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Bush Will Miss The Luxuries

Bush Will Miss The Luxuries

In my last article, I outlined how these foul beings in the White House enjoy spending your money and how they relish in their position as your masters. Today, I stumble across an article of Bush boasting yet again, how much he loves the luxuries of being president, carrying on with statements of how he will miss visiting our soldiers in hospitals; as well as the families of the fallen.

Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat. George W. Bush is a war criminal guilty of crimes against humanity. Guilty of condoning and ordering the use of torture. Guilty of the murder of over one million innocent Iraqi civillians. Guilty of treason against America and it’s founding document, the Constitution. Treason, by law, is punishable by death, but I feel this punishment might be a little soft for this hook nosed demon.

Let’s get another thing straight while we’re at it. Bush is not a christian. He is not a methodist. He is a hook nosed, Ashkenazi jew who’s had hundreds of millions FOOLED since day one. He is the first president to allow a menorah to be displayed on the white house lawn, in lieu of a christian nativity scene or christmas tree, the tree actually being a pagan symbol; for those of you who have no clue what you celebrate, or where those symbolic gestures come from. Bush studies the talmud, keeps the sabbath, and surrounds himself with rabbi. Bush lights menorah during the holidays, while others are stringing lights on their christmas (pagan) trees.

Getting back to the topic of Bush and the luxuries, in this article here, Bush takes the time to boast of all the wonderful fun he’s had, at YOUR expense. All the while, slowly wrecking your economy, sending your sons and daughters to their deaths in wars of aggression, and passing unconstitutional directives (which are NOT law) that have swiped your rights directly out from under you. A few of note are the Military Commissions Act, Homeland Security Act, and Patriot Act; which I suggest you take a look at.

In the article, Bush states the following: “Being the Commander-in-Chief. It’s hard for me to describe to you what it is like to stand in front of the men and women in uniform. I’ve had a lot of experiences with our men and women in uniform. I have seen them in the battlefield, I have seen them in hospitals, I have met with the families of the fallen, I have seen them in dress uniform, I’ve seen them in combat fatigues, I have worked closely with them throughout my presidency and I am in awe of the men and women who serve. And I’ll miss it.”

Now, if you’re smart enough to read between the lines, you should be absolutely disgusted reading this. For those who are not, allow me to translate for you. When he says it’s hard to describe what it’s like to stand in front of the men and women in uniform, he is referring to how difficult it is for him not to LAUGH OUT LOUD, at how ridiculously ignorant these uniformed servants are. When he says he has seen them in the hospitals, and met with the families of the fallen, as well as how “in awe” he is of them; you must realize his “awe” is at the fact that these fools have had their legs blown off to serve the evil agenda of him and his jewish buddies. When he says he’s seen them in dress uniform, in fatigues, and on the battlefield, he is PROUD that he has had these servants ready to die at his every whim; and die they have. His “awe” is at the ridiculously blind faith these morons have had to him regardless of his war criminal status. His “awe” is at the fact that these people would lay their lives down for his evil machinations, when the veil is so thinly applied that a blind man could see through it. The thing he’ll miss most is having these uniformed servants salute him like a king, and the ability to make these people fight and die like they were his personal minions; and nothing more.

Bush goes on to tell us how FUN it is to walk out his back door and have a helicopter take him wherever he wants to go, on OUR DIME. Bush will miss Air Force One being his personal transport for his luxurious travels around the globe. Oh yeah, and he’ll miss the crew of Air Force One, who also bow to him like a king, and respond to his every whim. Bush calls Marine One, a “fantastic luxury”, and have no doubt, that’s how he has used and abused it.

He sums it up by saying he’ll “miss a lot of the luxuries and the people that — it’s hard to describe”. I’m sure it is hard to describe, especially to people who have just lost their entire life savings to the jews on wall street. I’m sure it’s even harder to describe to the man living in a tent, in some sandy lot somewhere, with no job, and no hope for a future. How do you describe missing out on luxuries like that to people who have nothing to lose? I’d say you describe it from a safe place, far out of their reach, with your uniformed servants you enjoy so much guarding your worthless ass.

You see, George Bush has indeed lived like a king for the past eight years. He has had servants, uniformed or not, waiting on him hand and foot, as he made the call to bomb the shit out of Iraq. Or while he gave the command to have Afghanistani people attacked at will. Or while he has demonized Arab and Muslim people the world over, screaming terrorist so many times, he might as well be the boy who cried wolf. My question is this, America. Are you going to let this little weasel get away with his crimes against humanity, while boasting of his luxurious life on your dime? Are you going to just crawl back into your tents and let this demon live out his life, while many of you lose everything you considered your life?

America is on it’s last leg as the greatest nation on earth, much of that thanks to this creature. Thousands have lost their children to his murderous assaults on sovereign nations, based on a pack of lies. Hundreds of thousands are losing their homes, while his wife spends half a million of your money on gold plated china, and yet this war criminal, this torturer, this murderer, is only giving up some erroneous luxuries that you footed the bill for. He is a liar and a criminal, and I say we give this snickering little fool a going away that is worthy of the “Mission Accomplished” banner he so brazenly applauded the deaths of American soldiers under.

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