxman the winner is a “liberal” which has nothing to do with it’s root “liber” or “liberty”, and people eat this stuff up like there was a 90% off sale on twinkies. Liberal, democrat, republican, conservative…pfft! How about jew, marxist, socialist, communist, and the like? Much more fitting titles. The article then goes on to say Waxman is an “avid environmentalist”, which means he’ll push for more oil drilling and less regulation for polluting mega-corporations; which is quickly followed by “and booster of health care programs”. Translation: Waxman was their man to help further Obama the lama’s socialists policy of “change” in the form of free health care for every undeserving fuckwad that can limp into a welfare office.

The last one I’ll touch on in this article is one that should touch your heart, but in this case, it should cause it to skip a beat or shock the damn thing to death rather than feel any sort of empathy. THIS ARTICLE HERE titled “Stevens gives last Senate speech as staffers weep” almost made me choke on my lunch and concurrently vommit every bite onto my keyboard as I read it. Who the FUCK is weeping because some jew won’t get to be a chair warmer in the senate building anymore? Damn sure isn’t me, and if you’re reading this, I hope it’s not you either.

Ugly demon Stevens has the crooked evil eye also.

So what does it mean when they say poor old, hook nosed, crooked-Evil Eyed Mr. Stevens (what an innocuous sounding name) won’t be a member of the senate anymore? Well, at first glance it would be great to dance in the streets knowing another jew loses his position for (quoting the article) “his convictions in federal court on charges of lying about gifts on disclosure forms.” Yup…total fucking scum bag. Almost a reason to celebrate until you realize that “He lost his bid for a seventh term this week” only because someone found out he was a crook like every other jew on the face of the planet. BUT we shouldn’t exactly be dancing, because I’ll bet $1 MILLION bucks that I don’t have (however would surely win from anyone silly enough to take me up on it) that this monster faced jew will STILL be getting a paycheck for the EXACT SAME SALARY he was getting in the senate for the REST OF HIS LIFE. Thank your lucky stars this old coot is getting long in the years at 85 years old now, but should he pass on, his wife will continue to receive those checks as well as FREE MEDICAL CARE just like every other congressman and senator before him.

So you see…no reason to celebrate. The host always win at the three card monty table, no matter how many times you see what appears to be a BIG WIN in the favor of a “player” who just “happened” upon the game like you did.

If you like articles like these, tell your friends about Subverted Nation where there is still someone willing to knock over the card table and kick the host in the teeth. Or if you like a place where somebody who is well versed in magic and chicanery can tell you which walnut shell the pea is hiding under, refer them here. Good day folks.

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