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American’s Lose $7 TRILLION in 2008

American’s Lose $7 TRILLION in 2008

It’s really saddening to watch this financial collapse unfold when you know who the real criminals are and why it’s happening. American investors lost over seven trillion dollars in 2008, and of the millions of people who have been affected, it seems only a handful know who to blame.

Bernard Madoff, made off with $50 BILLION last I checked!

If the American people knew how easy it was to see the real culprits and what they have in common, these criminals would run squealing with their tails between their legs in a heart beat. These criminals are the same people that Jesus chased from the temple in the bible. They were labeled the “money changers” in the bible, but that’s not the term they’re known by today. Today, for lack of a better term, they are known as jews, and they’re not as stealthy as it seems. In fact, they are often right out in the open, standing in the limelight and smiling while they rob you blind.

Take Bernie Madoff, for example. He stole over $50 billion dollars through his ponzi schemes, which we have reported extensively on at JCN International News and so far, most people haven’t batted an eye at it. The governement’s recent $800 billion bailout is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the losses Americans are suffering, but how many American citizens do you think are getting a piece of that pie? The answer is almost NONE. All of that money is going to the big bankers who started this mess, while Americans lose their pensions, 401k’s, IRA’s, and other retirement funds which were invested in Wall Street.

So where did the $8 trillion dollars go? Into the hands of those same bankers and investment fund managers who couldn’t handle their business well enough to keep from collapsing. General Motors is going to get a bailout too, but what about the average American? Well, if you’re not jewish, and don’t have a connection to their crime syndicate, you can forget about getting one thin dime. Instead, average Americans will be raped so these jewish criminals can live like kings.

Wall street is a den of jewish money changing vipers. Your money didn't disappear, you gave it to jew bankers, who gave it to jews on wall street, then the banks went bust, and you get no money!

This New York Times article states “the only willing risk taker is the U.S. government”, but the truth is, they’re not risking anything but YOUR money. YOUR future. YOUR retirement. All of it will come out of YOUR ass, unless you stand up and chase these cretins to the ends of the earth and terminate those who guilty of treason against this once great nation. The article outlines how Americans have lost nearly every penny they poured into this corrupt system, but it won’t tell you the problem is jewish money changers, jewish criminals, and jewish swindlers.

It’s your choice America. You can expose these demons, arrest them for their treasonous acts, and ultimately hang them for their crimes, or you will face a fate much like Russia during the Bolshevik revolution, or the Armenian genocide, or the current ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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