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Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder

I don’t know whether to be happy that I made this discovery, or to be sad for it’s implications. Colony collapse disorder or CDC is the label that has been given to the sudden disappearance of honey bee colonies, affecting all but just a handful of states in America, threatening crop production of many things which rely on bees for pollination. The problem is also affecting numerous countries across the globe, so this isn’t isolated in the least bit. The work of the bee carries the weight of $15 BILLION in crop production on it’s own, which is not just a serious threat to farmers who need their help, but to mankind as a whole. If the bee populations die off, the pollination stops. If the pollination stops, major food shortages will occur. If major food shortages occur, mankind himself is in serious trouble. This is not a joke, nor is it something to take lightly.

Here a bee pollinates a squash plant, but with CCD threatening their existence, ours is also in danger.

Here a bee pollinates a squash plant, but with CCD threatening their existence, ours is also in danger.

Bees are responsible for pollinating everything from nuts, to berries, to fruits and vegetables. I know this first hand, as we have to hand pollinate our cucumbers and melons in our (very) humble organic garden. Living in the city is even worse, because bee populations are naturally lower in urban environments. Believe me, mankind isn’t going to be able to fill the void by pollinating on their own. The process is delicate, as well as extremely time consuming. Not to mention, it is not feasible for large farms and a number of the types of plants and trees bees pollinate for us.

Some of my readers may be familiar with some of the previous articles I have already written concerning this CCD epidemic, which you can check out here, and here if you haven’t seen them before. Many may look at these previous articles of mine and say, it is just conjecture on my part to say that jews created this virus, and are directly responsible for Israeli Accute Paralysis Virus (IAPV), but I caution those people to look again. In fact, I caution anyone and everyone reading this to make sure this article goes VIRAL itself, because playing with the survival of our species as a whole is serious business. The jew has made it explicitly clear that their goal is a massive reduction in our population through hundreds of other examples, so don’t even think this is something that can be ignored.

It turns out my assertions may be more valid than you think. Just today I was perusing the internet and I happened to stumble onto something that more than explains what is going on with CCD. If you understand how the jews operate, these things are nothing special to pick up on, but many completely ignore the typical signs, while many others are completely ignorant of any trouble at all. One of the most common methods for jews to create “order out of chaos” (which in itself is one of their favorite modus operandi) is to create a problem, wait for the reaction, and then provide a solution. You can see this in action in almost every jew operation around the globe. 9/11 is a good example in itself. The problem was supposed to be terrorists, and the solution was DHS, Patriot Acts, signing statements, and killing a bunch of Muslims in the middle east; which disgusts me to death to think about, but must also be faced.

Respect nature by getting rid of the jew. If the bees disappear due to this Israeli Virus, so do we.

Respect nature by getting rid of the jew. If the bees disappear due to this Israeli Virus, so do we.

The article, which can be found at the vile, racist, supremacist Haaretz website here is more than enough to confirm my earlier suspicions. It turns out that an Israeli company magically stumbled on to the so-called solution for this virus, but I’m telling you, it’s no coincidence. The IAPV was first discovered in Israel, and I have blatantly made the assertion that it was discovered there, because it was created there. Naturally, Israel would be the first to find anything that can significantly combat this critical disaster, right? Although I am being very firm in my accusations, as always, I will leave it up to you to think about this for yourself. This case like most others, follows the format of problem, reaction, solution, which I will explain momentarily. The problem is bees dying off by the millions. The rate of decline in bee colonies was so rapid, it garnered a very frightened reaction from bee keepers, farmers, and pretty much the whole human species around the globe. Now it seems, we have a solution from an Israeli company, but is this good news or not?

First of all, the solution we are looking at is not exactly a cure for this virus. It is stated in the jew’s talmud that it’s illegal for jews to cure any non-jew. Maybe this same rule applies to curing the bees that provide a massive portion of our food supply, but you’d have to ask a jew rabbi to be certain on that one. It turns out the “drug” as they are calling it, only helps the bees overcome the virus on their own. Nothing is mentioned about curing it. The good news is that it is not a pesticide and it is supposedly non-toxic, but I wouldn’t trust my life to a jew when it says such a thing. Calling it a drug leaves me somewhat suspicious, and knowing it’s based on RNAI technology doesn’t help provide any comfort. I also note that they are calling it a “vaccination strategy”, but not calling it a vaccine or cure. Here’s a quick explanation of RNAI technology:

RNAi (RNA interference) refers to the introduction of homologous double stranded RNA (dsRNA) to specifically target a gene’s product, resulting in null or hypomorphic phenotypes.

