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Comedy and Entertainment – The Enemy’s Weapons

Comedy and Entertainment – The Enemy’s Weapons

As the title says, comedy and entertainment might seem like nothing but fun and games to the average moron, but they are extremely dangerous weapons in the hands of the jew.  Here in the near future, SN will be bringing more information showing just how powerful these tools can be in the hands of your enemy.

Those who view comedy, movies, music and other media as mere "entertainment" do not yet have the eyes to see the real agenda.

A good friend, and real supporter of SN sent this particular clip to me, and we’ll get to that in a moment, but I want all of you who read this to understand the implications of not just comedy (as this clip will show) but movies, magazines, newspapers, television “programming” and even your favorite music, video games, and other forms of media can be, and have been weaponized by mankind’s one true enemy, the jew.

First have a look at this clip, and see if you can pick up on what’s really going on here. This clip comes from The Onion, a news satire/parody program that reaches, not only a huge internet audience, but according to articles like this one are also gaining contracts to beam their “programming”-I mean entertainment, into your homes via your television set.

Web and newspaper comedy favorite The Onion and the Independent Film Channel (IFC) are collaborating to develop a half-hour cable TV series called Onion News Network. IFC plans to air the show beginning in early 2011.

This is the second deal The Onion’s made in cable television; it signed with Comedy Central to bring its Onion Sports Network to the air a few months ago.

Here’s the clip, titled Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures, check it out.

Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures

Now, I know that many of the regular readers of SN will find it rather funny, and damn near spot on target, and it is to an extent. However, there is danger in this kind of satire that many of you just won’t catch, so I will outline it for you.

First, the video touches on some extremely important current issues, and do not doubt for a second it’s actual purpose is to dissuade you from the type of thinking outlined by the fake author being interviewed.

The comedic "grabbler" presented by The Onion are meant to do more than just make a funny, and this is no laughing matter.

It starts off with the idea of imagining a typical greedy jew banker swiping all of your money, and hiring only their own kind, leaving you out of work. This happens around you every single day. They even use very specific imagery of the typical greasy hook nosed jew. The “author” has you visualize the jew problem as being whisked away into dust by a “purifying wind”, and replacing that imagery with one of “peaceful meadows full of lilies swaying in a gentle breeze”. With the “author” talking so soft and sweet, doesn’t that make you feel better about the problem already?

You should be able to see already how this works, but for those who don’t, I’ll explain. To your conscious mind, it all sounds just as silly as it’s presented. The problem is that your subconscious mind only sees things in a literal sense. It does not have the ability to reason, and it is completely unable to use any logic what so ever. So, when you are told to visualize these problems simply fading away, and replacing the imagery with something soft and sweet, this is exactly what your subconscious mind does.

It’s very subtle, but this kind of neuro linguistic programming works extremely well, and your enemy is seasoned in this practice in ways many of you are unable to imagine. These are the kinds of techniques taught in the secret mystery schools to all of their kind. This is the stuff you often miss, that is playing a vital role in their battle for your mind, bodies, and souls.

Next, the fake “author” slips in a very important piece of programming, with a very low voice saying, “they’re not scheming, or trying to rob me”, but if you believe that one, I have some land to sell you. Again, consciously, you may not be buying into it at all IF you are one who understands the jew problem, and knows your enemy well.

The problem is, 90% of the people on planet earth do not know who this enemy really is, they do not recognize the “grabbler” as the jew, and they are utterly clueless as to how serious of an issue this really is. After all, it’s presented as a simple comedic parody, but it works it’s magic on the mind just the same.

Mind control and brainwashing is often far more effective, and far more subtle than you think.

I suggest those of you who do understand the problem, and even those who don’t, to actually make a very purposeful, and conscious effort to tell your own subconscious that this isn’t funny. Tell your subconscious that these “grabblers” are hook nosed JEWS, and that they are BEASTS. Tell your subconscious that they represent the most vile, evil, and dangerous threat to you, your entire life, and the lives of those around you. Tell your subconscious that it’s NOT OK to exchange imagery of this dangerous enemy for something soft, sweet, and peaceful. Make a conscious effort to tell yourself out loud that it’s NOT OK to ignore this problem and imagine it simply fading away to dust. Let your subconscious know that this problem is real, and must both be solidified in your mind, and kept at the forefront.

You’ll note that the fake “anchors” actually help anchor and reinforce this programming in your mind by saying “whoa, that really works” and the other says “I feel so relaxed”! Whatever you do, don’t dare relax your guard and allow this type of chicanery to hoodwink you.

Next comes the “blabbler”, which relates to the typical stereotype of the whiny, argumentative jewess, whom many of you come across in your daily travels, and unwittingly bear the sting of having to listen to. This type of jew (which can actually be male also) is the one that gets under your skin, and makes your stomach turn. This is the one that makes you want to slap the dog shit out of them, because they are so devious, underhanded and unscrupulous. It’s even reinforced, as the other was, with a typical caricature of the nasty old hook nosed jewess.

Pathetically annoying blabbering jewish women are something everyone detests, and with good reason.

The “blabbler” represents all of the “negative energy we experience when dealing with difficult personalities”, which describes the typical jew to a tee, because jews are nothing like humans, and are a serious pain to stomach. They are “people who love to argue, and complain in nasally voices”…yup, that’s them alright, no doubt about it. Note the male anchor says “they’re everywhere too” and the pseudo author replies, “they are, they’re always lurking like rats”.

