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Alex Jones – I support Israel

Alex Jones – I support Israel

Here is all one needs to know about Alex Jones.  If this fat retard were a real patriot, he would be telling you the truth about things like 911, the wars, the economic collapse, Obama, the police state, and all the other things he rants about.  The truth about these topics are that every last one of them was engineered by, what he calls, the “global elite”.  However, there is nothing “elite” about the monsters behind all of our ills, because they are nothing more than a bunch of blood sucking leeches known as JEWS.

Here Alex Jones lets his true allegiance be known to all by flashing the mano cornuto, or the horned hand, a sign typically used by demonic jews. Guess who's side he's on!

How many dopes out there still believe that Alex Jones is really on our side?  How many people think he ignores the truth about jews, just because he’s playing it safe and politically correct?  How many excuses have you heard people make for this overweight windbag?  I know I’ve heard dozens myself, but once people start to read sites like SN, it doesn’t take them long to figure out exactly where this chump falls short.

In reality, all Alex Jones is out to do is keep you in fear, because fear paralyzes.  At the same time, he’s also out to make sure that anyone who really knows the truth, makes a fool out of themselves trying to share it with others.  This is why he brought other psy-op groups like We Are Change, the makers of Loose Change, etc. (see here, here, here and here) to the forefront.  Simply because their methods sell real good to truthers, but at the same time, make you everyone involved look like idiots.  At least, their line of crap sells good to those who haven’t reached an understanding about jews, but to those who have, these people are nothing but criminal conspirators and traitors.

Anyway, this clip doesn’t need much said about it.  Alex Jones dug his own hole with this one.  Have a listen, and pass it along to as many people as possible.  No real patriot would dare say they support the enemy, so what does that make Alex?

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