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Get your copy of the book NOW!

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Are you wondering how you can help Subverted Nation awaken the masses? Do you want to know the things that everyone else isn’t telling you? Are you here seeking truth? Looking for answers, maybe? Trying to figure out what’s wrong with the world around you? Want to know what needs to be done to change it? Do you really want to find the answers that your masters are hiding from you? Do you know who those “masters” are? Do you know what it means to be a revolutionary? What about a patriot? If you haven’t been through Basic Training for Revolutionaries, you’ll never have a good foundation of understanding, so DOWNLOAD THE BOOK TODAY.

What is Subverted Nation?

Encircled by serpents, their magick at work.

Encircled by serpents, their magick at work.

Stretching back as far as 3900 B.C., an evil force has subdued the lives, creativity, morality, and honor of the people’s of the earth.  Those behind this evil stole the truth about life, science, technology, and religion from our human ancestors; and subsequently used this knowledge to enslave the masses.  This group of evil subversives have worked tirelessly to gain and maintain control over the humans of planet earth.  They have trapped the minds, bodies, and the very souls of the people’s of our world, in what many can only understand as a matrix.

Like the movie “The Matrix”, the minds of the people are enslaved, while all of their efforts and energy are used to feed the monster which subdues them.  Most of the subjects walk around in a daze, living out their mundane lives, never knowing that anything is a miss.  Never once questioning the systems of control and authority that surrounds them, let alone questioning the very fabric of, what they consider to be, their reality.

Beware – the deceptiveness of demons and devils knows no bounds.

These subversive elements work together as a cohesive group with demonic like callousness, constantly plotting and toiling.  Having an almost hive-mind mentality, as well as a tribal loyalty to each other, and their ultimate goals, they do indeed pose as a formidable adversary for any who would challenge their rule.  However, this, like the web of control they have weaved around their victims, is nothing more than one of their distorted projections, that feeds others perception.  This is the same construct, based on the same flawed view of reality, that has allowed them to keep their victims enslaved.

Walking upright and speaking the same language as their prisoners (albeit with forked tongues) these masters of disguise can literally seem to be almost anyone, anywhere, at any time.  They blend in among the masses, taking the form and appearance of the “normal” people they reign over, making it difficult, and sometimes even impossible for those whom they’ve entrapped to notice any difference at all.  In fact, the majority does just this, stumbling through this carefully crafted existence, never once knowing or suspecting that something foul is under foot.  The facade of freedom only makes them even more hopelessly enslaved.  As in the matrix, so it goes here, that many will even turn against you to maintain their bliss in ignorance.


Detached from the network – tapping in to free others.

Fortunately, some of those born into this matrix of control are not wired to accept the direct feed of complacency.  Although a part of the system, a twist of fate or a glitch in their wiring, allows them to sense what others can not.  This glitch allows them to grasp that there is more beyond the materialistic, capitalistic reality and ideology sold to the masses as “normal life”.  These few may take many years of their own growth and trials to free themselves from the matrix.  Like sea turtles struggling to reach the safety of the water’s edge, not all will make it through.  Many are picked off by the masters of the sky above, and relegated to nothing more than a tasty morsel; where their energy is again absorbed back into the machine of control.

Of the small number who make it through, many will follow the giant currents to their source, while some will continue to be misguided and manipulated by mixed signals.  Some of these finding themselves trapped, yet again, by a  fatally flawed view of the vast ocean that surrounds them.  Although their view may be expanded, many will never see the silhouette of sharks lurking below, poised to snuff them out, knowing that some will always stray in the wrong direction.


A select few will ensure a new dawn for mankind.

Like the sea turtles, a very tiny minority will trek entire oceans, seeking out distant shores and viewing the world from new vantage points.  Following, not just an instinct, but a seemingly divine path; these few find their way to the shining sands of their ancient predecessors’ knowledge.  An even smaller number still, will gain age, wisdom, and unique insight.  Much like the character, NEO in the matrix, these solemn few eventually return to the place of their origin, bringing with them the hope for freedom of future generations, the possibility of re-birth, and an exciting new dawn for their kind.

In the matrix, NEO had a choice to see how far the rabbit hole went, or to jump back in the currents of the main stream, and never know anything more.  However, what seemed like a random choice, was no choice at all. The oracle made it clear that his “choice”, was in fact, his destiny.  He would go on to fight for the freedom of his people, no matter what his fate should hold.  Battling the very core of the construct that had enslaved them, attempting to awaken the sleeping and free, not only their minds, but their bodies and souls as well.


The truth is such a polar opposite of “reality” many will never grasp it.

Moving forward through time and space, eventually along came one man with a unique ability, to not only sense the boundaries of the matrix, but to live outside of it’s grasp; even while seeming to function as a part of it’s machine.  Slowly gaining the ability to see through the very fabric of the matrix, this one man started a revolution that could not be stopped.  Subverted Nation is the conduit that connects one such man back to the construct.  Allowing him to reach out to millions of the enslaved from one location, through what may soon be a pirated connection to the back door of this machine.  The very machine which controls the conscious of his people.  Against all odds, and adversity, this one man has tapped into the mainline, and is now feeding the linguistic keys, that will eventually unlock the masses from their eternal enslavement.  Uncovering startling truths, exposing facades, and tearing at the very fabric of beliefs that form his people’s reality; Subverted Nation highlights the questions, that those who are destined to, will eventually ask.  Holding the key to the question of who props up this facade, manipulates his people, and even feeds their very bodies and souls to the machine itself; Subverted Nation is where the answer is no longer a question.

Subverted Nation is the place to go for hard hitting, no holds barred analysis of current and past events relating to, what many deem, the jewish question, but this is not the question…it is the only answer.  This is indeed the one true enemy of mankind, and all that stands for good.  So here, they are given no quarter, as they have never given quarter to any peoples throughout history.  Undermining whole nations, committing repeated genocides against humanity,brutally torturing humans for fun, and ritually murdering their children.  They bring with them vicious depravity in the place of morality, and deeming themselves god’s to rule over humanity, they leave nothing to question.  The mission behind Subverted Nation is to disseminate information, in a fashion unlike all other outlets for news pertaining to the “jewish question”.  Subverted Nation exposes to the American people how our country has been undermined, by a parasite that eats away at it’s hosts until it is bled dry.  Patriotism is not blindly following or supporting a government, it is standing as a light for what is true and just for one’s people; and it is hardcore patriotism that fuels this small fire of resistance.

jew media

Jews own the media, and therefore the message.

These parasitic entities control all of our media (including print, television, radio, internet, and publishing), hollywood, the porn industry, big pharma, all large corporations; and infests our government at all levels including local, state, and federal.  No branch is safe with them holding power and wielding influence in the judicial, legislative, and executive incarnations of American government, in extremely disproportionate numbers.  Using their media, they push their depravity on our peoples while manipulating us through usury, just as the money changers did in the bible.  Those same money changers Jesus threw from the temple, then called Pharisees, are the same people who are wreaking havoc on our financial system today with their privately owned, usurious, Federal Reserve.  Jesus also called them (numerous times) a brood of vipers, and the synagogue of satan. Only one religion has synagogues, and it is that of the jews.  (Rev. 2:9, 3:9)  These serpents in disguise not only enslave our people through debt, but by manipulating their very perception of reality, through their serpentine grasp on the media, and mind control machines (sold as entertainment) called televisions.  A masterful deception indeed.

Mass murder committed by jews.

1915-17 jews posing as “young turks” slaughter up to 1.5 million Armenians in cold blood.

