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Chertoff Says Dozens of Terrorists Being Watched In US

Chertoff Says Dozens of Terrorists Being Watched In US

Chertoff is the jew that sent home the five dancing Israelis on 911 for minor visa violations. Oh yeah, they admitted being sent to "document the event" after this kike sent them home.

Head of Department of Homeland Security jew Michael Chertoff says they have DOZENS of terrorists under watch in the United States. Now, does he mean they are closely watching the jewish terrorist groups that are known to operate inside the US? The same terrorist groups of jewish sayanim that ran the Zoom Copter kiosks in malls all across the US? The terrorists that leveled the twin towers? Or maybe he means the kosher nazi type of terrorists like my last article? Maybe he’s talking about those fearsome Muslims and “islamofascists” that they blame all of their depravity and deviances on, with absolutely no basis in reality.

Is it homeland SECURITY or homeland SCRUTINY?

Nah…he’s probably talking about people like myself who aren’t terrorists, but patriots that point the finger at the REAL terrorists that we ALL need to worry about before they get a shot at leveling an American city with a nuke. He’s probably talking about people like YOU who read blogs like this. Anyway, it’s not like I wouldn’t expect to be on their “watch” list anyway, simply for being one of the good guys trying to warn my fellow people about the jew. It’s no question that people like myself, John Martinson, and Mike Delaney are being watched; but it’s damn sure ironic isn’t it?
This little monster looks more like a terrorist than any of the ones they’ve ever made up for us.

The source of the article is HERE AT NEWSDAY, and here is the text:

By the Associated Press
7:58 AM EDT, October 27, 2008
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the federal government is monitoring “dozens” of potential terrorists in the U.S.

Chertoff tells The Record of Bergen County the government has quietly blocked “dozens” of potential terrorists from entering the country in recent years.

Chertoff says he can’t say for sure whether the people kept out would have carried out a plot.

The New Jersey native says America is still a terrorist target.

Chertoff says there is a risk that some would see opportunity during the transition between administrations.

Chertoff says he doesn’t want to stay with Homeland Security after a new president is in office and the lawyer says he doesn’t have a job waiting.

—— Information from: The Record of Bergen County,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Alvina Vansickle : 0 she sounds like a Dutch terrorist to me.


  2. Greg Bacon says:

    Chertoff has been letting in Russian-Israeli mobsters and terrorists into the USA for years.

    He’s the one that signed off letting those MOSSAD agents who were filming the WTC attack from Liberty Park go back to Israel, aided and abetted by NY District Judge Mukasey.

    Yes, the same Mukasey that is now USAG.

    What a small world.

    P.S. What is it about Israeli terrorists and the word “Liberty?”

    Israel attacked the US Liberty and used Liberty Park in New Jersey to film the MOSSAD attack on the WTC.

    Tells one what Israeli’s think of American Liberty.

  3. Fate's Messenger says:

    Oh yes, Chertoff is a major part of the criminal jewish apparatus in the United States, as is Mukasey, and Rahm Emanuel. These guys are replacements for the aging ones like Kissinger.

    As for attacking the “liberty” repeatedly, I’d say it ties into their penchant for symbolism. I would stay away from anything named “liberty” for the next few months, because they WILL do it again, and soon.

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