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Boastful Bushies – Don’t You Just Love Em?

Boastful Bushies – Don’t You Just Love Em?

If the dispicable nature of these vile little cretins isn’t enough to make you sick, then you can just consider me one with a weak stomach; although I am not. I just can’t stand to watch these monsters boasting about how much of OUR money they spend, while my fellow American’s lose their homes, their jobs, their retirement funds, their investments, and everything else they’ve worked so hard and so long to acquire; but it’s all fun and games for these monsters. Why should they care? If you’re stupid enough to let them continue to walk the face of the earth, they will continue to spite you at every turn. Why not? It’s not like anyone is going to do anything, right? Your tax dollars pay for more Americans to put THEIR lives in the way of any harm that should come to these jewish beasts as it is anyhow.

To top that off, I’ve got to sit and listen to rat faced jews complain about money they (supposedly) lost to Bernie Madoff in his $50 BILLION swindle, from their half-million dollar homes in sunny Florida. If you have the stomach for it, you can watch two filthy old critters whine and complain about the money they lost to Madoff’s scandal by clicking HERE. These two rotten corpses complain that they should be paid off NOW, before any investigation has time to come to completion, but it’s highly likely these demons didn’t lose a dime; and judging by their surroundings, they’re not hurting for anything. Fuck them, and fuck them hard with a thorny branch.

Getting back to the Bush family, this video HERE is about as appalling as it can possibly be. How does it feel to watch the crooked eyed monster, known as the first lady, boast about spending nearly $500,000 on gold plated china for the White House? I have to imagine that, for the people living in tent cities, it’s just such a glorious site to see, that soon enough one of them will site these thieves through a scope. Or, maybe I just like to imagine someone doing so, because that’s what the LAW calls for when dealing with treasonous leaders in this country. Gold dinner plates don’t stop lead at 2700 feet per second, this I know for a fact.

Next, you can watch this video of moronic Americans, who still bow to these spawn of Satan, regardless of their genocidal tenure in the Oval Office. It seems Bush’s new home has become a major attraction in the neighborhood with lemmings coming out by the dozens just to photograph where these “gods” may live in the coming years. Are Americans really so shallow, and so ignorant that they will continue to treat these criminals like kings and queens? I’m afraid my experience points to the answer being a deafening, YES.

What is it that people can’t seem to comprehend about this whole thing? These are WAR CRIMINALS, and TRAITORS, guilty of TREASON. You don’t worship the fucking ground they walk on, you BURRY THEM IN IT. In the case of the previous video depicting the fan fair over Bush’s newest property, I am totally and thoroughly disgusted by the behavior of people who call themselves Americans; but I’ve got news for you. You are NOT an American if you don’t stand up to tyranny. You are NOT my fellow country men and women if you even feign any kind of respect for these fools. You are NOT on my side, or on the side of ANY American patriot if you are bewildered by these monsters. If you fit this category, you are sheep, and you will be hearded or mowed down with the rest of these criminals for supporting them; directly or indirectly.

I have absolutely ZERO respect for people who act in this nature, and hold just as much disdain for YOU as I do these criminals, and guess what? Most REAL patriots agree with me. You might not see it now, but there’s a storm brewing on the horizon, and I would suggest you not stand near any tall objects when it arrives, lest you would enjoy being struck down by the fearsome lightning that is sure to accompany it.

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