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Another Synagogue Hoax

Another Synagogue Hoax

In the wake of the events in New Jersey, with tons of rabbis being arrested for organ harvesting, which I covered here; the need has arisen for the jew to gain a little more sympathy as the eternal victim. As disgust for the jew continues to grow at an exponential rate, like this article at the racist jew Haaretz news website states, 31% of Europeans are already blaming jews for the financial collapse. Abe Foxman and the ADL have to do constant surveys to keep an eye on the tide of “anti-semitism” as it grows to proportions that jews can no longer cover up.

Fake bomb threat at New Jersey synagogues attempts to take heat off of jew rabbis caught in organ harvesting ring. FBI complicit in helping jews establish victim status.

Fake bomb threat at New Jersey synagogues attempts to take heat off of jew rabbis caught in organ harvesting ring. FBI complicit in helping jews establish victim status.

It turns out, that all of a sudden, just out of the blue, more jew synagogues of satan are receiving threats, and the FBI is uber-quick to jump all over this situation. If you thought the FBI was on your side because they arrested a few rabbis, you better think again. They are nothing more than gullible pawns for the jews, and not to mention, the FBI is headed by a jew Robert Mueller III, who is a jew straight out of New York City, that received more decorations than a christmas tree for his efforts in Vietnam. Funny, my grandfather was wounded at the Battle of the Bulge and never received even a purple heart, yet jews like these creatures are draped in so many medals, you have to wonder how it is they are even able to stand upright anymore. While our families bleed and die, these bastards drape themselves in medals of dishonor, and totally disgrace our fallen. You’re god damn right this is personal, and they will pay for my own blood’s sacrifices. My grandfather passed away without ever receiving a medal for his efforts, and knowing he fought the good guys for these jews gives me more reason to destroy them and restore his honor.

Getting back to the point, an article here tells us that three different synagogues of satan received bomb threats in New Jersey. What a likely fucking story. A bunch of New Jersey jews get exposed for their murderous, criminal ways, and all of sudden the anti-semitism is at all time highs! These poor jews are being viciously attacked and threatened! Who would do such a thing? The truth is, nobody in their right mind would call a synagogue, like one in this story, full of 300 jews to warn them of their death; if that was indeed their goal. Only jews give warnings before they blow something up, or at least claim to give warnings as with the King David Hotel covered in the article just before this one.

The search continues for suspects responsible for Tuesday night’s bomb threats against several New Jersey synagogues.

New Jersey police and dozens of FBI agents converged on neighboring temples on Park Ave. in Long Branch along the Jersey shore.

Just after 8 p.m., officials evacuated Congregation Brothers of Israel and Congregation Ohel Simha, where 300 people were celebrating a wedding.

The bomb squad went in with bomb sniffing dogs, but no explosives were found. Both synagogues were cleared around midnight.

Police said the threat was no prank as members were forced onto the streets during the frightening investigation.

Poor jews feign horror over fake bomb threats at NJ synagogues, but you should be horrored more by their organ harvesting than these fake threats.

Poor jews feign horror over fake bomb threats at NJ synagogues, but you should be horrored more by their organ harvesting than these fake threats.

Oh my god, the threats are no joke! These threats are nothing more than a hoax, following the same modus operandi, of the same stupid mother fuckers that keep trying this game on us. These jews are not intelligent, just deceitful as fuck and as relentless as your mind can fathom. Note that the FBI converged all over these neighborhoods over some fake bomb threats. If a regular Joe (Adam) like me can see through this, that means the FBI is complicit in helping support these hoaxes. They even went through the motions of dragging out bomb sniffing dogs for effect, but nobody is going to buy this bullshit. It’s no threat because jews had to stand outside during these “frightening investigations”. All we’re missing is a few pics of some jews quivering and cowering in a corner to round out the story, but you’ll soon see, this is not what happened.  The whole premise of this fake attack is just as laughable as the false terror plot I exposed in this article as well as this one. Here’s more from the peanut gallery on this latest hoax:

“Everybody here are really good people,” Long Branch resident Rina Braha told CBS 2. “We have a good community so I think it’s just very scary for everybody.”

The events came as a complete shock for resident Martin Sher as well.

“I think it’s really, really surprising,” Sher said. “It’s terrible.”

One resident said it’s just a horrific situation.

“I think it’s a sad state of our society,” he/she said.

On Wednesday, members of both synagogues were trying to figure out why someone would target their place of worship and everyone seems to have their own theory from terrorism to retaliation for the latest corruption controversy involving the Jewish community in neighboring Deal.

When asked why she thought the community was targeted, Braha blamed the July 24 corruption sting.