For thousands of years this parasite has dolled out genocide after genocide on all the peoples of the world, including the Bolshevik revolution where 40-58 million people lost their lives at the hands of these demons, or the Armenian holocaust where they murdered 1.5-3 million people in a most brutal fashion.  Even now, you can look at current day Palestine where these soulless entities are murdering innocent civilians in droves.  Dumping depleted uranium on women and children, bombing UN shelters, after telling people to seek shelter there.  Shooting men, women, and children for sport.  Raiding villages of indigenous people, raping their women, and leaving massive pools of blood in their wake.  Even attacking the dead, they bomb cemeteries of their victims, throwing decayed corpses of loved ones all over the street.  The extent of their evil knows no bounds.  Lacking conscience, pity, and remorse; all is fair that benefits them, and these things are quite clear in their own doctrine.

Jewish ritual murder - draining blood from a child.

Jewish ritual murder – draining blood from a child. Also note the genital mutilation, which jews have a fascination with.

These monstrous beasts have been found guilty for centuries of pedophilia, blood libel, ritual murder, satanic occultism, usury, genocide, rape, manipulation, lying, thievery, and so many other crimes against humanity, that it’s sheer absurdity lends to it’s ability to be concealed, or simply written off as fantasy.  Thankfully, the resistance has lived as long as mankind itself.  In the past, many men of greater renown, like Henry Ford, have tried to warn the American people, but in this unique place in time and space, some are finally heeding the siren’s call.  Knowing these demonic creatures have been exiled from over 84 countries over 2000 years, 109 times (repeatedly in many countries), these people are clear that this infectious parasite will NOT STOP until it devours everything; distorting or destroying all that is good, for it’s own gain.

One purpose of Subverted Nation will be to dehumanize this enemy of mankind, as they have done to all who attempt to block their path. They will be given no quarter, and will not be treated with kid gloves. The evil of these soulless demons will be exposed to the fullest, and they will be given no place to hide. They will be treated in the harshest of terms, because the understanding of how vile these creatures are; leads to the understanding that drastic measures must be taken to rid ourselves of them, and to free those still enslaved by their menacing grasp.  Subverted Nation understands that, generation after generation, will continue to suffer and be tortured under their control, if nothing is done to stop it.

Some of the mottoes these demons known as jews live by are, “through deception thou shalt do war”, and “order out of chaos”.  Considering themselves “chosen” by god to rule over the masses, and exonerable of any deed, they leave no room for compromise.  They are deceivers, murderers, and leeches who will suck the very life out of everything in their path, but in this small corner of the internet, their machinations will be blown wide open; with a focus on America, their final frontier.

Who is behind Subverted Nation?


Revolutions aren’t won without a fight. Give no quarter.

Adam Austin (United States of America, South)
In his early years of learning, Adam was quickly recognized as a rebellious student who refused to bow to fictitious “authority”, while gaining knowledge at a rapid pace.  Eventually, it became evident to his teachers who sent him for testing, which landed him in Florida’s gifted student program; where he was able to flourish outside of the normal day to day monotony of repetitiveness, necessary for average students to learn. This would be a precursor for things to come in the future.  Adam’s rebellious nature quickly led him to exposing and lashing out against the corruption, inequality, and absurdity of all the systems that the populous at large considered normal; even at the price of living as an outcast from the mainstream of society.  To this day, Adam embellishes in his outsider status by uncovering and exposing injustice, deceit, and tyranny played out against the masses. A natural rebel, and uncompromising leader, no other role was more fitting. Today Adam creates videos, articles, and other works both through Subverted Nation and video hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo exposing jewish criminals and their machinations in America and around the globe.

  1. Its been a long road to find this site, first I found Jesus, by reading the Bible for myself, then I got stuck in the fake freedom movement, ie AJ,Ended up at BROther N, finally, what YOU say is everything I found out on my Own. I have been a Target for a long time, now I am just Pissed. Thank You for having the Balls to tell the TRUTH, I am telling anybody that will Listen.

    • It’s a long road of discovery for us all. What I say here is just what needed to be said. It’s what your gut tells you is the truth. No bullshit, no filler, just calling it like I see it. Is it any wonder it’s so hard to find this site? The vast network of jew run sites hope you never see this one. Just know this, the heroes they put on television or promote heavily on other sites for you to worship are not the resistance.

    • I agree.

  2. You are right on the money with everything I have read. I have studied this all for years. It’s like any Dis-ease, if you don’t treat/find the root cause it will kill you.

  3. it’s been a long journey for me as well to come to a conclusion that how complex the matrix is.
    For a seeker of truth subverted nation is the final place on internet. But to understand subverted nation the seeker must have spent enough time to break the matrix. I spent 4 years round the clock.

    May be u never seen this –

    God bless everyone to find the true path – the spiritual path(not kundalini)….

  4. Kunadalini is nothing but the serpent. As you may know, new age spiritual self help books teaches to awaken the ”giant within” which is nothing but teaching how to embrace a ”super power” other than God or influence the reader to turn himself/herself a God.

    It is the same maniacs who infiltrates all the religions/countries/societies and distroy everything which is left with HUMAN beings.
    They make their plans and God makes his plans and his plans are the GREATEST.

    • Kundalini is indeed represented by a serpent, but it’s a spiritual force. I find serious issue with anything that says we shouldn’t explore and comprehend what we truly are. We are not material beings, we a spiritual beings have a material experience.

      The truth is, the real “maniacs”, often lead by the bible, have committed genocide on massive scales repeatedly, trying to wipe out people who knew the truth about spirituality. What would they be trying to hide? Why would they wipe out all of the ancient, NATURAL spirituality, and replace it with this vengeful god who asks for blood sacrifice to appease him?

      I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.
      —Isaiah 45:7

      Here’s some maniacal stuff for you:

      God kills 70,000 innocent people because David ordered a census of the people (1 Chronicles 21). God also orders the destruction of 60 cities so that the Israelites can live there. He orders the killing of all the men, women, and children of each city, and the looting of all of value (Deuteronomy 3). He orders another attack and the killing of “all the living creatures of the city: men and women, young, and old, as well as oxen sheep, and asses” (Joshua 6). In Judges 21, He orders the murder of all the people of Jabesh-gilead, except for the virgin girls who were taken to be forcibly raped and married. When they wanted more virgins, God told them to hide alongside the road and when they saw a girl they liked, kidnap her and forcibly rape her and make her your wife! Just about every other page in the Old Testament has God killing somebody! In 2 Kings 10:18-27, God orders the murder of all the worshipers of a different god in their very own church! In total God kills 371,186 people directly and orders another 1,862,265 people murdered.

      The God of the Bible also allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 and Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9).

      Is that his great plan? Rape, genocide, bashing babies brains?

      • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

        I… FUCKING… Thank You… For putting this in. Many fail to realize the main hindrance has been right under our noses this whole time.

        • Just trying to make sure we get to the truth at all costs.

          • I just read your “about” page after posting a comment for the first time ten minutes ago. Now i get why i was intrigued when first stumbling onto your thoughts about the fake landings.
            Props man, we need more people out there like this to begin teaching people the truth, or shall i say Reality of what the world is that we all live in together.
            Most people are so trained to believe what they hear from ,i.e.-nasa, science authorities, government, media, etc. , instead of opening their minds to what they actually see. What common sense tells them.

          • I guess I just got lucky. I awoke to it all one day after 9/11. Apparently I see quite a bit more than most, which feels odd to me, because it’s so easy to see it all. Then again, I remember all those years of not knowing shit about any of it too.

          • Wow I had no idea you were still running anything on this site, even just comments. You finally have another website by now? Or appear on any new shows? Hard to follow…

          • Yes, the site is still live for those who need to learn from it, and I am still very active just not with anything you’ll see publicly for a long time to come.

