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Banks Need More Of Your Money

Banks Need More Of Your Money

Happy New Year, right? The original $800 BILLION swindle that took money from your pockets, to line those of the wealthy banks and their CEO’s isn’t even half spent yet, but already the cries for more blood are ringing loud in our ears. Half jew Obama is ready and willing to give these people what they want before he’s even elected, and he will do so without question like the jewish lap dog he is.

The vampires that have been sucking your blood since this country was founded seem to have an insatiable appetite. This NY Times article outlines part of what happened in black and white. Most of the money for this “bail out”, which is nothing more than a bunch of thieving jews bailing your money out of your pockets, went to the bankers responsible for the shit storm we’re in now. The people who couldn’t run a bank to save their life, are given MORE money, and another opportunity to screw you over.

Let me be honest about this situation though. They knew exactly how to run a bank. They knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly how to run a bank into the ground and use it as a method to swipe everything you owned. They took your investments, put it into instruments designed to fail and when they did fail, the assets and money involved went into the hands of their cohorts, and you were left with nothing. However, what makes this really absurd is that they used the first swindle as a reason to have more of money handed over to them!

What we are witnessing is the inflation and eventual deflation of our money that will bring this country to it’s knees. We are witnessing the birth of socialism within the U.S. as it suddenly becomes the governments duty to bail out and own banks. Not to mention the government buying into major corporations, expanding medicaid and food stamps, and instituting public works as a way to stimulate the economy.

The plan from filthy jew Bernanke, is “More capital injections and guarantees may become necessary to ensure stability and the normalization of credit markets”, and they are not fooled about what the public thinks, because as the article states “Mr. Bernanke, tacitly acknowledging the unpopularity of the bailout program, said the public was “understandably concerned” about pouring hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into financial companies — especially when other industries were getting the cold shoulder.”

They know you’re suffering, and they don’t give a shit. They’re going to continue to steal from you to give to their rich banking buddies who will take fancy vacations, and give themselves giant bonuses for their failure to run a bank properly…err, I mean for their outstanding accomplishments! They are keeping up the pressure and fear mongering with statements like this “But, he insisted, there was no escape. “This disparate treatment, unappealing as it is, appears unavoidable”.

The only reason any of this is unavoidable is because they control everything, and they are spineless demons that will continue to rob you no matter how you object. They don’t give a shit about you. They are going to forge ahead with their plans for your destruction, tightening their grip until you beg and plead for them to fix it; just like they’re doing with these bail outs. Problem, reaction, solution and the American people fall for it every time.

As long as we allow them to control us through this yoke of usury, we are doomed. As long as we try to operate from within their fiat financial system, they own us. As long as we fear what we might endure to rid ourselves of this parasite, it will continue to feed off of us until there is nothing left. That is the one sure thing. There will be nothing left for you to stand up with when they finally suck the last drop of blood from your veins.

Just look at the smirk on their faces. They have spited you and spit on your pride and manliness. They look like a bully that just stole your lunch, knowing that you’re not going to do a god damn thing about it, and not caring if you attempted to.

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