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$850 BILLION Smoke Screen

$850 BILLION Smoke Screen
Rat faced jew Michael Stoops advocates tent cities for Americans. The jews will take the land and the houses, you will get the slums down by the river and under the bridges.

The recent $850 BILLION dollar bail out doesn’t even come close to weighing the damage done by the jews to the fiat financial system we’ve been living under since the creation of the private jew owned federal reserve in 1913. In fact, banks are borrowing a RECORD $437.5 BILLION a DAY from the fed to keep themselves liquid. Two days of lending and the massive bail out figure is surpassed by the short term “loans” to banks across the board. Can you imagine what cash injections of this size do to the value of your dollar, or are you finally starting to feel the crunch at your grocery store check out line?

This Rueters article explains how banks are running to “their lender of last resort for record amounts of cash in the latest week, under extreme pressure from the worst global financial crisis in a generation, Federal Reserve data showed on Thursday.” If THIS is their last resort, what does that say for the state of our economy? I’ll tell you. It says we don’t have an economy anymore. We have a fiat currency system attempting to prop itself up by printing more worthless paper, but hold on to your hats because it’s not over yet.

At the same time, major news agencies are still pushing the story that we MIGHT see a recession. Hah! We’re in a depression that far out paces what the US saw in the 1930’s as this article at Truth Seeker shows, and with tent cities popping up everywhere already as this article states, it’s only going to get worse. That same article shows the stark reality of over 10,000 American families PER WEEK losing their homes.

In that same article Michael Stoops, acting executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCFTH) who is supporting the formation of tent cities states “[They] are of course not the solution, but necessary until adequate shelters and housing are found,” he added. What you need to realize is that the houses didn’t just disappear. They’re still sitting where they were last week and the week before. You’ve just been ousted by the gestapo as a favor to their jewish banking masters. Is it any wonder a jew like Stoops would be advocating Americans live in tent cities?

My suggestion would be for 10,000 homeowners per week to tell the sherrif to send out the SWAT team if they would like to remove them from their homes as their jewish banking masters want them to do. This would quickly over run the resources of police departments in EVERY area and show the jewish bankers who the real boss is. There’s no point in giving up your REAL assets in exchange for mountains of debt to a dying fiat currency, and a small plot in a tent city.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m but a poor dumb honkey farmer, that put what little we had in food on the hoof, caned goods and ammo.
    I’ve seen it coming for years.
    I’m betting the 10,000 are all white goyins.
    Reliance on a Hooked Nose Jooober-Mint is very bad, so I released myself from the Rat Race Tax Camp years ago. I got tired of feeding the forever needy parisites of the world.
    Best of all no Jooos are holding the deed on the place.

  2. Fate's Messenger says:

    You’re a smart man Bob, and I hope those things are working out well for you. Given a little luck, I’ll be doing virtually the same thing soon.


    I found this on – it’s not our , it shows how one man dealt with the bailiff , well worth a watch .

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