Genetic manipulations for laboratory created diseases is likely to become the norm with jews manipulating us daily from behind the scenes.

Genetic manipulations for laboratory created diseases is likely to become the norm with jews poisoning us daily, and finding ways to benefit from it.

What it boils down to is nothing more than genetic manipulation, but they reassure us that this is simply a naturally occurring phenomena. A logical question, if it is a natural occurrence, is why are all the bees dying off? Why must we resort to genetic manipulations to solve this problem, if the solution occurs on it’s own in nature? It doesn’t exactly sound like a natural occurrence to me, if it requires our intervention to make it work.

The name of the product currently being tested is Remembee, and is being made by the Israeli company Bee Logics. It seems that jews will be the only ones who win in this situation, because farmers all across the globe will be clambering to get their hands on this new “drug”. Not only can we see the common problem, reaction, solution model as an explanation, but we can also apply the logic of cui bono, or “who benefits”. It’s obvious that jews and Israel will benefit from a massive windfall, when bee keepers and farmers all around the globe start lining up to pay their dues, to help save their bee populations.

This is a done deal because nobody can afford to refuse the new drug, if they plan on having bees for any length of time. Also, it has not been made clear whether this drug will actually inoculate the bees and their offspring from further infection. Don’t be surprised if this goes the same way our human pharmaceutical needs do. Patients (bees, beekeepers, and farmers) will become dependent on this “drug”, which is not currently being called a cure, for their very survival. The human race as a whole could become dependent on this drug, because without the drug to help the bees, we won’t have the bees to help us. They are that essential to our food chain, that we must protect them at any cost, so no doubt this will be a profitable venture for jews.

The USDA is currently accompanying Bee Logics during it’s FDA certification process. The drug has been used successfully to both increase the number of bees, as well as helping to increase the honey production, which has been decimated by this disorder. Here is the video detailing a little more about this drug, that was featured in the article at Haaretz.

If you pay attention to what people say, and how they say it, you will no doubt notice the jew Diane Cox-Foster, who is head of the “Colony Collapse Disorder Working Team” is interested in only one thing when she is quoted saying, “Hopefully they will proceed towards approval for use in bee colonies, and will be able to market”. Finally, you should pick up on the supremacist attitude of one jew Eitan Glick in the video when he says, “the problem with the bees is not their health, it is our health, because the bees basically serve us“. No doubt this is the attitude these monsters have towards all non-jews also.

Now, hit the “Share This” button below this article and spread it everywhere. Go to Craigslist and post links directly to this article. Go to Alex Jones’ websites (Prison Planet and Info Wars), and post links to this in the comments on his articles. Go to your favorite forums and share this with them. Pass it to family and friends. Send it to your entire e-mail list, all your skype, yahoo, msn, or other instant messaging contacts. Print this out and pass it around.  Put it under windshield wipers, hang it on people’s doors, whatever you can come up with that is useful.  NONE of us are going to win this thing all on our own, so get out there and spread this. Spread it like warm butter on hot toast. This article needs to spread faster and farther than CCD has, so pitch in and do something.


This is further proof that colony collapse disorder, or CDC is a direct product of the Israeli Accute Paralysis Virus, and not even close to sufficiently connected to the varoa mite or other pests. This information comes directly from the heavily guarded jew propaganda outlet known as Wikipedia. In itself, it makes it VERY clear that this IAPV is what’s causing the collapse. This is also evidenced by the rate of SUCCESS they are having with their new “solution”. If it was varoa mites or anything else, their current solution wouldn’t work as well as it does.

“Specifically, according to researchers at Penn State: “The magnitude of detected infectious agents in the adult bees suggests some type of immunosuppression.”

According to a 2007 article, the mites Varroa destructor remain the world’s most destructive honey bee killer due in part to the viruses they carry, including Deformed Wing Virus and Acute bee paralysis virus, which have both been implicated in CCD.[31] Affliction with Varroa mites also tends to weaken the immune system of the bees. As such, Varroa have been considered as a possible cause of CCD, though not all dying colonies contain these mites.[32]

In September 2007, results of a large-scale statistical RNA sequencing study of afflicted and non-afflicted colonies were reported. RNA from all organisms in a colony was sequenced and compared with sequence databases to detect the presence of pathogens. The study used technology from 454 Life Sciences developed for human genome sequencing. All colonies were found to be infected with numerous pathogens, but only the Israel acute paralysis virus (IAPV) showed a significant association with CCD: the virus was found in 25 of the 30 tested CCD colonies, and only in one of the 21 tested non-CCD colonies.

ONLY THE IAPV is found in a majority of cases.

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