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PayPal Communists Freeze SN Donations

Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened BEFORE or anything, because the kike’s little “Jewish...

PayPal Communists Freeze SN Donations
posted on: 11Oct10 | author: Subverted Nation

Basic Training for Revolutionaries

Subverted Nation is coming up on it’s one year anniversary at the beginning of next month. In the past year...

Basic Training for Revolutionaries
posted on: 21Aug09 | author: Subverted Nation

Why Give No Quarter?

I’m sure some of the people who happen upon this site have an immediate reaction to the slogan at the top. Give...

Why Give No Quarter?
posted on: 06Aug09 | author: Subverted Nation

What World Famous Men Said About The ...

Explosive new work by John at Force Multiplication called “Concerning the Jews” that outlines just how...

What World Famous Men Said About The Jews
posted on: 11Sep08 | author: Subverted Nation