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Alex Jones & Jason Bermas – Gate Keepers

Alex Jones & Jason Bermas – Gate Keepers

Do jew puppets like Jason Bermas and Alex Jones have foot in mouth syndrome?  It seems they like to continually stick their foot in their mouth, when it comes to the jewish question.  It turns out that the jew wise fella that called in to Bermas’ InfoWarrior show which I talked about here, called in again, and this time, Alex Jones steps up to take the helm and smooth things over. Bermas the jew gets a little too excited, and could have destroyed himself by trying to handle it on his own again. So instead, Alex Jones destroys the both of them with his tirade.  These jews are always extremely nuerotic and spastic, so it’s no wonder Bermas responds the way he does. (audio/video at bottom of this article)

What do you mean it's the jews? You should take a toaster in a bath tub!

What do you mean it's the jews? You should throw a toaster in the bath tub with yourself!

The call starts off with the man telling them how he records and distributes Alex’s show, and Bermas tells him that’s good because, “we have to wake up the youth”.  All well and fair.  Then the caller mentions, “I was the guy that called in last week…you said should be….thrown in a bath tub”, and Bermas immediately flies off the handle.  “If you’re the guy that hates the jews, you should”, although this man NEVER stated he hates jews.  He only asked a simple question about them.  He immediately cuts the man off, “let me stop you, let me stop you, and I’ll give you your chance”.  No folks, if Bermas intended to give the man a chance to speak, he should have let him finish what the fuck he was saying. This is how jews operate. Shut up the competition immedately, and push your own propaganda heavily.  He had no intention of letting the man talk, because jews are taught at their little yeshivas to shut up the competition at all costs.

Bermas instantly goes on defense of the jews.  He tells the caller that saying 90% of the media is owned by jews is anti-semitic.  Only jews use the misnomer of “anti-semite”, and it’s no surprise to hear that as the FIRST thing out of Bermas’ mouth.   He follows that up by making the caller out to be a racist, and turning it directly into a racial issue.  Have I not been telling everyone the racial divide is their strong point?  Why not let the man pose a question and answer it head on, like an honest person would do?  The answer is simple, he has a lot to lose, and a lot to hide.  Like I’ve said before, liars and thieves ALWAYS lash out when caught red handed.

Bermas is an extremely terrible radio host, and has a very difficult time making a point without getting heated.  Alex Jones is a little more experienced in the hot seat, and has to step in before Bermas ruins their credibility by himself.  Why does Bermas act like this though?  Isn’t he the “InfoWarrior”, major master truth seeker?  He’s gone from nobody to horrendously flawed (and redone three times), Loose Change film maker.  Followed that up with “Fabled Enemies” to defend Israel, and now has his own radio show in the studio with Alex Jones, and through it all he doesn’t know jews own all of the media? Has he even looked?

  • Jew – CBS – Paley
  • Jew – NBC – Jeff -(rey) Zucker
  • Jew – ABC -Stuart Bloomberg/G. W. Bodenheimer
  • Jew – ABC news – David Westin
  • Jew – CNN – Gerald Levin
  • Jew – FOX – Gail Berman
  • Jew – MBS – Ronnessen
  • Jew – Daily News – Maxwell, real name HOCH
  • Jew – US News – Zuckerman
  • Jew – New York Times – Sulzberger
  • Jew – Reuters – (All world news – Jewish org.)
  • Jew – PARAMOUNT PICTURES – Bradley Alan Grey
  • Jew – 20TH CENTURY FOX – Peter Chernin
  • Jew – COLUMBIA PICTURES – Kaufman
  • Jew – WARNER BROTHERS – Barry M. Meyer
  • Jew – WARNER CO – Martin S. Davis
  • Jew – DREAMWORKS – Spielberg
  • Jew – Walt Disney TV, Touchstone TV and
  • Jew – Buena Vista TV – Micheal D. Eisner
  • Jew – VIACOM – Sumner M Redstone(Rothstein)
  • Jew – MTV – Murray Rothstein
  • Jew – Nickelodeon – Murray Rothstein
  • Jew – Universal Pictures – Stacey Snider
  • Jew – Universal Studios – Ron Meyer
  • Jew – BBC, Sunday News – Michael Ian Grade
  • Jew – Murdoch empire
Info warrior, and jew, Jason Bermas battles the spread of info about the evil of the jew.