“With everything…all the scandals that went on last week,” Braha said.

Leonard Needle said past plots seem to be adding to new terror threats.

“As I think we’ve seen in Riverdale, N.Y., it’s going to feed upon itself and multiply,” Needle said.

In May, four men were arrested for a terrorist plot to bomb a synagogue in Riverdale.

Investigators have not released the nature of Tuesday night’s threat and could only say it came from outside N.J. So far there have been no arrests.

There’s no way in hell anybody is buying the story that jews are “really good people”. They are the synagogue of satan, and their place of devil worship shouldn’t be considered sacred in any way, shape, or form. Poor jews scream how “horrific” this is, and blame all of this on the “sad state of our society”, rather than the fact that they are murderous, thieving, pedophilic demons. Let’s just ignore the fact that they are genocidal maniacs, and blame everybody else. The only part the jews are right about is that this will feed on itself and multiply. In fact, this is what happens when any parasite is isolated!

Fuck these jews and their victim game. THIS is what a victim of jewish depravity looks like. Take a long hard look, and don't EVER give a jew pity again.

Fuck these jews and their victim game. THIS is what a victim of jewish depravity looks like. Take a long hard look, and don't EVER give a jew pity again no matter what he cries out to you.

For the rest of the fun, you’ll have to follow the link and watch their video. Many news sites are avoiding allowing us to embed their videos, because they are trying to control the flow of information, and control the opinions of the majority. This can only be done if some of these things stay proprietary and tightly controlled through their own media outlets. When you watch the video, you’ll note what I was hinting at. Instead of dispersing in fear of, you know, bombs blowing up and stuff, these jews continue their wedding party outside the synagogue whilst the hoax plays out. I don’t know about you, but if there was a serious bomb threat, I’d head for the hills. No sense sticking around to get blown up, right? These jews stuck around and further proved that this is a hoax, and not only that, but all of them may have had prior knowledge. Nothing else explains why anyone would hang around when things could go BOOM! These jews did this for sympathy, and to turn them from corrupt organ harvesters, to victims of vicious anti-semitism.  Another massive FAIL for the tribe, one more point for our team!

Remember the fable of the lion and the mouse?  The lion shrieked in pain at a splinter in his foot.  He reassured the mouse repeatedly that if he would just remove the splinter, the lion would not harm him, but be forever greatful.  The mouse graciously removed the splinter, and the lion ate his stupid ass, for believing that a lion would ever be anything more than the beast that he is.  In this case, the jew is the lion, and they will gobble your ass up as quick as you can pull a splinter.  As our troops die in vain over seas for the benefit of the jew, they do not realize these deceptive beasts will soon destroy them and their country; in return for the favor.  Don’t trust the beast known as the jew for any reason.

  1. LOL, remember the Chicago hoax covered over on JCN from January where a concrete temple was attacked with Molotov-cocktails. LOL, why is it these “attackers” NEVER do any actual damage? I love it when they scrawl backwards swastikas on their doors, cars, temples, gravestones, etc…who are they kidding?

    You are correct in pointing out that law enforcement is not on our side because they must know the pattern in these hoaxes and they never make any arrests on the jew perpetrators they eventually catch-not even a slap on the wrist. What happened to laws against fraud, slander, and vandalism? Oh yeah, these creatures are above the law.

  2. ” Many news sites are avoiding allowing us to embed their videos, because they are trying to control the flow of information, and control the opinions of the majority.”

    What Jews are hating about the internet, is ALL OF US commenting, and destroying their fables, and lies, which they pass of as “news”. Rupert Jewdoch is fuming mad that they are losing control. They want to put roadblocks and hurdles all over the net that cost money, so they can make it like cable tv, and offer you “packages” for the net, but if you go outside their “circle” of information, it will cost you dearly, more than the average person can afford……

    It’s good to know others can see through the Jewshit, and I want to let Jews around the world know, your days are numbered, because you have severly UNDERESTIMATED your enemy, which is all of mankind.

    I did not go to university, I struggled in school, but I have learned why. I choked on the shit I was being fed, and spat it out.

    I have lived in multiple countries, including “3rd world”, and learned about the peoples struggles, and they are all the same. The Jew, and the Jewish money system that enslaves them.

    Your pathetic attempts to make yourselves look like victims will only backfire more as the days go by.

    As you suck the money from people and destroy their lives, we are here in this world to show everyone the truth, to pull back the curtain. As the amount of people who “know” whats going on swell in numbers, I laugh at your simplicity and arrogance, knowing that your days are coming to an end.

    Some people would say “may god have mercy on your soul”…..but you have none, and will be shown no mercy by anyone.

