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911 Missing Links: Must See Video


I was actually stupid enough to point people to 911 missing links at one time. Let this be a lesson to you all. Most of the shitbags out there claiming to tell the truth are lying their fucking asses off.

911 missing links totally leaves out the fact that there were no planes on 911, because these jews don’t want you to know the media and hollywood helped produce the entire illusion of 911. They don’t want you to realize that every single person reporting on planes on 911 was lying through their fucking teeth. That’s why they had people like Kike Delaney and Martinson put together this propaganda film. It sure sounds like it’s telling the story of 911, but it’s not. It’s just propagating the myth of planes on 911.

The buildings were destroyed by conventional explosives, just like the King David Hotel. In fact, the jews who blew up the King David hotel dressed like arabs, and admitted to their terrorist crimes, but that didn’t stop Israel from labeling them heroes. The mossad jews caught on 911 also dressed up like arabs, and used conventional explosives to level the towers.

Listen to this eye witness. NO SECOND PLANE….but a FUCKING BOMB in the building. He saw it with his own eyes. Wonder if he’s still alive today, because many of the witnesses who said this disappeared after 911. Ask Kike Delaney why he wants you to believe planes were used on 911. Go ahead, see what he says. Maybe his jew buddy Hufshit can explain it for you?

  1. ALLCINGI says:

    This link is broken Adam

    Outstanding movie ,to bad the documentary all roads lead to isreal isnt still around, ive never had a doubt about isreals connection to 911 in fact i think that isreal was complicit in 911 after looking at the last 9 years since 911 isreal has stood the most to gain from causing 911 theres nothing racist about it in fact the opposite is true here isreal is racist towards us the whole plan obviously has worked like a charm simply due to the fact that people are incapable of looking at isreal in a bad light out of fear ,its just crazy the level of deception put on the american people by our media and the sheer amount of people ready to defend isreal ( the actual enemy ) people defend them at any lenghts just to avoid an uncomfortable conversation just saying the word jew is taboo enough ,you say jew to people they automatically lock up its funny and insane too its almost like theyve been programed from birth to shut down on the keyword of jew hell i bet people are reading this right now and shutting down the minute i said jew they stopped learning and all the programing kicks in ……………………jew………………. see what i mean ………………..jew…………… ok ill stop saying it now i dont want to completely shut you down .i do like to talk to people about the jews just to see the different reactions its funny as all get out to do it cause you see real quick what an incredible grip this has on society.

    • Ahh, I’m not too worried about that link being broken. The person who actually made the film isn’t getting any credit, and I don’t agree 100% with the film anyway, because it sells people on the whole plane myth.

      Yes, people do shut down on hearing the word JEW, it’s called a trigger, and is typical in mind control scenarios. Many people think MK Ultra, Project Monarch etc are only used on individuals, but that is not the case. The techniques of jew psychology and mind control have been successfully against the entire population of planet earth, but there’s one problem. It can’t hold it’s grip forever and requires constant reinforcement. When people discover truth on their own, they become extremely receptive to it, and the jew’s strangle hold on people’s minds is already crumbling. Have no fear…..

      • Ive a suggestion for anyone reading this , try this simple exercise.Try talking to someone about the jews watch the reaction watch the programing kick in if this isnt sheer proof at the grip this has on peoples lives then what is . If I said honky or nigger people wouldnt bat an eye but say jew and its like years of programming and walls come up.Your absolutely right Adam in saying “When people discover truth on their own, they become extremely receptive to it, and the jew’s strangle hold on people’s minds is already crumbling” another simple thing ive noticed and tried to implicate is no longer telling people the truth but instead pick away at the lie people are more receptive to this (brainwashing probably)they take truth as your truth for some reason its easier to expose the lie.Mk ultra was big on key words weve all heard the “everytime a doorbell rings youll caw like a chicken “except now its everytime you here the word jew youll shut down , deny , ignore , and eventually reason it away , almost like it was never there.