      • Bruce Wilder says:

        I find your site to be very informative, especially with regard to the behind the scenes powers that are shaping events in our time… However, as a true Catholic (as opposed to the New Order Nonsense (i.e. – NON-Catholic) coming from the modern hierarchy based in the Vatican), I do not agree with your position about God. Contrary to popular belief, there really is only one true God and one true religion which was given to us by God, and defines how we are to live in accordance with the will of God. When God became man in the person of Jesus Christ, for the purpose of dying a most ignominious death to demonstrate his great redemptive love for mankind, the people of his race (the Jews) rejected him and put him to death– which He knew would happen. In short, I see the main battle of our age, and in fact every age, as being a spiritual battle between good and evil. As spiritual beings, we have a soul which will live for eternity, and how we live and die in this life determine our happiness or suffering in the eternal life to come. Your comments which imply an unjust and cruel God reveal your ignorance about the one True God. You may have been labelled a “gifted” student from a worldly point of view, but you need to use your gift of intelligence to learn about the most important aspect of our existence. For more information on the one True God and His True Church, which today is mostly in eclipse, I suggest you listen to some sermons from True Catholic priests, which you can find on the following web site: Keep up the good work, but please for your sake look into the True God and His Church. This current battle can not be won without Him.

        • Catholicism is really just masonic/jewish rituals with a christian mask. How could you miss this?

          I do agree the battle is as spiritual as it is physical though.

          • Thank you for this site.
            I recently discovered that about the church and it made me sick to my stomach. I physically had chest pain and had to get a drink of water and deep breath. Did not sleep the entire night. I simply cannot believe the jews have had such a grip on our churches (all of Christianity), OMG infiltrated Christianity that deep these satanic jews Zionist beasts. I am speechless, irked; then again they did away with Jesus how/why should I have expected … I am starting to think they are not part of the human race. I fail to see any physiological/social correlations. I empathize with the White and Arabic race because these satanic Jewish beasts hide behind these two races to commit all their inhuman atrocities and never go detected to the world. They keep dividing and conquering. Now they are aiming at dividing the blacks from the Whites so they could conquer us. They have high jacked the country and most are not even aware of it. Suddenly I realized I have been living in a fake world. I went to school with these Jews people never knew they were such sooo horrible, inhuman, satanic objects. The latest Gaza Genocide repeats by Israel, was what lead me online to look for answers. TO find out they also did 911; I will never get over that part. I was there I saw the whole thing, people jumping out of windows. Israel killed all these innocent lives that morning in America, I will never forget that day. The most painful day in my entire life. The way they’ve been killing these kids in Middle East, 911…etc. That is simply not human but satanic. World needs an intervention from the Almighty GOD!

          • That’s right. They’re not exactly human. The world needs to have the spell broken so the blind can see, and the deaf can hear the truth.

          • What's this... says:

            Censoring post is plain wrong! It defeats the whole purpose of having a site like this one. It’s no wonder you have very few viewers. How do you expect these valuable words to get out there. There are over 300millions American you need to get to at least 10% of that to have a true impact. Posts should not require verified emails to be posted. EVEN AlexJones does not require valid email to post on there. Censorship is JEWISH practice does not sound like the guy who started this site. Censorship on post and deleting them is jewish. This is the ONLY site that does that. Guessing you are a controlling JEW hiding behind collecting email address for your later retaliation. Jews have no balls they operate only through DECEPTIONS/evil secrecy. Go ahead delete this post but you read. You got my point dude, Censorship is the jew style.

          • You’ll notice I’ve replied to and published all of your posts. I will delete your other rantings about this being a jew site. That doesn’t help anything. The jews scream that enough as it is, but that’s not the case.

            The reason ALL posts are censored here is to keep jews from slipping bullshit into the conversation. Maybe one or two have gotten through with sly comments, but not many.

            Go to ANY…..absolutely ANY other site dealing with the jewish question and tell me how many hundreds of jews absolutely rule the comments sections. Doesn’t happen here. I monitor EVERY comment to make sure it is fitting with the message of solving the jew plague. If it doesn’t, or it feels even slightly fishy, it gets shit canned.

            Comments are approved on my time, when I get around to it. I saw your string of comments come in last night through my email, so I actually made time to reply to you.

            You do not need a valid email to post here. Most emails are fake ones. It’s just the way the comment form on this wordpress site works, so input whatever you want. For instance, you used “”. Good enough.

            None of your private info is bought or sold here. You are free to trash the jew all you like, but you are not free to say ANYTHING…not even the SLIGHTEST thing that favors the jew. If it even smells like it might be something that works in the favor of the jew, it gets deleted. That’s the policy here, and jews hate it. You should be thankful you’re not reading hundreds of “it’s not all jews”…”jews are just victims, it’s the zionists” kind of bullshit here.

            I take this very seriously….more so than most anyone else has ever dared. I’ve already said more than anyone else ever had the guts to publicly, and I’m still actively working behind the scenes on real solutions. REAL solutions…not useless protests, and not reactive news articles every day. I’m working on PROACTIVE solutions to the REAL underlying causes. This website won’t win the war, but it certainly has done more in this battle than 10,000 anti-zionist sites ever could.

            Next time you post, just wait until I have the free time, and your posts will not only appear (if they don’t favor the jew), you usually get a thoughtful reply as well. To top it off, you are free to contact me anytime, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Fill out the form, and you’ll usually get a reply within a day or two max, sometimes much sooner.

          • Really.... says:

            JEWS do not give a rat ass between catholics protestants muslins budhism jehova Hinduism….etc. You do not care you simply want to get rid of all of us so you could have it all to yourself.
            Because it is the Jewish way of life. Take take take take..that is all you know!

          • You’re right, the jew doesn’t give a fuck what you are, because they’ve ensured you are confused as fuck. For example, your comments didn’t get published right away, and you started screaming how this is a jew site.

            Judging by your comments, you are smarter than that. Be patient grasshopper. Listen with your GUT INSTINCT, do not react with your emotions. The jew is very good at getting you to trade the former for the latter. Their whole gig relies on it.

      • Adam,

        Regarding this whole “God” thing…

        John 7:13

        The reason that American “Christians” (and also Canadian, English, Aussies, Kiwis, etc) do not respond in the way that many of us wish is because they (almost all of them) have been blinded by false teachers to never know certain truths such as the following:

        Note: I’m now being censored on that fitzinfo site, so disregard any comments made after June 13th 2014 under that article. You’re to never EVER take the religious discussion that far in modern Judeo-Masonically controlled false-“Christian” churches.

        At this point, I’ve now been censored by every “Jew-wise” site on the net (including this one- no kidding). 🙂

        With PRISM going full steam, there’s no way of knowing whether the site owner is in fact the censoror, or whether it is some other unknown 3rd party entity.

        That’s why it’s important that Jew-wise webmasters physically own their own web server, as opposed to renting one (or space upon one) from others.

        Adam, if you haven’t already done so- take the next step and get your own file server.

        Somebody let me know if you’ve found a (www) site yet (where you can post anonymously) that won’t censor you.

        I can’t stand getting censored- it’s so un-American!


        • I positively censor people here, no doubt about it. I also don’t hide it. As for christianity, I have no use for it, or it’s followers, but your mileage may vary.

          There are two things that get you censored here. One is posting outside links. I know you’d like to share stuff, but there is too much bullshit that slants in favor of the jew, and I don’t have time to weed through it all.

          The other is saying anything that is favorable to the jew, even in the slightest. I am the best jew bullshit meter on the net, and I even get it wrong sometimes. However, you can bet if I delete a post because it has some sly jew bullshit in it, that I am 100% right.

          That said, if you think your older posts are censored, it’s because I only approve comments every so often. I don’t do it daily, weekly, monthly, or any of the above. I do it when I feel like it, and no other time.

