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All Gun Laws are Null & Void

All Gun Laws are Null & Void
This horrendous looking rat faced kike is steadily pushing to take away your guns. I say give the bitch hot lead.

This horrendous looking rat faced kike is steadily pushing to take away your guns. I say give the bitch hot lead.

That’s right, I said it, so fucking sue me. Absolutely every single gun law in America, minus the second amendment, is completely null and void. The so-called “authority” of our criminal government no longer exists. They do not have power over you, or anyone else in this land, for that matter. Any law which is passed by a corrupt government in America, is not a law. It has no place in our lives. It is merely a fiction, scribbled on paper, and enforced by jack booted thugs, but it’s not a law. When our government becomes an oppressive force, which is no longer governed by the people and for the people, you are no longer obligated to follow it’s rules. In fact, if you do follow it’s rules, you are as much a subversive as the jews who have created them.

On Wednesday, a law was put before the illegal and corrupt senate that would allow Americans who have begged their masters for the right to conceal a weapon, to carry them in other states that don’t allow concealed weapons. The mere fact that any city, state, or other government entity has created laws attacking the second amendment rights of Americans, automatically makes these government agencies completely illegitimate. I don’t know why more people don’t see it this way, but this is the truth. This is exactly what our founding fathers meant when they put together our founding documents. Personally, I’m getting sick of telling people these things. It should be real easy to figure out, but I’ll print this here again, just for reference, and for the education of the morons who bow to these corrupt institutions.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Your government is destructive of these ends, namely our freedoms, and is therefore completely illegitimate as well as null and void. They continually piss on your rights, and most of you bastards don’t want to do anything about it. Why is that? Is it fear? I tend to think it’s a little bit of fear, but a lot of ignorance and a certain level of comfort as slaves that has made it this way. You have your big screen TV’s, you have your computers to read this website on. You can travel all about the country, take vacations, visit Disney Land, and absorb yourself in your lovely little material world. You have your fancy houses, expensive cars with flashy wheels and bumpin’ stereos. Why should you revolt? Most of you are too ignorant to realize you are slaves, but America has seen this before. Many of the black people who were enslaved here (the majority of which were slaves owned by jews, who also ran the slave trade out of Africa) were so happy with their lives in the new world, they didn’t really care to be freed. The lives that many of them led on the plantations were such a far cry from the harsh existence on the plains of Africa, that they refused to even think they were slaves. If you mother fuckers don’t start learning from history, you will pay dearly for ignoring it, and history has made it clear that jews are subversive, genocidal maniacs, hell bent on ruling you with a rod of iron.

This thing called the "senate" is a subverted, illegal operation. You no longer have to bow to their authority, but if you don't remove the criminals running it, they will use your police to stomp you into submission.

This thing called the "senate" is a subverted, illegal operation. You no longer have to bow to their authority, but if you don't remove the criminals running it, they will use your police to stomp you into submission.

An article here about this recent law, outlines just how subversive and corrupt your senate is, but this is the same for every branch of government from the top all the way to the bottom. This can easily be evidenced by presidents who “work together” with the senate and congress to pass one law or another. These branches are separate for a reason, when they start colluding together to get legislation passed, they are corrupt. Got it? Good.

As one would expect when it comes to gun laws, the same players are at the forefront blocking this legislation. However, it needs to be made clear, that any law denying Americans the right to bear arms is null and void. I can not stress this point enough. When our forefathers said we have the “right to bear arms” which “shall not be infringed”, they didn’t say “except this case or that”. There are no exceptions. Every American man and woman has the right to bear arms. Every HUMAN on the face of the planet has the right to bear arms. I don’t care where you’re from. If the criminals and subversives can carry guns, so can you. Either that, or you can let their jack booted thugs SHOOT YOU DOWN like a dog in the street. That’s your only choice in this matter.

So, as with previous gun legislation, which slipped through in a secret vote, and was highlighted by this website, we can see the disgusting critter Diane Feinstein leading the charge against this current legislation, screaming like the banshee that she is that, “”It’s extremely dangerous policy,” who herself has a concealed carry permit!! Talk about double standards. This rat faced bitch wants to be sure you can’t carry your gun concealed across state lines. However, I’m telling you, not only can you carry your weapon concealed without permission, you can carry it across state lines, and into other countries any time you see fit. In fact, I advocate carrying your weapon in any manner you are comfortable with, and carrying it everywhere you go.

A strong majority of the Senate, in a 58-39 vote, supported the measure, which would require most states to honor the concealed weapons permits issued by other states. But the tally was two votes short of the 60 votes needed to add the measure as an amendment to a defense bill.

Twenty Democrats, mainly from western or rural states, joined all but two Republicans in voting for the measure, which was promoted by the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups. They included Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and both Democratic senators from Colorado, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and Virginia.

There were also notable defections. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., who voted to strip the District of Columbia of its gun control laws last February, opposed the concealed weapon measure. Specter was a Republican at the time of the previous vote.

