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911 Defendants Ask To Plead Guilty – UPDATED

911 Defendants Ask To Plead Guilty – UPDATED

Seems the innocent men being detained in the torture camp of Guantanamo Bay have asked to plead guilty for the crimes of 911. I believe it’s more likely they BEGGED to plead guilty and get it over with rather than spend eternity being tortured by American soldiers at Guantanamo.
The AP reports HERE that five so-called “perpetrators” of 911, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, have asked to plead guilty after trying to fire their American lawyers which they rightly have no trust in. Hell, here in America, WE can’t even trust OUR lawyers when we PAY THEM to help us, so how is a guy in Guantanamo going to be able to trust a lawyer APPOINTED to him by his captors? Considering the fact that being a lawyer is a top jewish profession, there is further reason not to trust them.

Apparently their note to judge, Army Col. Steven Henley, states “We all five have reached an agreement to request from the commission an immediate hearing session in order to announce our confessions … with our earnest desire in this regard without being under any kind of pressure, threat, intimidations or promise from any party.”

Without being under pressure, threat, intimidation, or promise? I guess if you don’t consider having a stick with battery acid shoved in your anus torture, that statement might ring true. Or if you don’t consider some of the things depicted in the video below torture, you might be gullible enough to believe that statement.

Indeed what is a more likely scenario is that these people have been tortured half to death over the past 5 years since the beginning of the war, and probably see no end in sight to their inhumane treatment. Torture does work, but not for coercing information out of the enemy. It works to dehumanize people, break their will, and leave them in a position where they are willing to die just to have the torture stop. THIS is the case with these detainess, and no other story will suffice. They have likely been beaten, attacked with drills, battery acid, cattle prods, held in excruciating positions for immense amounts of time, and many other things I’m sure many of you don’t ever want to imagine, let alone experience.

No doubt jews like this fella here enjoy torturing arabs like an unruly child poking a stick at an animal in a cage.


Death will ultimately be the sentence these innocent men will receive. When death finally becomes a better option than staying in the care of your captors, it isn’t because they don’t like the prison food.

Minor update. It seems that the tyrants behind this mess are now CONFUSED as far as what to do with the detainees. THIS NEW ARTICLE is so full of propaganda and bullshit it would take me ten hours to tear it apart, so get your waders on and check out the latest developments.

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