Jew "info warrior" battles to keep you from the truth of jewish domination and infiltration.

You mean to tell me that these guys can come this far, and still not know?  Of course not.  Why is it that Alex Jones, Bermas, Rudkowski, and all these others fellas are all tied in and working together?  What, Alex just took them under his wing and gave them publicity, because they were just a bunch of super good guys?  No, they were put here to distract EVERYONE away from the jew.  The jews that did 9/11, the USS Liberty Attack, own the media, hollywood, infest our government, etc.  They know that 9/11 was the single biggest event that would draw attention their way, and they had their agents in place, long before hand, to steer those who would seek answers, in the wrong direction.

Anyway, at about 2:15 into the video/audio below, you’ll see Alex Jones jump in and make an ass of himself.  He says callers often try to make the show about catholics, jews, and protestants.  No, Alex, you fat worthless fuck.  People like myself are positive our problems stem from the jew, and it sounds like this caller was too.  No need to bother with the the jewish pope, or other heinous distractions.  In fact, Alex’s vehement denial gives the jewish answer further credibility, while diminishing his own. He goes on to try and SALVAGE his credibility by saying the ADL attacks him.  THEN, after they rudely interrupted the, rather polite caller, Alex goes on to say “but he has his first amendment…and it’s best to let the folks say what they want, put it out, and move on”.  You’re god damn right Alex, so why didn’t you do that?  The answer is simple, the whole “move on” part is what’s important to Alex. Forget letting them put it out there if you can’t interrupt and distract by “moving on”.

Alex's best argument is that he is attacked by the ADL, but if the ADL doesn't attack him, he loses credibility.

Alex's best argument is that he is attacked by the ADL, but if the ADL doesn't attack him, he loses credibility.

You’ll see Alex get a little heated with Bermas when he metions that people are talking about him all over the internet.  Alex makes it clear, quite firmly, that they aren’t there to “fall into the ADL’s traps” of “infighting”.  He uses the fact he’s talked about the USS Liberty as a deception, and puts the blame heavily onto Lyndon Johnson, deflecting heat from Israel. Alex wants people to believe that the ADL is after him for talking about Israel, but I don’t doubt the ADL would be a willing partner.  They HAVE to attack Alex Jones to prop him up.  Even more so now that people are catching on to the jews.  For example, there was this recent article on infowars, that complains about the Alex Jones channel being banned from youtube.

Just like Alex getting arrested for protesting, these things ADD to his credibility. The deception is deeply woven, and well thought out, but it’s not that hard to see with open eyes. While people like myself are banned, sometimes within TWELVE HOURS of opening an account, for a simple video like my Plea To US Military, which just got my most recent account locked for “terms of service violations”; Jones’ channels last for months on end and get thousands upon thousands of subscribers.  I’ve been through dozens of accounts, and none of mine get anywhere near the exposure he does. Alex has to go through some of these “struggles” to make him look like one of us. Like an undercover agent trying to join a gang, he’s got to prove his “street cred” to those he wishes to infiltrate. Without it, he’s nothing.

This is the kind of foul, disgusting behavior that Alex and Jason want to stop you from discovering.

This is the kind of foul, disgusting behavior that Alex and Jason want to stop you from uncovering.

Alex then covers the whole idea of him being a jew or not by saying, “there’s nothing wrong with it if I was a jew”. Bad move Alex. Those of us who know about the jew infestation understand there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with being a jew. We know what kind of demonic spawn it would implicate you as being, if you were a jew; but by playing the role of the pied piper, it is quite clear how evil and deceitful you are under that fat facade. Gatekeepers are usually disgusting little creatures, like gargoyles perched atop a menacing structure, and Jones’ ugly mug is no different.

