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Get your copy of the book NOW!

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Are you wondering how you can help Subverted Nation awaken the masses? Do you want to know the things that everyone else isn’t telling you? Are you here seeking truth? Looking for answers, maybe? Trying to figure out what’s wrong with the world around you? Want to know what needs to be done to change it? Do you really want to find the answers that your masters are hiding from you? Do you know who those “masters” are? Do you know what it means to be a revolutionary? What about a patriot? If you haven’t been through Basic Training for Revolutionaries, you’ll never have a good foundation of understanding, so DOWNLOAD THE BOOK TODAY.

What is Subverted Nation?

Encircled by serpents, their magick at work.

Encircled by serpents, their magick at work.

Stretching back as far as 3900 B.C., an evil force has subdued the lives, creativity, morality, and honor of the people’s of the earth.  Those behind this evil stole the truth about life, science, technology, and religion from our human ancestors; and subsequently used this knowledge to enslave the masses.  This group of evil subversives have worked tirelessly to gain and maintain control over the humans of planet earth.  They have trapped the minds, bodies, and the very souls of the people’s of our world, in what many can only understand as a matrix.

Like the movie “The Matrix”, the minds of the people are enslaved, while all of their efforts and energy are used to feed the monster which subdues them.  Most of the subjects walk around in a daze, living out their mundane lives, never knowing that anything is a miss.  Never once questioning the systems of control and authority that surrounds them, let alone questioning the very fabric of, what they consider to be, their reality.

Beware – the deceptiveness of demons and devils knows no bounds.

These subversive elements work together as a cohesive group with demonic like callousness, constantly plotting and toiling.  Having an almost hive-mind mentality, as well as a tribal loyalty to each other, and their ultimate goals, they do indeed pose as a formidable adversary for any who would challenge their rule.  However, this, like the web of control they have weaved around their victims, is nothing more than one of their distorted projections, that feeds others perception.  This is the same construct, based on the same flawed view of reality, that has allowed them to keep their victims enslaved.

Walking upright and speaking the same language as their prisoners (albeit with forked tongues) these masters of disguise can literally seem to be almost anyone, anywhere, at any time.  They blend in among the masses, taking the form and appearance of the “normal” people they reign over, making it difficult, and sometimes even impossible for those whom they’ve entrapped to notice any difference at all.  In fact, the majority does just this, stumbling through this carefully crafted existence, never once knowing or suspecting that something foul is under foot.  The facade of freedom only makes them even more hopelessly enslaved.  As in the matrix, so it goes here, that many will even turn against you to maintain their bliss in ignorance.


Detached from the network – tapping in to free others.

Fortunately, some of those born into this matrix of control are not wired to accept the direct feed of complacency.  Although a part of the system, a twist of fate or a glitch in their wiring, allows them to sense what others can not.  This glitch allows them to grasp that there is more beyond the materialistic, capitalistic reality and ideology sold to the masses as “normal life”.  These few may take many years of their own growth and trials to free themselves from the matrix.  Like sea turtles struggling to reach the safety of the water’s edge, not all will make it through.  Many are picked off by the masters of the sky above, and relegated to nothing more than a tasty morsel; where their energy is again absorbed back into the machine of control.

Of the small number who make it through, many will follow the giant currents to their source, while some will continue to be misguided and manipulated by mixed signals.  Some of these finding themselves trapped, yet again, by a  fatally flawed view of the vast ocean that surrounds them.  Although their view may be expanded, many will never see the silhouette of sharks lurking below, poised to snuff them out, knowing that some will always stray in the wrong direction.


A select few will ensure a new dawn for mankind.

Like the sea turtles, a very tiny minority will trek entire oceans, seeking out distant shores and viewing the world from new vantage points.  Following, not just an instinct, but a seemingly divine path; these few find their way to the shining sands of their ancient predecessors’ knowledge.  An even smaller number still, will gain age, wisdom, and unique insight.  Much like the character, NEO in the matrix, these solemn few eventually return to the place of their origin, bringing with them the hope for freedom of future generations, the possibility of re-birth, and an exciting new dawn for their kind.

In the matrix, NEO had a choice to see how far the rabbit hole went, or to jump back in the currents of the main stream, and never know anything more.  However, what seemed like a random choice, was no choice at all. The oracle made it clear that his “choice”, was in fact, his destiny.  He would go on to fight for the freedom of his people, no matter what his fate should hold.  Battling the very core of the construct that had enslaved them, attempting to awaken the sleeping and free, not only their minds, but their bodies and souls as well.


The truth is such a polar opposite of “reality” many will never grasp it.

Moving forward through time and space, eventually along came one man with a unique ability, to not only sense the boundaries of the matrix, but to live outside of it’s grasp; even while seeming to function as a part of it’s machine.  Slowly gaining the ability to see through the very fabric of the matrix, this one man started a revolution that could not be stopped.  Subverted Nation is the conduit that connects one such man back to the construct.  Allowing him to reach out to millions of the enslaved from one location, through what may soon be a pirated connection to the back door of this machine.  The very machine which controls the conscious of his people.  Against all odds, and adversity, this one man has tapped into the mainline, and is now feeding the linguistic keys, that will eventually unlock the masses from their eternal enslavement.  Uncovering startling truths, exposing facades, and tearing at the very fabric of beliefs that form his people’s reality; Subverted Nation highlights the questions, that those who are destined to, will eventually ask.  Holding the key to the question of who props up this facade, manipulates his people, and even feeds their very bodies and souls to the machine itself; Subverted Nation is where the answer is no longer a question.

