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Anthem For Resistance


That’s right. There’s a real resistance to this cabal of jewish criminals who want to destroy the majority of us, so they may rule over the rest of us with an iron fist. Good news is that our resistance is growing at light speed, thanks to the internet. At times, some people may find themselves bogged down and wore out, by the overwhelming depth of depravity that comes at us from all angles, but it’s important to stay focused.

This isn’t their planet earth, it’s OURS. We own this shit. We run this shit. We can build it up, or we can tear it all down. We can bring the entire planet to a screeching halt if we want to. Stay empowered. Stand strong. Show some attitude. Have some backbone. Forget about the fear they’re trying to feed you. Feed yourself something positive.

Music can be empowering when it has the right attitude, and it can put you in the right kind of mind set to deal with adversity. Below is one song which posesses these qualities, and is worthy of being an anthem of resistance. It has attitude. It has power and strength and speaks firmly, in no uncertain terms. It is this attitude you must keep with you as we march head strong into the storm. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, but we’re not gonna take it anymore. The jew world order will not stop on it’s own. WE have to stop it. Don’t get scared. Get HYPED, get angry, and be fully prepared to get MEAN.

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The video’s author could use a little education. It’s not New World Order….it’s Jew World Order.

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