You can giggle when I make correlations between jews, their agents and demonic creatures if you like. However, if you fail to realize the evil of these critters is far darker, deceptive, and disgusting than most can imagine; then you’re in big trouble. This is REAL evil. The stuff they tell you about in the bible doesn’t hold a candle to this. They’re slithering around you, all over you, and coming at you from every angle. I’m not telling you to believe in bible stories, because I do not myself. What I am telling you is to start believing in dark, demonic forces, because this is exactly how they behave. Their deceptiveness and penchant for evil deeds knows no bounds. Anyone who would find pleasure in feasting on children is possessed with an evil so dark, it is nearly impossible for the HUMAN mind to fathom.

Next, Alex brags that he’s the number one show on the internet, satellite radio, and more. He tells us “jew haters” and “white supremacists” fight with each other all the time, and wants to convince us that these groups “attack anybody who sticks their head up”. That’s not true, Alex. Those of us who understand how all this really works, only attack jews and their agents. Myself, I don’t attack other races, and do not come at this from a racist angle. Instead, I attempt to unite ALL non-jews against the jew, because I’m not falling for the divide and conquer tactic. Alex then makes it clear, he wants you to believe “jew haters” talk about him and jew boy Bermas, because we want to use his name to elevate ourselves.

Real truth tellers don't make it on jew owned prime time television media.

Common sense will tell you, those that expose the jew will never make it on jew owned prime time television media, but jews don't own the media according to Alex.

Of course we use Alex’s name to elevate our message, but not ourselves. This isn’t about the messenger, it’s about the jew. Non-jews like myself are indeed manipulating Jones to show people what a lying piece of shit he is, and capitalize the opportunity to convert some of his millions of followers to the truth about the jew. Using his own words and propaganda against him, we discredit him AND his message, while helping further our own. One thing a person must ask themselves is this. How is it that Alex Jones is the number one show on all these networks and all across the internet, if he can’t figure out the truth? How does Alex Jones get on CNN, FOX News, and other prime time shows, if he’s such a danger to their criminal network? It’s because he’s a lard ass jew puppet, who is likely married to a jewess, and works closely with other jews like Bermas and Rudkowski, in a concerted effort to distract from the jew.

There is nothing wrong with us using his notoriety to get the truth out to people. It’s their tactical incompetence that allows us to do so. They’ve made a major mess of their credibility, which we will use to our benefit, and that thanks to just this ONE caller. Of course we will pounce on the opportunity to destroy him. He is the enemy, and he deserves it, but while he plays gate keeper, he is still a CONDUIT for us to reach people.  He is a TOOL for the jewish mafia, but he is also being USED like a whipping boy, to help people like myself expose the jew.  Nothing pisses a jew off more than to realize that, all of their efforts, regardless of result, are being used against them.  Unfortunately for the jew, they ALWAYS play directly into our hands and make our job of exposing them easier.

Next Jones says “zionist documents” outline how “they” do things. They want the jews persecuted, Israel staged attacks to get jews to move to Israel, so they could be the slaves of the government there. At this point you should start feeling sorry for the poor little jews that went around bombing things like the King David Hotel to get control of Palestine from the British. Terrorism is a jewish construct as much as the media and hollywood are. Our American troops keep dying in Iraq thanks to mossad’s sophisticated, remote trigger, shape charges and IED’s. In a round about way, Jones likens these behaviors to Nazis, knowing that invoking this term in any sense is a powerful distraction to the conditioned minds of the sheeple. At the same time though, he makes it quite confusing who he’s calling nazis. Either his detractors, the ADL that attacks him, Israel, or all of the above? The important thing is attaching “nazi” to anyone who detracts from him and points the finger at jews. Then he pours on more pity for jews with the radiating of sephardic jews done by Israel. Alex thinks we should be fooled because these monsters even attack their own, but it only serves to emphasizes how disgusting the creatures are as a WHOLE.

