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Bail Out Is A Total Failure


Today the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 800 points before finally settling at 369 points down for the day. Does it sound like the bail out is working? Of course it isn’t, but why not? The reason is that the bail out money is only going to go into the pockets of the people at the TOP of the SAME COMPANIES responsible for the collapse.

Today, as one article states congress started hearings into what caused the snow ball to start rolling downhill with our economy firmly attached to it. The problem I see with this is that congress KNEW FULL WELL this bail out plan wouldn’t work. I will go even further and say that congress ALSO knew WHY it wouldn’t work, but again, the jews in our congress must play the good cop/bad cop routine to keep YOU from realizing they are all ON THE SAME TEAM.

Here are a couple examples of jews from the senate and/or congress playing good cop. This is a deception, and nothing more.

Jewish Democrat Representative Kaptur (OH) plays good cop.

Another Jewish Democrat From Ohio, Kucinich plays good cop.

These videos are great, right? Spot on, against the bail out! Total dog and pony show. Both of these jews spoke and voted against the bail out, so we can trust them, right? NO. The point is, the longer you believe that ANY of these people are working for your interests, the longer they DRIVE you into the GROUND.

This blog isn’t called Subverted Nation for nothing. The word subversion means:

The act of overturning, or the state of being overturned; entire overthrow; an overthrow from the foundation; utter ruin; destruction; as, the subversion of a government; the subversion of despotic power; the subversion of the constitution

The subversion [by a storm] of woods and timber . . . through my whole estate. –Evelyn.

Laws have been often abused to the oppression and subversion of that order they were intended to preserve. –Rogers.

Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Subvert. Sub means below, and it’s below the radar of the average person to realize that these representatives are jewish and part of the same cabal. Subversion doesn’t occur on the surface. The effects of subversion are visible at the surface, but the problem beneath isn’t as obvious. Subversion relies on infiltration. What I’m trying to get you to realize is that the US, the EU, Brittain, and EVEN the MUSLIM nations have been infiltrated, but this started LONG ago. Today we are at the point of total subversion.

There is NOBODY left in the government to trust, and EVEN IF THERE IS, they have no power to change anything because they won’t risk THEIR NECK to save OUR NATION. NONE of them will expose the jew at one of the many opportunities they receive live on national television. NONE of them will spend their campaign contributions on anything but securing their seat as royalty over you.

Imagine what our country would be like RIGHT NOW today if Ron Paul had spent his $30 million of campaign contributions on exposing the REAL THREAT to America? How many fliers can one print for $30 million? Ron Paul has been a big advocate against the federal reserve, and he has millions of followers. Why won’t he expose that the federal reserve problem is a jewish problem? Of course, he won’t even touch the idea that “911 was an inside job”, as the Alex Jones Drones would put it; let alone the fact that 911 and this current economic collapse were both JEW JOBS. (See Missing Links) Thanks RP! You can bitch at the federal reserve all you want, just don’t utter the word jew or the people who pay you will be exposed.

The bail out did not, and will NOT work because it wasn’t designed to. These crooks were playing you like a fiddle.

Here’s a few more FIGHTING for you America! Ignore the part about them being BRIBED to pass it, EVEN while arguing against it! What does this tell you? Some of these people DID vote NO because their pay off was to play good cop.

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