          I do appreciate the participation, and I do listen and read every comment. I just have my energy focused on other things. This site does what it does fine without daily input and updates.

          This time I will leave your post with your outside link, but only once.

          • Adam,

            Thanks for the reply.

            I have no use for it [Christianity], or it’s followers, but your mileage may vary.

            Unfortunately, I am currently not a true follower of Jesus Christ [nor profess to be] but would like to be one day. Actually, I have never personally met anyone who was- or has even really attempted to try.

            Note: I am not sure that “Christianity” is exactly the same thing as what I just said. That word can sometimes mean many different things to many different people.

            As for my site commenting “mileage” – it’s usually about like an Olds 442! That’s of course mostly because almost all of the supposedly Jew-wise sites are really in-fact just Judeo-Masonic Managed Opposition/COINTEL/HoneyPot fronts lurking about the Net in disguise.

            There are two things that get you censored here. One is posting outside links.

            OK thanks, that explains it.

            I know you’d like to share stuff [by posting links to other websites], but there is too much…that slants in favor of the jew, and I don’t have time to weed through it all.

            Again, thanks for the explanation. Now that my “Jew-Wisdom” is more advanced (no longer a white belt)- I totally understand your reasoning there.

            The other [way to get censored at SN] is saying anything that is favorable to the jew, even in the slightest.

            LOL – Awesome, no problem there! 🙂

            This time I will leave your post [above] with your outside link [to fitzinfo], but only once.

            Yeah thanks- I don’t endorse that site at all by the way- just the course/path that those comments were heading towards. Just for the record, I don’t endorse ANY of the supposedly “Jew-wise” sites! I wish that I could but I think that they are ALL compromised!

            It seems like there’s ALWAYS something there- like sand in your shoe. These sneaky villains have terrorized us in many unseen ways.

            Boy I hope you turn out [from my perspective] to not be one of them- or working directly/indirectly for them.

            Again, thanks for the reply.

            PS: Just came up with an idea for your site. Have a link up in the top “header” or whatever that says: “Don’t See Your Comment?”

            When your readers click on that it’s a page that explains the rules like you just did for me. It also has a small form that they can fill out (that’s not posted publicly but still sent to you) if they are still getting censored for some unknown reason like rogue PRISM technology etc.

            You could also add on that page other alternative ways that your readers could contact you to inform you of such weirdness- as a way to circumvent you [the site’s author] from being insulated from your true readership base by such 3rd party outside (Judeo-Masonic) censoring apparatuses.

            PSS: I sometimes might use other “handles” on your site (in the future) because I have a real problem with Hasbara bastards following me around this here “Cyber Ocean”- like those little sucker fish always attached to the bigger fish.

            They also like to take over my handle and impersonate me to misdirect the “white belts.” The way to tell if that’s happening (other than frequent commenting outside of my usual pattern) is the comment will have some “Jewey” sounding garbage/tangent in it somewhere. Sometimes though it could in fact be me- but the Jewdar sensitivity must be turned up mega high in order to kick out a false reading. Another downside is that I’m always some unknown and untrustworthy “new guy.” Just another example I guess of how:

            These sneaky villains have terrorized us in many unseen ways.

            Just didn’t want you to think that I might be messing around with you. Took me a while to learn this. T5 was new but could change at any time- sorry for the inconvenience but trust me- it’s helped out a lot.

            BTW, there’s also a few tremendous upsides to that strategic technique which I’ll just let you figure out.

          • There is more to this Christ character than many people know. If they look at the bible with religious eyes, they might as well be blind. There are many redeeming things in Christ, but I’m afraid the story is not even close to what most of them think it is.

            I’ll add one other thing that may get you “censored” here on this site. This site’s spam filter has pulled 10,423 messages since the last time I emptied it. If your comment gets caught in there, I won’t even see it. Sometimes it’s as many as 40-70,000 spam comments that are filtered.

            There may be technology that can censor stuff where I won’t see it. There may be ways that legit contact can get stuffed into the thousands of spam messages that I will never see. I wasn’t kidding when I said this is a matrix. Anything is possible….and most things you can imagine are not only plausible, but probably don’t even scratch the surface of the rabbit hole.

            Almost every last anti-jew site on the web is run by jews. There’s a good reason mine is the black sheep of the bunch. Nobody told me when I stuck my neck out there, that I was actually sticking it into an arena that is totally jew run. No wonder so many of them hate this site. That’s good, I hate them too.

            There is always something in all of the so called “anti-zionist” (because most won’t say JEW) sites out there. The good thing is your intuition already knows it. Many people ask me about this author or that, and when I tell them the person is a jew, they are shocked. Many say, “well I still read them because they write good stuff”. Morons. Nothing a jew writes is fit for human consumption. All of it is garbage.

            You can read and listen hear, and let your intuition guide you. You will know if what I say is true or not. I used to think I had to convince people, but over time I realized everyone already knew. Most people don’t listen to their gut. Those who do don’t need me to tell them who is legit or not, or even if I am. You will know. If there is a pebble in your shoe, you might want to pay attention to it or you’ll just get sore feet.

          • Adam,

            Thanks for the reply.

            There is always something [poisonous] in all of the so called “anti-zionist” (because most won’t say JEW) sites out there. The good thing is your intuition already knows it. Many people ask me about this author or that, and when I tell them the person is a jew, they are shocked. Many say, “well I still read them because they write good stuff”. Morons. Nothing a jew writes is fit for human consumption. All of it is garbage.

            Yeah, I know what you mean there. For example, I just clicked on (an outside link btw) in one of your older commenters’ comments [under an article you wrote exposing TiU/Ognir] that then pointed me over to the commenter’s most “newest website” that wanted me to read this:

            ******DELETED LINK

            Note: delete that link above if this goes public to protect the “white belts” amongst us.

            As you know, that garbage was written by a Jew boy- Gordon Duff.

            So Boom. That site hit the fan.


            Like a “moron” (as you predicted) I read the article anyway LOL. 🙂

            Yes, I know- I’ll try not to do that again. I know better now not to try and justify it by saying that “I was just keeping up with what the Jew has in store for us”- his enemy. OK, I admit it- I ate the poisoned cookies! 🙂

            Inner dialogue snapping at myself:

            But then I tried to redeem myself somehow, like learning the simple lesson after the childhood spanking…

            I asked myself these questions:

            Did I feel empowered by this article?
            No = Helps the Jew (weakens his enemy)

            Did I feel “pepped up” or instead, poisoned?
            Poisoned = Helps the Jew (weakens his enemy)

            Did the article explain the problem(s) to me in such a way that I now have enough details to find out some possible solutions?
            No = Helps the Jew (weakens his enemy)

            Did the article offer any simple, realistic, and/or straightforward solutions?
            No = Helps the Jew (weakens his enemy)

            If Yes, did it offer any simple/realistic means and/or ways to implement those solutions?
            N/A (see question directly before this one)

            Should I ever read anything else by this Jewish Gordon Duff character again?
            No = Avoid Poison = Allows for an Environment in which to Grow Strength

            So you “white belts” out there tuck that one away somewhere- it’ll help you as you explore this here Jew-filled “Cyber Jungle.”

          • Very well done. I try to catch these, but with so many comments, and so much spam, I miss things. I’m deleting the link you put up here, and if you send a direct link to the comment, I can delete the link in their signature too. Thanks.

          • Adam,

            It was a commenter named George Benkel and you want to do a site-wide search in your code for “”

            He linked it in his name several times.

            That site will take you to another one of his sites- where the aforementioned link [containing Duff article] that is now marked “Deleted Link” [by you] above is located.

            While you’re at it- fix your outdated link to:

            To reflect the new location here at

            Got a “Blog not found” and had to search “Evil Eye” on your site to get the updated link. Sorry, but don’t remember where you had it mislinked.