  2. Seriously, a no-planer? Wow, and I thought you were aware of controlled dissent Jewish lies.

    • Oh I’m so fucking aware of what’s going on now that it’s not even funny. That’s why I know you are full of shit kike. Thanks for commenting on this, because I forgot it was here. I wouldn’t want to be linking to any of that “controlled dissent jewish lies” that you’re out there propagating jew boy.

    • Pro Stink Mossad Links Kike Delaney says:

      Wow. I guess Hufshit’s sheeny weeny slipped out of your mouth long enough for you to mumble something predictably foolish, jewboy. “Jewish lies”? This is coming from the guy that puts links on his site to kikes like Nate Kapner, or hell, INFOWARS! Talk about controlled dissent, moron.

      I’m amused to see he’s doing vanity searches at the only site that’s worth a damn. Notice he capitalizes the word “jewish”.

      I don’t even care if the planes were fake or not; I honestly can’t say…
      …but I will say this: 9/11 was committed by a bunch of filthy, rat-faced, crooked eyed fucking vermin yids like Delaney. Kill them all. End of story.


  3. The pentagon plane was always dubious considering there were heaps of cameras that would have caught it on tape and they were all confiscated. Then they released dodgy footage that really shows nothing but “something” hitting it, which could have easily been faked.

    Kike Rivero always says the no plane theory at the pentagon is a red herring and they want people to say it never hit, THEN THEY WILL RELEASE the footage and make the 911 movement look stupid!

    We are still waiting!

    The damn engines there were not from a commerical airliner!

    This from a guy who worked for NASA, HOLLYWOOD and says he has a relative who signed the declaration of independence, of whom we know were a bunch of freemasons, and, he is an admitted jew.

    Virtually all of the people who had “amateur” footage on 911 were computer graphics experts or involved in that field. The fact there were NO PLANE parts at the so called crash site in Pennsylvania is another big clue. Most of the witnesses on the ground on 911 were acting like sales people you see on tv selling cheap products. Watch the first 3 minutes!

    Added to the fact is many of the witnesses who reported anything other than the official line are DEAD.

    I think these days people are CRAZY to talk to the media, the whores and liars they are, everyone knows they can edit and manipulate what people say. After the London bombings it was obvious they also used actors or their own people to interview.

    You can’t believe ANYTHING you see on tv or pictures these days either, all can be manipulated.

  4. Fuck missing links and loose change because September Clues is the real Deal Which Exposes the Fakery and illusion of 9/11.

    • Indeed. TV fakery is exactly what happened. Funny that John Martinson didn’t want to make a movie exposing this fundamental truth about 911. Every false flag since has been the same thing. Just a hollywood production. Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, these police shootings, etc. All a big fraud from sorry, lying ass jews.

      • The Charlie hedbo Incident was a Hollywood Production.

        • I’d have to look up the name to know what incident this was, but I don’t doubt it. The media has gotten to the point of total fakery. Nothing that happens on that screen is real anymore. Shit I watched the weather, these assholes are trying to scare people with a SNOW STORM named “DECIMA”…..ooooohh….you’re going to get DECIMATED by SNOW!!!! OOOOOOHhhhhhhhhh…it was all fear mongering and whiny bullshit about driving in snow. Snow is normal shit, happens every winter. Even huge snowstorms aren’t a big deal to places that normally get snow. We used to get it by the foot where I lived many years ago. It was was fun. Now it’s cry baby central and hide under mommies wing because snow is coming. We’re going to need safe zones for people afraid of snow soon.

  5. IsItSomethingISaid says:

    It is interesting the poster’s and commentators’ negativity about the “Missing Link’s” focus on the who, and not the how of 9/11.

    While the how is important, revelations about the how will not prevent the who from doing it again. The how is not our enemy. The who is.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • The how is so important it’s not even funny. How can we pretend to lift the veil on one thing, and leave it lowered on another? If we don’t discuss the whole truth of the matter, the method is useful again and again. A citizen is a slave, you might want to change that.

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