    I too have lost reletives in world war 2 that fought for the Jew.

    We will correct the situation.

  3. So angry! says:

    I too lost relatives in WW2 because of the Jews!

    I am so angry in learning about these evil people!

  4. Good point about the FBI. They are run completely by the ADL. Look at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Ok City, 9-11. Eustace Mullins sued the FBI and the ADL after they shadowed him for thrity year, killed his father, mother and sister because he has the balls to expose the secret government. He got a default judgement for $50,000,000.00 by the way. Not bad for a guy with no law degree. EXPELL THE PARASITES!

  5. People are starting to see right through the Jewish victim propanda to the reality of the racist, supremacist, Judeo Bolshevik agenda. End the Jewish owned Federal Reserve System and Remember the Holodomor. Never again!

  6. Alex Martin says:


  7. Robert Mueller (FBI director), Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security director), Michael Leiter (director of the National Counterterrorism Center)and Kenneth Wainstein (White House Homeland Security advisor) are all Jews. The first three were recently shown together in a TV photo-op arguing their case for the growth of homegrown terrorism. Openly, they make the case that American Muslims constitute the real terrorist threat Americans face today. It’s a marketable argument for obvious reasons. Covertly, however, as shown in recent Homeland Security literature, their real target is tax protesters, Second Amendment advocates, Ku Klux Klan members, Aryan Nation members, constitutionalists, militia groups and Tea Party attendees, to name a few–some Jewish bogeymen of long standing. Remember, these individuals hold appointed positions. So, why are Jews in these positions? Because, inherent traitors, they can be counted on to follow the orders of their handlers. And who are their handlers? People like David Rockefeller–not people who hold the interests of the American people or the American nation in high esteem. I mean, Rahm Emmanuel, Jew dual citizen, was not appointed Chief of Staff on the basis of merit. He was appointed so that anything Obama is told gets back to Israel and other nasty folks working behind the scenes to undermine our great nation.

  8. They same to be turning the heat up on their ‘we jews are victims’ campaign lately, and they seem to be getting a bit more desperate, I’ve noticed alot of yahoo comments against them lately I really think it looks like some people are waking up to the real deal.

    On a sidenote does anyone happen to have a link for the “laws of jewish psychological warfare” I think it’s like 10 laws or so and it describes the coward kike tactics to a T…I saw it on the Youtube(jewtube) channel of “YouAreAllCattle” before the channel was teriminated. Thank u kindly.

    Goddamn I hate this reCapthca cxhizs

    • I meant “They seem to be” not “They same to be” although “same to be” has a nice ring to it, sounds like a subtle southern drawl.

    • Antoine says:

      You know, in a way I’m glad that a channel named “YouAreAllCattle” was terminated. Why not “JewsCallUsCattle”? Too many people post shit in a manner that suggests they want jews to read it because they think that if the yids see us calling ourselves goyim, they’ll retreat and cease their jewish behavior…

      It doesn’t work this way people. You’re not dealing a blow to the kikes’ morale, because they don’t have morale. Morale is for humans. When jews whine, bitch or moan (yeah I know) it’s more of a tactic than an actual emotional response.

      I do not support posting anything that carries a message for jews. I do not support talking to jews, let alone debating a jew. I do not support annoying, taunting, or harassing jews. I am completely against torturing jews.

      I only support giving jews a hot lead injection through their fucking skulls wherever they happen to be when the shit hits the fan. Once they’re down, we completely destroy the remains.


      • Oh, but they are so crafty, aren’t they? Who the fuck calls everyone cattle besides the enemy? They seem to enjoy belittling humans, which to me means they are not one of the humans. That’s the only way I can see it. No amount of excuses makes talking shit about your own people ok.

      • Put it this way that channel was doing a hell of a lot more then you are to get the proper information out there so shut your ignorant mouth, “antoinette”.

        • Why are you so bent out of shape about this youtube channel? Was it your channel?

        • Antoine says:

          Excuse you bitch? Suck my fuckin’ foreskin you worthless motherfucker. Have you printed 100 copies of SN Basic Training and passed them out for free? Who you callin’ niggerspic you piece of shit? You’re a fuckin’ kike troll. This site is picking up, and that’s why you’re here.

          The title of the channel WAS FUCKIN’ STUPID, and that’s THE ONLY REASON I’m glad it got terminated. I don’t even know what was on it. Anyone who reads my fuckin’ post will understand why except for a filthy kike troll faggot like you.

          • Man Listen you fuckin french fried fakkit, first, go take a fucking bath because you frenchees perpetually smell like feces.