          • Another error, thanks. It’s been a while, but hopefully I will get most of these ironed out some time soon.

  5. I dont know how to answer u….
    Anyway i believe(not just belief i know) that we are a spiritual being with materialic experience… Bt i reject this new age self help books…

    I’m a muslim guy… Not one like this modern muslims or extreme ones…
    I’m an ordinary traditional type…
    I dont knw hw u would interpret me.
    But one thing i can tell u…
    I belive in ‘allahu’ as my god and moses, jesus and muhammed(final prophet) as his prophets.

    I never mean to offend anyone…

    • If you reject truth, no matter where it comes from, then you live a lie.

      Rather than believing, start looking for real answers. The jews have everyone “believing” that muslims did 911. Look what that lie has created. Belief must be smashed to smithereens so that truth can prevail. No matter what that truth is.

      The Abrahamic religions were designed to get you to reject REALITY. You’re not just rejecting true spirituality. You are rejecting a whole other world of possibility that is alive and well all around you. You are doing exactly what they want you to do. Ignore the truth, rather than learn about it, because once you realize what’s really happening on other levels, you become dangerous to them.

      Don’t worry about offending me or anyone else. If the truth is offensive, the people offended by it need to look at themselves.

      • NOT for publication may be says:

        you are definitely smart. a shill may be?

        • Oh no…I’ll publish your comment. No need to hide you want to say I’m a shill. I don’t even give a shit about that petty garbage any more. I used to get bent on making sure people know I’m legit.

          NOT ANY MORE. Read what the fuck I say, and if you think I’m not legit, go eat a shit sandwich. I don’t have time for your bullshit. I have a war to win. You WILL KNOW ME BY MY DEEDS.

        • FAIR ENOUGH. Apologies (for now).


          Association of US citizens for justice.

  6. barbara baney says:

    it all makes perfect sense, kind of a relief to ‘get it’ but where does one go from here?

    • You keep learning and spreading the truth, and doing all you can to move this forward. Until the spell is broken, and people can see what’s really going on, not much is going anywhere.

  7. I used to be a AJ listener quit awhile back kept searching ran across this site I don’t know if I was blind but reading this stuff is like remembering some thing forgot

  8. Adam, do you not do regular postings any more, whether here or anywhere else? I used to visit this site daily for a long time until you stopped posting in 2010. Do you have another site, or show up anywhere else to do audio/video interviews? I think you’ve been involved at other sites, but seemingly more behind the scenes (possibly to keep a lower profile?).

    • No, I don’t post anything right now. I’m leaving it as is on purpose, because I would rather put my energy into a solution. I do not do anything on any other sites. I will explain why I’m focusing on other things in due time.

      Try to find ways to be PROACTIVE in this fight instead of REACTIVE, unless you like your own energy being used as fuel to further their agenda. This is part of why this site isn’t being updated daily for now, but I am still here, and still fighting, just in other ways at the moment.

  9. I see the caption under the picture of corpses says the Jews posing as Young Turks slaughtered millions of Armenians.
    This summer (2013 ) an internet article said that the Jews have been running Turkey since the end of WW1 in disguise- not letting it be known publicity.

  10. Hi Adam,

    After 4 days of browsing off and on while working, I’m still in shock and near disbelief of the existence of your site.

    If you’re real, (which it looks as though you are more than anyone else I’ve ever seen so far in this ridiculous maze of shitstien disinformation we call our world) I think I have part of the answer in where to start this revolution.

    We built a private network that has it’s own forum, identification system, voting system and MONETARY system. There are many components which will be of great use, if enough of the sheople should wake up and choose to use it.

    I believe your style of information dissemination and our style of geeking combined, could change the world. My most recent attempt at the info game can be found in the first issue of our newsletter at

    FYI; before you go off on giving me hell about the name goyim gazette which I found out later was being used by hufshit as well, consider the following.

    I was a little hesitant to use the name but it does fit and is a good reminder that they are not the same as us. I would love to be able to just call ourselves Americans but as you know, this is a global thing so that would leave the rest of the world out. And just saying people doesn’t work because they’ve managed to infiltrate us and take temporary use of that brand too.

    So, goyim gazette is what it is and at the least, I hope it’s memorable and just a little bit condescending. Enough to jab people into realizing they’re being called something other than people! I figure it kind of beats referring to ourselves as “gentiles” too.

    The whole nomenclature thing for both them and us is of their design so there’s likely no perfect way to go about things in that regard.

    Anyway, it’s time for the kikes to carry their own weight and suck their own blood.

    Our site is You can sign up for free and if you let me know you’ve done so, I’ll see to it that you’re handsomely rewarded with some of our new digital currency for your efforts to date. We’re going to a new currency eventually anyway, might as well be ours! jew money is nothing but bullshit, always has been. Even gold is worthless. WE MAKE THINGS VALUABLE FOR THE JEW INCLUDING THEIR MONEY. And we can do the same thing for our own money.

    Our phone number is 509-670-3022. Use it Adam!

    All the Best,
    David Allender

    • I think if you’ve read enough of this site, it’s real easy to tell how serious I am. There is nothing else like it on earth, and nobody on earth whose ever done what I have here.

    • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

      David, Just a small warning: Don’t make it private; They’ll think something’s wrong with you. In addition, you’ll make less progress this way… As much as I hate being called cattle, I do agree with the group name Goyim Gazette. It’s a perfect reminder that they’re far from noble as us humans.

      • David is full of shit. This clown called me and started freaking after 30 mins of trying to badger me into joining up on his site. This guy spent 9 mos. in lockup, then got released and wants to slide in with his “goyim gazette” and “real news from real jews” bullshit. He didn’t choose the name to get attention, he chose it because he’s one of them.

        Here’s a pic of this jew. He was pretty mad after I toyed with him for an hour. Do these mother fuckers really think someone like me can’t smell them a mile away? Why was he so bent on having me join his little “unidigi” scam? Annoying, relentless little jew/fed faker. His cover is blown.

        David Allender is a hook nosed jew.

        • Note the banner on one of his sites saying, “anti satanist not anti-semitic”. Thou dost speak with a forked tongue jew!

          • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

            …I was quite suspicious of him the minute he brought up the word Goyim… Luckily, I did not join his site.

          • Yeah, I’d steer way clear of this guy.

          • David Allender says:

            The only forked tongue is yours. All you do is talk, no action. You don’t want to unite with non-satanists or help us actually overcome them to retake our republic and world because you are one of them. Case closed. Nice and simple.

          • See what I mean. This guy wants to “restore” the jewish freemasonic “republic” and acted like it wasn’t all a setup when I talked to him to begin with. What good could it possibly do following a pied piper like this little CIA whore around? Anyone trying to save the system that enslaved Americans is a fucking idiot, and if they’re trying to take the lead in doing so, they’re a fraud or really, really, super extra stupid. Nobody is going to follow anyone who fits into those categories, but thanks for playing the game. Your friends at the FBI can lock you back up, you’re not getting any credibility here.

          • What a retard…..his site called “goyimgazette”…..? For real? Goyim is a derogatory word for non-jew…..said by jews…..sure we all played around with it in the past to some extent, but these days the game has changed and we know how serious that term is……He has created a site basically called niggergazette, and he is asking black people to come join it. He may have fooled some people 4 years ago, but not today. Why would someone freak out it you don’t join their website? Sounds like he wanted to set you up somehow and you spoiled his little game…

          • You said it Mike. I don’t know why they think I won’t recognize them for what they are, maybe it’s the low IQ or the massive ego? You can’t threaten someone like me into joining your little clique. He kept saying if I didn’t want to be part of what he had going on, that proves I’m not legit. L-O-fucking-L!! I think it’s more a case of these guys wanting an endorsement from me to give them some kind of legitimacy, but I don’t endorse anyone. Second, your legitimacy comes from what you say and do. You don’t need to prove it, your actions prove it for you, and not joining his little deal doesn’t prove anything besides the fact that I’m not stupid enough to join up with enemy fronts.