If you’re smart, you will realize that this is exactly the kind of imagery that this website pushes about these, well….rats. Unfortunately, not many others do, but you can bet your bottom dollar this kind of “programming” has come about thanks directly to websites like SN. Go ahead, look around and you will see that there are VERY FEW IF ANY others working to dehumanize the jew in this fashion like SN, so you can thank sites like this for helping throw a wrench in their cogs. If what I do here wasn’t damaging, they wouldn’t be going to this kind of effort to combat it. Remember, where there is smoke, there is fire.

The pseudo author tells you that to combat this, you need something better than visualization. You need a real physical distraction to get away from it. This is again reinforced by the female anchor who says, “I feel better after my yoga class”. Go right ahead and think it’s a game, because they are telling your subconscious mind that it’s better to find a powerful distraction, than it is to deal with the source of the problem head on.

The Onion's little parody teaches you to use physical exercise to ignore serious issues. Exercise is great, but don't allow yourself to be tricked into ignoring our problems.

Here the method changes slightly from pure neuro linguistic programming to Hegelian dialect. Hegelian dialect works by presenting a thesis, i.e. removing the stress of dealing with the jew head on by physical exertion and distraction. Next is what’s referred to as the anti-thesis. (In this case, one close to what SN suggests. Keep in mind, these aren’t the tactics promoted by SN at all, but it’s their relation to taking serious physical action against your enemies, which SN promotes heavily, that this particular snippet is dealing with.) The antithesis comes in the form of “throwing flaming bottles at certain houses” and “even sneaking in through the back doors and setting their curtains on fire while they’re asleep”.

The pseudo male anchor sums it all up by saying, “working up a sweat to rid yourself of that stress”. This is the final step in Hegelian dialect called the synthesis. By presenting you with both the thesis and antithesis, the mind is left in a confused state, and this ultimately leads to preserving and saving the original idea proposed in the thesis, by presenting it’s opposite. This method of dialect actually resolves the conflict and solidifies the original thesis, which is then reinforced one last time by this final comment of the male anchor.

In fact, if we look at the Merriam-Webster definition of such, this is exactly what it says. The definition below can be found with more information about the Hegelian dialect tactic here.

.the Hegelian process of change in which a concept or its realization passes over into and is preserved and fulfilled by its opposite… development through the stages of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis in accordance with the laws of dialectical materialism ….any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict

Indeed, you may think this is all just a laughable parody. You may convince yourself that they actually said the kinds of things you might genuinely want the unenlightened and/or ignorant masses to hear, but that was not the case at all, as I have proven. You may also “think” that what I’m presenting here is pointless, because you’ve been convinced that you have the “freedom” to do and “believe” whatever you like, but you can’t change the truth. The truth is that, specifically what I am highlighting is happening in this comedic parody, and is indeed 100% fact.

The Onion has a huge and expanding audience, so imagine the damage they are able to create with a propaganda piece such as the one described above.  There is certainly “no mercy” in their attempt to discredit legitimate discourse, and in return, they will receive NO QUARTER from SN, what so ever.

News Without Mercy
The Onion News Network is the most popular 24-hour cable news network in America, delivering hard-hitting, up-to-the-minute reporting to more than 100 million households nationwide. Globally, the Onion’s network of branded channels and services reaches 811 countries in 152 languages.

Important Addendum

The good news is, SN is making a dent, no matter how small that might be, and has caused MANY so-called “anti-zionist” websites to change their tactics. It has made an influence, and even triggered specific responses from both mainstream media outlets, and other portions of the “entertainment” industry.

We must work together to succeed, so be a real supporter of those who work to support us all.

Take a look at SN’s ranking at Alexa here.  Even though traffic is slightly down as of late (due mostly to my lack of recent posting more than anything) SN has actually gained quite a following, and is hitting harder than many of you might expect.  SN is now ranked 310,225 (as of this posting) by Alexa in these united states, out of the millions upon millions of websites online.  World wide, SN is ranked at 666,431 (again, as of this posting) out of the untold millions of websites around the globe.  Let me assure you, ranking this high is no small feat.  (Note the devilish number 666, which is out of my control, but with your help, we can push it back to where it was, which is in the top 400,000 websites around the globe.)

If you like what information is presented by this website, and consider yourself a “supporter” of it’s message, then actually get off your ass and support it. If you’d like to be a real supporter, like the one that sent this video to me, which in turn, sparked my interest to bring you this critical analysis, then actually be supportive. Head over to the donate button at Real Oath Keepers (my other website) and do so by clicking here.

Volunteers are needed. Help the resistance by posting bulletins, passing out fliers, and sharing the information here in any way you can.

Yes, I realize many of you in this movement that never moves, have been programmed by other “anti-zionist” sites to think you shouldn’t support those on the front lines, but without a supply line, the front line is ultimately destined to fail, as is my energy and ability to bring you this vital information. SN is indeed making a dent, but it isn’t without real supporters that this is able to happen.

At the same time, you should be posting articles and links from here all over the web. You should be sending everyone you know emails with information provided here daily. You should be making fliers with info and links to SN and putting them everywhere. You should be posting this stuff on the bulletin boards at laundromats and anywhere else you can. You should be printing copies of Basic Training for Revolutionaries and passing them out to friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. You should be putting copies of information on disks, and giving those away freely.

Most of all, you should be showing some real support those who have given their time and energy to make this possible. So, get over there and donate a few dollars to help make a difference for those who need it most.

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