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Buy More Guns, America

Buy More Guns, America

That’s right.  You heard what I said.  Get your ass out there and buy a gun or three, if you don’t have ten already.  If you do have ten or thirty, go buy ten more.  With Obama’s anti-gun, jewish communist/marxist/socialist agenda already on the move, Americans are buying guns and ammunition at such a rapid pace that ammo manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand.  Shelves are empty, most popular ammunition (including my fav 30-06) is sold out or on back order with no delivery dates available.  A lot of ammunition can’t even be ordered ahead of time because distributors don’t know when they’ll get most of it in stock.  You want to stimulate the economy?  Buy ammo and guns.  Ammunition manufacturers are running FULL TILT trying to keep up, and they can’t do it.

This is really a good sign.  It shows that one, Americans know this piece of shit jew, Obama, will possibly attempt to ban guns, or restrict our ability to own certain types of guns.  In light of this, you should CONTINUE buying guns and ammunition at a rapid pace.  Obama and his jew buddies may try to restrict certain types of fire arms as well, so I suggest stocking up on guns and ammunition.  Likely weapons with high capacity magazines, flash suppressors, and bandolier attachements will be targeted again.  If you want my recommendation, I’d say buy a good shotgun for home defense, a reliable pistol, a good bolt action high powered rifle, and a good semi-automatic rifle like an AR-15 or the AK-47, SKS, and others. 


Unfortunately, they’ve long since made it nearly impossible to own automatic weapons, but if you can get your hands on them, do it.  Let me make clear, I am not giving legal advice.  I am giving patriotic advice.  All bets are off when the shit hits the fan, so if you can, get your hands on some fully automatic weapons as well.  That said, forget about permits (begging for permission) to own or carry any type of fire arm.  You are authorized by your own sovereignty over your being.  NOT by some ficticious authority in the form of govt. and it’s jack booted agents of destruction.  CARRY your fire arms with you everywhere you go, and chances are we can shut down a lot of these bullshit shooting rampages, which I will cover in another article shortly.  You need not ask permission to defend yourself.  You need not beg your oppressors for the right to shoot their asses.

Now on to the sad part.  How many people are going to hand over weapons they have already should a new “assault” weapons ban be put into “law”?  It’s great to see Americans buying guns and ammo at such a brisk pace, but I still have reason for pause.  In New Orleans, during the aftermath of hurrican Katrina, Americans were handing over their guns left and right.  Many of them never saw their fire arms again.  In the video below, you can see the old lady who was punched and tackled by police for having an UNLOADED revolver IN HER HOME with the ACTION OPEN, as well as many other Americans having their fire arms taken at gun point by police and national guard.

Unfortunately for these people, they didn’t realize that the WHOLE point of having guns, is so you can SHOOT THESE FUCKERS when they PISS on your rights. These fools were ready and willing to shoot honest, law abiding Americans for having their fire arms. Do you not see the irony?

Now, when watching the video above, don’t get twisted about what you are seeing. You are seeing a practice run on Americans and their guns. Also, don’t go being an idiot and believing what you see in the comments for the video. The NRA is NOT on your side, and this I have proven in a previous article dedicated to that jew run organization. What bunch of fucking morons think the NRA is why they still have guns? There should be ZERO legislation being passed concerning guns. We already have that, and it’s called the second amendment. ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING that even looks like it goes against the second amendment is NOT LAW. It’s oppression, but don’t tell the morons who are praising the NRA on that particular video.

Here’s another video of YOUR SERVANTS the National Guard disarming Americans, entering homes without cause or warrants with guns drawn, and even the idiot NG troop that says “walking up and down these streets…you don’t…you don’t want to think about the stuff you’re gonna have to do…somebody pops around a corner” reporter: “you shoot an American” NG troop: “yeah”. Keep thinking it’s a fucking game people. So much for your National Guard being your servants. Instead of guarding you, they are prepared to kill you.

There was ONE guy who stood up for his rights, an attorney in N.O. that prommised “shots will be fired” if the N.G. or police attempted to enter his property. ONE MAN stood up for his rights. What’s funny is, this video is impossible to find anymore, or I would have included it here. If anyone has this video, please let me know.  

I am really disturbed by the idea that so many of you hard core Americans and patriots would give up your guns so easily. Thankfully, we have a precedent with hurricane Katrina that shows us exactly how this could go down again, and we can use this to prepare ourselves for future attempts at the same behavior. DO NOT hand over your fire arms. It will only take a SMALL resistance of people to get the rest of the sheeple to fall in line, so stand for your rights, or don’t bother bitching about them ever again. This is what it’s going to take. Somebody, somewhere, has got to stand up to these thugs who blindly follow their leaders. Kill a few of them and they’ll start seriously considering whether their loyalty to their jewish masters is really worth it.

I am not saying go around murdering people, and I’m not advocating violence. However, I am advocating doing what is right. Standing up for what you believe in. Standing up for your family and your way of life, because if you can’t do any of this; life itself is not worth it. When your servants point a fire arm at you for unlawful reasons, you have EVERY RIGHT to shoot them dead right where they fucking stand. Period.

Now, get out there, get some guns, get some ammo, and get some practice.  I’ll see you at the shooting range!

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