          • Anthony Roberts Jr. says:

            Satanists… This Jew practically gave away the fact that they created the bible.

  11. All I really want is to put a 9mm bullet through you head. You can not be cured any other means.

  12. Any wonder why people play the mentally ill or mental health card well these people are the reason why we have been dealing with this shit.

  13. I had a Feeling that Jews were behind the idea of discrimination.

    • People naturally discriminate, but they don’t make it a central part of their life until jews foster it. Everyone looks at what they can find wrong with others to boost themselves up. Ego and pride do that, but most people don’t make that the basis of the existence until a lifetime of jew propaganda tells them it is.

  14. Hi, I am wondering where could I still buy this book. I am really appreciate it.

  15. JimbofromOhio says:

    Shoulda called it rat faced kike dicksucker gazzette and used a pic of a human instead of that rat faced one of his– haha-
    Talkin bout goyim, their own brand of new usury and restorin the republic— dumb motherfucker must not have studied yer site too good- haha

  16. God Bless You says:

    Hi Adams;
    I just wanted to tell you and everyone commenting here how much I was surprised when I read your posts. I didn’t think I could meet someone who realizes actual identity of Jews, especially someone in US. Whenever I saw comments of an American guy about Palestinians on TV shows, I saw that they are extremely admirer of Jews and their Zionist and terrorist state Israel. Do not misunderstand, but it is common perspective of Muslim countries about US.

    I read some of your posts. And, I have to note that I am not native English speaker. I tried to understand, but I might miss some points. However it is clear that you are right most of your detections. I think in the same way with you.

    I also wanted to note that I am a Muslim. Is my religion makes difference to you? I don’t know that. But I wanted to talk as an honest man, not someone blinded by authorities and prejudices. It is because I write this comment; it is because I trust that you are honest man too.

    Jew’s crimes aren’t something about Muslim World. Their demonic wishes are bigger than this. They are against entire Humanity. I just researched most known corporations in every field (business, technology, food etc.) around the world, and I saw most of them are founded by Jews. I also found that many authorities, politicians and governors in US are belonging to them. They want to control entire world, America too.

    I am also surprised your definition about Jew’s personality. They are liar, murderer and selfish monsters. Your definition of Jews is like the definition of Jews in my holy book Quran. In many places of Quran, Jews are told as liar, murderer, selfish etc. They are liar; they told lies their prophet Moses every time. They betrayed Moses too. They are murderer; they murdered not only ordinary people but also prophets like they tried to murder Jesus. When my prophet Mohammed (the last prophet of humanity in my belief) was a little child, Priest Bahira saw him, and said his uncle to hide him from Jews, because Jews knew that the last prophet was near to come, and they would like to murder him too. It is so ridiculous that Jew’s Ten Commandments orders them not to kill with emphasis!

    Going back to Jews, they believe that they are real owner of world, others are just their slaves. It is because they believe that they can murder others who have no soul according to them. I am sure that they believe it is mitzvah to murder. They call Palestinians as terrorists. Then I want to ask them, why? Jews invade their homeland. They put them in jail. Why Palestinians have to pay for Europeans fault. They also found terrorist organizations and introduce them as Muslim. Because of this, world know Muslims as terrorists.

    And I want to emphasize that Muslims are not terrorists. Our holy book Quran says that killing one innocent people is wrongdoing, and it is like killing entire humanity. Killing is forbidden in my religion. Any action harms people, society and humanity is forbidden to us. Our religion is based on tolerance and sympathy.

    They found corporations and exploit countries with “interest”. They found secret organizations and infiltrate the governments around the world. They found many media corporations to deceive people. They do everything possible to ensure their tyrannous profit.

    Honorable man should rule the world and ensure justice, not Jews.

    • I don’t care what your religion is, but I am well aware what it says about jews.

      I’m glad you like the site. I note the Quran doesn’t say it’s bad to kill people who aren’t innocent, and jews are not. They are deserving of the most terrible fate anyone can dream up. DESERVING. EARNED IT ALREADY. DONE.

      On your last point, I don’t think anyone really needs to rule over others. I think people need autonomy and freedom. This bullshit that we need someone to control us is a sick joke. Please remember, ANY TIME someone gets authority, it corrupts them. ALWAYS. There is no exception. Happens every single time. Humanity needs to get off it’s knees and accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. With a system of personal responsibility and common law, we don’t need any rulers.

      • God Bless You says:

        So, I’m glad to meet someone like you. My religion (also my holy book) describes their terrific end. They deserve to be atrociously killed.
        One time, I saw a photo of little Jew kids. They were writing their love of Israel, and their bad wishes to Palestinian kids on bombs. They were just kids… Also, I read statements of Israel Ministers (like Ayelet Shaked) include “exterminating” and “killing all Palestinian Mothers”. It is the way they raise monsters. They climbed to the hills and watched the missiles falling on Gaza, and cheered. They watched all this things like drinking a coffee and reading a comic book. They desire to be killed as dishonorable people.

        And, I checked my sentences after your words. What I mean by “ruling” isn’t monarchy, superiority of a particular class or something. I don’t like that. People can rule themselves as free man. But, can world be somewhere ruled by anarchy without authority? There is 7 billion people in the world, and more than 7 billion wishes. Or, is the word “anarchy” produced in the laboratories by those who have authority, in order to frighten people not to rebel them. You’re right. There is nothing to defend the word “authority”. Whenever someone got his hand authorities, he made lawlessness and injustice. Later on, he saw himself and his family holy, and enslaved others. I remember a book titled “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell. It is a good example of what you said.

        Thank you for reminding me the word “freedom”… Best regards…

        • Yeah, jews are sick beyond most people’s ability to even fathom. Any kind of empathy or emotion from them is just an act.

          I do think people can manage themselves without any group of other people having control over them, certainly. Remember, all power leads to tyranny. Always has, always will. Autonomy is good. Common law and cooperation are all we need.

          • Hi Adam,

            Have read a lot of your articles here and I am very curious to know more truth. I had been reading lot of pro-russian blogs lately and also other blogs which blew the lid off War mongering going on by NATO and they always depict Russia and China as unwilling participants or pacifists.

            Please answer a question for me, what do you think about future of India.
            Very disturbed to know that 3rd world will fuel their mission.

          • Russia, China, India are all WILLING participants! You have to remember, the U.S. is the last peg in their quest for global domination. The protocols are clear that they would start in the east and end in the west.

            Many blogs you are reading are run by jews who want to convince you Putin (jew) is a good guy coming to save the world. This way when Russia and China are used to finally crush the U.S. war machine and topple the U.S. people will actually welcome it.

            The U.S. is being set up for a fall JUST LIKE GERMANY during WWII. The new “allies” will eventually team up and stomp the U.S. military for all of it’s evil deeds in the middle east. That is AFTER the U.S. has been used up and discarded like toilet paper. The U.S. has been made the bad guy, and IS the bad guy, for all of their wanton destruction in the middle east, but it’s all a game. Russia, China, India, and beyond are all jewish controlled.

          • agree.

  17. Adam,

    What is your opinion of Clay Douglas of the Free American and Thunder Riders Magazine fame?:

    Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.


  18. Adam, my research has finally led me to you. Like the rest of the commenters, it was a long 5-year road. Served in the 82nd Airborne and was always a jingoist, how this hurts.

    Read your book last night and it is the best compilation of meaningful quotes I’ve ever seen. You are a the real deal.