The reason I’m quoting the above is to show you how the dog and pony show works. 58 out of the 60 needed senators to pass the bill voted in favor of it. This is simply to make you think that some of these subversives support your right to bear arms, and no doubt, millions of lemmings will fall for it. On boards all across the internet, jackass ignorant Americans will argue democrat vs. republican vs. liberals, blaming one or the other for either voting for or against the legislation. What they fail to see is that this might as well be a hollywood production like the fabled moon landing, because none of these monsters are on your side. This is just the good cop vs. bad cop routine being played out to confuse the masses, and it works like a charm. Even the NRA is said to support this bill, but this comes after they shit on you by helping create the previous draconian gun laws I spoke about here. If you trust these fuckers, I have no choice but to seriously doubt your usefulness when it comes to ensuring the freedom of our people. You can see the turn coats like Claire McCaskill and Arlen Specter who voted to remove the gun restrictions in D.C., now blocking a bill that would do no more than affirm rights you already have anyway. So, if it’s not obvious to you that these rats are playing both sides of the fence, you should really just off yourself and save the rest of us the trouble. Be sure to take your offspring with you to hell, because we don’t need our gene pool further infected with complacent, ignorant assholes.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, a pro-gun rights Democrat who faces a primary challenge next year in a state with strong gun control sentiments, also opposed it. “I strongly believe that the gun laws that are right for New York are not necessarily right for South Dakota, and vice versa,” she said.

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre told The Associated Press that, despite the defeat, the vote showed that “we have the wind to our back.” He called the vote “one more step down the road to allowing all Americans the full measure of Second Amendment protection.”

This subversive slut pretends to be pro-gun rights when it works in her favor, but when her masters say different, she shows her true colors.

This subversive slut is just one of many who pretend to be pro-gun rights when it works in their favor, but when her masters say different, she shows her true colors.

Here we see another turn coat bitch trying to play the same fence sitter’s position. She is supposedly “pro-gun rights”, but she doesn’t support your ability to carry your fire arm everywhere you go. Did the stupid bitch forget that gun rights under the U.S. constitution are universal for all citizens of these united states, and were guaranteed by the BLOOD of the men who went before us? I’m afraid many Americans fail to realize this same thing, and fail to honor the sacrifice of those honorable men at the same time, by bowing to these demonic subversives. At the same time, we see jew boy LaPierre from the NRA pretending that we’ve actually made some head room on guaranteeing rights that are already guaranteed. Man, what a show! In fact, he doesn’t even say “guarantee”, instead he says “allowing”. Let me get this straight for you. THE GUN is what “allowed” you these freedoms to begin with. That piece of parchment paper doesn’t mean shit. It was the blood of our forefathers that guaranteed these rights to begin with, and it will be the blood of men today that reinstates these rights, because operating within this corrupt system will not get you anything. EVER.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., mentioned a Washington state man given a concealed weapons permit despite a history of drug addiction and schizophrenia who in 2008 shot and wounded three people at a public festival. In 2007 a Cincinnati woman with a permit to carry a concealed weapon shot and killed a panhandler who asked her for 25 cents at a gas station, he said.

The Violence Policy Center, a gun control advocacy group, released a study this week finding that concealed handgun permit holders killed at least seven police officers and 44 private citizens during the two-year period ending in April.

“The hard facts are that concealed handgun permit holders do not prevent mass shootings, they perpetrate them,” said Kristen Rand, the center’s legislative director.

These little piss ant subversives always fail to tell the other side of the story. They fail to recognize that an armed populous is safer than an unarmed one. In Australia, crime and murder rates have risen drastically now that the public is unarmed. Criminals will never give up their guns anyway, so why should honest, hard working people either? Of course, there is no mention of how many people have been killed by criminals their laws should have prevented from having fire arms. Can’t go there, because the statistics would absolutely dwarf what they are presenting. They fail to point out that people who carry guns often thwart criminals repeatedly. Take a look at this guy:

Robbed and caught up in a shoot out FOUR different times, Thomas slain the intruders repeatedly. Even taking fire from his assailants, Thomas has managed to kill the intruders over and over again. If it weren’t for his fire arms and his training, he would be dead today, and you wouldn’t be hearing the story like you heard. In his own words, “I think the judicial system should never take away a right to bear arms and defend themselves”. Damn straight. I’d rather die firing shots at your sorry ass than die on my knees begging for my life. Fuck that, and fuck anybody who thinks even slightly differently. Here’s another one:

Of course, there are hundreds more examples, but you get the point. They’re not going to bring this stuff up when it comes to protecting you or your rights. There is a specific agenda (see this, and this) to disarm the American public, and once this is done, these jews will be dragging you from your homes and putting bullets in your head. Of course, this will be after they’ve raped your wife, your daughters, and maybe even your sons. Then these nasty little fuckers will simply move in and assume possession of your home and valuables. Think I’m making this shit up? This is exactly what they did in Russia, and you are next on the list America. You know what I say, buy more guns, America and don’t give them up until the rigor mortis wears off.

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