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Buy the Book – Support the Site

Buy the Book – Support the Site

Have you ever wished you could just give somebody something, that would totally change their mind about what’s going on around us?  What would it be worth to have such a thing in your grasp? What if you could hand the blind an object that finally make them see what is wrong with the world today?

If you have searched for the holy grail, that one object, article, or news piece, or that one something that would awaken others automatically and do it quickly, then this new training manual is what you’ve been seeking. No more crying about not being able to get people to listen. Put something historically and physically SOLID in their hands, and let it do the work for you.

This basic training manual will enlighten the people you are trying to reach like you never imagined.  It will give them everything from a thorough foundation and understanding of freedom, all the way through the shocking revelation of meeting mankind’s one true enemy.

Haven’t you ever wondered how you could get some of these “truthers” and “patriots” to recognize the root of our problems?  Then you need to buy this book now.  Put it in their hands, and blow their minds.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your own exclusive copy of the hard cover book “Basic Training for Revolutionaries” by simply clicking the ad below!  Buy a few copies and pass them out.  You’ll be amazed by the reaction this powerful work will bring!  Leave one on your coffee table, and let family and guests flip through the book.  This undeniably powerful, and historically accurate book will astonish anyone who lays eyes upon it.  Everyone wants to “wake up the masses”, so get the book already! These may only be available for a limited time, so order yours now!

The book is available in download & print format for only $10 at the link above, but you will kick yourself for not picking up the hard back copy while it lasts, because you can put this in someone’s hands, and let it do everything else!

You can also help by posting the ads below at your favorite forums or on your own website. You can paste these ads into craigslist, or link to the book other ways to help promote it. Click the image to purchase the book now, or copy the code below and paste it into your myspace bulletins, websites, forums, etc. to post this ad and support this site, but whatever you do, go get the book now!


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