    I have just a few questions. First, do you believe that all Jews are aware of the Talmudist plot to rule the world? Some of my previous readings (Jewish Persecution by Jackie Patru) suggest that ‘lesser Jews’ are just as much deceived as we. Also stated in the online book ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’ by Hannah Arendt. Also, I have Jews in my family and they act unaware?

    Second, knowing religions are false, what is your spirituality? Personally, I’ve learned to trust my inner intuitions as if I have my own little God. Don’t know what else to trust… Is there something else you could add to enlighten us? Perhaps a site that explains what our true nature is?

    Third, what have you found is the best way to awaken people? I have only been partially successful in waking my own family! Have linked to historical documents to back my claims on Breitbart, Mail Online, Godlike Productions, Faux News, WND and even the Jerusalem Post, but doubt anyone reads further than the comment itself.

    Thank you a million for your work and diligence.

    • Yes, all jews are aware of it. All you have to do is mention how jews are behind it, and watch their face. In fact, even without that, watch how even the most random, lowly jew will spew bullshit and disinfo to muddy the waters on general topics. After a while, the truth of their cohesive involvement will become undeniable. It’s not something I just made up. It’s simply a fact I discovered.

      My spirituality is similar to shamanism, or at least that’s one close example of how I see things. We are spirits trapped in a material existence, not the other way around. If you look around this site, I tell people over and over to listen to their gut. You have a compass built right in that is 100% accurate, if you listen properly. We can all be deceived, but that is usually because we didn’t hear our intuition properly. Or it’s because our judgement was clouded by belief, or our own desire to see things differently.

      It’s difficult to awaken people. You can only lead a horse to water…..also, you must realize that they are all under a spell like Sleeping Beauty. Until that spell is broken, they will not awaken, save the few of us who somehow make it through. This doesn’t mean all of our effort to do so is lost. It just means that maybe we put too much energy into ones who aren’t meant to be awakened, or whose time hasn’t come yet.

      No thanks is needed. I’m just doing what my own gut and conscience say to do.

      • “jew will spew bullshit and disinfo to muddy the waters on general topics.”

        I tell you , I have been coming across this more and more lately. Particularly in my field of interest which is holocaust revisionism/denial. The amount of vehement attacks and absolute muddying of the waters, rather than providing sources for various claims.

        I read somewhere that in “Israel”, they hire college students (or something) to troll the internet/social media looking for discussions to weigh in on and spout pro Israel propaganda.

        Thanks for all the hard work on this site, its great to have a resource such as this available, especially the Jew List. Will help me in my conversations.

        I haven’t read the book yet, got lost of things going, might try to convert it to an audio book so I can listen to it while in the car to and from work.

        • Yes, they do this all over the earth, our US government does the same thing. Israel might pay some full time to do this on charity of BILLION$$$ that are given to them from our US government, but the interesting thing is, they don’t have to. There are millions of little nobody jews who will daily interject their venomous bullshit lies into ANY conversation on almost ANY topic they don’t want exposed.

  19. Ferenghista says:

    I have spent many years diving into rabbitholes.After all the research and investigation of bizarre and terrifying historical events,this is where the trail ends-or so it would appear.The most interesting thing about this site is what is not here.This site does not seem to promote Christianity,which I consider to be completely bogus and decrepit.The site does not promote Holocaust denial.It happened and is completely documented,except for one aspect of it-why.Also,I don’t seem to find any white supremacy crap that is based on total fantasy.This whole theory-that Jews have been and are behind the perpetual Evil Machine in this world is unquestionably true.What I want to know is HOW.How are they doing this?I think that if it cannot be discovered once and for all HOW this has been organized and accomplished,we are left with only one option if we are to survive.I don’t mind saying that I hate and fear that one last option.It is probably best to face up to it asap no matter how terrible it is.The people who control this country are entirely Jews and their Lackeys,and they mean to kill most of us.Any non Jews that can survive the coming catastrophes will simply be kept as pets,zoo exhibits and farm animals.I will return to see if admin or anybody else has responded to this posting.Vincit Qui Patitur.

    • Actually, the site does promote holocaust denial. There is only jew “documented” (i.e. fabricated) “proof” of it happening. The real holocaust are things like the burnt offering of hundreds of thousands of German civilians during WWII. Or the 7 million Ukrainians starved to death by jews, or the 65 million non jews slaughtered by the rats during WWII, or the 3 million Armenians butchered by the jews, etc.

      I do not support white supremacy, or the supremacy of any race, class, etc. I have no problem with people keeping to their own kind. Lions and tigers are both cats, but they don’t hang out at the watering hole together. People preferring to be around similar people is not a bad thing. It’s only bad when this becomes a matter of me vs. you or one group suppressing another.

      I can tell you a lot about HOW they are doing it. In fact, that is part of why this site isn’t a regular news site. I’ve discovered some major keys to how it’s done, and I’m working myself to find answers to unravel and stop it.

      Most people who run this country are jews in disguise, and some are of course unwitting lackeys.

      When genocidal maniacs put your entire species in their crosshairs, and spend thousands of years plotting to destroy us all, then reach the technological level to make it possible, while actively engaging in genocide after genocide in preparation for the big one, your ONLY choice it to kill or be killed. In fact, it’s not a choice, because that’s the only option they left you. We must fight tooth and nail, but at the same time, we must know what we’re fighting, what it’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how to exploit them to win.

      I’m working on it…and so are many others. Fate will deal them their hand and we will be there to collect the chips when they finally fold.

  20. Konrad Wolf says:

    Hi Adam
    Not a lot more to add to the many good comments here already other than to say your site’s information and especially your way of thinking are virtually identical to mine.
    I am in my 40’s and have spent the last 20 or so years trying to unravel this perpetual nightmare we live in, in order to make sense of it just like others who choose to think instead of accepting what they are told. I have read extensively all the books I can download / purchase and also highly informative and thought provoking sites along similar lines to yours.
    It is thanks to people like yourself, who recognise that there is only one way out of this situation that some of us will prevail and move towards our destiny.
    The time for politics is over…we will now only win through fighting with all of our being in a state of total war. Our enemies know damn well that awakening the Saxon-Celtic-European peoples of this world is tantamount to suicide. Well, they’ve earned our wrath with their genocidal aims against us since time immemorial. Now they will reap what they have sown.
    For us to reach our true destiny of higher beings and consciousness, there can be only one people on this earth and we know very well what that means.
    I wish you all the very best for the future and will part by saying that it is not what I have written here today, but the intent between the lines that will create a profound understanding between people like us …
    from across the seas,
    yours Konrad.

  21. NICE 2 Meet You Adam..IM just a rebel seeking the Truth and IVE found You..I dot know if You are familiar with Brother Nathanael Kepner..I Like him..You know he s a jew but converted 2 Christianity..Any who, IVE learned things I never knew..Some things I knew in my gut but didnt give a rip..Well Now i care..Matter of my survival etc..I heard You on radio you tube..You have a nice voice, Gentle BUT Firm..I feel I can trust You..IM usually a good judge of character..Funny IVE had jewish boyfriends years ago..They were Rebels and outcasts among their race..I see the asses in Wash DC and I want to do bad things 2 them..It blows my mind how evil people are..IM not but I can be a real pain in areas myself..Thanks anyway I know You dont need my Thanks.2 BAD IM THANKING YOU 4 HELPING ALL OF US..OK..SINCERELY, CONNIE…PS- YOU could hold a huge get 2gether, meeting 4 SN.. Maybe 2 dangerous..

    • Kapner is a kike. You can’t convert your genes. He’s so full of shit his eyes are brown, and he looks like he would slit babies open and drink the blood while they’re still breathing. He’s a sicko.