Subverted Nation is the place to go for hard hitting, no holds barred analysis of current and past events relating to, what many deem, the jewish question, but this is not the question…it is the only answer.  This is indeed the one true enemy of mankind, and all that stands for good.  So here, they are given no quarter, as they have never given quarter to any peoples throughout history.  Undermining whole nations, committing repeated genocides against humanity,brutally torturing humans for fun, and ritually murdering their children.  They bring with them vicious depravity in the place of morality, and deeming themselves god’s to rule over humanity, they leave nothing to question.  The mission behind Subverted Nation is to disseminate information, in a fashion unlike all other outlets for news pertaining to the “jewish question”.  Subverted Nation exposes to the American people how our country has been undermined, by a parasite that eats away at it’s hosts until it is bled dry.  Patriotism is not blindly following or supporting a government, it is standing as a light for what is true and just for one’s people; and it is hardcore patriotism that fuels this small fire of resistance.

jew media

Jews own the media, and therefore the message.

These parasitic entities control all of our media (including print, television, radio, internet, and publishing), hollywood, the porn industry, big pharma, all large corporations; and infests our government at all levels including local, state, and federal.  No branch is safe with them holding power and wielding influence in the judicial, legislative, and executive incarnations of American government, in extremely disproportionate numbers.  Using their media, they push their depravity on our peoples while manipulating us through usury, just as the money changers did in the bible.  Those same money changers Jesus threw from the temple, then called Pharisees, are the same people who are wreaking havoc on our financial system today with their privately owned, usurious, Federal Reserve.  Jesus also called them (numerous times) a brood of vipers, and the synagogue of satan. Only one religion has synagogues, and it is that of the jews.  (Rev. 2:9, 3:9)  These serpents in disguise not only enslave our people through debt, but by manipulating their very perception of reality, through their serpentine grasp on the media, and mind control machines (sold as entertainment) called televisions.  A masterful deception indeed.

Mass murder committed by jews.

1915-17 jews posing as “young turks” slaughter up to 1.5 million Armenians in cold blood.

For thousands of years this parasite has dolled out genocide after genocide on all the peoples of the world, including the Bolshevik revolution where 40-58 million people lost their lives at the hands of these demons, or the Armenian holocaust where they murdered 1.5-3 million people in a most brutal fashion.  Even now, you can look at current day Palestine where these soulless entities are murdering innocent civilians in droves.  Dumping depleted uranium on women and children, bombing UN shelters, after telling people to seek shelter there.  Shooting men, women, and children for sport.  Raiding villages of indigenous people, raping their women, and leaving massive pools of blood in their wake.  Even attacking the dead, they bomb cemeteries of their victims, throwing decayed corpses of loved ones all over the street.  The extent of their evil knows no bounds.  Lacking conscience, pity, and remorse; all is fair that benefits them, and these things are quite clear in their own doctrine.

Jewish ritual murder - draining blood from a child.

Jewish ritual murder – draining blood from a child. Also note the genital mutilation, which jews have a fascination with.

These monstrous beasts have been found guilty for centuries of pedophilia, blood libel, ritual murder, satanic occultism, usury, genocide, rape, manipulation, lying, thievery, and so many other crimes against humanity, that it’s sheer absurdity lends to it’s ability to be concealed, or simply written off as fantasy.  Thankfully, the resistance has lived as long as mankind itself.  In the past, many men of greater renown, like Henry Ford, have tried to warn the American people, but in this unique place in time and space, some are finally heeding the siren’s call.  Knowing these demonic creatures have been exiled from over 84 countries over 2000 years, 109 times (repeatedly in many countries), these people are clear that this infectious parasite will NOT STOP until it devours everything; distorting or destroying all that is good, for it’s own gain.

One purpose of Subverted Nation will be to dehumanize this enemy of mankind, as they have done to all who attempt to block their path. They will be given no quarter, and will not be treated with kid gloves. The evil of these soulless demons will be exposed to the fullest, and they will be given no place to hide. They will be treated in the harshest of terms, because the understanding of how vile these creatures are; leads to the understanding that drastic measures must be taken to rid ourselves of them, and to free those still enslaved by their menacing grasp.  Subverted Nation understands that, generation after generation, will continue to suffer and be tortured under their control, if nothing is done to stop it.

Some of the mottoes these demons known as jews live by are, “through deception thou shalt do war”, and “order out of chaos”.  Considering themselves “chosen” by god to rule over the masses, and exonerable of any deed, they leave no room for compromise.  They are deceivers, murderers, and leeches who will suck the very life out of everything in their path, but in this small corner of the internet, their machinations will be blown wide open; with a focus on America, their final frontier.

Who is behind Subverted Nation?


Revolutions aren’t won without a fight. Give no quarter.

Adam Austin (United States of America, South)
In his early years of learning, Adam was quickly recognized as a rebellious student who refused to bow to fictitious “authority”, while gaining knowledge at a rapid pace.  Eventually, it became evident to his teachers who sent him for testing, which landed him in Florida’s gifted student program; where he was able to flourish outside of the normal day to day monotony of repetitiveness, necessary for average students to learn. This would be a precursor for things to come in the future.  Adam’s rebellious nature quickly led him to exposing and lashing out against the corruption, inequality, and absurdity of all the systems that the populous at large considered normal; even at the price of living as an outcast from the mainstream of society.  To this day, Adam embellishes in his outsider status by uncovering and exposing injustice, deceit, and tyranny played out against the masses. A natural rebel, and uncompromising leader, no other role was more fitting. Today Adam creates videos, articles, and other works both through Subverted Nation and video hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo exposing jewish criminals and their machinations in America and around the globe.

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