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911 Missing Links: Must See Video


I was actually stupid enough to point people to 911 missing links at one time. Let this be a lesson to you all. Most of the shitbags out there claiming to tell the truth are lying their fucking asses off.

911 missing links totally leaves out the fact that there were no planes on 911, because these jews don’t want you to know the media and hollywood helped produce the entire illusion of 911. They don’t want you to realize that every single person reporting on planes on 911 was lying through their fucking teeth. That’s why they had people like Kike Delaney and Martinson put together this propaganda film. It sure sounds like it’s telling the story of 911, but it’s not. It’s just propagating the myth of planes on 911.

The buildings were destroyed by conventional explosives, just like the King David Hotel. In fact, the jews who blew up the King David hotel dressed like arabs, and admitted to their terrorist crimes, but that didn’t stop Israel from labeling them heroes. The mossad jews caught on 911 also dressed up like arabs, and used conventional explosives to level the towers.

Listen to this eye witness. NO SECOND PLANE….but a FUCKING BOMB in the building. He saw it with his own eyes. Wonder if he’s still alive today, because many of the witnesses who said this disappeared after 911. Ask Kike Delaney why he wants you to believe planes were used on 911. Go ahead, see what he says. Maybe his jew buddy Hufshit can explain it for you?

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