      I’m glad you enjoy the site, there is more to come. Don’t waste time with jews like Kapner telling you the jew Putin is a fucking hero. The jews always lie.

  22. Hi there,

    i came across your website after watching this INCREDIBLE documentary called The Greatest Story Never Told

    I’m happy that such a person like yourself is working on actual proactive ways to combat the enemy. I will be studying your site more and more.

    • That’s cool, but I’m not a fan of Hitler. Anyone who lets the enemy walk the fuck away is full of shit. In fact, most people wouldn’t even know his fucking name, let alone would he have ever become a world leader without some help from the jew. It simply doesn’t happen. Fuck Hitler for giving the jew an excuse to play victim.

  23. Good website. Very informative.
    I read the comment section and replies. My comment here is regarding the reply to shuib and the Old Testament bible verses.

    Yes, I can see how you and others could read the Old Testament and form an opinion and the conclusion posted. However, it would be an opinion and conclusion based upon non-study.

    It is a known fact the bible is not a complete book. The Old Testament was written approximately 1400 B.C. to 400 B.C. and the New Testament approximately A.D. 40 to A.D. 90. So, anywhere between 3400 to 1900 years have passed since a book of the Bible was written.

    It bible is a book that has been corrupted, altered, edited, revised, tampered with and copies of copies of copies have been made and revised in almost every language on earth. Yet, the book survives with enough information that “man-made” religions worldwide are based upon this book.

    The books of the bible were never meant to be religious. The Old Testament is a history book. It tells the history of a war in the heavens, how the earth was populated and who the people aka nations are on earth to this very day.

    This Old Testement is not a “Jewish” book, even though the Jews claim the Old Testament. There’s not one word of a Jew mentioned in the Old Testament, yet the Jews claim they wrote the Old Testament and claim it’s their book.

    In fact, all the slaughter you refer to in the Old Testament, if you research, you will find the Old Testament is 100% about slaughtering the Jews. Every tribe aka people, nation slaughtered in the Old Testament are Jews and blood relatives of Jews aka the Serpent Seed aka Cain and his people.

    Of course the Jews usurped the Old Testament and claim it religiously because the Jews not only want to survive, but they want to rule the whole earth and all it’s inhabitants.

    The New Testament is about the birth of the Savior of Man-kind, which is not a blood relative to the Jew and their kind. The New Testament is very specific about who the bastards are; John 8:44.

    So while you’re out there in the world fighting the Jew corruption, just know you’re not alone.

    Proverbs 25:2 King James Version (KJV)

    2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

    Proverbs 25:2 Names of God Bible (NOG)

    Advice for Kings
    2 It is the glory of Elohim to hide things
    but the glory of kings to investigate them.

    • Interesting, and I’m always open to new perspective. So what about the taking little girls and raping them? Who are these little girls, and an even bigger question, why the hell is it ok to rape them?

      I like to investigate anything, so feel free to comment more.

  24. Greetings Adam..I have not e mailed You in awhile..I like to come back to SN and STUDY..This AM I was reading What Is SN(matrix)..My son s initals for amazing the number of us Sleeping Beauty s who were beginning to awaken somewhat and found SN..Your writing abilities are a Gift..You hit the target with Your sharp insight and many talents..Yes- all a Gift..Sometimes I cant explain myself as I have so much on the inside and its a BIG puzzle.. as I age the pieces are fewer to fit..The slumber and sleep of millions of sheep here in the US is stifling-overwhelming…I cant stand the majority and IM surrounded with Idiots…i know People ask You what can we do?? Spread the word of course..I saw the name Gordon Duff..Sometimes I look AT VT- Veterans Today..all Jews?some? I like AbelDanger(NONjew).
    IM computer talking better let You go..IM glad I found You..You are the Teacher 4 many..After reading about SN it all makes sense and You communicate clearly..I see the sleeping fools every day all over town..ITS sad and pathetic and pisses me off when they cant answer simple questions..I always want to HELP others BUTT…Best Wishes 4 You and Protection..Be nice if I could sit down and talk with You 4 hours..I see others here feel the same..Sincerely, Connie–Thanks

    • I’m available via email any time. Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure my writing is super fabulous, but hopefully it gets the point across. VT is mostly jews, just like any major information outlet. Just be cautious and read between the lines. Don’t read in an alpha state where you are impressionable. Read and analyze what is being said to you. The message is tightly controlled so just be cautious. I’d rather people learn to discern for themselves than rely on me to point out who is who. The devil is in the details, literally, so listen close to what people mean and HOW they say things than what they’re actually saying. Think “cui bono”….who benefits. Follow your instinct.

  25. Bill Timmick says:

    It is the middle of the day. Got work piled up, so have only had a few minutes to peruse your site. Will look at on depth later. Believe you quoted Is 45:7.

    Yes, I do believe God either created or allowed evil, but I believe their is a plan in there by which he will get glory. I do believe He truly loves us blindly almost. How will you know evil if all you have ever known is good? This allows us a good contrast.

    Probably as you know this all started in the garden of Eden when Eve gave birth to Satan’s offspring-Cain. God said as a result there would be a battle of the offsprings Gen 3:15. It is called superfecundation. Two man having sex with one woman, two eggs fertilized by two different men. Rare, but it does happen. This is why Cain has his own genealogy seperate from Adam and Eve.

    It seems one of their traits is a flare for the theatrics used as a tool to minimize, justify and glorify their stranglehold on the world. Entertain while you get screwed. “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.

    This last election I mean selection the American people got shafted as both puppets are water boys/girls for the tribe. Donald as hard as it may be to believe may do more damage than Hilary as the deception will only grow stronger. God outlines in many places on the Bible the few that will awake to this deception. No matter how hard you scream or wave your arms only a few will have their eyes opened and perhaps God has a purpose in this as well.

    • Donald Trump is BIFF from Back to the Future. It will not be good with his jewish ass and his commie whore Russian jewish wife. His kids are both married to jews. Donald is a fraud. If he was legit, he wouldn’t pretend that America is a country, it’s a corporation. He’s all about sucking Israel’s asshole clean, and talking about butchering muslims like any other jew. People are so stupid. I thought they would appoint Hillary, but instead they had Biff selected.

      The worst part of this election is that every time you vote, YOU CONSENT TO BE RULED. This is a serious issue. The American people ASKED FOR THIS…..and what they get will NOT be good.

  26. @Adam Austin – Well done to you for your brave website! May I just point out that there is no such thing as “Judeo-Christianity”—only Judeo-Islam, because Islam is a branch of Judaism. Christianity begins with Christ & the New Testament, Christ & the New Covenant, and the compassionate Heavenly Father of whom Christ teaches. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OLD TESTAMENT, OLD COVENANT Bloodthirsty Yaweh=Yareah the Moon God of Jericho = Allah the Bloodthirsty Moon God of Islam. The Jewish Kaballah = Q’aba Allah the “CUBE GOD” of Islam, like the Black Cube Muslims run around in Mecca, and the Black Cube Jewish rabbis wear on their foreheads.

    You are right to ask “Why does God allow evil?” and the answer is: “This is not Heaven, where Satan has no power. This is Earth, where he DOES. And God gave humans free will to choose.”

    • @Adam Austin – You are also right about Drumpf, who is one of the AntiChrists. Christians who foolishly think he is the “Savior” of America are forgetting what the Bible says: that even the most devout Christians will be deceived.

      • The sad thing is people ASKED FOR IT in droves this time. In their world of lesser magic, the fact that people begged for Trump in unison absolves him of what he will do, and puts the blame squarely on the victims of him and his fellow jews.

    • Yes I totally get what Christianity is and how the jew has mingled it with their Babylonian bullshit. I’m glad you enjoy the site. Thanks for commenting.

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