Exposing the jew will ensure you never get a spot on FOX News talking to Geraldo.

Exposing the jew will ensure you never get a spot on FOX News talking to Geraldo.

Jones carries on to tell us that “they”, whoever “they” are, want to make it about the jews so the public get’s SCARED and won’t join the fight! He says “they” don’t want us to go up against the federal reserve, but he fails to mention that the federal reserve is a PRIVATELY OWNED bank, and the owners are all JEWS. Of course we’re going up against the federal reserve, fat boy. Usury is how they control ALL nations.

At this point, he goes on to tell us the (jew owned) media wants to make it all about jews, stating that the media always says “jew, jew, jew”. If that isn’t further from the truth, I don’t know what is. IF the media WERE doing this, our job of exposing the jews would be FAR easier. He tells us the federal reserve and banking system are not all jews, but even the bible stories from 2000 years ago are clear that the jews were the money changers, and they still are today. Why was Jesus so angry with the money changers that this, supposedly peaceful man, flew into a rage and chased them off with a whip?  The story was a somber warning for future generations when it comes to borrowing money at interest.  In fact, usury is a sin in the bible, so I often wonder how a predominantly christian nation, like America, ever fell for these tricks.

The absurdity of Alex’s comments are extremely destructive to his position, and I’m glad it was recorded for the world to hear. Finally, he tells us “The Obama Deception” has gotten him death threats. He ADMITS that the OKC bombing was run out of Elohim City, a small airstrip and a couple buildings jews use to run drugs; but says it’s because of some of these things, that the caller has simply bought in to the wrong ideas. After nearly EIGHT MINUTES of ignoring this guy, Jones finally says “he has his right to free speech”, and “we were gonna go back to the caller…he hung up….he’s welcome to call back”. Sure, he’s welcome to try again, and get another ten minute rant where Jones and Bermas love on their precious jews.

I would encourage the man to call in again, because like I said, it gives us more proof of who’s team people like Bermas and Jones are on. In fact, I encourage EVERYONE to call into his show with the same remarks. Flood his show with thousands of people asking him questions about the jews. Within a week his credibility will be flattened, and MILLIONS of his listeners will hear him continue his attempts to squirm out from under the jewish answer. These jews and their agents can NOT win against the real patriots who are aware. Every time they do something, they stick their foot in their mouth, and give us a sharper edge against them.

Alex Jones is arrested while Geraldo makes his bumbling protestors look like idiots on national television.

Alex Jones is arrested while Geraldo makes his supporters, who parrot "911 was an inside job" like a broken record, look like freaks and nut jobs on national television.

Check out the video below, then call into Alex Jones’ show and mention the jews. While you have a second on the air, mention Subverted Nation too! Record the call, and I’ll even host it here for you. We’re making a dent, now let’s do some real damage to this shill and his deceptions.  Don’t stop with just Alex Jones’ show.  I have been known to seek out radio shows all over the internet, call in, and divert the conversation to the jewish question.  I have done this with all kinds of radio shows, and even ones run by jews themselves.

Quickly get your message in and plug the website before they shut you off.  Do it in a clean and concise fashion.  Listen in on the show, then pose a relevant question about the jews to the host, and see where it goes.  It’s both entertaining, and useful.  Say things like “when you talk about xxxx, isn’t it really true that….dual US/Israeli….jews…..jewish….” All of a sudden, all the listeners to a radio show about jesuits, are hearing the truth about the jewish question, and watching the hosts stumble all over themselves to straighten out the mess.  I’ll look around and see if recordings of any of these escapades still exist, so you can see how effective it is.  To top it off, these shills don’t get to blab on with their deception unhindered.

Try it.  It’s fun, it’s liberating, and it helps!  We don’t get radio shows with tens of thousands or millions of listeners, so I ENCOURAGE people to exploit theirs.  Do it with mainstream media.  Get a call in on Bill O’Reilly or something of the sort.  Hundreds of people can do it daily and make a big mess.

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