            Second, you have exemplified in your post exactly why I do not like you, you will denounce something without having one-piece of information about the Channel in question, this is just,plain,ignorant. That is a fact. So fuck any belief or opinion you have, you have already twice Demonstrated that you will write something off without any information whatsoever while you claim “this is the only site on the internet, it’s the end of the internet” like a disgusting kike dicksuck trying to lick Adam’s ass in an attempt to gain his trust and get inside information .

          • Antoine is cool in my book, and he’s not French. If you keep up the “niggerspic” you won’t be posting here. I won’t tolerate your racism towards others, nor will I tolerate your bullshit posts that put the blame onto the victim. You better watch your ass, because you’re walking a tight rope here already.

        • Hey kike… Kike? You listening kike? This is the last fuckin’ reply I’m giving you because I don’t advocate talking to jews after they’re exposed, plus I think your ass is banned anyway…

          Do you know what the beauty of Subverted Nation is? Of course not, you’re a yid, but for any humans reading this: Adam has crafted a message that leaves ABSOLUTELY ZERO fucking room for jews to slip in their 2% bullshit. Jews cannot pull off ANY trick here without being instantly exposed, like you were motherfucker. Blah blah blah You Are All Cattle Blah Blah Blah… You think we’re going to fall for that sophomoric shit?

          I ask ANYONE; show me another site that talks about jews in the hardcore manner that this one does, advocates a FINAL SOLUTION, and avoids the bullshit racism that divides and conquers humans, AND I WILL HAPPILY SUPPORT AND PROMOTE IT.

          I’ve noticed that kikes are always making fun of the French and trying to get Americans and others to hate them. There was a book that was heavily promoted by O’Reilly and other douchebags after the jewish 9/11 attacks called “The Arrogance of the French”. Guess who wrote it? A kike named Dick CHESNOFF. Same old tricks..

          Oh yeah, and Adam is a big boy. Plus, he doesn’t have “inside information” like known kikenvermin operatives Daryl Bradford Smith at HyamTheWitless or Eric Hufshit, you lying jew fuck.

          And for the record, I have French DNA, but I’m just another U.S. American-born Midwestern Chicago loudmouth prick like the rest of ’em. Try me, fuckers.

    • jesus stupid fuckin humans, ever heard of parody or satire?

      Besides, it has nothing to do with the name, I’m not claiming the name is so great, but the videos on that channel were the best on youtube for exposing the coward kike so don’t speak out of ignorance that goes for the both of you, go rush to listen to some kike play guitar then.

      It was him showing people exactly how the kikes operate with their psychological warfare in the media and elsewhere and giving examples of what they think of gentiles.

      It was obviously not a jew, thanks for the help you fuckin niggerspic whatever the fuck you are “oh i’m glad it got deleted blah blah blah” fuckin punk.

      • Are you connected to said channel? I understand Antoine’s point about the channel, because I’ve seen dozens of them that were indeed the enemy, REGARDLESS what information they have. Don’t get emotionally attached to some youtube channel just because it sings your tune. Listen objectively to what they are saying, and don’t get stuck on the good stuff they say, because if they mix in a sliver of shit, the whole thing is shit. Whether that’s the case with that channel or not, I’m not positive, but it’s one hell of a shitty name. Fuck him and his cattle bit, whoever the fuck they are.

      • Hey everyone, look what this stupid kike had the nerve to suggest in a comment on the article Fidel Castro: “It’s the Bilderbergers”

        HowMuchJudeCould_a_WoodchipperChip?: Personally, I think we need Gentile agents who will learn how to make money off of the jews by pretending to be jews and then use this to fund the expansion of our own information networks, do you think that would work or would the kikes be able tell right away?

        I even complimented his handle when I politely tried to tell him that he’s fuckin’ stupid in a reply further down at the bottom. I barely even pricked this fucker and he flew off the deep end. What a warrior! What a man! Ha!

        I would tell you to grow some balls if you weren’t a fucking kike troll. Niggerspic, huh? Take that shit to stormfront and VNN. Way to reveal yourself. Suck my uncut French cock.


    Death to the jew. Their time has drawn near, and the smouldering ashes of the disgusting “world of god” they tried to create where they have tried to play the nonexistent god and devil of the hoax of the bible in which they created(originated from the torah) will completely fall to pieces. Their race forever becoming extinct in the process, they have proved to be completely inhuman since they got here, stealing palestine then trying to wrap their grubby kike arms around the entire world. They almost have but things are about to change and the unstable tower of lies shall crumble and fall through their hands like grains of sand. It is very amazing to see so many people have woken up to the parasite that is the jew.

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